18 Mart 2023

Sexy Dream


Here it is. Taken a little while, but loved doing it. My creative writing is a little rusty in places, but I’m sure will improve with some practice! Short snippet of part 2 – the rest is work in progress!


Part 1

He woke from his dream, feeling the weight of his erection resting heavily on his stomach. Always a nice reminder of the evenings dream about her, the state of his arousal emphasised by the precum still dribbling from the end of his swollen penis. If only she was there to clean it up….then he thought, what a shame not to share his view and take a picture for her later enjoyment, knowing she’d rush to the ladies toilets at lunch for a closer look. He loved their naughty exchanges.

Even to this day, thoughts of their exploits together fuel their dirtiest and most exciting fantasies. Being able to share them with each other, to talk and think about new ones they might engage in, serve to turn them on even more. It’s only with each other they feel they can truly express their sexual selves knowing nothing is off limits, or at least wouldn’t be pondered with some serious thought!

The list of lewd fantasies seemed almost endless, and fantastically diverse, such is the fertility of their joint imaginations. A result both admit, is unique to their relationship, such is the level of connection and excitement they trigger in each other.

They often fantasised about the collection of trees in the field at the bottom of the road near his parents house. Meeting together on one of those warm dry summer evenings, with a rug and a bottle of wine, sat within the centre of the trees, out of site of any passer by. Just.

Lying together staring up at the dreamy blue sky, picking out funny shapes in the clouds, they could always enjoy each other’s company even when they weren’t being sexual. They’d often reminisce about their earlier years, how naive they were, and what they’d become. Because they shared their childhood together, this somehow made their exploits with each other more thrilling. As though they were still in their teens but doing the filthiest things together, the excitement of discovery, but also freedom, something neither of them had experienced in any previous relationship.

They looked across at each other, her beautiful dreamy eyes drew him closer, their lips finally met. Somehow, kissing her, felt like time passed in slow motion. Her soft full lips and silky smooth tongue intertwining with his, shot knee trembling bahçeşehir escort signals pulsing through their bodies. They often wondered if anyone else had the same sensations they experienced through kissing; neither of them had felt as aroused by it with anyone else.

Like no other, his kiss triggered her succulent vagina to swell and gape involuntarily, as a wave of pleasure rushed through her. The result causing her to gush her hot juices in such huge quantities that not only her knickers, but the crotch and inner leg of her jeans became wet to touch. In turn, his hands wandered over her sexy body, reaching her soaking jeans, causing his already swollen cock to produce a constant stream of precum, soaking his boxers almost as much as if he were cumming.

They could kiss for hours. Literally. As the song says “They kissed, like they invented it”, and had done so since they were naive teenagers. So it was no surprise that when they fucked, it was an event they would both love to engage in for days, if time allowed. That feeling they both had that the “sky’s the limit” was so liberating, they felt they’d never get bored of each other.

The sun beat down on them as they indulged their favourite pastime, occasionally stopping to sip their wine, soak up the moment, and giggle like naughty teenagers.

As they groped and fondled each other, his hands (now wet from feeling her sopping crotch) were exploring every part or her aroused body. Carressing the back and sides of her neck, while kissing her ears, eyes and lips with his. Each touch sending tingling shivers to her nipples and throbbing pussy. Slowly sliding his hands down to trace the outline of her full breasts, circling her now extremely erect and sensitive nipples. Her dark areola flushed with blood, tightened every time his fingers passed over them through her thin, low cut vest top. She always wore revealing, plunging neck lines, loving the attention of men helplessly enticed into her deep creamy cleavage. He was no exception, only he had her to himself, and moved his warm mouth down towards it, kissing his way into her hot, soft womanly abyss. Her breath deepening as he went, her large aching nipples now clearly visible, straining at the thin material of her top, with no bra obstructing them, they stood erect, awaiting more attention. As luck would have it, and knowing full well the effect it would have, her vest top was white, and so partially transparent. bakırköy escort When they met earlier, the site before him made his cock twitch in anticipation of what she was going to do with her wonderful breasts. His entire body actually shivered at the thought. He loved being teased by this hugely erotic view – being able see the outline of her dark areola through her top triggered a prime instinct to suck on them as soon as humanly possible. So urgent was his desire, he’d happily have lifted her top to access them in full view of any passer by, even whilst sat in her car in the layby earlier – A thought reserved for yet another fantasy. Her full, pendulous breasts had been wrapped around his hard shaft more than once before now, and he missed them a lot, especially when they were coated liberally with a mix of massage oil, saliva and eventually, his hot sperm.

