20 Aralık 2022

Second Family


Down the street of the neighborhood I grew up in, resided a small family of three comprised of two older parents and a single son who was a year behind me in grade, but actually a few months older. He was a rather hefty child, spoiled and waited on by his doting mother, who had the makings of a football linemen with his broad stature and stubborn strength. He was not much into sports, preferring to remain inside and play video games most of the day and only ventured into the backyard on occasion to play with his German Shepherd, rodent pets or for a spot of archery now and again.

From his time alone, especially prolonged once his mother began working to support growing expenses, he developed somewhat odd social behaviours. Nothing too strange looking back, but things most children would unforgivingly avoid when given the option. The all too familiar awkward teenage stage was not kind to him. I was truly his only friend.

We spent many weekends together. At least every other weekend he would invite me for sleepovers. I enjoyed his company. We loved the same videogames and I think he loved that I didn’t mind watching him play when a game was single-player. He would put on a show of having no choice when a game wasn’t multiplayer, but I was okay with that because his house was more comfortable, less chaotic and far less crowded than my own. Other than to retrieve sustenance, the bedroom door was always shut as we played for hours.

As we grew up our playing matured. He started to notice girls first. In the privacy of his room, he’d make lewd comments about girls – their breast size, curves, hair or pretty faces. Once both of us were firmly planted in the raging hormones of young manhood, he discovered the scrambled adult channels back when you could make out female body parts sometimes for extended periods, but rarely in proper coloration. It was enough for us.

The year my parents divorced my father moved across town. Mom moved halfway across the state and I, wanting to stay as near to my friends as possible, lived with Dad. Dad got a middle-aged girlfriend, who was over raising children. The best way to rid herself of the brats, was to put a small TV into each of their rooms, and never allow them out except under highly controlled circumstances. Fine by me. Continuing our new tradition, I spent hours vying to catch the slightest glimpse of breast or the coveted pussy with aching erections, but never knowing what else to do and never knowing satisfaction.

That’s when I discovered it. When I played with my dick, it felt good. When I rubbed it, it felt good. I rubbed until it felt too good then stopped. This was the cycle until, one night, it felt so good, I didn’t want to stop. It blew my mind. My first release was life changing. My head was inside out, my heart in my throat. But this mess… what the hell was this mess. Sex education never described anything like this. Sex education sucks at explaining sex. Go figure. But I digress.

As we continued ogling women between static at our semi-monthly porn sessions, I couldn’t wait to get home and blow my load. Until the day, having endured endless hours of hormones coursing through my racing veins at my friend’s place, I broke my silence. I don’t remember exactly how I brought it up all those years ago, but I conveyed my discovery to my lonely friend. He was eager to put the theory to immediate application. He had a barrage of questions. I’m sure I feigned only hearing of things at first, but his curiosity was never reserved with me. I revealed that I had tried it myself and how amazing it felt. He wanted to try it. Not later. Not in complete privacy. But right here, right now.

Growing up together from young childhood, we’d met before modesty was an issue, but, up until this point, we were only ever naked in the shower after “tubbing”. Even that didn’t start with nudity. We had seen each other naked from the plethora of times we’d used his hot tub and showered the chlorine from our bodies. To some, it may seem gay, but we were that youthful mix of curious and innocent, 18, but not yet graduated.

Recognizing my discomfort, my friend volunteered himself by taking his little, uncut cock out of his sweatpants. He always went commando and usually wore sweats since there was never anyone around. His eczema supposedly excused this. He began rubbing and got it hard. He looked at me expectantly. As mentioned, we had been nude and shared showers, but we’d hardly noticed each other’s cocks except perhaps to realize I was cut and he was not. By this time, it was late. Both his parents were asleep in their separate bedrooms and they never interrupted us anyway. My gaze matched my friend’s as we both stared down at my crotch. I was getting hard processing the thought of playing with myself in front of another human being. Friends don’t bursa escort judge. What the hell? I unfastened my jeans and out came my growing member.

“Oh, my God, dude,” gasped my friend.

