25 Nisan 2023

Sex with Hot Cousin


Hey Guys, I am Samir from Chandigarh. I am a 25 years old working an in a software company.

Coming to the incident, it happened to me and my cousin sister about a year back. At the time my age was 24 and she was 21. Coming to her structure, 34-30-38 sizes and she is very cute. Any boy will think of sex or masturbate after seeing her.

After my studies, I got a job in Chandigarh. Once I got a call from an unknown number. It was none other than my cousin sister. I felt very happy. From childhood, we know each other as relatives. We always met at some functions and stuff.

I have asked her where did she get my number. She said from Facebook. We had a nice talk. She said that she is in Chandigarh. So we made a plan to meet each other.

After our first meeting, we met many times, had lunch, dinner and even watched movies. It all happened one day. I went to her, had dinner, and it was late. So she asked me to stay there for the night. I agreed for that and we both slept in a single bedroom.

My sister and I were on the bed. We discussed different stuff up to 12.30 night. During our discussions I was just touching her on the hand like a sexy way, after a while she also started doing the same to me. I got a boner, my dick was Küçükçekmece Escort erected fully. She saw that and was very happy. I was in full mood. I covered it with a blanket and slowly removed my pant and underwear up to the knees.

She was not aware of it. I and my sister were watching some stuff on Facebook on my mobile. She was holding my hand very tightly as it was cold. I slowly moved my blanket so that my dick and balls came out, which were visible to her.

My dick size is 7.5 inches. She didn’t see it. I moved my mobile a little bit so that she can see my erected dick. She saw finally and she was shocked. She was looking it continuously and wanted to touch it. Slowly she moved her hand and touched my dick, I was in heaven and asked her how was it.

She said it’s very big. She placed my hands on her breast. I pressed them like anything. Slowly, I removed her top. I sucked her boobs and nipples. I also removed my pant and underwear fully.

But we didn’t have sex as she wanted to be a virgin till her marriage. I just fingered her. She had lots of juices. After some time we went to the washroom and cleaned. The next day morning I left for my job.

Next Maltepe Escort weekend I again got a call from her saying that lets meet again and have a nightout.

After my office I went to the medical shop and my luck there was one young beautiful lady. I have asked her to give condoms. She laughed and asked which flavor sir. I said I don’t know and asked her to show all so that I can select. I thought to have some time pass.

I talked like, “Madam, this is the first time. So I am confused that is why I am unable to ask you properly.” She said, “Don’t worry sir I will show you.” I got an erection after hearing that positive words from her. She had a look at my shape and laughed. I asked her why she is laughing. She said, “Sir your pants look very good.” I was very happy and said thank you. I started playing with my dick and she was enjoying it.

I had removed my dick from the pants. She was shocked by seeing my size and at the same time, she was enjoying. She asked me, “Sir, I think you need Veet also,” after seeing my hairy dick. I laughed and asked her whether she liked it or not.

She said she liked it a lot and said that my balls are very huge which were hanging. Unfortunately, Mecidiyeköy Escort some people were coming to the medical shop. I kept it inside and left the place by taking condoms. I then shaved hair from my dick area and balls and then went to my sister’s house.

As I entered her house i went into the washroom and came out Naked. She was shocked to see me nude but was happy as well. She then removed all her clothes and had passionate sex.

I had sex by inserting my dick into her hairy pussy and having sex. We were having sex in the hall on the sofa in the doggy style. Suddenly someone opened the door all of sudden, as I forgot to lock the door. It was her maid who was married but hot.

I stopped sex, my sister ran to the bedroom. I stood there only with shock and erected dick. My maid was laughing and staring at my dick. I asked her to come tomorrow. She said that she had some work and I was standing like that only with the erected dick.

She asked who is she. I begged her not to tell anyone. I told her if she wants money I will give. She said that she doesn’t want money. She started fondling my balls I got shocked. She took my dick in her hand removed the condom and started shaking it.

I was in full mood and hugged her, pressed boobs and her ass, which is huge like milf. I had cum within 5 minutes a lot. She cleaned it. It was the best day of my life. All the incidents happened in my favor.

And later I and my cousin sister had sex many times in her room. Now she is married but still we fuck each other whenever we get time.

Thanks for reading the story.

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