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Subject: SECRET FAMILY CHAPTER 1 WARNING: This story contains depictions and/or descriptions of sexual activity between adults and minors. If it is not legal to read this sort of material in your locality, you object to this sort of material and/or you are under 18 years of age, please stop reading now and exit this story. This story is a work of fiction. No character within bears any resemblance to any actual person, living or dead, and no scenario within is intended to depict any actual event and neither should the same be inferred. This story remains the sole property of the author. This story may be downloaded for the personal enjoyment of readers but those wishing to re-post and/or re-print the same must first obtain the permission of the author. Remember the only way to read these stories is if Nifty stays open, so please be sure to donate even just a few dollars helps! AUTHORS NOTE: This story is a slow burner, so while the first four chapters do have some sex the real good stuff doesn’t start till a few chapters in. After that the story will be the sexcapades of the Secret Family, with copious amounts of erotic M/b action in very creative scenes. There is also a main character list for quick reference, for those of you that want a good visual picture. While this story over all is a work of fiction, like any good story there are many elements of reality, especially when it comes to the sex in this story. Without condoning or condemning every sex act written about in this story is possible… I welcome positive or constructive feedback, however I will ignore negative comments. ail DB SECRET FAMILY � CHAPTER 1: A NEW DAY I wipe the sweat from my clean-shaven head with my T shirt, Fuck that HVAC guy better be done this week! I’m not a fan of the heat. It’s one of the reasons I left California to live in the Pacific Northwest. Of course, leave it to us humans to rape and pollute Mother Earth, damned climate change. If you want proof, just look around, up here in Washington when this house that I’m flipping was built, the only AC you needed was to open the windows. Except maybe a few bad days in the worst of summer, that’s all you needed. Today as an example it’s 96 degrees at 4pm, and this’ll be the tenth day straight over 90 degrees. This’ll be the 3rd such heat wave this year alone, which is the new normal here. Fifty years ago, this would be a record-breaking summer. BAMMM!!! CRASH!!! I reach for a bottle of water in the ice chest, then stand and turn to watch the boys finish ripping out the hideous old kitchen cabinets. They were FUCKING ORANGE! I hate orange: May the 70’s stay dead. The boys I’m referring to are Kai and Mike my only two permanent employees. For everything else I use a few select subcontractors in the area. I flip houses for a living. This means I purchase a rundown house that’s still in decent enough condition to renovate and then resell it quickly for a tidy profit. Simple enough in idea but much harder to actually pull off in real life. First, you have to have a lot of working capital for such a small business. It also requires a very good working relationship with the best realtors and subcontractors in the area, and a very friendly relationship with your lending institution. Now many flippers are mostly all about money and ideas, then use General Contractors to make it happen. I cut out the middle man. I’m a General Contractor, and with the help of these two boys handle all the demo, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and finish work. I only outsource the fine detail or specialty work, such as installing HVAC into this house, or say a big job like the roof. I watch the boys as I down my water. Both are shirtless and wearing denim work shorts, their tool belts pulling their shorts all the way down to the points of their pelvis allowing me a perfect view of the two muscular, sweaty boys. Ok they really aren’t boys. Kai is 21 and Mike is 19, but I’m 42 so to me they’re still boys. I keep leering at them, my cock starting to hang longer in my shorts. The two look so much alike they could easily be brothers. Kai is 6′ and about 160lbs, while Mike is 5’9″ and about 145lbs. Both have their dark blond hair short almost military style. Kai has puppy dog eyes, while Mike’s are a greenish hazel. They both keep their lean athletic upper body completely shaved, at my request. I start wiping the sweat and dust off my muscled naked upper body. It takes a while. I’m a big guy standing 5’10,” 235lbs of massive muscle bear. I work hard to keep it that way too. I was an amateur powerlifter and semipro rugby player in my youth. Now I hit the gym 5 times a week in the morning with these two boys, before we head to work. On my 40th birthday I also made the decision to become prisoner to the needle in order to maintain my body and lifestyle. Now I know the shit you’ve heard and all the bad stuff about steroids is true if you’re stupid about it. If you invest the time to learn you can use pharmaceutical aid to maintain a massive physique into your 60’s. You keep your cock working just fine into your 60’s as well! That’s exactly what I have planned, that and die with my fat 8″ uncut daddy cock in some little boys’ hole. No not really. But I’ll take the heart attack or stroke that drops me hard and fast, to the wasting away like my father did. Returning my attention to more pleasant fare, my cock is now half hard as I wipe my short-trimmed beard, then around my blue green eyes, and finally across my clean shaven head again. I pull the dust mask off my neck and toss it in the wheelbarrow. “Alright boys it’s 4, get that last cabinet out to the dumpster, then lock up.” I say, still leering at them. “OK DB”, they reply, pretty much in unison. “DB” is short for Daddy Bear, which is my commonly used nickname in the LGBT and Kink worlds. They both use it with me when we’re at work or out and about. “Sec Kai, I need a drink” Mike states as he takes off his gloves and face mask, then walks up next to me at the ice chest. Mike sees the bulge hanging down the leg of my shorts and casually reaches out giving it a tug, while he opens the ice chest for an energy drink. He closes it, pops the top and takes a big chug, then walks back over toward Kai. Mike hands Kai the drink so he can take a big chug as well. Mike sets down the can, then the two boys get