‘Oh, no!’ I panicked inside, ‘Am I malformed!?’

“It’s a monster!”

I blushed. This was my first comparison, first context. Penises were not something you saw much of on the Playboy channel, certainly not the scrambled version to which we were accustomed. We were there to watch naked women dance.

He waggled his uncut pecker at me.

“Mines a baby compared to yours.”

There was an awkward pause as bouncing titties came into view across the green-hued screen. I turned to lose myself in the moment and started stroking. He took note and copied my technique. After a minute, he got an idea and bust out the vaseline he had on hand for eczema. He slabbed some on his dick, rubbed it in and passed it to me. This new frictionless sensation threw me onto the high speed orgasm express. Within a minute I shot a load onto the carpet and looked up once I remembered the presence of my stroking partner.

“Wow,” he said, “how did that feel?”

My head and shoulders shook as a chill traveled up my spine, bringing me down from my release and I was unable to formulate coherent words.

“I wanna try!”

He worked to a furious pace and gazed into the scattered picture dancing around the boob tube. Before very long, his seed was spilled along the floor intermingled with mine.

“Oh, man, that felt amazing. I can’t believe we didn’t think of this sooner,” he said. I was shocked how much quicker he recovered than myself.

We still had jizz on our hands, so he went and got us some tissue to clean up. It was normal for him to walk around the house nude, so his parents wouldn’t think a thing if they caught him like that.

As the days turned to months, we would test different methods and motions. We learned how to clean up quicker and less wastefully, but always we discovered our results together. We began sharing our turn-ons and grew less ashamed watching each other find climax. It became our normal routine.

I was noticing the girls in my life and started wondering what they looked like beneath their layers. I hadn’t considered they may have sexual thoughts of their own, but, hey, one psychological step of development at a time here.

* * * * *

Summertime returned, which for us north coast boys, mostly meant less rain and fog. This is why his family had invested in the hot tub, it was usable year round. Summer also meant no school. We were together most days that summer because we didn’t have much time left together.

My friend’s mom would wait on him hand and foot when she was around, which meant if I needed anything, he would ask and we’d get it. To me, this was unorthodox, but to him it was commonplace. In other words, he was spoiled. It didn’t matter the time, place or how absurd of a request.

The most memorable time was during the last week of June, when his mother had to bring home the quarterly reports for the appliance department she managed at a department store at the local mall. Toward the end of the week, my friend and I were using the hot tub. His dad was at work for a while longer, but his mom was still home going over her figures.

Always looking to push the envelope, he turns to me and says, “Hey, you’ve gotta try this,” and proceeds to lift his sopping wet shorts out of the water to flop them on the ledge in the corner. It’s no big deal – we’ve jacked off together, but now we’re outside the bedroom, in broad daylight! There’s no way I could do this. Especially, knowing his mom is around the house and could be watching us right now from any of the windows of the backside of the house.

“Come on, dude. Don’t be a wimp!” To emphasize his point, he leans back on his hands until his pecker bobs above the water. “No one will even know.”

“But your mom…”

“You know she never comes out when we’re out here. She doesn’t want to embarrass us or anything.”

I reach down and slide off my trunks with hesitation. The sensation is instantly liberating. The feeling of unrestrained water rushing around my exposed, sensitive areas causes my cock to grow with reckless abandon. I’m at full mast in seconds. My heart is pounding with adrenaline. The heat of my arousal makes the heated water feel like an ice bath.

After a while, I’m distracted from my arousal as we resume our teenage conversations like no big deal. I’m really enjoying not having the weight of shorts hold me down. My cock is free to float and my bare ass slides along the lining effortlessly.

Mid-conversation, I’m startled to hear the sliding glass door grinding open. Out pops his mom! Shit! Of all the times to interrupt us. I look over at our shorts bursa escort bayan piled on the side and consider hiding them under the water, but she’s already at the tub. Maybe she won’t put two and two together.

