9 Mart 2023

Securing My ‘A’

Beach Sex

“That’s all today class, enjoy the rest of your day,” she announced, glancing over everyone before a pause. “Fiona,” she said, peeking at me. “Would you mind staying for a couple of minutes?”

I clenched my fists and lowered my head. “Sure, bitch,” I muttered under my breath before I calmly got up.

I strolled over to her desk and placed my palms on it.

“I wanted to talk to you about your paper you wrote on Green Day.”

“Was there something wrong with it?”

“Well, you describe a great picture of their career, don’t get me wrong,” she mentioned, bringing it out. “Although, it is just full of mistakes. Look at all the red marks just on the first page.”

“Okay,” I groaned, rolling my eyes. “It might have some mistakes on it, but you gave it an ‘F’ though? I spent weeks on it, editing it regularly and fitting in every single piece of information I thought was relevant,” I whined, leaning back up. “So, what, you are just failing me in this course now?”

“No, I’m gonna let you redo this paper,” she answered, raising her eyebrows. “I certainly don’t want to see you in this class again next semester. Although, you should look at this, who would possibly think this is a college paper? It appears to be written by someone in junior high. You have run on sentences, spelling fragments and it never seems to end either. It is about their career of the band, not each guy’s life story. Come on, here you forgot the subject when you mentioned their induction into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. If you edited this, you did it with your eyes closed, Fiona. I wouldn’t turn this in if I were completely hung over,” she complained before she threw it.

I glanced down and saw it hit the floor.

My eyebrows just went down. “That was out of line, Rose.”

“No, you can call me Ms. Trone when we’re having student/teacher conversations. You are lucky that I don’t fail you, Fiona,” she warned me, getting up.

She walked around her desk and came to me.

‘You are just staring at me now, am I supposed to be intimidated?’

“Are your fun bags you have front and center here meant to make me respect you, Rose? Do you think I see you as some authority figure?” I questioned, bringing my hands towards her head. “You have your sexy dark brown hair here, and you wear these inviting blouses and skirts all the time. Are you a fucking teacher or a porn star? You seriously look like you are in an adult movie ready to strip and have sex.”

“You will treat me with respect!” she yelled, getting in my face. “You will not use foul language in my presence, and I will dress however I want to!”

“You could use a mint, Rose,” I informed her, backing my head away and waving my hand. “Damn, your figure paints a picture that your breath would smell like roses, but your name is misleading.”

She leaned back and placed her hands on her hips. “Do you think this is a joke, Fiona? You are talking to me as if I’m below you, but that’s not true. I’m your teacher, and you need to treat me as such,” she let me know, poking my chest. “If you don’t get serious right now, I will fail you, and then you will have to retake this class. Do you understand?”

“Oh, fuck you, Rose,” I whined, backing away. “You are a damn college professor, that’s it. Hell, you aren’t an actual teacher, you just bitch to students about missing words, or other bullcrap. You don’t need a damn degree from here to do your job, all you need is a pair of eyes and lips. That’s it, so get the hell off your high horse, you stuck up bitch,” I explained, picking up the paper. “All you had to do was put an ‘A’ at the top of the page and hand it back to me, but no, you want to complain about this and that. You are just one condescending tart; you know that?”

“Are you just trying to piss me off now? You are doing a great job of it, and now I’m just one more outburst from your lips from just failing you. Do you read me, Fiona?”

I stayed quiet and clenched my fists for a moment. ‘I can’t wrap my head around this floozy. I worked hard on that paper, but she is just ripping me a new one.’

“Now you are shooting me a dirty look, and you seem like you are about to throw a hissy fit. So, are you gonna redo this paper or not?”

“No, because it is an ‘A,’ Rose. What part of that do you not understand?”

“In what universe is your paper an ‘A’?” she inquired, coming back around her desk. “I couldn’t even give it a ‘D,’ Fiona. How could you possibly justify it getting an ‘A’?”

“What the fuck ever, cunt,” I groaned, pushing papers off her desk.

She watched them all fall and kept her eyes there for a moment. She failed to speak, but I saw a very pissed off look plastered all over her face. I watched her for over three minutes as the only things I heard were us breathing and my heart pounding against my rib cage.

“What did you call me, Ms. Crane?”

“I called you a cunt, Rose. You aren’t Ms. Trone; you are lucky I refer to you as Rose, you dumb bitch,” I mentioned, prior to placing my Ankara escort hands on my hips. “So, what are you gonna do about it?”