back to work taking that shit ass orange cabinet to the dumpster where it belongs. Let me back up and introduce myself. My name is Joseph Trobowski aka Daddy Bear. I’m happily married to Blake O’Carrol my husband. We’ve been married just over 3 years now and together going on 6. He’s only 24. You read that correctly. I’m 42 and my husband is 24. We’re in a Daddy/Son marriage. This is my second marriage, my first also to a man, lasted 14 years. I rarely, if ever speak of my first marriage to anyone. You’ll be treated similarly in the telling of this story. While my two major relationships have been with men, I’m not gay, a more apt description for me is Pansexual with a strong leaning to male anatomy. This means I fuck anybody I find attractive who has a small or petite build and little to no body hair. I have no hang-ups with gender at all both in its physicality or psychology. In fact, I tend to enjoy the very large rainbow area of fun between the polar ends of Masculinity and Femininity. At least that’s what I tell people when the subject of my sexuality comes up. In truth my strongest sexual desires are toward boys who are prepubescent to early pubescence, because at heart I’m a boy lover. This means that while I enjoy sex with young men and women, the body hair has to be gone or at least well groomed, and that pussy better be shaven baby smooth. I rarely fuck a boy who weighs over 150lbs, Kai being a pleasant exception due to his height/build, personality, and his 9″ cock, which my husband loves. Both the boys aren’t just my employees, they’re our lovers as well, Kai is Bi and Mike is Gay. While they live together, they aren’t really a couple, more like incestuous brothers and both are total man whores. I routinely laugh at their sexual exploits while on the job, and I sometimes have to remind them “not in front of the straight help.” I swear they do it sometimes just trying to make the “straight” guys squirm. They know nothing will happen because I’m there, but still. My company named `Suburban Renewal’ is jokingly known as “Gay Construction” among many of the other construction companies in the area. Now I know you might think this could be troublesome for business, but in fact it’s not. The subcontractors I use know me and know I’ll pay them well as long as they do their jobs right and keep their crew in line. It keeps the assholes and bigots away. On top of it, when the perspective homeowners hear that a gay company flipped and decorated the house, it’s actually been a positive selling point. Got to love the gay stereotypes when it comes to homemaking. I hear my phone chime in my earpiece. When I’m working, I always have my ear piece in so I can be connected without having to have it on me. That particular chime means my husband Blake just sent me a text. I head into the living room, which is stripped to the bare concrete floor with several walls and part of the ceiling exposed to the studs and rafters, new HVAC ducting lying about on the floor and hanging from the holes in the ceiling. I pick up my phone and use the finger print scanner to unlock it. The text reads: “Hey Daddy Bear interesting development at the hospital, I met a little someone who might be very special. There are some issues though. I’ll fill you in when I get home love you *emoji heart* I reply, “I can’t wait Boo Boo, love you too. *emoji heart kiss*” Now that just really brightened my day! My husband is a Psychiatrist specializing in pediatric care. Of course, having a totally fucked relationship with his piece of shit father, and having a domineering mother in a medical career, it’s no surprise my effeminate husband (who’s a total freak in bed) chose to become a Shrink, a kid Shrink no less. Some of you might be saying wait!? He’s only 24, how could this be? Well, Blake is a genius, he graduated HS just before his 16th birthday, finished undergrad when he was 18, and had his PhD at 22. He currently works for the county at the largest regional hospital in the area as one of only two Psychiatrists specializing in Pediatric care. Like me, my husband doesn’t subscribe to conventional moray about age and sex. While he really isn’t a true boy lover like me, he understands because he wished he could be a boy lover’s little boy when he was growing up. Blake’s a power bottom at its finest and a total sex piggy. He started sticking large objects up his ass when he was 12. At the age of 14 went online and befriended a boy lover who took his cherry and trained him for 2 years. During that training, Blake not only learned how to be a pussy boy, but also how to take dog knot. By 16, Blake had another lover, in his late 30’s who had a 10″x7″ cock. You might’ve seen that lover in some of the most famous muscle porn from a certain large gay porn studio. We met when he was 16, but we didn’t get together till he was 18. It’s just the way things worked out, having met him through another boy lover who was a bar tender at the largest gay club in the city. On his 19th Birthday I took his fisting cherry. Yep, giant muscle bear paw inside a 125 lb. twink boy pussy up to the wrist! I could write an entire book and put it on Nifty, based on our sexual escapades over the last 5 years. Now back to the reason that text brightened my day. Blake’s been on the lookout for a little boy for us to save and adopt before he gets lost in the system. Obviously for us it isn’t just any little boy we’re looking for. We’ve had serious factors to consider: Of course, we wanted a cute little angel, but we were looking for a boy who gave signs of being other than a typical straight boy. Even by the age of 4 or 5 many little `gay boys’ are showing signs if you know what to look for. Besides finding a gay boy who’d truly desire intimate contact with us, we also desired a bright, intelligent boy. I’m only a few IQ points short of being a considered a genius while Blake is sitting at 168 IQ, so having an average or below-average boy wasn’t really an option. For Blake to send me that text is a big deal. Now the issues he mentioned, I’m not surprised at. We’d calculated the boy he finds, will more than likely have experienced physical, psychological, and even sexual abuse, which is why Blake has become involved. This complicates both us being able to rescue him from the system and can create complications in the healing process for the boy once he is ours. I’m prepared for both