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Sex Education & Single Parents


Sex Education & Single ParentsRon Taylor was walking down the hall toward his bedroom. It had been a long day. He was just passing Elly’s room when he heard something that sounded like a moan. As a single parent for the last dozen years; he had always had a sixth sense when something was out of the ordinary.He placed his ear next to Elly’s door and now he definitely heard her groan as she sounded restless. He was concerned that perhaps she was sick. He slowly opened the door and as he did his heart froze.Elly was on the bed with her nightie pulled up to her head and in fact was over her face. Her left hand was on her tit pulling her nipple as her right was buried between her legs rubbing her pussy. Ron watched as her back arched as the girl reached an orgasm. Then her small butt slammed back on the mattress as her hips jerked.Ron was so stunned that he had no idea what to do. He just stared as his petite daughter masturbated. Her body was so deliciously teen in nature. Her small tits were perky but only an A cup but on her one hundred pound body looked full and large. He looked and could see her pubic mound had fine red hairs that matched her fiery red locks. Her skin had those wonderful freckles that made her so wholesomely pretty! The orgasm must be getting even more intense and now Ron could not help but feel his cock hardening with each gasp from his sexy daughter. He was licking his lips as he realized how long it had been since he had sex with anything other than his hand.Elly rolled onto her side and faced the door where he was standing and as she rolled her nightie pulled off of her face. Suddenly father and daughter were looking at each other.”Oh god!” Elly screamed as she saw her father with shock as her body continued to tingle from her self-induced orgasm.”Oh! Sorry!” Ron said as he quickly closed the door and retreated to his room.Ron felt embarrassed and rather foolish. In his mind he recognized that his daughter was not some little girl. Somewhere along the way she had grown into a woman and to some degree had discovered sex. He thought about how he had addressed so many of the issues that a young girl has to go through in becoming a woman and how they had gotten through them. He nodded his head as he decided they would get through this one too. He walked back down the hall and lightly tapped on her door.”Can I come in?” He asked quietly and then listened for her response. Then ever so slowly the door cracked open and he could see her face. For some reason she now looked like his teen daughter again.She looked up at him and he could see she was on the verge of crying. Elly had always been fearful of making him upset. Not so much because of anything he had ever done but Ron suspected it was because her mother had walked out on both of them when Elly’s was just a toddler.”I’m sorry Daddy!” She said and he could see her getting ready to cry.”You are not in trouble baby! I should have knocked before walking in on you!” He said as he hugged her close but then felt her fighting to hold back more tears.”Elly this is not easy for a daddy to tell his little girl but masturbating is natural and everyone does it!” He said as he held her but then he felt his cock stiffen as he felt her female body in his arms and his mind saw her naked and fingering her pussy.”Really?” kayseri escort She asked as she pulled back from him.”Yes really! I just want you to know that you can ask me anything about sex. I’m pretty good at the guy stuff and what couples do and as for the girl stuff we can talk about together. Ok?” He said as he kissed her on the forehead.”Thanks Daddy.” She said as she hugged him again and he felt her small tits press into his side.”Now it is getting late so we both should go to bed and get ready for tomorrow.” He said and then headed back to his room.In minutes he had his cock throbbing in his hand. He tried to think of sexy women but only Elly would come into his head. Finally he shot his cum all over his stomach as he relived her orgasm earlier that evening.Breakfast the next morning felt awkward to Ron as they both avoided the previous evening. Rob began to feel that he needed his actions to also prove his words true about being open on sexual subjects with Elly. As he was driving home from work he spotted an adult store and he remembered the last time he went in one. It was when he still married and his x-wife decided to buy some toys to liven up their sex life. One thing he remembered was her vibrator that she used to masturbate. In a flash he was inside looking at the new models. He picked out one that was basically a cock shaped that used batteries.That evening he and Elly had dinner and then watched some TV. As the evening went by Elly came over and cuddled with him as she often did. “I love you Daddy.” Elly said.”Hey I love you too! I have something for you. This might embarrass you a little but I was thinking about how women masturbate and well some of them like to use what they call a toy.” Ron said as he reached under the end table and pulled out the brown paper bag with the toy in it. “This is a toy that I bought you to try.” He finished as he pulled the cock shaped vibrator from the bag and opened the box.Ron looked into her eyes as he held the toy and put the batteries in. He then showed her how to adjust the speed. Elly watched fascinated as Ron showed her how to turn it on and off. Ron actually loved the way Elly’s face was filled with curiosity.”Obviously you can rub this on your…ah…pussy but it also can feel good rubbing it on your nipples or some women love to put it on their asshole and then rub their clit.” Ron said as he looked at Elly as she listened intently.”Wow!” She moaned as she took the toy with hand wrapped around the middle of it while it was on high.”Maybe you would like to go try it out.” Ron said and even before he finished she was headed toward her room.Ron tried to watch TV but after a few minutes decided he would go to bed and jerk off. He took his I-pad so he could watch some porn to get his mind off sweet young Elly. As he was walking to the bedroom he heard her.”Ohhhhh….yessss! Mmmmmmm….fuck!” She moaned and Ron could not help but envision her rubbing the toy up and down her slit.His cock was rock hard and before he realized what he was doing he pulled it out and stroked it as he listened to his daughter having an orgasm!”Oh my god!” She screamed and then heard her bouncing wildly on the bed.Ron watched his cock shoot cum on the carpet outside her door. It felt konya escort like his balls were going to explode through his cock. It had been a long time since his