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Shireen’s Story Part 1


Shireen’s Story Part 1I — Shireen’s Pool Party”Dearest, are you sure I have to wear a swimsuit at the party?””Of course, dear,” I replied, “I am sure you do not want to look really out of place.””But this is Saudi and not the kind of dress that the locals permit,” Shireen was adamant.”I know that, but we are in an expatriate compound and may as well be somewhere in Western Europe as far as local laws apply,” I answered, hoping that my point would be made.Shireen and I married young; I was moving to Saudi, right after my graduation from college in the US for the start of my first real management job; she had not yet turned twenty. She was a typical Pakistani girl, from a conservative Peshawar-based Pathan family, but thankfully the kind that believed in getting her the best of education available in the city. I am from Islamabad, which though not the universal centre of liberty is Paris compared to Peshawar. Despite strong pressures from home, we had decided to hold off on having k**s till we were at least financially independent of debts incurred during my college years. Did I mention that despite all her conservative values on display, we had a wonderful sex life? In bed she could be a veritable tigress. Many a night I had thanked my stars and my aunts for arranging this match. Though she was not averse to anal intercourse on occasion, given the fact that this was a popular activity notably among the Pathans, she had never given me a blow job, let me suck her pussy or use any sort of sex toys. She continued to have as tight a cunt as could be and would milk me dry every time we made love, which in our first year of marriage was pretty frequent. “Hernan has invited all of his friends to a party at our pool next weekend,” she advised me as I walked in the door. This was a surprise in itself since Hernan worked for the same company and we saw each other many times during the course of the day. He certainly had not mentioned anything to me, but obviously she had received the message. I knew that Hernan had a hard-on for Shireen ever since she had arrived in Saudi after our wedding, given that she was the youngest of the company wives and certainly the prettiest. He had made a point of inviting us a number of times since her arrival to various events, and given that I had frequent business trips out of town, he made sure that she was never alone by usually getting a few of the guys over at our house where Shireen would feed them home made food and they would help her get over the tension of being by herself for extended periods of time. That nothing untoward had happened between Hernan and Shireen, I was confident, but still it was thrilling and very satisfying to know that I had something that people desired a great deal.Hernan was from Peru, had also been educated in the US and lived on the same compound as we did. The company we worked for had placed most of its international staff in this location and quite a few of us were living in town houses around one of the pools on the rather large facility. “Shireen, you are not going to need those shalwar, kameez and dupattas at the party,” I advised her, “are you planning on being the odd person out?””What are you expecting me to wear?” she wondered. After all, it had taken much time before she had actually graduated to wearing pants and shirts, and had no experience of any other dress type. She was actually one of the few expat females who were happy with wearing the black all-covering abaya that was accepted practice in the country. “The normal dress code at a pool party is shorts or swimwear,” I told her and got a look of near horror, “but don’t worry, I’ll handle things if there are any issues,” I was most assuring.”Akbar, do you have any problem with the fact that I let you enjoy my body any way you want,” she reasoned, “Why is it that you have to put me on display for everyone else also?”Shireen pooh poohed my conviction that everybody there that would be in that sort of attire and that it was very much a part of her wifely duties, being a rather religious person, to heed the suggestion of her husband. I ran into Lana, the wife of another colleague, who also happened to be a neighbour on the same pool. “So are you guys coming to the party?” she inquired.”Sure we are, but Shireen may have an issue with wearing a swimsuit,” I let her know my concern, “in fact she does not even have one.””Let me help change her mind,” she offered.The day before the party, Lana’s husband, Ghassan, dropped off a bunch of wrapped packages. “These should look phenomenal on Shireen, make sure she gets into the mood and the clothes for the party!” said the note from Lana, attached to a receipt for a sizable amount. Inside were a few tight tank tops, shorts and very skimpy swimsuits, both one piece and bikinis. It is really surprising, given the overt conservatism of the country, that one could buy the latest and sexiest short ladies outfits in any major department store. I deliberately replaced the clothes she had laid out on the bed for the evening, with a swimsuit, a tank top and a pair of shorts. She was visiting a friend off the compound and did not know what I had been up to. When she returned almost at dusk, just as the first party guests were showing up, I was getting myself ready. Shireen pulled me out of the shower, holding the sexy outfits in her hand. “What exactly are these and who are they for?” she demanded.”Take a look outside and tell me what you think,” I responded in a most soothing tone, indicating that if she was not comfortable I would try to fix things. She noted that all the women at the pool were indeed wearing short and revealing clothes. Still she was not easily swayed and was in a huff going back into the room. I waited in the shower for an extra ten minutes or so, hoping she would cool down.Luckily, by the time I returned to our room, Shireen was beginning to come over to my point of view. Apparently, Lana had called while I was showering and asked if she liked the new clothes and remarked that she would look great. I told her that since everyone was similarly attired, she did not have to be shy about wearing something suitable for the location. Reluctantly, she finally agreed and chose a pair of shorts and a tank top. Smartly she added a pair of flip