possible sets of complications. escort bayan I’m the type of person who likes to roll things around in his head and see all the possible outcomes, and then come up with actions to counter and overcome any problems. I also have personal experience as to what the boy may need to heal, because I had a pretty shitty childhood myself. The boys come back in the sliding glass back door and begin closing and locking all the windows and doors. We leave through the garage. I turn and look at the house we’re flipping. Demo is almost done, and the HVAC will be done this week. So will the plumbing and electrical changes to the place. We gutted the bathrooms and knocked out 2 walls, so we had to move some stuff around to make the bathrooms more functional and appealing. “Burgers at my place!” I bark at the boys, who are standing on the front lawn washing off with the garden hose. Of course, they’re doing this in the front yard to show off to the neighborhood, instead of the backyard. “Can I bring Jason?” Mike asks. “Of course,” I reply with a sly grin. Jason is Mike’s 15yo brother, and a great little bottom boy. He’s built like Mike, a twinky boy in every sense. Jason is 5’6″ 115lbs with light brown wavy hair and hazel eyes, and only a small patch of pubes that he keeps shaved. Jason is a sun baby and part fish, who loves to tan in the nude at my place, so he has no tan lines. He only recently had to start shaving the few hairs around his pink boy pussy. I know his little body, oh so well, and so does my fat daddy cock. It’s no surprise that the boys quickly have an audience, as a minivan pulls up into the driveway across the street and a mother with her 2 young sons and teenage daughter come pouring out. I have my sunglasses on so I can watch the action without staring. The daughter gets out of the front passenger seat then turns and opens the back door to reach for her younger sibling in a car seat. As she opens the slide door to the van, she sees Kai and Mike fucking around in the water, she freezes and starts to stare. This gives me the chance to check her out. She’s a skinny 13 maybe 14yo girl, nicely budding breasts, but still in her awkward gangly phase, which I find sooo hot! I’d take her cherry if she wanted no question. So would Kai. I’ve come to find out he has a particular interest in teen girls. Mom comes around back and pops the trunk on the van to get out the groceries. Mom’s an older version of her daughter, same lean build, but having 3 kids has taken its toll on her once very lithe tight body. I’d say she’s around 35 or so. Nevertheless, to most boys she’s definitely still in the MILF category. The boys catch her attention, the mom looks over her shoulder at them she too begins to stare. The mom even goes so far as to pull her sunglasses down off the bridge of her nose to get a better look. At this point, I become distracted by the little dark-haired boy who’s just came around from the driver-side back door. He isn’t the cutest of boys and is fairly chubby but has well-tanned skin and cute chubby cheeks. The boy turns to help with the bags, then I really see his chubby cheeks! The boy has on a tight pair of board shorts and when he leans into the back of the van and his long shirt rides up you can see the two big full lovely mounds packed into the back of his board shorts. Fuck, how I want to bury my face in those fleshy voluptuous hairless boy mounds! The boys finally notice the attention, Kai being the more aggressive and social of the two smiles big and waves at the mom and daughter. Mike takes the opportunity to shove the running water hose down the back of Kai’s shorts. “AAAAHHH YOU LITTLE FUCKER!!!” Kai shouts. “I’M GONNA BEAT YOUR ASS!!!” Mike laughs and starts to run to his truck. Kai pulls the hose out of his shorts and proceeds to spray Mike with the hose, while Mike attempts to dodge the stream, but still manages to get hit pretty well. At this point I’m laughing at the two idiots. With the show ending, the neighbors resume their normal daily activities. The girl comes back out to get more groceries, this time Kai’s in the street about to get into Mike’s truck. Kai watches her like a lion watching its prey, she looks back over at the boys after filling her arms with groceries, and Kai takes down his sunglasses and gives the little girl a seductive wink. She blushes hard and gets all awkward and flustered, juggling the heavy bags. She drops one, it falls on its side and some of the contents come pouring out and start to roll down the driveway. Kai immediately jogs over and starts to help her pick up the dropped groceries. I can’t make out the very brief exchange of words between them, but as Kai begin speaking, she smiled brightly. Kai picked up the bag and handed it to her. As he withdrew, I could clearly see him run his hand gently down her forearm and across the back of her hand. The girl blushes a brilliant shade of pinkish red at Kai’s touch, then turns like a giddy little school girl and bounces into her house. I got into my truck, as the boys took off to grab Jason. I backed out of the drive and then headed in the opposite direction of the boys toward my house. I figured they would be at my place in about a half an hour. I presume that after they pick up Jason they’ll swing by the store and grab some beer and weed before they head over because it’s what they usually do. Remember this is Washington state. Weed is legal and as easy to buy as beer if you’re 21 or older. That’s the rule in my house, I provide the food, you provide the libations, everyone is happy. I personally don’t touch alcohol much anymore. Alcohol is bad for the body and also bad for muscle synthesis, or muscle growth while sleeping. Now weed on the other hand is my one chemical vice, I’m a stoner from way back. I grew up NorCal — what do you expect? I pull up to the house gate and hit the opener, then wait for the black powder-coated steel security gate to open. We’ve only had the place for a little over a year. This house and the entire 5 acres were in bad shape. I literally spent a month just taking all the trash, old barn parts, junk cars, and other shit on the property and getting rid of it, gutting the interior of the house, and stripping the old roof off. After that, it was a 6-month project to get the house finished by the time winter set in. While we were finishing the house up, I also had another contractor I work