“Oh, you’ll be lucky if I just fail you at this point, you spoiled brat,” she informed me, getting close to me again. “Maybe I’ll just have a chat with the Dean. Just maybe, you’ll lose your scholarship, and you’ll be thrown out on your ass. Do you like the sound of that, Fiona?” she pondered, getting in my face. “Would a cunt do that?”

I bit my bottom lip and stayed still for the time being.

“Oh, cat got your tongue now, Ms. Crane? Was it my words or the fun bags?” she wondered, backing her head away.

After a full moment of staring, my head slanted down somewhat. ‘Son of a bitch, she has cum flowing down her legs now,’ I thought before my head came back up. ‘Oh, this tart is getting off on this shit. Wow, I did not see that coming. She is gloating by my silence, but maybe she liked it for a different reason,’ I thought before peeking back at her face. ‘Now who is noticing who’s bosoms, Rose? Maybe you are such a bitch to me because you want me. That is a valid theory.’

“Fine, you want to fail me, then do it.”

She broke eye contact. “I don’t want to do that, Fiona.”

I smiled at her and covered my eyes with my right hand.

I also shook my head and eventually peeked back at her. “Fail me, or don’t, Rose. I’ll see you tomorrow,” I giggled before I just grabbed my paper and left.

“Well, that was a rather odd turn of events: the wench seemingly has a crush on me, or I at least sparked her sexual desires,” I whispered, walking down the hall.

I stopped at a small space roughly twenty feet from the classroom and peeked back at the door. “Oh, Ms. Trone, maybe giving me an ‘A’ is in fact in your future. Don’t be so quick to judge my work just because you don’t like my personality. Let’s face it, if I were some ass kisser, you would have overlooked those mistakes. Maybe you like me, just in a different way,” I muttered before my right hand landed on my crotch. “Wow, Rose, I can feel my juice through my thong and skirt. You are that porn star: you are sexy and out there. Could you give into the seductress known as temptation? We shall see,” I explained before strolling away.

That night, I found myself in front of my mirror in my bedroom. “A great nude lady is standing here, and evidently it can attract even my bitch English teacher,” I observed, lifting my breasts up somewhat. “I’m a dazzling blonde, and she is a cute black haired chick, so we could make magic if we fucked. I could see it all right then, just from one second to the next. I felt that I was blind before, but suddenly I could view it vividly. Rose wants to fuck me, or at least loves the idea of being with another woman.”

I examined myself for another moment and just smiled. I didn’t speak a word, but then I went to my closet. I swung one of the metal doors open and glanced over all the clothes I had hung up in there.

“Oh, what dress would make the temptation as strong as possible? I can only imagine that she probably hasn’t been with a woman before, so I may need to bring out the big guns,” I muttered, going through each dress, hanger by hanger.

I eventually picked one and laid it on my bed. “Well, Rose does love light green, and I think it may just set the bait. Maybe I’ll just go braless too, Rose, so you’ll have an even better look at my melons. Your mouth failed to give me the dirt, but your facial expressions and wet legs were shoving it out with giant shovels,” I explained before going to my dresser.

I pulled out my top drawer. “The matching thong to go with the dress too, how could I not seduce the whore with all these assets?” I questioned, picking it up. “I’ll get that ‘A’ come hell of high water, Rose. You won’t be able to deny me that after I rock your world,” I mentioned, holding it up. “Now I’m jiggling around, and I feel my body tingling too. I already love pussy, so maybe I can learn to love yours too, who knows? Maybe after this paper, you’ll give me another ‘A,’ what do you think?”

The next day, I got dressed in that very same dress and thong. I also put out just some sandals, and some make-up to complete the outfit.

I strolled down the hall towards her classroom. “Well, let’s find out, Rose. Maybe I’ll make you bloom into a rose, rather the bitch weed you are now,” I whispered before I walked in there.

I ambled in there as she was towards the front and my eyes stayed on her.

“I hope all of you are…” she said before I came into her line of vision.

“Oh,” I giggled, sitting down in my chair. “Did I make you just lose your train of thought?” I pondered, pulling my dress down just a little bit more. ‘Enjoy these hooters, it is your right,’ I thought, looking right at her.

She examined my body for a moment as she failed to finish that sentence. I cheesed at her and lifted my knockers up slightly. After that moment, she took her eyes off me and went to her desk.

She sat down. Ankara escort bayan “Alright, class, how about you all just work on whatever you want today. I’m just gonna hang out over here for the next hour, so take a load off and relax.”

