18 Mart 2023

Second Trip to the Massage Parlor


This is my second submission and thanks to all the great feedback it was without a thought to try this again. With my first submission, I was worried about how bad I was going to be criticized, but with the positive feedback I am submitting again without worry. Like I previously said, my stories are real, they really happened. I hope that you enjoy my second trip as much as I did. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

After leaving from my very first visit to a massage parlor I knew I was hooked. Like I said in my first story, I was and am very fond of hand jobs and this was just plain exciting to me. For some reason it being illegal just added to the fun and excitement. Don’t get me wrong I’ve always followed the law pretty well, except some laws are just not logical. I wasn’t harming anyone and neither were the ladies. We both benefited from it so why not have some fun. A matter of opinion I guess.

After about a week of thinking about my first visit I knew I needed to go back real soon. Not only could I not keep from thinking about how exciting it was, I jerked off once or twice a day thinking about how sexy she was and how she really seemed to enjoy jerking me off.

Shortly after a week had passed I called again and made an appointment for later that day after work. Again, the day seemed to pass by nice and slowly, but you can’t hold back time and it went by with me on a brisk don’t get in my way walk to my vehicle. I drove to the parlor and the butterflies began to flutter in my stomach. I parked along the street and headed down the stairs to where it was located. I was approaching the door when a female cop was coming out of it. Thinking back, I know I had the biggest oh shit look on my face (I laugh with you now, but not then). Thinking as quick as I could, I knew that there were businesses further down the hall so I kept walking and was hoping to find one of them that I could duck into and make some excuse as to why I was there and leave. Well, luck was not with me that day. The two doors past there said, “closed” on them. Now what the hell do I do? I kept walking and found a door around the corner that said exit. I went out and to my surprise I was back out on the street.

I contemplated on calling it a day, but was way to excited not to wait it out. I went to a park across the road and watch for the cop to leave. I knew it wasn’t some kind of bust as she was talking to someone in the doorway and was being too polite. So I waited a few minutes and I saw he leave. Mental not to myself “look for police cars before going in” I watched her drive away and headed back across the road and went back down stairs, a little slower this time, taking in what’s going on around me. I opened the door and approached the desk and was met by the same woman as before. I gave her my name and said that I had an appointment. As before she took my money she introduced me to the ladies working. I didn’t see the same one from last time, but they both looked good to me. I of course chose what I thought to be the prettiest acıbadem escort one.

She got up smiling at me and asked me to follow her. We entered the room opposite from the one that I was in last time. She introduced herself as Harley and asked me my name. For some reason this is one of the few names that I still remember from all my visits. With the exception of Lisa which who I was with during my next visit, Harley was one of the best just because of her pleasant attitude.

I remember looking around the room and thinking that it almost mirrored the other room. I’m not sure what I expected, but I later learned that they’re all pretty much the same. The table, usually a fish tank or something similar, low lighting, a small table with all the massage condiments, a plant, and a radio. We went through what I found to be the usual talk “are you a cop” “no” “touch me” like last time I said “oh hell ya” She told me to get comfortable and she’d be back. I stripped like my clothes were on fire. The butterflies that were in my stomach appeared to all have had triplets and were all fluttering. I sat on the table which had that wood creaking noise when you sat on it that I think gave them notice that I was ready as they always walked in shortly after. I again had a hard on pointing straight up at the ceiling. I gave it a few strokes to make sure it stayed hard. She walked in and approached me and asked what I would like. I asked her how much for nude and she said sixty was the house standard, I opted for nude.

While she was stripping, I was watching her and she was making quite a show of it. Bending at the waist facing away from me while she took off her panties. I remember that she appeared to have a bald pussy and I could see her lips pushing out (man I like that). She straightened up and turned around and I saw that she had a racing stripe on top of her pussy. I didn’t need any more stroking to keep hard. She had a really nice body with a flat stomach, nice tits, I would guess 36DD, just simply all around nice. She approached me and asked me to lie down on my stomach and she would begin.

After I lay down she went to work on my legs first rubbing my feet and calves. I was really beginning to relax and getting the whole seeing a cop thing out of my head. She worked her way up to my thighs and was giving them a real good rub down. Out of all the massage parlors that I went to, I wouldn’t say that I got a therapeutic massage, but they all did an alright job and some of them did a damn good job. As she worked on my calves, she would gently let you finger tips brush against my balls. This kept my cock good and hard. She moved up to my ass and she began kneading the cheeks, working them around and running her fingers across my asshole. I had never had this done to me before and never gave it any thought really, but I was finding it very exciting and wanting her to continue playing with my ass. My cock was so hard at this point. After working my ass akbatı escort over some she moved up to my back and started making it really sexual. Rubbing her tits lightly on my back as she was rubbing me down. There was no trying to figure out when the fun was to begin this time. She was running her hands slowly up and down my sides while she was dragging her tits lightly on my back. I was really enjoying this and my hard cock was getting slightly uncomfortable under me. She had such soft and warm hands, my body really started tingling with the feel of her hands on my back and her tits rubbing on my back every now and again. She asked how she was doing, I said wonderful. She moved in front of me and was sliding her hands from the tops to the bottom of my back letting her tits rub on my back as she was doing this.