with put in a pool and hot tub for us. I spent some of this spring working on the grounds, and had another contractor I know put in the new perimeter and privacy fencing, as well as the security gate. While it’s a 5-acre parcel, we’re just on the outskirts of town so it’s a convenient location, and allows for a great amount of privacy. As you can already imagine, privacy is something my husband and I definitely appreciate, so do our guests. Yes it’s a lot of work, yes it’s expensive, but between my husband’s jobs working for the county and the hospital, and my contracting business, we make a very comfortable living. As I pull up to the garage I’m greeted by Duke and Duchess. They’re both Harlequin Great Danes, Duke is 3 and Duchess is 2. When Duke was a puppy, I took him with me all over, because you can’t leave a Great Dane alone. They’re very emotional dogs and need the pack bond. But once we had Duchess and she wasn’t a little puppy anymore, I began leaving them at home because, frankly hauling two Danes around all day long can be cumbersome. Can you imagine the poor fool who trespasses on my property and is confronted with two Great Danes? Duke who weighs in at 185 lbs. of pure bone, muscle, and teeth, can pick up a basketball in his mouth, then pop it like a balloon in his massive jaws. No kidding basketballs are one of his favorite chew toys because he utterly destroys them. The two Great Danes are affectionately known as our “House Ponies”. The dogs greet me as I open my truck door with all the gusto and flapping dog jowls only a Great Dane can muster. I pull my sun glasses up to the top of my head for the impending dog kisses. This is a well-practiced ceremony and rather common among Danes. They love to jump up on you and lick your face to greet you. It’s something I have to inform all new guests about and watch for. These two have been trained to raise a paw like a hand shake, however that’s a signal they may jump up gently put their front paws around my neck and lick my face with their giant tongues. Obviously, we try our best to keep them from doing it to new people who come to the house, especially Duke. I walk to the side door of the house and key in my code to the door lock. The door unlocks and the alarm automatically disarms, I enter the mud room and hang up my work bag. I sit down on the cedar bench and take off my boots and socks, then stand up, unbuckle my belt and drop my pants and boxers to the floor. I grab my wallet and keys out my pockets and toss them in the appropriate places. I take both my hands, reach down my muscular body, scratching my chest fur till I reach my trimmed pubes. I stop and gently scratch around the base of my half-hard cock, then lift my big shaved balls up away from my legs so they can drop and hang freely. Mmm that’s better, always better naked. I remember to grab my phone, my earpiece still in my ear. I can smell my musky scent coming off my now naked body, just the way Jason likes it! So more about little 15yr old Jason: he’s not into the whole daddy/son thing. Nor into older men in any real regard, but we do have common sexual ground. For one, he’s into manly body smells and feet. While I’m not particularly into either of those fetishes, I love to accommodate cute little boys with any reasonable sexual fantasy request. What good Daddy wouldn’t? Now, our two main commonalities are that he’s a hungry little bottom and I’m a big-dicked top. What’s more unique is that we’re both Furries. I mainly like the erotic art, and of course all the cute little boys in the fandom, however little Jason is pretty hardcore about it all. When I was first made aware of this is when I decided to make him a present for his 15th Birthday and I brought his very own Fursona to life on digital art: an azure blue and sunset gold river otter, which was exactly what I knew he wanted after doing some digging. He let me fuck him after that but was obviously tentative of being with me the first time. Once I made him cum hands free from just fucking him, he came back for more Daddy Bear cock, because that always gets them hot and wet. I look out the back window of the kitchen and speak of the little devil. I see little Jason totally nude lying on his stomach, that bronzed little 15yo bubble butt shining like a beacon against the greenery of the back yard. My cock starts to lengthen and engorge, as I grab a glass and get some cold water from the fridge. I down the glass of water, then head to my Bear Den to grab my smoking bag. I exit the back sliding doors the dogs in tow, my half hard cock and balls bouncing off my thick muscled thighs as I walk. I head for the covered table next to the pool near Jason and take a seat so I can continue to watch the naked little 15yo sun bathe. The dogs trot over to greet Jason by wiping their cold nose on his ass while sniffing, then licking into his crack rather vigorously with their huge pink tongues. “Go lay down!” Jason says sharply to the dogs, both of which are larger than him. At this point he realizes I’m there. “Hi Daddy Bear.” “Hey little otter boy” I reply as I open my smoking bag to pack a bowl. Jason stretches then pulls himself up onto his knees, exposing his boy pussy directly to me. I pull down my sunglasses to have a better look. It’s quite the sight to behold a perfectly hairless and usually lovely pink hidden by slight tanning. At this moment however little Jason’s pussy lips are rather red and swollen, indicating he’s been recently fucked. There was a healthy sheen of dog slobber up and down his crack which I found particularly amusing. I keep packing my afternoon bowl of weed as Jason unceremoniously wipes the slobber from his ass then gets up and walks toward me. I admire his slender perfectly tanned boy body with not a trace of body hair or tan lines. As he walks toward me his slender 5″ cut cock bounces from side to side swaying like a metronome. When erect, Jason’s cock stands at about a 60-degree angle very close to his perfectly flat little tummy. He settles himself down on my naked lap, lighting the bowl and taking a hit in one smooth motion. He then leans in and shotgun kisses me exhaling into my mouth as we kiss. This is one of Jason’s bad traits: he’s full of himself. He’s a hot piece of ass and he knows it. The problem is he acts like it too, degrading and kocaeli escort bayan belittling people about their looks, and generally