18 Mart 2023

Selling a House


It is funny how when you look back over a chain of events you wonder if there really isn’t a guardian angel.

I’ve been selling real estate for several years with moderate success. One day I was at the office doing routine work when I happened to answer the outside call line. I identified the office, gave my name, and asked how I could help.

“Hello Kathy, my name is Ron Hendrix and I am being transferred to your city to work in the company’s home office. I’d like to talk with a realtor to see about obtaining a house.”

Wow, did he give me a warm fuzzy. Confident yet not demanding and a beautiful vocal tone too.

“Not a problem Ron, I would be happy to help you through the entire process. When would you like to meet and we can discuss the details of your needs and do some preliminary paperwork.”

We established a time to meet when he would be in the city. I hoped he was as good looking as he sounded I thought to myself. The rest of my day seemed to have a pleasant air about it. I found myself looking forward to this appointment. Unless I really screwed up there will be a nice commission too. Ah the fun of the real estate business.

I met Ron at the appointed time and place and I lost my breath when I first saw him. He was very handsome and I estimated over six feet tall. When he shook my hand I felt an electric jolt down to my toes with a special tingle between my legs. I tried not to stammer like a silly schoolgirl so I suggested some refreshments so I could compose myself. He was single, never married, my age and was to become a new VP at his company. I focused on doing my job with silent prayers that this might become something more. We took care bahçeşehir escort of a lot of paperwork and established the price and locations of interest.

It took four trips from Ron to the city before he was ready to make an offer on a lovely house that suited his needs well. I looked forward to each trip because they seemed more like a date. We would review property, do some home visits and then he would take me to dinner and we talked about everything. We shared our life’s stories and our future desires. He had not found the right person to marry and I bit my tongue so as not to plead my case.

We met one more time for the closing and I hoped it wouldn’t be our last, but I kept my professional hat on even though my panties seemed to get wet every time I was around him.

“Call me if there is anything else you need,” I said with a smile as we parted.

“I’ll take you up on that and thank you very much for all your help.”

My prayers were answered when Ron called a few days later asking me to come over and help him with decorating ideas. Picking paint colors is something I enjoy and men don’t. Late afternoon tomorrow couldn’t come soon enough. Ron did suggest that I not come dressed up but wear something that could get dirty. No problem with that, I prefer tee shirt and shorts.

I arrived around 4 and Ron greeted me in his grungy tee shirt and shorts. He still looked marvelous even when he dresses down. He said that he had been exploring the basement and attic.

“I want to do as much as I can before I add the furniture. I am not bringing much from my old place. Mostly the office, bakırköy escort exercise equipment and tools. I want to purchase new everything for the rest of the house. This is like having a blank canvas so I could really use your help with what to do with each room and if I should change any of the wall colors. I’ll pour us some wine, and grab a pad of paper so we can start.”

We actually started in the attic and worked our way down to the basement. Every room was discussed in detail and I think he was pleased with my suggestions. I was really thrilled when he put his arm around me and the way he looked at me and talked to me. I know my heart was racing and I was probably blushing. Always the gentleman he wanted to send out for pizza and kick back to enjoy the evening. Once he placed the pizza order he started a fire in the family room fireplace.

“I love a fire and one of the things I like about this house is the fireplace in the master bedroom.”

When the pizza arrived we had an indoor picnic sitting on the floor drinking wine and somehow we started feeding each other pizza. We laughed and just enjoyed ourselves. We were getting a little sloppy with the feeding and Ron leaned over and removed some sauce on my mouth by giving me a gentle kiss. I looked into his eyes and pulled him close and we kissed again. Then we embraced and kiss long and hard with tongues eagerly searching and playing. We kissed like two lovers finding their soul mates.

“I’ve wanted to kiss you since our first meeting,” he said.

“Funny, I felt exactly the same way,” I murmured, “I’ve dreamed about being with you.”

We başakşehir escort kissed some more and when we came up for air Ron looked at me and asked what was wrong.

“You are wonderful, the fire is lovely but the two together has me over heating. What can we do to cool down a little?”

“We could take off our shirts,” he said with a smile.

“Great idea, I’ll help you.”

We both knew where this was heading and had no desire to stop. I quickly removed his shirt and I think I stopped breathing when I gazed at his broad shoulders and good muscle tone. I couldn’t help but touch his chest and kiss his nipples. He really enjoyed that, and then he pulled my shirt off. Then he deftly unhooked my bra and freed my tits eager for his touch. I was greatly rewarded with his attention to my breast and tender kisses on my nipples. They soon were hard and erect, eager for more. Within moments we were removing each other’s remaining clothes with kisses and touches all over.

He positioned me on my back and kissed me on my lips cupping his hands on my breast. He then proceeded down my body with his kisses. First the neck then each breast and nipple, then my navel, then my pussy mound. I squirmed with anticipation as he moved down my pussy. He licked my clit and licked my cunt. Up and down all the while he held my tits and squeezed my nipples. His efforts were soon rewarded as he took me to orgasm. My body shook as the orgasm flowed thru me. I smiled at him and pulled his lips to mine tasting my sweet cum. I reached down and guided his hard cock into my wet and eager cunt. I pulled him in deep and met his thrusting with mine. I squeezed his cock with my cunt and held his butt with my hands. I could feel him tense as he was ready to cum and I held him tight as he shot his load into my cunt. That was enough to put me over too and I came again.

We lay there catching our breath, kissing and looking into each other’s eyes and he said, “I hope you can help me buy furniture tomorrow. You will want to pick stuff you like.”

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