I had my arms draped over the sides of the table so I reached out and began rubbing her legs. She got a little closer to me and I started running my hands up toward her ass. She had a great ass, real firm and soft. This was so exciting to me, this being my second experience at this and I was getting a great sensual rub down. My cock wasn’t going to last long when she got to it that was for sure.

After she worked on my back, neck and even my head she asked me if I would like to roll over. I let go of her ass and rolled over. My cock was pointing straight up toward the ceiling and as she looked at it she smiled and asked me if I was enjoying the rub down.

Yes very much so.

Is this you first visit?

No it’s my second.

Oh, well I’m glad that you came back.

After the first time I was hooked.

Did you have a good time?

Yes a very good time.

We don’t usually ask, what goes on in other sessions, but with you being new at this let me explain a few things that might help you in the future if you decide to visit again (like I wasn’t planning on visiting again). Not all girls do the same thing, some do more and some do less. Your last girl may have done something that I may not do or she might have not done something that I may do.

OK, I understand.

We always like it if you ask before you touch. It’s just being polite, we never mind being touched, but we all have different limits.


Don’t be pushy or grabby and you’ll be surprised at how much more you’ll get.


That should help you out with any future visits.

Thanks for explaining some of the unwritten rules. I was wondering about all that.

As she was explaining this she was rubbing my chest and arms down. She worked her way down to my stomach. Things got a little quieter as she slid her hands down toward my cock.

I love looking at guys hard on, how the veins show and it throbs.

Well I’m glad that I can help you out.

Me too.

She started running her hands around the base of my cock then down to my balls. As she would run her hands around the base she would lightly stroke my cock every aksaray escort few passes. Damn, I was so horny at this point. I was worried at how long I would last. I wanted this to last a while, but I knew once she started stroking my cock I wasn’t going to.

May I touch you?

Please touch and feel where you want to, but I don’t allow anything inserted into me.

That’s fair enough.

I started off by letting my arm drop down and began rubbing her leg. I ran my hand up to her ass and began just feeling how nice and soft it was. She would look at me and smiled. She reached down and picked up a bottle of baby oil and poured some into her hands and rubbed them together. She then started slowly stroking my hard cock. It felt so good and slippery. It wasn’t as good as her pussy would have felt, but it sure did feel good. I ran my hand around to her pussy and she spread her legs a little to let me in. I was rubbing the outside of her pussy and working my way to her clit while she was slowly stroking me. I was glad that she was going slowly because I knew if she put much speed into it I was going to shoot my load.

How am I doing?


Good I’m glad that it makes you feel good. I like to make men feel good.

She started picking up her pace some and I reached up with my other hand and started playing with one of her nipples. It got hard and she closed her eyes and appeared to be enjoying the whole thing. In a low tone she moaned while I was playing with her clit and nipple. She started picking up her pace on my cock and really stroking me with some speed. I could feel my cock getting ready to shoot my load.

I’m getting close Harley.

Yes cum for me, show me how much I turn you on and cum for me. It turns me on so much to watch a guy shoot his load.

Almost, please don’t stop baby.

I won’t, shoot a big load for me. Shoot it, shoot it now, shoot it real good for me. I’m so turned on and wet, please show me your cum.

I started cumming and she aimed it all up on my chest. I had to let go of her nipple as I was afraid of pulling on it while I was cumming. I pulled my hand away from her pussy and sat up a bit and watched as I shot about five or six ropes before I started slowing down to little dribbles. I started coming down from my orgasm and saw that most of it landed up on my upper chest and lead a trail down to my cock. Her hand had some cum running down it and she looked at it and smiled. I wondered how much she actually enjoyed the whole thing, but I didn’t want to risk ruining it for me and didn’t ask.

Feel better now that you shot a good load?

Yes I feel a lot better, that was fantastic.

Well I hope it was good enough to make you remember me.

Oh I’ll remember you without a problem.

We got dressed and she gave me a hug and a kiss one the cheek and I left knowing that I wasn’t going to be able to wait another whole week for another visit.

By the way, I ended up dealing with the female cop on numerous occasions over the next few years (all on the good side of the law). It always gave me a chuckle when I thought about the first time I ever saw her. I’m glad she didn’t recognize me, although I wouldn’t have minded her giving me a rub down, never happened though. See you all in my third trip to the massage parlor with Lisa. She made it real fun, throwing a twist into it.

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