11 Mayıs 2023

Sex on Gwen’s mind.


Carl ad just turned seventy. Gwen was six years younger than her husband.Gwen had a slim body. Thirty-four B breasts, slightly sagging and an ass that was still firm for her age. Carl’s problem was Gwen never wore clothes that showed her body off. He didn’t expect Gwen to flaunt herself, but he got tired of sweatshirts and track pants, full cup bras and granny panties.Sixty-four she may be, but Gwen carried her age more than well.It wasn’t always the case. Gwen used to take pride in how she looked and dressed well. She changed when Carl got sick a few years ago. Their sex life had been good, but the sickness left Carl impotent, and pills couldn’t help.Carl tried his best to please Gwen anyway he could. He even told her she could have sex with other men if she wanted. Gwen got angry, and that’s when she changed. It was as if she didn’t want to look attractive.The real killer for Carl was when he found a vibrator. He knew Gwen was using it and quite often. Carl tried to talk to Gwen, Şerifali Escort but she didn’t want to listen to anything that involved sex.A couple of days after his birthday Carl was in town. Carl didn’t drink much, but he felt like a beer. Apart from the bartender, there was just one customer who was sitting at the bar.Carl took his beer and sat at a table. Five minutes later, the stranger came and sat with Carl. He looked deep into Carl’s eyes. Almost immediately, Carl began seeing pictures of Gwen in his mind. It was a slideshow. Gwen was naked and sucking different guy’s cocks.”How is Gwen?” the man asked, as soon as he spoke, the slideshow stopped.”Do I know you? How do you know my wife?” Carl asked.”My name’s Vince. You don’t know me, and neither does Gwen. I know of you.”Carl was puzzled. Not just about Vince but how those pictures got into his head.”What would you do if Gwen fucked another guy?” Vince asked.Carl was lost for words.”Come on, Carl. Şerifali Escort Bayan You said she could. What would you say?”Vince looked into Carl’s eyes, the way he did before. Carl saw Gwen in his mind again. This time she was on their bed with her legs wrapped someone. Her natural breasts were bobbing to the thrusts of a cock inside her. Gwen was looking up, smiling, and saying how good it felt to have a cock inside her again.”Oh, God, I’m cumming. Carl, I’m cumming,” the vision ended there.”What’s going on? What are you doing to me?””It’s alright, Carl, calm down. I’m just showing you what you want Gwen to do.””How? Why?” Carl wanted to know.Vince told Carl, he couldn’t explain.  All Vince knew was there were certain people he could influence.”You can control minds,” Carl scoffed.Instantly a picture of Gwen naked entered Carl’s head.The image faded, and Vince said, “I could do something with Gwen if you wanted.”Carl became interested and wanted Escort Şerifali to know more.Vince took his phone out and dialed, “Hi, Gwen. I’m in a bar with Carl,” there was a pause, “No, you don’t know me, but I want you to join us. Now listen carefully. I want you to put your white sleeveless top on. That black skirt that zips up the front and black heels.”Carl was shaking his head and smirking.”No, Gwen. No underwear. Only what I told you. I’ll put Carl on he will tell you where we are.”Vince handed the phone to Carl. The grin on Carl’s face ended when he heard Gwen’s voice, “Which bar are you in? I’m just going to change and come down.”Carl stuttered the name of the bar and handed Vince his phone, “She won’t come dressed like that,” Carl told Vince.”If she did, what would you say?””She won’t,” Carl said, “No underwear. You have to be joking.”Vince told Carl that particular top was thin and wouldn’t hide that Gwen was braless.Carl knew what the top was like, “Gwen won’t. Full stop”They had a couple more drinks. More patrons came in, and then it went quiet. Carl looked towards the door, and his jaw dropped. Gwen was walking over. She was dressed in the top and skirt Vince had told her to wear. Carl didn’t know if she wore panties, but she sure as hell wasn’t wearing a bra.

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