9 Mart 2023

Secret Kissing

Big Dicks

This is a true recollection of my first sexual experiences, so true in fact that I still tingle when I think about them. Thank you to Literotica for help with the editing.

Of course, all characters are over 18 and consenting. I’m a good girl and would never do this sort of thing under age!


She pulled away slightly, looking deeply into my eyes. We stayed still like that for what seemed an eternity and as I found myself staring into her deep hazel eyes, I realised that from now on things would be different. For us? For me certainly, and I hoped for her too.

This was my first ever kiss, with anyone, and I later found that it was hers too. My head was boiling with thoughts and emotions, but I realised that most of all, I wanted to do it again; desperately. I plucked up the courage, closed the very short distance between us, and placed my awkward inexperienced lips over hers, my eyes closed so I wouldn’t be able to see if her expression suggested we stop. My whole body felt electric, warm and overwhelmed. This had all started with a conversation about kissing, and how weird we thought it must feel to do, and even stranger to find someone who actually wanted to do it with us. So, naïvely following through on our thoughts, we just started to kiss to see how it felt … and I knew immediately that I just wanted to do it a lot … all the time in fact!

Finally, when we pulled apart there was a moment of awkwardness, neither of us knowing where to look or what to do with our arms, not uncommon for first timers I suspect!

“Wow, that was amazing!” was all I could say. She let out a small, shy giggle and the ice broke. We fooled around, laughing at our newfound discovery and at our awkwardness until slowly the giggles died out and once again we were looking knowingly into each other’s eyes. Time stood still. We kissed again. The glorious feeling of warmth returned and as we deepened the kiss, I wrapped my arms around her and held her close. This was so, so special.

I had only been friends with Sammy for a short time, but somehow we just clicked and found that we were similar in so many ways. As we had now gone past the ‘casual friends’ stage, we decided that we could spend our time kissing up in our rooms and nobody would ever know, they would just imagine that we were normal girls hanging out together. So that’s exactly what we did. To us, it was just an innocent, enjoyable experiment; it didn’t mean we were in love or lesbians (that thought never even entered our heads!) It was just really nice and lots of fun.

We enjoyed Ankara escort other (non-sexual) things together too, but most of our time was spent kissing and we got pretty damn good at it too! It wasn’t until a few months of this that things changed. I had been an early developer and had a substantial pair of breasts (much to my disgust and embarrassment at the time), whereas Sammy had pretty, but small breasts. She told me that she wanted to feel my boobs to see how they felt, and just to look at them. I was a bit shy about it at the time as I found them just a bit weird and was teased about them. I now know this was silly and I am lucky to be blessed with such great boobs and I totally love them now!)

After some resistance from me, she somehow removed my top and I started to feel really awkward and out of my depth. Maybe what I was doing was all wrong? When I looked up, she didn’t notice my anxiety as her stare was focussed on my breasts. I think she might even have been drooling! Putting my guilt on one side, I took her hands and placed them on my breasts intending just to cover them up.

As I felt her warm hands cover my breasts, my breath caught in my throat. Jesus, it felt so much better than I had imagined. I hadn’t ever really touched my breasts, apart from washing and dressing, as I held them responsible for my embarrassment and ridicule (how stupid and naïve I was). Suddenly I felt left out. “So, err, can I erm, touch yours too?” I tentatively asked. She responded immediately with the swift removal of her tee shirt. Her breasts were a lot nicer than I thought they would be; perky with small pink nipples. I was mesmerised. That day we didn’t do much more than look and touch each other rather tentatively, but to my relief it was soon over as I had to get home and I could get dressed again.

Things settled down between us and we kissed and cuddled with the occasional grope but still fully clothed. One thing I kept firmly to myself was that I had developed a crush on her bum! It was so round and firm I could barely keep my hands off it! Needless to say, I kept that to myself. Looking back, it is astonishing that we kept this going on and off for a long time until at last we discovered there was more you can do with this thing called sex.

I blame her sister. It was my discovery one afternoon when I went round to see Sammy. As I walked past her older sister’s door, I heard strange noises. Of course, I should have ignored them and carried on, but something made me stop to find out what could possibly be causing her to make such noises – were Ankara escort bayan they pleasure or pain? I peeked in and there she was, shirt pulled up exposing what I can only describe as an unbelievable pair of breasts and her shorts were down to her knees and her hand was moving around between her legs. I couldn’t see exactly what she was doing with them but it was undoubtedly exciting to watch and to imagine what she was doing. If nothing else, it solved the pleasure/pain question.