Whilst her nipples stood out like coat hangers, his cock bulged through his linen trousers. The bulbous head could be seen distinctly atop his thick shaft. His copious precum had now made a visible wet patch on the outside of the material, making her salivate at the prospect of wrapping her pouting lips around his manhood and engulfing him as though her mouth were her dripping wet cunt. She somehow managed to make her mouth feel almost exactly the same as the soft velvetyness off her soft dripping pussy. He’d safely admit, no woman had ever come close to the sensations she could achieve with her sensuous mouth. The way she made her mouth so full with saliva, as if it were as soaking wet as her engorged cunt, and the sloppy wet sounds as her mouth moved skillfully up and down his shaft, replicating the the noise and sensation of them actually having sex. Both sensual beings, it wasn’t just the physical feelings that got them both off; the wet slippery slapping sounds, and the intoxicating musky smell of their combined juices caused their arousal levels to spiral.

He began sucking her nipples through her top, his saliva making the material completely see through, producing an even more erotic image. Yearning for direct contact, she lifted her top above her huge breasts, they swayed and jiggled as she did so, captivating his lustful eyes. His mouth salivated instantly, and began tracing his fingers lightly around her boobs, being careful not to directly touch her nipples. The teasing caused yet more tension in her body, her nipples aching to be sucked. She loved being teased başakşehir escort too, but she’d had enough, taking his head in both hands and thrusting it towards her magnificent tits. His tongue swirled around her nipples as he sucked them hungrily into his hot mouth. The tension suddenly released, her vagina to gushed yet another stream of cum into her already soaked knickers. She exhaled heavily, sending signals that she was clearly enjoying the sensations. She couldn’t wait any longer, and she grabbed his long thick shaft through his trousers and began rubbing his penis through the material, making him gasp with excitement.

His other hand had been furiously rubbing her sopping crotch. He could feel how her pussy had swollen, causing a distinct bulge in her trousers. He cupped his hands around her mound, savouring the fullness of her arousal, her wetness and sheer size of her heavily turned on womanhood was indescribably erotic. Between her puffy bulge, he could feel the familiar and distinct pressure from an incredibly hard and larger than average erect clitoris. The contrast between them was unmistakable, and he couldn’t wait to suck it in the same way as her nipples.

Suddenly he was aware his boxers were soaked. Waking from his dream, his heavy erection resting on his body, he realised he was soaking in cum. What a great dream he thought, must take a picture of that……

Part 2

She’d been horny all day since reading his account of his erotic dream and couldn’t wait to have another look at the attached dirty picture of his magnificent cock in the privacy of her bedroom.

As she rushed around at work, one mind on her job, the in the gutter, she was almost making a squelching sound as she moved about. It was a welcome distraction – she loved how dirty it made her feel, and how each stride caused her huge clitoris to rub against the seem of her jeans, causing even more secretions to flow into her now see through knickers. He’d love me to tease him with that view, she thought, if she had a skirt on, he’d be able to see the swollen head of her delicious clit, and her 2 thick puffy labia packed so tightly into those sopping knickers, producing the most delicious sexual bulge – in fact all the visual stimulae that would make him nearly cum in his pants, and she knew it. They often thought about re-enacting this fantasy where they walk about in public places, offering him teasing glimpses up her skirt in say, the fruit and veg aisle of sainsbury. Nothing got the precum leaking from his dick faster than being teased in situations where he couldn’t satisfy his needs, when faced with the most erotic views. It certainly made for interesting vegetable purchases afterwards though! A nice thick, curved courgette would feature regularly in her trolley.

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