‘Now you are just gonna bury your face in your desk? Wow, if I didn’t know any better, Rose, I’d say you are trying to cut yourself off from something, or someone. Could that be me? You were leaking your juice yesterday for some reason, but what could it be? I notice you still have that crack out though, you sexy thing,’ I thought, vibrating somewhat.

My eyes stayed on her for the most part as she wouldn’t look up from her desk to save her life.

My right hand nonchalantly made it’s way to my crotch. ‘My pussy is getting wet as I think about us, Rose; rubbing our naked bodies together as I lie on top of yours. I just wonder how drenched your slit got yesterday,’ I had thought before my hand slithered into my panties. ‘Did you masturbate after I had left? No one else was still in here, so you had the room to yourself. Now I’m rubbing my cherry, so I’ll let the floor have some of my juice too.’

I found myself twitching around a little bit. I also had a few drops of sweats coming down my forehead, and my tongue came out on my lips too.

‘I know you saw me and you loved the image, so maybe I’ll just have to make the first move. That’s fine, leave it to the seductive student you have a crush on to do it for you. Someone could be watching me eye fucking you, but I don’t care.’

My hand felt like there was a spike in it after a moment, but the pleasure was worth it.

“Fuck,” I whispered before I closed my eyes. “My pussy is on fire, and there is that juice,” I moaned, slanting the top half of my body down slightly.

I let out a deep exhale and calmly leaned up a moment later. I opened my eyes and shook around a little more.

I brought my hands together for a few seconds. “Here goes nothing,” I whispered before I got up and began walking towards her desk. ‘Damn, the thong is already saturated, Ms. Trone. Call this a gift for you, really.’

Both of my hands landed towards the end of her desk, and I immediately peeked at the crack. ‘Seriously, how are you not a porn star?’

“Is there something you wanted, Ms. Crane?” she inquired, failing to look at me.

‘Yeah, you naked with my mouth on one of your nipples,’ I thought, smiling.

I just stood there for a moment as neither of us spoke, but suddenly she couldn’t write, and her whole body started to quiver. I couldn’t help, but to cheese and have even more of my juice leak out.

Her head abruptly slanted up. “What do you want, Ms. Crane? Can’t you see that I’m swamped here?”

“I was just hoping we could bury the hatchet from yesterday, Ms. Trone. You are right, you are the teacher here and deserve respect.”

She took a deep breath. “Thank you, Fiona, I appreciate that,” she mentioned, nodding.

“Your welcome, so would I be pushing my luck if I asked you for a favor?”

Her head arched back a bit and closed her eyes slightly too. “I suppose it would depend on what the favor is, Ms. Crane.”

I leaned in closer to her and stopped about a foot away. “Is there any way I could convince you to go over my paper with me so that I can redo it correctly?”

“Really?” she giggled. “After what happened yesterday?”

“Yes, Ms. Trone. Will you help me out? I just need a little one on one time with you.”

She nodded and leaned back in her chair. We just smiled at one another for a moment as no one uttered a word again.

‘As if you could resist, Rose. Your eyes on my bosoms now, so I know you are thinking about fucking me. Just say ‘Yes.’ and maybe you’ll get your wish.’

“Okay, Fiona. I’ll help you out, but there are conditions: stop calling me by my first name, and no bad language either.”

“Done, Ms. Trone. I’ll be on my best behavior, just for you.”

“Good, just come back at three. I’ll go over the paper with you for as long as you need. Although, you have to be serious about it.”

“I’m very sincere, Ms. Trone.”

“Good, now I need to get back to work,” she groaned, still jiggling around.

“Fine, I’ll see you later,” I mentioned before I calmly turned around and strolled back to my desk. “Don’t worry, Rose, I won’t make you stress out that sexy brain of yours, your pussy will do all the thinking for you. Just turn your brain off, give into temptation and put that ‘A’ on my paper. Then we’ll all be happy.”

Class ended about a half hour later, and I just went back to my place for a little while. I just sat down and plotted what I was gonna do to get the sensuous fish to bite on the worm so that I could reel her in.

“Maybe I should wait a little while into talking before I show a bit more skin. I just know when I do, the dominoes will fall,” I theorized, lying down on my bed.

She remained on my mind the entire time as I just waited for the clock to show that it was getting Escort Ankara close to three in the afternoon. By the time it was two, I had my plan set. All I had to do was go through it as intended, and not get distracted in the process.

