6 Mayıs 2023

She’s Just Greedy

Big Dick

She stands at the bus stop shivering from the cold, listening to her favourite song through her headphones. Ignoring the world around her, staying in her own little bubble, her safe world, thankful that no one could ever read her mind and discover the thoughts she kept hidden. Her mind starts to drift down that one-way road and her everyday thoughts break apart as Paul joins her at the bus stop. He is her neighbour, the one that she has fucked and sucked off a few times in the past.He leans in and kisses her, knowing it’s five-thirty in the morning and no one is around to see, she lets him. They stand there snogging for a few minutes before she breaks it off, not wanting to push her luck. Although her husband will still be in bed snoring, it’s still a bit risky.They chat on the bus like friends until they go their separate ways to work but she can still feel his beard against her skin as she sits on the bus. She remembers the last time they fucked, she had been rejected by her husband again so she used her Bostancı Escort neighbour to make herself feel wanted, to feel sexy. He didn’t mind being used as he always got pleasure from it.At work, she types away on the computer, not working but writing a story. Of course, she shouldn’t be, but she has to get those naughty thoughts out of her mind and onto the paper.While writing about the submissive feelings for her master, her office door opens. She quickly closes the document as someone enters her office. Looking up, she sees him, Mark, and he doesn’t say anything but just looks at her. It’s the kind of look we have all received in our lives, at least we all should have.“Five minutes,” she says, before he walks out.She heads to the bathroom and freshens herself up a little. Removes her panties, and checks herself in the mirror. Glad she picked out the black stockings for today as they are his favourite. She’s excited yet always gets a little nervous due to it being Bostancı Escort Bayan at work but that won’t stop her. She needs his cock, she wants to orgasm with a man who wants her and constantly shows her that he does. Maybe she’s justifying what she’s doing to hide the fact she just wants to fuck this hot bloke.After putting her panties in her office draw so they don’t get lost, as once she did lose a pair, she walks calmly to the cupboard down the corridor. Outside she is showing how calm she can be but her body is screaming with excitement. Her cunt is moist and her nipples are sticking out of her lacy blue bra.Opening the normally locked cupboard she walks in and locks the door behind her. She turns and finds Mark sitting on the chair they often use for their fun. His cock is out and he’s stroking it.She always finds it an impressive looking cock, long and thick. It always stretches her slightly when he slides it deep inside. She walks over and straddles Escort Bostancı his lap and they start kissing passionately, tongues playing. He’s quick to start pushing himself inside her cunt, his hardness stretching her. She moans into his mouth as quietly as she can as they continue to kiss. She rides him, grinding down against his cock. She’s holding onto his shoulders as he holds her hips. She moves her hips back and forth fucking herself onto him.It doesn’t take her long to cum, she pushes her face into his neck as her orgasm breaks loose. Before she has calmed down he is gripping her hips and indicating for her to bounce on him which she starts to do. With every bounce, he pushes her down hard against his rising cock before he holds her still and explodes into her.He grunts quietly through his teeth as he shoots into her, filling her up with his seed. They stay there for a few minutes before she slips off him. His cum already starting to drip out of her. Grabbing some tissue that they previously hid in the cupboard, they sort themselves out. He pulls at his trousers and they kiss softly.Without another word, she walks out of the cupboard and into her office where she puts her panties back on. A wet patch quickly forms on them as their mixture leaks out. She then continues to work for the rest of the day.

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