His mom’s an average, middle-aged woman about 48 years-old. Her long legs make her the tallest woman I knew at the time at 5′ 10″. She’s a pear-shaped woman, except that she has some world-class melons. She dresses modestly and although she does nothing to flatter her figure, you can tell her tits manage to fill any t-shirts or blouse she wears, no matter how loose. A few times I’ve fantasized she could desire a young buck like me.

“Hey, fellas,” she greets us. “I’ve gotta run out for a bit. I’ve got this quarterly review meeting to do.” Her eyes land on the shorts. “Hope I’m not interrupting your, um, fun out here.” There’s a pause as she looks us over. “But, on my way home I’ll stop by the store and get you some more soda and those chips you like, sweetie.”

As she’s talking, her eyes drift down into the water. I don’t know how much she can make out, but the jets were running on low, so I move to cover myself and hope she doesn’t notice the giant boner prodding between my fingers.

“Thanks, mom!” he moves like a clumsy beast, splashing water in every direction, to give his mother a peck on the cheek. From my vantagepoint I see his pale, white asscheeks peeking over the water and avert my eyes. She learns forward with her hands resting on the side of the tub and bends lower to receive the kiss. Her eyes are now a couple feet away and pointed straight at my crotch. She could have turned her face the other direction, but for whatever reason, leaned toward me.

She turns and disappears through the door, turning at the last moment to smile at me.

Relieved, but stiff as a board, I turn to my friend and mock him, “She never comes out here… She doesn’t want to embarrass us… God, dude. Now she thinks we’re some kind of perverts!”

“Relax, man! She didn’t see anything. She just came out to tell us she’s running to the store.”

“I dunno. Her face was, like, right there, looking right at me. I tried to cover up, but I couldn’t cover everything.”

“It’s fine,” he reassures me again. “She won’t even remember this ever happened ’cause it’s not a big deal. My dad and her used to go to these adult beaches and stuff before they had me. Don’t worry about it.”

“What if she tells my parents that we’re doing this, or what if she just says we’re getting naked together and they get the wrong idea!?”

“Bro, don’t worry. She’s not going to say anything. It didn’t even phase her when she came out. Like it was an everyday thing. Totally normal.”

I’m getting pretty upset and stressing out about the event though. I don’t want my parents freaking out so close to me moving out. They might not let me go if they think I’m some sort of perv that can’t handle it.

I start dunking my head under water and holding my breath to try and calm down. The third time I come up for air I’ve been able to stay under for a considerable time and I’m starting to relax. When I wipe the chlorinated water from my eyes, I catch my friend’s back foot slipping inside the house. I make to grab my shorts and follow him inside, because I guess he decided he was done while I was doing my breathing exercises, when I realize both shorts and towels are gone. I call after him as he slams the door shut from inside.

‘What the hell?’ I think.

“Hey!” I call out to the empty backyard.

That little prick stranded me out here!

I wait nearly 10 minutes and he still hasn’t come back. So, I’m on my own. At least we’re home alone now, so I can sneak in, find a towel, and get changed. But first, I need to shower off the chlorine.

I step out of the tub onto the wood of the deck. Feeling water drip from my privates in the open air is another new sensation. I go to the wall of the house between the sliding door and the his bedroom window to drip dry for a moment, but as my heated skin starts to cool I figure I better get inside. So help me if the door is locked!

Thankfully the door slides right open. I check the dining and living rooms as far as I can see from the door and the house is silent, so I slip inside and make my way toward his bathroom. My thighs slip over each other with dampness. I can hear the shower running as I get closer. That door is locked. I slam my palm on the door in frustration knowing he’s not going to answer. I’ll have to use his mom’s shower.

I walk the rest of the way down the hall and round the corner into her room. I’m just about to the bathroom door on the far side of the room when I notice movement out of the corner of my eye. I face the spot and stop dead in my tracks. Against the far wall shared with the doorway, his escort bursa mom is standing at the closet. Now if her appearance was normal, I probably would have freaked and jump into the bathroom all in one motion. She’s peering into the open wall closet and pulling on a pair of pants. This is all she’s wearing. The pants are a bit snug as she has to shift around to pass them the rest of the way over her hips and red panties. This causes her chest to jiggle. I’m under her hypnotic spell seeing the side of her large breast shaking from around her bent arm.