As it was ten till three, I walked down the hallway. “It is taboo for a student to get involved with their teacher, but fuck it, I’ll seduce you to get my ‘A,’ tart. So, be prepared to get fucked, because we both know you won’t be able to turn me down.”

I got close to the end of the hallway where the classroom was, but I suddenly halted. “Whoa, was that what I think it was? Did I just hear some female moaning?” I pondered, prior to calmly closing the gap between me and the door.

I slowly placed my head on the door, and my right hand made it’s to my crotch again. “Yes, the hot hussy is masturbating. At least, I’m pretty sure it is her, who else would be in there?”

Even as I was out in the open, my right hand slithered under my dress as the other one held it up.

My right hand crawled into my thong, and I felt my twat. “Wow, it is soaked now,” I moaned, rubbing it back and forth. “What if Rose is thinking about me, she is letting it out like she is getting fucked hard. Maybe a fantasy with me pounding her with a strap-on. I don’t hear anyone else in there though, so she has to be scrubbing her clit,” I muttered, breathing heavily.

I stood there for another moment and just listened to the sexy action. “I have to see this now,” I whispered, bringing my left hand towards the door handle.

I turned it and lazily opened the door just a little bit. “Yes, it is true: Rose is masturbating, but it looks like the cunt is watching porn. You would think even in college; the computers would have content blockers on the server. Huh, I guess not. Now, just lift up that skirt a little bit and show off that cherry, Rose. I’d love to see it if you’d let me. You are sweating up a storm and biting your bottom lip too, are you getting close to cumming now? It is only five til three now, so are you planning on me catching you?” I pondered, shaking nonstop.

My eyes were glued to her as her hand never stopped moving, and she caused the office chair to shuffle around a bit too.

I couldn’t help, but to smile at the whole situation. “I knew Ms. Trone was a horny harlot, so now she is pleasuring herself. Wow, I thought it was weird when I saw her earlier, and now she is masturbating. I can’t help, but to gawk at her. She is getting incredibly sexy now, why? I have some juice flowing down my legs too. Wow, Rose, you are a piece of heaven, just wrapped in a chunk of hell. It is like you have a halo and horns. Oh, now you are undoing your blouse too? Damn, you are hot. I can see your bosoms now, they are covered by your bra, but I can see them.”

My hand never stopped moving, and I felt my legs becoming weak. Nothing seemed to matter; I just desired to keep watching the bitch.

“Oh, shit,” she moaned, shuddering around and closing her eyes.

“Are you cumming now?” I wondered, slanting my head down towards her crotch. “Yes, I see some more juice dripping off the chair.”

“Oh, shit, Ms. Crane,” she groaned, leaning back up.

I immediately looked away from her and entered the room. “Don’t worry; I didn’t see anything,” I divulged, strolling towards her desk.

“Bullshit, Fiona. Tell me you didn’t record me with your phone,” she demanded, getting up and coming towards me.

“I didn’t, you dumb tramp,” I whined, taking out my phone. “There is no video, and I thought you were just some prude. You dress like a slut, but you act like a stuck up witch.”

“If you fucking tell anyone about what you saw, I’ll make damn sure I get you expelled!” she yelled, hitting the desk.

“So, you threaten to get me kicked out earlier because of my harsh language, but then I catch you pleasuring yourself in your classroom, and you pull that shit again. Are you the world’s stupidest female?”

She took a deep breath. “Fine, I won’t tell the dean about your attitude if you promise not to tell anyone about this.”

“I have a better idea,” I mentioned, closing the gap between our faces. “Instead of you bitching about my paper, why don’t you kiss me?” I proposed, bringing my hands to her butt.

“What, no, Fiona,” she protested, backing away somewhat. “A student/teacher affair is completely against the rules. Besides, I don’t want you; I’m not a lesbian,” she made clear, placing her hands on her hips.

“Well, are you sure I can’t tempt you?” I wondered, stepping towards her desk. “You are right, it is not cool for us to get involved,” I pointed out, sitting down in her chair. “Although, I’m pretty sure you like the ladies,” I said, prior to looking at the computer screen.

I clicked on one of the hidden pages on her internet browser. “Oh, are you a frequent visitor of Pornhub?” I pondered, turning the monitor. “Those are lovely ladies that are fucking one another,” I said, as a video played. “Are you sure you aren’t even curious?” I inquired, raising my eyebrows.

I smiled and watched her twitch a little bit. She also couldn’t utter a word, and I crossed my arms. As time went on, I noticed that she let her juice out once again.

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