being a total shallow, self-absorbed gay boy. Not something I care for, but it isn’t my problem to fix either as long as he doesn’t get too out of line at our house. He did have the audacity to once blatantly suggest that I be his Sugar Daddy. While I laughed and acted like it was a joke, I wasn’t amused. He and Mike come from a good home with actual decent parents, so he has no need for a Sugar Daddy. That’s the reason I’ve never bonded with Jason, but I still fuck him. So does his brother, Mike , and as of a few weeks ago, Duke. Notice I didn’t mention Kai. That’s a classic case of egos clashing and cock teasing, even though we all know eventually Kai will lay his 9″ to that boy pussy. As for now, Jason just sucks Kai’s cock and balls, especially loving to lick them clean after a long day at work. I exhale while taking the bowl and lighter back from Jason, I kill the bowl in one big hit, holding it for maximum effect before exhaling. I set the bowl down then start to gently fondle Jason’s well bronzed little nipples. After a moment he leans in toward my arm pit to get a sniff. I raise that arm and he dives into my hairy sweaty pit with all the zeal of a natural little piggy. I let him lick and sniff for awhile. Luckily I’m not that ticklish. He slides down between my legs and buries his nose in my crotch to one side of my now almost hard cock and just up under my balls. I spread my legs wider to accommodate him and he roots deeper sniffing loudly with deep breaths, becoming intoxicated on my Daddy musk. Then the licking resumes, I allow him to tongue bathe my entire crotch. This goes on for a few minutes, my Daddy cock now at full 8″ mast thanks to all the attention from little Jason. Duke lazily begins walking toward us. I know what he’s after, but I don’t stop him. Jason’s making little huffing sounds and he licks my perineum holding my large smooth balls out of the way. I shave my ass crack as well, so I can feel everything Jason’s doing up under there. Duke walks up behind Jason and goes for his ass again, this time Duke doesn’t give himself away, and proceeds to shove his hot thick pink dog tongue right up and into Jason’s crack finding and focusing on his hole. Jason moans like a whore and doesn’t stop the tongue bath, allowing Duke to swipe his thick tongue repeatedly across the swollen puckered hole. Duke shuffles himself getting ready to mount Jason. “Duke NO! Go lay down” I say firmly. He’s obviously dejected and has a pouty look on his face only a Dane can pull off. He comes over for a pet, so I pet his head, “Sorry buddy I’m next,” I tell the 185lb. horny dog. “Go lay down.” Duke complies. I push my cock head away from my furry muscle gut, and tap Jason in the head with it. He knows what this means, Daddy’s cock needs attention. He complies, grabbing the base of my cock, then slipping the remaining 5″ of cock all the way down to the back of his throat. The boy is a born cocksucker, with an oral fixation. Mike tells me Jason sucked his thumb till he was 12 and has even caught Jason sucking his thumb while jacking off. Now that was a new one for me. Of course, with a big brother like Mike around, Jason knew how to stroke his little boy cocklette to a dry orgasm and play with his ass by the time he was 9. Mike really isn’t a boy lover. He’d never go out and try to pick up an underage boy to fuck. It’s just something that developed out of love between two gay brothers. I know you hear the gay brother theme all the time and say It’s just a myth. Well, it’s not. Your sexuality is in part directed by both nature and nurture. Yes, there is a “gay gene” for lack of a better term, but the nurture side is a key component. These boys had nature and nurture going for them. Neither the boys nor I know for sure if their father James is Bi or not. The one thing both boys do confirm though is that their father loves it up the ass at least once a week. Apparently, not only does Mike and Jason’s mother Betsy run the household, she also wears the bigger dick in the family, several of them. When Mike was 13 he managed to pick the lock on the chest hidden under his parent’s bed. He knew what was in there because he’d spied on his parents while they have sex for years, and like his father had a longing to have his ass filled. So, at 13 Mike begin regularly using the toys in his parent’s secret toy chest. By the time Mike was 16 he could take any toy in the magical toy chest. Jason had mastered the same dildos and apparently a few new ones just before his 15th birthday. Both boys think their parents know about them because a few months after Jason started picking the lock, his parents mysteriously stopped locking it. Nothing has ever been said. Jason continues his expert oral skill on my throbbing fat 8″ daddy cock. He uses his tongue to get under my foreskin and licks me totally clean savoring any remnants of piss or pre-cum he can find. He uses the extra skin of my cock to get a good stroke and suck motion going, making sure to produce copious amounts of saliva. He continues his cock worship licking up and down the underside of my shaft, each time coming up the base of my cock head and spending extra time where my foreskin attaches at the base of my cockhead. Fuck I’d love to actually deep throat him, push my fat cockhead down into his throat, balls pressed against his face. Maybe someday. Jason has a notable gag reflex to overcome, I found that out one day when I was a bit to forceful and actually made him vomit. Oops. Some of those images and ideas of Jason’s family life make his being here worshipping my cock that much hotter. I love the thought of two generations of butt sluts getting their holes trained by the same family set of dildos. Nothing better than a matriarchal family. I always chuckle a bit at that thought. I lay back to enjoy a good 5 minutes of cock-sucking, but we can’t sit here all afternoon. The boys will be here soon, and I need to get the grill going. “Daddy needs some otter boy pussy,” I let out in a seductive growl. Without a word Jason relinquishes my cock, stands and then straddles me, lining his still slicked-up hole with the fat purple head of my cock. He sits down just enough that his hot used boy pussy opens from the pressure of my cock and my cock head pops in. Jason gives a squeaky little boy gasp from the intrusion to his sensitive pussy. His ass is well-lubed inside with a coating of