As she fastens them, she turns and sees me standing and staring in the buff. I turn 50 shades of red and stutter some sort of apology as I remember myself and begin to retreat. I attempt to cover my near complete erection.

She covers her mouth in surprise. “Oh my! What are you doing in here? I thought you boys were showering after getting out of the tub.” Her face relaxes from shock to compassion. “You boys are old enough now you probably want your privacy. Go ahead and use my shower. That’s alright.” She interprets my dumbfounded shock as some sort of offense at her immodesty. “Um, I’m sorry for my state of undress here. Getting ready for my meeting.”

She hasn’t even attempted to cover herself and doesn’t seem bothered by my state of undress. I can’t pry my eyes off her chest. Her ample, tawny nipples seem bigger than when I first saw them only a moment ago.

My throat is cotton. “So, erm, I will, erm,” I stammer.

“Oh. I see. Am I your first?” She has detected my inexperience of these situations. “Honey, when we were kids, nudity was nothing to be ashamed of. We all have bodies. We have the same parts. It’s nothing new. We used to go down to the swimming hole with nothing but what God gave us practically everyday this time of year.”

I was frozen. My teenaged mind was goop.

“Look, sweetie, if this is too much for you, you’re welcome to go in there and, um, take care of yourself.”

Oh, I planned to, although I didn’t comprehend what she meant at the time. As soon as possible, anyway.

“Listen, I’ve got to keep getting ready,” she sashayed over and took me by the arm. “You won’t be in my way in here.” She had us side-by-side and it was a good thing, too. If her breasts made contact in the slightest, I would have erupted all over her carpet.

She guided me into the bathroom by my arm and the other hand spurring me forward on the upper curve of my ass cheek.

She turned me and sat me down on the cover of her toilet. “Alright. I’m going to finish getting ready. You do, um, whatever you need to do in here. Take your time because, like I said, you’re not in the way in here.” With that she left me with the image of her blonde hair winding over her shoulders toward her generous tits dangling over me burned into my brain.

I could hear hangers sliding in her closet and drawers open and close as I contemplated what to do. I was as hard as I’d ever been. My cock, usually with an unnoticeable upward curve, was more like a flesh-colored banana as it jutted from beneath my youthful, dark bush and aimed to the heavens. A large droplet balanced on the tip. At the time I believed it to be leftover water from the hot tub, but looking back recognize it was my body preparing for the coming ejaculation.

I took a firm hold on my erection and squeezed and rubbed and twisted it to relieve the mounting tension. It was beginning to ache. I twisted less and rubbed more. Pleasure was making its way up the nerves of my torso and down to the soles of my bare feet. I alternated rubbing my inner thighs and furry balls with my free hand.

As I closed my eyes in ecstasy, the image of her flickered across the movie screen of my eyelids. My imagination pictured her hunched over, studying my dick in awe and lust- even licking her lips, edging me dangerously close to orgasm.

Seconds away from launching my cream into the air, she popped back in, still topless, to use the mirror. I didn’t notice her at first. My eyes startled open when I heard her shuffling the contents of the cabinet.

She must have recognized the looming orgasm in my dilated pupils. She dropped the mascara and leaned her voluptuous tits over my shoulder.

“Almost done? Better hurry. He’ll be out soon.”

She traced my thigh with fingertips and a nipple brushed my shoulder. I grunted and groaned. My built up load hit the decorative towels hanging across from the toilet and dripped onto the rug beneath my splayed feet.

She bent all the way down to retrieve a towel from under the sink and I admired her well-developed breasts one last time. They sagged with age, but their fullness was only complimented by gravity.

“Here,” she tossed the towel at me. “This better be all cleaned up when you get out.”

She circled a finger in the air at the dripping towels and rug, smiled and closed the door behind her.

My friend never knew he had incidentally set me up for his mother and I to expose ourselves to each other by his harmless prank.

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