18 Mart 2023

Sex Journal Ch. 01


I have a wonderful man, and we share a pretty wild and erotic sex life. I decided to document each and every time as it is always so fucking awesome! Therefore, every detail you will read in my Sex Journal is real.

12 April 2005

After a nice little dinner at his parents house, we went to see a movie – Sahara. But we were both as horny as can be — it had been days since I felt him inside me, and we were both aching for it. Me, for his huge cock, which I loved taking me any way possible, and he for my tight hole. He was huge, and no matter how hard or how many times he fucked me, it always felt like I was losing my virginity to him — it always hurt, my pussy was always super-tight for him, he knew it and he loved being the big man that got to deflower me each and every time!

As soon as we got back into my apartment, he picked me up, and threw me on the bed, tummy down. He started gnawing hard at my neck, shoulders, ass and thighs…he bit as deep as he could, not stopping until he felt he had gone through skin or until I begged him to stop. After having enough, he grabbed onto my hips and lifted me onto my knees from behind. As I was wondering “why so soon,” he pushed his head in between my legs and started licking me in long fast strokes; down the crack of acıbadem escort my ass, and then circling around my asshole, darting his tongue in and out of it. I couldn’t see him as he was behind me, I just felt violated – It was a sensation I had never felt and my first reaction was of shock. I was wondering if he knew where he was licking — maybe he had gotten his bearings wrong and thought it was my pussy. But he seemed to know what he was doing because he soon left my asshole and worked his tongue down to my slit — which was dripping from arousal. Now he was pushing his tongue flat and hard into my pussy — it felt so good — and then licking up to my clit, circling that…sucking on my lips…he bit my clit ever so slightly before he moved back to my ass slit, making me completely wet with his tongue.

He got back on his knees and lifted me higher — so as to fuck me from behind. Seeing how wet both my holes were at this point I guess he figured he had nothing to lose and lunged his thumb into my asshole. I gasped! From time to time when he was really horny he’d put at the most a finger halfway in but I could feel this thumb pull me apart and spread my ass a little. I dug my face into the mattress and grabbed akbatı escort the pillows, determined to bear whatever pain he was going to give me. It was clear that he was going to do what he wanted, when he wanted, and I was readying myself to have my ass practically raped — he was totally out of control, not giving a fuck how it felt to have his thumb assaulting my ass. He started rubbing his rock hard dick against my slit as his thumb plunged in and out of my ass…I’ve always been curious about any kind of double-penetration, and wanted to feel his thumb fucking my ass while his dick was fucking my pussy. So I reached behind me to thrust him into my pussy…he ripped into my tight wet fuck-hole with fervor and started attacking it with quick deep hard thrusts of his enraged dick. It hurt more than his thumb in my ass! I pulled his thumb out as I could only take one of the sensations for now!

He went faster and harder grabbing my hips and spanking me so hard, on each cheek…the harder he spanked me the harder I screamed into the pillows, the harder I screamed into the pillows the harder he rammed his dick into my wet stretched pussy. I could feel every vein in his cock against the walls of my pussy and kept aksaray escort squeezing my pussy around him. He loved it and groaned loudly. He fucked me so hard and fast that his dick popped out of my pussy, which contracted straight-away. He forced it back in, not realizing how small my hole had once again become. I guess it was really nice and tight because as soon as he started pushing inside me again, he came. Hard. With one last thrust he tore into me harder than ever, my stomach was hurting! I felt his cock pulsing, him coming. Finally he pulled out and, spent, fell back on the mattress. We were both out of breath, shocked at how raw and animalistic the sex we just had was. I felt open and violated. He had never taken me like that before — never in two holes at the same time, never just fucked me cause HE felt like he needed my pussy, it was just…RAW. I felt like a whore, his whore, his tight little slut, and I wanted it again and again.

To this day, when I wake up in the middle of the night horny, missing him, I put my fingers into my panties, feeling how wet and swollen my lips and clit have become…I spread my pussy lips apart with two fingers like he does, and I run one finger up and down spreading my wetness, teasing my clit, finger-fucking myself as I relive every detail. I only wish there were two of him so one could fuck my face while the other fucked my pussy, and then both of them could fuck my holes together, making me hurt and beg them to stop…I just love being his little toy.

I must say…it sounds like he always takes control, but he can also give and give…perhaps another day though…

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