own hand got him off like this.He was just getting ready to clean up when he heard Elly moving toward the door. Ron quickly put his cock away and had taken a couple of steps away when the door to Elly’s bedroom opened. She had on a robe and seemed genuinely surprised by him being there.”Oh Daddy! Thank you! It really feels good!” She said as she hugged him tight.”You’re welcome Baby. I glad you like it and I hope you know that we can talk about anything.” Ron said as they ended their hug. Over the next week Elly discovered the wonderful feelings that she could give herself with use of the toy. She tried many things with it. She rubbed it over her nipples. She would hold the tip on her clit. She would lie face down and put her butt up and rub the shaft of the toy on her slit. She then tried placing it against her butt hole while fingering her pussy. All of this made her cum like crazy.Ron was just settling into bed and was getting ready to watch some porn and jerk off when his door flew open and Elly stood there looking really terrified!”What’s wrong Honey?” He asked growing concerned.”Daddy, I hurt myself! I think I may need to go to the hospital! I’m bleeding in my privates!” Elly said with panic in her voice.”Maybe I better look at you!” He said and the girl sat on his bed and spread her legs.Elly was bleeding from her pussy. Ron knew it was not her period. He started get very concerned. Elly was crying and that added to his panic. It was at that moment that he thought of his neighbor; Monica.Monica Clinton was not just his neighbor but she was also gynecologist. They had always been on good terms and well maybe she would know what was going on. He quickly grabbed a towel and gave to Elly. He then called his neighbor.Monica was just putting more lube on Brad’s cock when her phone rang making her jump. She looked and frowned as she realized it was her neighbor.”I better take this.” She said as Brad squirmed. It actually just made it better for Monica as she loved to make him wait until just looking at his cock would make him squirt.”Ron? Is something wrong?” She asked looking at the clock which said it was after eleven.”It is Elly. She is bleeding from her vagina. It is not time for her period could you come over! Otherwise I better get her to the hospital!” Ron said sounding panicked.”I’ll be right there.” Monica said as she pulled up her nightgown to cover her D cup tits. She then slipped on a bathrobe.”Honey I have to go check on a problem next door. I want you to be a good boy and wait for me to come back. Remember I have wanted that sweet cum all day so don’t go shooting it off!” Monica said as she gave Brad a sexy lingering kiss on the lips.Ron was waiting at the door as the pretty blonde Doctor walked up to his house.”Thank you so much for coming over! Elly is terribly upset! I think the bleeding has already stopped but I have no idea what happened.” Ron rambled as they walked to his bedroom where the girl was in fetal position and sobbing.”Elly? Let me take a look and see what is going on.” Monica said calmly. “Ron, please go wait in the living room. I’ll call izmir escort for you if I need you.”Ron walked to the living room where he began to think of all kinds of nightmares. He heard some motion down the hall. Then he listened as the bathroom sink was used. After about twenty minutes Monica appeared.”Elly is going to be fine! I helped her get cleaned up and she is in bed and should be asleep soon.” Monica said with smile that was warm but also seemed to be amused.”So what happened?” Ron asked.It was at that time that Monica revealed the cock shaped vibrator that she was holding behind her back. Ron suddenly turned red seeing the sex toy.”I’m afraid your little girl is no longer a virgin.” Monica said as she pursed her lips.”Oh I see.” Ron said quietly as he wondered if Elly had shared where she had gotten the vibrator.Monica was studying him carefully and her inspection of him began to get uncomfortable.”Elly told me how helpful you were to provide this and to give her some tips. I’m afraid that she decided to see what putting the tip inside her felt like. Apparently it felt really good and well she managed to break her own hymen.” Monica said as she looked at Ron.”I thought I was doing the right thing…” Ron said but her hand came.”You did fine! You opened the door towards a dialogue about sex. In my business I see way too many young women who suffer from too much ignorance. Elly truly loves you for what you did and I admire you for it too! Keep helping her and please call me if you have questions. I’m sure this is hard for a single Dad with a daughter! I have my own challenges with my son.” Monica said as she moved towards the door.”Thank you for coming over.” Ron said as he started to open the door.”One other thing before I go. Please make an appointment for Elly with my office. I think you should get her on birth control. I suspect that a sex toy will not be enough before you know it.” She said as she walked away.Monica opened her own door and walked to her bedroom. As she opened the door Brad was still in the bed and his cock was rock hard. Her mouth watered as she knew that her visit to the neighbor’s was sexually arousing for her. A father providing sex toys to his teen daughter. In her mind she thought about Ron on top of Elly fucking her. Monica smiled as she thought of her own daddy. Then she looked at Brad who waited while she removed her clothes.”Are you ready for mommy to suck that wonderful boy cock?” She asked her son who shook his head rapidly that he was ready.Monica knelt nude between his legs. Her tongue licked his balls. She carefully sucked his nuts as his cock jerked with joy. Monica remembered when they had first started having their special time together. Sometimes his cock would just erupt at the slightest touch. Then she smiled as she considered how she loved making men ejaculate. Tonight she did not want to waste a drop. She positioned her mouth over his cock. She looked into his eyes as her mouth slid down his shaft. As she started to pull up he released.”Ohhhhh cumming! Yes!” Brad groaned with relief after being teased by her for an hour.Monica allowed the cum to remain in her mouth as she pulled off. She loved the taste of sperm but Brad’s was special to her. She laid next him as he recovered from his orgasm. Then she let his cum slide down her throat.”It is time for us to get some sleep. I love you Brad.” Monica said as she snuggled to him.Brad was already drifting to sleep.To be continued….(I hope you enjoyed this little tale. There is more but I will only publish if you show your interest with a thumbs up)

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