cum, from the slight smell I detect, it’s Duke’s cum. Waiting a few seconds Jason begins his slow descent to the base of my cock. I put my hands behind my head, lay back and watch the kid work my cock into his hot swollen boy pussy. He’s familiar with me as a lover, we’ve had anal sex somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 times by this point. With my 6″ girth, It’s as big around as his wrist. He makes it to the base and sits all the way down on my thighs. He leans forward and starts sniffing and licking my pits, as he begins to gently ride me, till he’s doing about a half stroke up and down my shaft. I savor his boyness, the sight of his hairless bronzed body rocking on my fat daddy cock, the moans into my pits as he keeps licking and sniffing, the smell of his fruity tan lotion mixed the faint smell of boy. Ahh, the smell of a boy, I don’t know what it is, but somewhere all the way up to about 20yo for some late-bloomers boys maintain a certain scent. It’s musky, letting you it’s male but always sweeter than an adult male; some so sweet my nose swears they’re little girls. Jason’s scent is like that, he still very much smells of boy, and it makes my cock that much harder. Time to pick up the pace, I take my arms down and grab his 26″ waist pulling him up and away from me slightly so I can take over thrusting from underneath him. Such a tiny waist and of course I get off on the fact that his waist is smaller around than one of my thighs. I start thrusting upward at a pretty good pace while at the same time bouncing Jason up and down as well. This in effect doubles the pleasure for both of us without my having to do extra hip work for the thrust. My large muscular arms gleam with sweat, and easily manhandle Jason like an oversized boy-shaped fleshjack. Jason has a distinct sex sound he makes while getting fucked. It’s hard to explain, but you know how when you rub some dogs’ ears or tummy there’s this groaning purr? Overlay a puppy whimper on top of that contented groan with every thrust of my cock, balls deep into his hairless little pink boy pussy. That’s Jason’s sex noise, and it always gets me going even more. Jason leans back away from me arching his back, letting his head fall back. This changes the angle of his hips to mine, causing my upward-curving cock to jam even harder into his prostate. His unique sound becomes louder and more ragged. “You want my puppies, little otter boy?” I grunt. “Yes Daddy Bear, fill my bitch pussy!” burst from his mouth, like a sprinter trying to talk while running. The hairless 15yo reaches for his 5″ boy cock and begins to paw at it, not really stroking just grabbing and tugging. I can feel him start to tense and he changes his grip on his little boy spike. That’s my signal to let him have it. I begin fucking him like the piston of an engine: slap, slap, slap, slap goes his hairless boy cheeks on my sweaty, hairy thighs. That does the trick, he’s going to cum now. I love making Jason orgasm from fucking him. Like his unique little sex moans, his body has a particular way it has an orgasm. He experiences a full body lock up unable to even breathe for approximately 10-15 seconds. The only sign he’s alive is the intense vibration that emanates from his body and the pulsing of his cock as it squirts out his clear runny boy cum. His anal sphincter clamps down like a vise onto whatever or whoever is in his ass at the time. That’s what I love the most, because it always pushes me over the edge. I’m honestly amazed at the pressure this boy’s hole can exert on my cock, as I give one final thrust, balls-deep letting out 4 squirts of Daddy’s puppies into his little boy bitch pussy. He falls into my chest and places his face into the crook of my arm to sniff me more as he pants. We lay there like this for a minute or two, before I pick him up off me and allow him to stand. I get out of the chair, lean down and kiss the boy, then we both make our way to the outdoor shower in the back of the house. We share the shower, only rinsing the sex off us briefly. I do take the time to admire his beautiful boy body. My deepest wish to have my own son, ever present in my mind as I watch the 15yo dry off. I dry off too and give him a playful slap on the ass as he walks in the house. I walk over and fire up the grill, then head into the kitchen to get dinner started. As I’m preparing burgers, Jason takes his soda and heads back out to the pool, proceeding to take a dip while he waits for dinner and the rest of the boys to arrive. The side door opens and in comes Kai and Mike with beer and weed, as expected. Kai tosses the beer in the fridge while Mike tears into the paper bag bearing the logo of the local pot shop in town. Both are forced to stop and properly greet the House Ponies, it’s proper etiquette in our house. I’ve already thought ahead and put out the battery powered hookah. It’s a great social smoking piece as long as you keep the battery charged. Mike grabs the weed gear and Kai grabs 3 beers, as they head out to the pool area. Once there, they put everything down and strip naked. They don’t jump in the pool however. They assume positions at the poolside table, slouching with their legs spread as wide as possible. Kai and Mike each crack a beer, Mike then loads the hookah. As that’s happening, Jason’s emerging from the pool his 5″ boy cock, hard again at the anticipation of what he’s to do next. He saunters over to the table still wet and kneels on a towel between Kai and Mike. Jason leans into his older brother Mike’s crotch and begins the same erotic act of sniffing and tongue-bathing Mike’s entire crotch just like he did on me15 minutes ago. I continue my dinner preparations, but I sneak glances at the three boys as I’m moving about the kitchen. Jason’s switched over to tongue-bathing Kai’s crotch. That little size-queen can’t help but wrap his small hand around that 9’x 5.75″ throbbing fuckstick and lovingly stroke the shaft. Kai’s cock is built like a missile, his long, unusually uniform shaft is board straight and tappers to a slightly smaller than proportional head. That smaller tip is even more pronounced because it’s quite pointy, and there’s very little flare. This means he can wedge his monster kocaeli escort into a tight hole easier than I can with my fat purple mushroom head. Mike’s stroking his 6” cut cock while watching his little brother work on Kai. Like