15 Mayıs 2023

Shipwrecked at Sappho’s Cove


It was meant to be a sailor’s myth. Nevertheless, Captain Hilary Jeffries wanted to find proof of it one way or another.  So she got a small crew of the finest women and they set out for it.  They were heading out to Sappho’s Cove: a mythical island where only women were allowed. Men were… discouraged from trying to look for it. It was the perfect place for a lesbian pirate and skilled crew of sapphic swashbucklers to find treasure, and paradise, right? Wearing a tri-cornered hat that she inherited from the women in her family on her mother’s side, she looked out, from her ship, the second item of inheritance, named, Elena, for the first female Ancestor to ever sail under her own colors and command rather than as someone’s cargo or a captive bounty. Captain Jeffries angled her spyglass and saw that there was a storm on the horizon.The Navigator, Noor was at the wheel,  just keeping the ship steady. Noor was the love of Hilary’s life. She was always veiled and mysterious. Her dark eyes were sharp and she was good with a blade. “Are we steady on the course, my love?”“Aye Captain,  we’re on course.” She turned to face the captain, who stood on tiptoe and pushed her face veil down to claim those lips in a kiss, slow and sweet as the sunset slipped away behind the horizon. When the two women parted from their passionate kissing, they both gasped, swearing their startlement amidst laughter at how dark it suddenly was. And they were still laughing when one of the crew, Xiara, came bustling up on deck with a lamp. “Alright there Cap’n?” She asked. Xiara was a stern older woman with an eye patch. But before the Captain or the Navigator could answer, some sound in the air stole their attention. It was melodic and haunting with several ethereal lights swirling around the ship in the water. Xiara glanced overboard at the swirling lights swimming in circles around and under them as the tide slowly rocked them adrift in the dark.“Sirens,” she said knowingly.“Not Ankara escort Mermaids?”“Sirens,” Xiara repeated firmly.  The Captain smiled big and bright,  “At last!”  she said,  and kissed Noor deeper this time. The cold of the captain’s clammy hands pulling Noor’s face down to meet her lips summoned a startled gasp and giggle from Noor before she kissed back with a moan.“Uhm, Cap’n?”Breaking the kiss reluctantly,  the Captain, waved her hand vaguely, “Wake the rest of the crew. The sirens are here to escort us to the cove, but they have to be sure there are no men on this ship. So we must do the one thing that no man has ever been able to do for us, something we’ve only been able to get from women”Xiara smirked knowingly, “Aye, aye, Cap’n!” Then she went off below decks.  The sound of the siren song grew louder, changing the polyphony of their song and magic to be a sort of estrogen-based aural aphrodisiac.  The one thing that women get from women that they often do not get from men –  is orgasms, even if that woman granting her the orgasm happens to be herself alone. There were only lesbian couples on the sea-faring vessel of Elena.There was Xiara and her wife of seventy years, Franca; Guadalupe and Yessenia committed to each other for thirteen years;  Quincy and Alana, newlyweds for six months.; and Lady Zaire and her collared submissive Lien, bound in pleasure for twenty-five years.  And let us not forget Captain Hilary and Navigator Noor who were committed to each other for fifteen years,  bound in service to Adventure, and Erotic Ecstacy. It was a small crew, but ten female orgasms, minimum, would be a decent offering, they hoped, to the sirens. And hopefully, it would be enough to have them swim and usher them to the mythical Sappho’s Cove. Captain took off her hat slowly as she resumed kissing Noor, slipping a hand under her loose blouse to caress her breasts. The sea air and the summer’s heat made the night Ankara escort bayan more humid than usual. So, the Captain’s clammy fingers found Noor’s breasts, already sweat-slick with the musk of her body and the salty breeze from the sea. They slowly melted into each other, first with kissing. Then with the undressing. Soon they were naked, right on the deck. The wheel abandoned,  surrendered to the guidance of the siren’s song and swirling swim patterns of their sonar serenade and bioluminescent lights under the surface of the sea,  just guiding the small ship along with the tide on the harmonic note attuned to the heat, and hope of the dozen women on board.Xiara and Franca left from down below and made their way to the crow’s nest, where they had a cozy space all to themselves, to spread their legs and lick all those tender places.  The moans, sighs of surrendered breaths in pleasure screaming multiple orgasms were the response to the call of the siren’s song that kept the ship rocking in the sensuous sea, like a clit held erect and throbbing by come hither motions of the slow stroke of the siren’s songs. The vibrations swirled and sliced around the ship, as the rolling digits of the delicious deeds the women on board the vessel were doing in the dark.Noor lay on the deck, her legs spread as her captain kissed her lower lips slowly, ravenously, like she was hungry for the woman’s salt, and savory cream,  hungry for the way the folds flipped around her tongue, slick and warm, and her clit, growing hard and tight like a bead. Noor made the most beautiful whimpers every time Hilary lapped and pressed her wide tongue against that tight bead of flesh. “Oh!, My captain, ” she whimpered, her inner thighs starting to tremble, her breath fought with the rising wind of the storm getting closer to them. As the crashing waves of the water splashed against the hull of the ship, Noor’s climax hit. “Captain!” She exclaimed, Escort Ankara meant as a scream, but the sound cut out in a sort of squeak.Meanwhile, there was a deep husky howl sound coming from the crow’s nest,  as Franca was sitting on the rim of the nest and holding the mast for support. Her legs spread wide and Xiara was on her knees, enjoying the heat and juices smearing all over her face. She licked and sucked on the swollenly aroused cunt of Franca like she wanted to climb inside her. Her long tongue twisted and curved, finding nooks and spots that a finger or any other anatomy could not reach, it had to be a tongue. And Xiara’s tongue was very skilled and agile. Franca was wailing a husky howl that sounded like it harmonized with the vague whale song notes of the sirens down in the water. Lightning flashed in the sky as the ship rocked. Down below the deck was a special kind of humid: tense with edging-on-the-brink-of-orgasm energy, the scent was savory-sweet, cloying like being sucked into a vulva vortex, thick with the flower sap scent of an exotic perfume of wild violet. It was dark, and dim, almost womb-like, with only a flickering candle here and there.  Guadalupe and Yessenia were content on a hammock,  straddling each other’s face and the sway of the ship made them suck and hold on to each other tighter, feeling the quiver of each other’s thighs near their ears.  Guadalupe was drinking down the squirt that often preceded, Yessenia’s orgasms when they were in this position. Hungrily she clutched her lover’s ass like she was eating fruit, and pressed her face in there deeper, sucking harder, licking faster. She felt her lover doing the same. Her concentration faltered when Guadalupe’s first orgasm hit like a strong wave, and the notes of the siren’s symphony crescendoed and swirled more around them, as the ship continued to sail under their song and guidance.  Yessenia came shortly after screaming her pleasure inside Guadalupe’s body,  and with the sound aided by the Siren’s song, it sent a pulse of a sonic wave to hit that spot inside, and Guadalupe sang out another orgasm, as the hammock swayed and they came into each other over and over again, looping, the consecutive pleasure that grew more intense with each turn.

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