18 Mart 2023

Seduction at 37000 Feet Ch. 02


With the feel of each other still on their lips….the taste of each other still tingling on their tongues, Mike and Melinda enjoy the final drops of their coffee as the in-flight movie winds its way to an end.

Watching as Tom Hanks takes Meg Ryan’s hand at the end of Sleepless In Seattle. They cuddle closer.

Soon Melinda’s smooth breathing mixes with the other sleeping passengers on this transatlantic flight. Other than the snoring from the gentleman to Mikes left….not a creature is stirring.

Except for, the buxom auburn haired waitress that Mike sees coming his way. Her eyes fixed on his…his body stirs in spite of itself. As she approaches he shifts uncomfortably.

“I need you to come up here for a minute sir,” she coos into his ear. “I need to show you something.”

Carefully he pulls his shoulder out from under Melinda’s sleeping body. As he stands, the flight attendant reaches for his hand and tugs him gently forward to the front of the cabin.

His heart is pounding wildly in his chest.

When they reach a spot in the attendants area, he is aware that no one can see them.

As his eyes gaze over her body….the curves of her hips…the fullness of her breasts…the slight hint of her hardening nipples pressing against the fabric of her uniform…he notices her name tag.

“Susan” is engraved on the plastic tag that is pinned at the outward slope of her breast. She turns him around to face her and leans in….closer and closer her mouth moves towards him. Her right hand reaching for his hip.

“OMG,” he thinks…this can’t be happening.

“Susan,” he stammers as her lips are just a breath away from his. “I can’t do this.”

Her lips now at his ear…her hand at the small of his back.

Her breasts beginning to push into his chest.

She reaches whispering, “Yes you can,” and her hand takes a hold of…the handcuffs that he has on his back hip…the cuffs he wears as part ataşehir escort of his assignment as a Federal Air Marshall.

Before he has a chance to react, other than in amazement, she handcuffs him to a part of the counter.

Realizing too late what she has done…he is a captive.

“Let me go!” he insists, “I could have you arrested!” his voice authoritative but trying not to awaken the passengers.

As she stands there before him she undoes a couple of buttons on her blouse. Her breasts now fully visible except for her nipples.

He can not keep his eyes off of her.

Slowly she smooths her stockings and lifts her skirt slightly. Exposing the smooth curve of her upper thigh.

“I can’t let you go, no matter how much you protest,” she says sweetly.

Then as she brushes her lips on his she whispers, “She will have to do that.”

Looking past her, that is when he sees Melinda standing there. Her coat fully open. Her naked body exposed for him. Her heels accentuating her shapely legs.

As Melinda approaches, Susan sits in the jump seat…legs parting as she licks her lips.

Melinda, looking like a lioness on the prowl. The need for sexual gratification already evident on her glistening lips.

Slowly…as if stalking her prey she makes her way to his restrained body. She stands before him and slowly runs her hands down the curves of her body. Making sure that no area is left untouched… the curve of her breasts, her flat stomach, the V between her legs. Her fingers pausing long enough to run between the folds of her flesh….before taking her fingers to her mouth…licking them dry.

The stirring in his body heightened by the inability to reach out to her…to touch her. He squirms as she reaches in her pocket..and she clutches something in her hand.

“It must be the keys,” he thinks…he prays.

She stands up avcılar escort and lets her coat fall to the floor…totally naked.

He is aware of Susan in the back with her blouse open and her skirt now up to her hips….the curtain closed between the cabin and the passengers.

Melinda moves to him as he sits with pleading in his eyes….wanting to be unloosed.

Instead she produces a blind fold. A silken scarf that she quickly ties around the back of his head. Plunging his world into darkness. The last image in his mind is that of her naked and ready.

“Now,” she says, “As I take you into me, I want you to feel me with your mind as well as your body. I want to you smell our sex, to hear the sounds of us making love.”

“For helping with our plan,” she continues, ” I have told Susan she could watch. But she can not touch us, or herself…unless I say it is o.k.”

Then the room is silent. He is aware of nothing until he smells the scent of her sex a breath away from his mouth. “Now open your mouth, stick out your tongue and say ahhh.”

And he does.

He feels her swollen pussy lips press to his waiting tongue. He moans as she presses his head to her, allowing his tongue to penetrate her sex.

She grinds and moans against his face. His cock now aching for release from its confinement.

Then as quickly as she started, she was gone again. The sound of a zipper moving down breaks the silence. His pants slide off his writhing frame.

And as a nipple brushes his lips she sinks his shaft into the depths of her gushing pussy…her moans are mixed with the moans of Susan’s… and Mike and Melinda begin riding the waves of desire. He thrusts as she slams her wet cavern up and down on his manhood. Her ass bouncing off his thighs. Her hands holding onto his shoulders. Taking him with the pent-up passion of two animals in heat.

He hears avrupa yakası escort her breathe…he knows that her lips are close to his ear as she pounds his cock repeatedly in and out.

She begins whispering into his ear…”You are mine baby….I will not share your body with anyone.” she hisses. “And I am yours and I will never let another touch me.”

All Mike can do is nod, almost imperceptibly.

” I am going to ride you until you shoot your load into my cavern. I am going to fuck you until my juices flow out of me like a river.”

She rides him HARDER.

Across the room he hears Susan groaning and crying out to be released from her mental bondage.

“OMG…” he whispers….” this is heaven and hell at the same time..PLEASE!” he begs.

“YES…. PLEASE!” he hears from across the room.

“NOW Susan!” Melinda barks quietly, and Mike hears the unmistakable sound of fingers plunging in and out of a pussy. The smell of sex and lust are everywhere. Susan’s cries are whimpers of the need to cum…and cum hard.

Hearing Melinda’s breathing, feeling the changing of her body as it milks him, her scent sweeter somehow, he knows that she is about to cum, a lot!

Suddenly his cuffs open…his blindfold tears away and Melinda’s mouth presses hard to his, her tongue thrust into his mouth as she says…”Make me cum… now.”

And he does….his hands grabbing her hips and squeezing her ass…thrusting his cock over and over into her red swollen pussy. The juices of her orgasm battering his now spurting cock with the force of a tsunami, his spray coating her walls like the winds of a hurricane.

The sounds he emits are not his own….the sounds of all three achieving climax at the same time were howls of primal release.

As all three collapse, spent, sweating and very happy….the cockpit door opens..and they hear the voice of the captain speaking…”We hope you have enjoyed our in-flight entertainment. I know we did.”

Looking inside they see the co-pilot and female navigator still coupled. The Captain looking content as the blond attendant wipes the last remnants of his cum from her lips…. the sound of thunderous applause fills the plane…and with faces as red as the sun…Mike turns to Melinda and says…

“Next time…we take a ship!”

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