his little brother, Mike has an average cock, but they both create very large amounts of pre-cum. Mike leaks so much he really doesn’t need lube to stroke his cut cock, after a few minutes he is generating enough pre-cum to edge himself or even stick his dick in a hole with no extra lube. Very handy when you’re a perpetually horny teen boy always needing release, however the large noticeable wet spots created when a boy is hard and can’t get release is rather embarrassing. I walk out back carrying a bowl of salad, plates, and silverware placing them on the large center patio table, which is centered on the main patio. I notice Jason’s done a good enough job on tongue-bathing the boys, so he’s earned a hit off the hookah and a beer. We have house rules about libations if you’re under 21. First, you have to be 15 to even touch weed or alcohol at our house, period. Secondly, and this is most important, moderation, moderation, moderation. As the Daddy of the house, I monitor any guest under the age of 21, and especially 18. This is two-fold, first they’re young and still growing, so they have no business getting shit-faced. Secondly, we sure as hell don’t need the cops showing up saying some parents filed a complaint against us because their son came home drunk and/or high. Jason’s allowed one beer for the evening here, two if he’s here all day, but that’s it. As far as weed goes, I keep my own weed locked up. Jason has to monitor himself because he gets the spins easy. Thank his brother Mike for the exposure to weed and alcohol. Also weed and alcohol are all that’s allowed here, no hard drugs and even tobacco is frowned upon at our place. I bring the raw burger patties and buns out to the grill, but I won’t throw them on till Blake gets home. I hear loud splashes as the three naked boys dive into the pool and begin horsing around. My cock and balls bounce off my thick thighs as I walk toward the poolside table. I take a hit off the hookah, then dive into the pool. I come up for air and then lean back against the edge of the pool to watch 3 naked boys play. A couple minutes pass, then both the dogs suddenly jump up and race through the open side gate toward the garage. Blake is home, He should be sauntering through the glass doors in a few minutes. On que the slider opens two overly happy Great Danes come bounding out followed by my completely naked and completely hairless young husband. He is naturally quite hairless, and has an androgynous look to his lean body. Even his facial features are elfish and delicate: very light brown hair that was blond when he was little, and hazel eyes with flecks of green. He’s more built than he used to be. He didn’t like being only around 125lbs, so I trained him and he now sits around 140lbs. which is considered a much healthier weight for his frame. The biggest change has been his development of actual defined pectorals, and where there was once a flat feminine stomach, has now been replaced with a long 8 pack, and a pronounced, more masculine V shape over the upper ridge of his pelvis. Like Jason, my husband has a small bone frame with only a 28″ waist. Blake closes the slider behind him with his left hand, so the AC doesn’t have to work too hard in the house, while he balances his usual glass of wine in his right. He casually makes his way toward the poolside table, this cock hanging very long and flopping about like it has a life of its own. When hard, Blake’s cut cock is an impressive 7.5″ but it’s quite slender for its length with a well-proportioned thick mushroom head. This combined with his body size makes his cock look that much longer that it actually is. Most guys at first glance think Blake is longer than me, but it’s an optical illusion. Blake pauses momentarily at the table to a take a hit from the hookah, before proceeding on to the pool. Instead of jumping in like the rest of us, he effortlessly descends the pool stairs then glides through the water to me. As we embrace and kiss, I can taste the wine and the fresh hit from the hookah in his mouth: it’s an oaky, smoky mix with fruity hints, somewhat overpowering but not unpleasant. “Hi Boo Boo, how was your day?” I ask as we break our kiss. “Hi Daddy Bear. It’s was fucking hectic.” He responds as he picks up his glass of wine, then turns around and leans back against my chest. I put my arm around his waist and hold him, as the three boys swim over to greet Blake. One at a time each boy says hi then exchanges a deep sensual kiss with him. Kai, then Mike, and finally Jason take their turns kissing Blake. As Jason breaks his kiss with Blake, he makes a yucky face. “Eww, I hate that wine!” Jason protests, taking a slight sip of pool water to rinse his mouth and then spit. The four of us laugh at Jason’s dramatic overreaction. I kiss Blake on the neck and nibble him slightly, then slip out from behind him to get the burgers on the grill. Blake follows me out of the pool. We don’t bother to towel off, it’s so hot out you can just drip dry. As I start putting the burgers on the already heated grill, Blake takes a seat at the patio table drink in hand. “So…?” I ask. “His name is Dakota and he’s 6 years old.” Blake starts. “He’s thin and small for his age, but has platinum blond hair, eyes that are such a stunning color of blue they look like contacts, and milky white skin like me when I was that age.” Wow that’s a trifecta for me, and a cute name to boot! “And the complications?” I respond. Blake hesitates, mulling his words over as he takes a sip of his wine. “At the older primary school across town this morning, the front lot attendant noticed little Dakota crying and holding his left arm. He said he fell on the way to school, but the lot attendant noticed his arm was swollen and hot to the touch. The attendant couldn’t even touch his arm without Dakota screaming in pain too. Dakota was rushed to the school nurse, who immediately knew he had a broken arm. There was an ambulance only a few blocks away, so they had Dakota to the hospital in less than 20 minutes.” Blake pauses and takes another sip of wine. “According to the EMTs, you know Jenny, right? The short lesbian? “Yea.” I nod, as I continue hovering over the grilling burgers listening to Blake’s account of the day. “Well according to her when Dakota found out he was going to the hospital in an ambulance he totally freaked out.” Blake lets the sentence hang. “Why? Was