14 Mayıs 2023

Sex Slave – Girl On Girl – Part Four


It feels like my eyes are only closed for a half a second, before I hear a knock on the door. Before I can even register what is going on, someone walks in. I had fallen asleep after my last client. He used me in every way possible for hours, leaving completely spent. I wasn’t ready for another client, but I’m not about to deny this one. “Is someone catching up on their beauty rest, princess?” He asks me. “I didn’t even realise I fell asleep. I’m sorry,” I whisper, trying to hide a yawn that is fighting to escape. “No need to apologise to me. I understand,” he says. “Why don’t you just lie just like that, stay half asleep. No need to fully wake up. I plan to use you slowly. I want to enjoy this.” His clothing drops as he speaks to me, I’m far too tired to even argue that I’m fine. I feel as though I’m drifting back into sleep, when he slips up beside me. He nuzzles his face into my neck, kissing me lightly. His hands roam over my body, caressing every inch of my exposed skin. I can feel myself heating up, even as tired as I am. I let out light whimpers, moaning slightly. His hot mouth working over my nipple, sucking on it gingerly. With the hand, he uses two fingers and begins to let them dance over my clit. No matter how hard I try not to want to sleep, I feel myself drifting in and out of sleep. I beg him in a sleepy voice not to stop, that I want him to touch me. He tells me again and again, he isn’t going to stop. That he wants to use my pretty body. I moan in responds, loving how gentle he is being. Making my skin grow hotter, with each passing moment. Moments later, he is hovering above me, kissing along between my breasts, nipping along my ribs as he moves further south. When he gets to my hip bone, he bites into it a little too hard, making me whine out. He soothes me back into a lull, slipping his tongue from my esat escort hip bone down over my pubic bone. The coolness of his tongue is sharp compared to the heat of my snatch. Sucking my lips into his mouth, he tugs on them, suckling on them. His hands come up, cupping my breasts, and caress my nipples between his fingers. His mouth begins to ravish me, making me orgasm without even any control from me. I can feel my body tense and relax. I’m unsure how many times he does this, but I know it is several. I can feel his tongue lapping me up, sucking on my clit, flicking his tongue against it. He has me spread my legs wider, opening me up deeper. His fingers move to finger fuck me now, still using his mouth on me. I’m a little more awake, aware, but fighting the urge to let go and just sleep. I want to make sure I pleasure him as much as he seems to be doing with me. I’m not sure when, but when I’m awake enough to realise it, he is inside me. My pussy is clenching around him and he is thrusting slowly. He is moaning into my ear, which is what causes me to be more alert. I wrap my arms around him, and pull him closer. He likes it, thrusting a little deeper, but not faster. He bites into my neck, telling me to take it all. I spread my legs wider, opening myself up to him. He sinks in lower, grinding himself into me. I begin to moan, begging him to fuck me. When he stiffens, he starts to fuck me a little harder with his hips, and comes deeply inside of me. He grunts, growling lowly in my ear, as he fills me. I squeeze around him, wrapping my legs around him and I milk his balls empty. He stays where he is for a long moment before kissing my cheek. He tells me to go back to sleep. Which, I do all too willingly. *** When I wake up the next morning, I realise it is actually lunch time. I grab a shower etimesgut escort bayan before tossing on something cute, hurrying downstairs for lunch. I sit with Edward and Jane, we’ve pretty much become best of friends. We all go into details of our weekend events. I tell them about what happened late last night, and Edward says that it sounds completely hot. I had to agree, it really rather was! After lunch, I decide I want to go for a long swim. I love doing laps in the pool here. It is big enough to truly do them. When I get in the water, I think of my date with Scott, which I had just a few days ago. We met up at the seafood place, ordering far too much food and talked easily, just like we did the first night. Going back to my place after dinner, we cuddled up on the sofa and just talked for hours. We got to know each other so much. We, surprisingly, didn’t end up having sex. Though, as much as I love having sex, it was rather nice. I liked getting to know him. We agreed we’d do it again, this time not waiting so long. By the time I’m done my swim, Aaron comes and finds me. He tells me a young lady who was here last night is interested in me. I smile, liking the idea of being with a girl. It has been a while, so I quickly go upstairs, telling him to give me ten minutes. He tells me that is no problem, he’ll let her know. I change into my favourite dressing gown, putting my wet hair up into a pony tail and wait for her to come up. Sure enough, ten minutes later, I hear a light knock on the door. She is alone, smiling, but clearly blushing. She tells me that this is her first time with a female, but she had seen me the night before and just knew I was the one she wanted to be with. I tell her I’m honoured to be her first and that I’ll take good care of her. With that, she steps Escort etlik up to me and begins to kiss me. Her hands quickly roam over me, taking my breasts into her hands, cupping them, squeezing them. I lean into her, kissing her softly. She softly moans, quivering a little at my touch. My hands circle around her, squeezing her ass. We stand there for a long moment, just kissing, letting her get a feel of my naked body. Only when she is ready, does she take a step back and begin to undress herself. She is a pretty girl, close to average, but very pretty still. She is about my height, with dark chocolate hair and pretty blue eyes. Her breasts are pretty small, perky, though. Her nipples are large, dark pink and pierced! Her pussy, which I figure would be completely shaved, is not. It is lightly trimmed, close to nearly gone. It is done extremely well, sexy as fuck. I lick my lips, smiling at her. I take her hand, leading her to the bed. It is my turn to tongue tease someone. Lying down, I have her open her legs for me. It is like having sex with a virgin. But, I guess in a way I am. I’m about to take a girl’s female virginity. I lean down over her, kissing her lips gently. I nip at her lower lip, tugging on it, until she lets out a whimpering moan. When I know she is ready, I begin to work down her body, kissing each sensitive area, which I know will make her tremble. Not surprisingly, she does, gasping with want. Her legs fall apart easily for me once I get down between her legs. My lips kiss along hers, slipping my tongue along her folds. I taste her, the softness of her petal-like folds open up to me. My nose skimming along her pubic bone, brushing along what little hair she does have. She smells sweet, like soap and excitement. I begin to tongue fuck her lightly, giving her a slow start to what I truly can do to her. It doesn’t take long until she is writhing under me, begging for more. I make her wait, though, teasing her greatly, working her into such an erotic need that she’ll feel like she will break into a million tiny little pieces. She grips my hair and begins to grind into me, fucking me on her own.

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