I felt a little guilty about watching so I moved very quietly to Sammy’s room. She was pressed up with her ear to the wall between the rooms. “Listen here,” she said, “my sister is masturbating!” I was shocked. Even though I had just seen it with my own eyes, I hadn’t put two and two together – how slow I was! We listened silently until eventually with a final groan, it was over and we could hear her sister getting up and leaving the house. I felt like I was turning into some kind of pervert.

At this point, Sammy turned to me and asked if I had masturbated or if I knew how too. I was shocked and even a little embarrassed by the question but said “no” sharply (hours of Frenching a beautiful girl didn’t count after all!). Sammy said that she hadn’t either but really wanted to try.

“Let’s find out together,” she said, whilst confidently taking her shorts off knowing it would give me no option to cop out. She always held that power over me. Blushing to my roots, I complied, embarrassingly looking away all the time. This was way too much but I was strangely very excited. My hands were shaking. Finally I looked up at Sammy and she was sitting in front of me, naked and gorgeous. I was captivated. It suddenly hit me … I had more than a crush or friendship with this girl; I wanted her! I had never wanted anyone like this before and the feeling was strange and powerful.

There we sat, my dress pulled up exposing my childish ‘Hello Kitty’ knickers, while she was totally and beautifully naked, waiting. “What now?” she said. “Let’s start with what we know, kissing and maybe touching between our, you know, legs. erm, you know I said I hadn’t done this before; well that wasn’t the entire truth. Sometimes after our kissing sessions when I got home, I used to look at myself in the mirror and touch my body all over. It felt best between my legs; hot, soft and a bit damp. Nothing ever happened though; it just felt kind of nice.”

“You dirty, naughty girl!” I snapped. “Who would’ve thought it? Let’s start there, Miss Experienced.” With that, she grabbed my dress and whipped Escort Ankara it over my head.

She sat back and slowly started rubbing her breasts and between her legs while looking straight into my eyes. She looked so friggin’ sexy and gorgeous it made my heart pound. “Fiona, do you like the way I look?” My “yes” came out in a croaked whisper. I felt hot. With that, she opened her legs to me. My god the sight was so extreme and intense I could hardly contain myself. My hand had a mind of its own though and was rubbing my pussy through my knickers. I had a wet spot and I could feel myself heating up as I watched her rubbing between her wet pussy lips.

Looking me in the eye she confessed, “I’ve done this before too … after kissing you. I’ve imagined that it was you doing it to me.” This was such a turn-on. We kissed and kept rubbing and fingering. My hand was now inside my knickers. It felt so very good and so very naughty. What would someone have said if we had been seen?

Neither of us came on that first occasion but it felt good. We talked about it a lot afterwards and it became a regular occurrence along with our kissing, until one day when we were well into it, sitting together masturbating and kissing with slopping sounds and heavy breathing when I had a moment of boldness. My god, I couldn’t hold back any longer! I took my hand from my wet pussy and put it on her inner thigh right near her hand. She instantly grabbed in and pushed it up to her wetness and in a breathy voice said “you do it Fi, do it, oh, finger me please.” So I did. I couldn’t believe how she felt, so soft, like velvet. She was gorgeous and I wanted her. We kissed passionately while I fingered her and she rubbed my breasts (my new best friends!) It was wonderful. After she came really hard and long, we laid together kissing and touching each other all over. I think it was safe to say we had reached yet another level.

Sammy turned to me and looked longingly into my eyes. “I really loved that and I’ve wanted to do it for so long. I’ve wanted you for what seems like forever Fi. It seems years ago when we started this and it has built up and up. Fiona, I think I might be in love with you!” I was breathless. Did I feel the same? I certainly liked doing these things and I definitely wanted more; lots more. “Fiona, can I make you cum now? And also, will you be my girlfriend?”

Once I had overcome my strange feelings about all this, she did make me come, twice as it happens, and after that? We had found a new toy to play with and we did it a lot. Sometimes it was just lazy self-pleasure together, and sometimes we pleasured each other. I also discovered a new joy, sucking my fingers after fingering her, something I still do when I play with myself; I just really love the taste and I taste good!

Happy days

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