he scared of the ambulance or of doctors?” I question. “Nope, he was terrified of his father finding out they made such a fuss over him. He was so afraid of how his father would respond, he pissed his pants in the ambulance.” Again, he lets his statement hang out there waiting for my response. I bristle and the muscles in my neck tighten, because I know where this story is going. My anger is slowly building. I simply say “Continue.” “They get to the hospital and Dakota won’t let Jenny leave his side because he’s afraid of the male nurses, and it was Dr. Donald on duty at the time too. At this point I get a phone call, and am told what’s going on. I tell them to ask Dr. Katz to come down from pediatrics. She’s a really sweet woman.” Blake states. “Is he afraid of men in general?” I query. “Looks that way, of course his responses were heightened by his broken arm and the trauma of the whole situation. By the time I arrived they had his arm X-rayed, and he was back in the ER. He calmed down. I was able to introduce myself to him and offer some kind words of reassurance to start to see if I could open up a dialogue. The X-ray confirmed a hairline fracture of his ulna, and Dr. Katz fitted him with a removable brace and gave him some children’s Tylenol. He’s too young for opioids, so he will have to tough through the pain for a few weeks till it starts to heal. One of the nurses got some spare clothes from pediatrics and changed Dakota out of his pee-soaked shorts and undies. They rinse the clothes and dried them for him. The hospital finally reached his father, who was more concerned about having to pay anything out of pocket than the welfare of his own son. I stayed till Dakota’s dad came to pick him up. The boy was utterly terrified of his father, I was concerned he’d piss himself again. The father was clearly pissed about having to pick up his son. Dr. Katz and I both stared at him and we made sure he knew it.” Blake pauses and takes another sip of his wine. I know there’s more, I can tell this is going to get uglier. “Anything else?” I query. “Yes… It gets worse” Blake sighs. “I checked with records. In the past 18 months, Dakota’s been to the ER for a laceration of his scalp that required 5 stitches, then 3 months ago his right shoulder was dislocated, and needed to be reset. I also found out what happened to his mother. She overdosed 19 months ago from an overdose, but the death is still being considered under suspicious circumstances…” Blake stopped talking. I turn around and look into his eyes, he meets my gaze. He knows I’m getting very agitated. “Why?” Was all I could say. “Because after checking her entire body the coroner couldn’t find any evidence of prior injectable drug use. She has no criminal record, never been to rehab as far as could be found, and there were no track marks old or new on her body, except for the mark from the needle that killed her. She also had a blood alcohol content three times the legal limit. The coroner suspects she may have actually been passed-out drunk when the needle was put in her arm.” “Have you talked to Jared about this yet?” I ask. “I didn’t have time today, but I did call county CPS to begin an incident report, so before Dakota comes back to the hospital for a post-care checkup in 3 days, I’ll have all the information I need from CPS, the Sheriff, and the Police Department, before we interview Dakota.” Blake stops and takes another sip of wine. “I’ll call Jared this evening and have a long chat with him.” I respond. “I’ll call Christian as well.” I add. Jared’s a Sargent with the county Sheriff’s Department, and we became friends through an interesting twist of fate, that I’ll explain later. Christian’s our lawyer, a gay jack of all trades lawyer: very intelligent and always bends over backwards for his other LGBT clients. In particular I called him regarding adoption paperwork. He’s aware of our attempts to adopt and save a boy from getting caught in the system. He put together an iron clad adoption contract that can be used to directly sign over custody of a child, there by circumventing the entire CPS system. He’s also prepared in the eventuality that we have to try and pull a boy out of the system and adopt him. “FOOD!” I yell to the boys. They scramble out of the pool and head over to get their food. We all sit at the patio table eating dinner. Everyone is their normal selves except me, I’m quiet and lost in thought. My mind keeps replaying what Blake’s told me so far, and I see the many possible outcomes that will be revealing themselves in the near future. In the pit of my stomach something tells me this isn’t going to go smoothly. The scary part is the beast inside me wants things to not go smoothly, particularly with Dakota’s father. I pick up after dinner and tell the boys that Blake and I need some quiet time tonight. I also let the boys know they’ll be on their own tomorrow morning at work, because I have some business I need to attend to. All three boys kiss us good night then head out. Blake decides take a shower while I give Jared a call. When he comes back, I’m already done on the phone, sitting watching TV. He sits down crossways on my lap, and we cuddle, not speaking for a few minutes. “Can you arrange for Jared and me to be there when you interview Dakota again?” I ask quietly. “Yeah, that shouldn’t be a problem. Is Jared going to be on there in an official capacity?” Blake asks. “He’ll be in uniform, but technically won’t be there in an official capacity.” I answer. Blake hesitates while thinking about his next words. I know what he’s going to say, he knows how Jared and I became friends and comrades. “Are you going to stick with The Plan we agreed to?” he asks tentatively. The Plan is that we try to bribe, cajole, and even intimidate Dakota’s piece of shit father to willfully signing away all custody over to us. At least that is Plan A… There’s also a Plan B… “I promise we’re going with Plan A but it isn’t really my choice in the end.” I reply. We’ve discussed this matter before at length and I know he won’t bring up Plan B to me. We curl up together and watch TV. Eventually we head up to bed, where I make love to my husband and breed his hungry boy cunt. He quickly falls asleep in my arms, while I’m still pondering how the next few days will play out before I finally drift off to sleep.

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