18 Mart 2023

Sensual Seduction


I couldn’t wait for him to make it to my place. I had been planning this seduction for several weeks while waiting for him to return home from his trip. A few random ideas followed by some pretty incredible dreams had prepared me for this plan.

Finally my doorbell rang. I opened the door to see him leaning against the entrance way with a small grin on his face. I couldn’t help but smile back. I had really missed him.

He walked through the doorway and locked the door behind him. Next thing I know my hands are secured over my head as he presses my body against the wall. I can feel the heat burn my skin as the blood rushes up to my face and my breathing deepens.

He always beats me to the draw. I’m not complaining, but dang it, I have plans! I look up to tell him, but my thought process was interrupted by his mouth covering my own. I can’t help but moan at the contact. It had been several months since I had been able to see him. For one moment, I wanted to savor the sensation.

I always loved when he dressed up in nice clothes. Seeing him dressed that way plus the feel of his tongue running along my mine about threw all my plans out the door. That man could fire me up with just a few text messages, much less the sensual assault I was receiving at the moment.

Before beşiktaş escort things could escalate, I bring the kiss to an end. I let him know that I had a surprise for him. I know that he hates the idea of surprises, but I was hoping he would humor me. With a quick kiss, he releases me from his hold and stands waiting for me to continue.

Knowing that he had been traveling all day, I ask him to quickly take a shower to relax a little bit while I got things ready for his surprise. I could tell by his face that he was intrigued but very suspicious.

Once I heard the water running, I got together my supplies. I spread a blanket out on the floor. I could only hope this would all go as well as I had dreamt it. A few moments later, he came out with a towel wrapped loosely around his hips. I took a moment to look him over. I could probably stare at him for hours, but I couldn’t wait to get my hands on him. I reached a hand up to him to tug him to the floor with me.

I watched as he glanced over the blanket that I had laid out. I’m sure he was expecting some kind of kinky display, but I wanted to keep him on his toes. Keep him guessing a little.

I explained the rules of his surprise:

1. He was not allowed to touch beşyol escort me unless I otherwise directed.

2. He was to follow hand gestures that would allow me to guide his movements. For example, I would gently tap his side to roll him over, or I may choose to position his hands, etc.

3. He would establish a code word, or safe word, to alert me if something was not to his liking.

4. Last, but not least, to trust me.

I could see him glancing around trying to figure out the rest of the surprise. I just smiled and asked for him to lay down on his stomach. With a wink, he pulls the towel away and throws it across the room before stretching out.

I grabbed an additional blanket to lay over his lower half so that he wouldn’t be cold while I gathered a few more supplies. I make my way back to where he lay. I kneel beside him and run my fingers through his still damp hair a moment.

I lean down to whisper in his ear, “Do you trust me?”

He replies with an “of course”. Like he was offended I would even ask the question.

I reach behind me to grab the first item and gently pull the blindfold over his eyes. I know blindfolds are not terribly original, but I was aiming for a particular goal this beykent escort evening.

I reach for my next item while reminding him of the safe word that we had established, just in case. I then explain to him that not only would I be taking his sight, but I would also be taking his hearing. I wanted him to be completely saturated in the moment while relying only on the sensation of touch. So not only would he not be able to see me, he wouldn’t be able to hear me either.

I could see his brow furrowing a bit as he though it over. After a moment’s pause, he nodded his head for me to proceed. I placed the headphones over his ears and adjusted the fit. I plugged in the end to my phone so I could split the sound between a small speaker and his headphones. I wanted to be a part of the moment and hear what he was experiencing as well.

I located and started my playlist of music that I had chosen for the occasion – all intended to saturate his senses leaving him completely dependent on my touch. He would have no way of knowing what I was doing or what was coming up next.

I stood up to distance myself from him. He was gorgeous. I couldn’t wait to run my hands over his tattooed skin. I needed him to adjust to the lack of senses so that his others would strengthen as a result. I wanted him to be hyperaware of his surroundings. I was hoping it would make him even more sensitive to my touch.

I walk back over close to him and slowly run my hand over his skin, just hovering barely over the surface. I can see his muscles jumping every now and then. And now, it was time to really put my plan into motion.

To be continued…

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