flops that would not get wet in the vicinity of the pool.Outside, we noted that quite a few of the expected guests were still not there. I put this down to the oriental habit of being fashionably late enough. I was completely excited at the thought of many men, who were there, staring at Shireen’s relatively exposed body for the first time. And believe me, she was looking swell and drawing a fair share of attention at the party. She had unusually long and shapely legs for a Pakistani female and her better than average height meant that her figure was quite statuesque. Bare today, her legs looked sensational and I could feel that she was aroused by the skimpy attire.”My God, Shireen, you’re good enough to eat,” Hernan remarked, coming over to us and chancing a kiss to her cheek. Surprisingly, she let him kiss her left cheek, whereupon he also did the same on the left. While the thought must have crossed his mind, he wisely decided not to give her a peck on her lips, which she may have objected to.”I do hope you have a swimsuit under that,” he pointed at her shorts and stressed, “You will be joining everyone in the pool soon.”Shireen turned a healthy shade of red. Hernan put his arms around her waist and pulled her along, “come dear, let me introduce you to a few people here.” As they walked away to a group of folks on the other side, leaving me standing as if I had not existed, I noted his hand slip down to her behind and squeeze her cheek. A pregnant pause followed as she took a couple of steps, with his hand on her rear and then tactfully pulled it up to her waist again. Fully understanding that she was not going to allow any hanky panky, he let go as they came up to the people he wanted her to meet. I should have been angered at the fact that he was groping my wife in public, but instead felt quite turned on.Very soon the party was at full swing, with partially clothed bodies all around. A few of the guys and the odd wife or girlfriend had started to play water polo or other games that were allowing close contact in the pool. The uninvited but welcome arrival of a few Saudia stewardesses, who were ending their contracts and returning to Britain in a few days and had been visiting friends in the vicinity, altered the gender mix in a rather nice way. By and large everyone appeared to be blowing off steam from the otherwise restrictive Saudi environs, and this party certainly had the potential of leading into uncharted directions. Shireen, not having had a swimming lesson her whole life, understandably stayed away from the pool, though mingling with the guests and occasionally siding up to me, with a sexy smile on her face. She knew I was getting aroused and that tonight we would be fucking each others’ brains out.”Shireen, come on join us in the pool,” some of the guys urged, hoping to get close to her. “I cannot,” she said, “no swimsuit!””Hey come on,” the group turned its attention to me, “are you guys joining in or not?”She looked at me for suggestions and with a quick hand gesture I suggested she run in to the house and get into her swimsuit. She mouthed a definite no to the idea. However, the cajoling of the guys and my doe eyed look kept working at her resolve. Apparently the mood of the party had warmed her up and she decided to do as I had suggested, heading the fifty feet or so home to change.Fifteen minutes passed before I noticed the door open and Shireen stepping out. She had opted for the striped black and white one piece suit, rather than any of the bikinis. While she was already putting a good deal of her flesh on display, the bikini would likely have appeared considerably risqué to her. Catcalls and whistles rent the air as most of the guys turned to look at her make an entrance into the pool area. She was certainly blushing, but also enjoying the compliments all the same. Walking up to me, she twirled and said, “Happy with the change of outfit?” Was I happy? My dick was already straining and I thanked my stars that I was still in my denims, which helped keep the erection from being too obvious. “You know I cannot swim, so are you coming in and staying with me on the shallow end?” she ordered more than requested me. “Why don’t you sit by the side,” I suggested, “and I’ll be back in a moment.” I figured she would be fine while I changed.Coming back, in my shorts, I noted Shireen grabbing on to the bar at the other end of the pool from where I had left her. Nick was next to her and appeared to be helping her stay above water. As she bobbed up and down and fought to keep afloat, she slowly made her way to the shallow side, holding bebek escort the bar the whole time. I could see Nick guiding her with an arm around her midriff, clearly grabbing on to her boobs every so often, while the other held her mouth up. As both his arms were around her, his midsection appeared moulded to her rear end. It took a while before she was in a place where she could stand unassisted. Still holding on to her, Nick said, “hey Shireen, you should be glad I was around,” to which she shook her head as he added, “it may have been a bit awkward to give you mouth to mouth with this group around!”Sensing I was back, she climbed out of the pool, using the side ladder. Nick’s hands cradled her bottom as she exited. Shireen cuddled up to me, knowing that her protector was back. “What happened, dear?” I was perplexed. “I mistakenly decided to sit close to the deep end of the pool, with my legs dangling inside,” she explained, “when one of the guys pulled me in as I was waiting for you to return.”I wanted to know who had done it when the culprit himself appeared and apologised for not knowing that she was unable to swim. She had taken a few mouthfuls of water, before Nick had realized what was going on and brought her to the other side of the pool. I made a point of thanking Nick, knowing full well that he had received ample reward feeling up my hot spouse.I sat down on a deck chair and began to dry her off with a large beach towel. Unmindful that she was being stared at from many sides, Shireen placed one leg between my crotch and then the other, bending forward to let me dry her. After these were done, she sat in my lap as I wrapped the towel around her body, but leaving virtually her entire legs bare. She repositioned herself so she was lying along the length of the chair, her back and head resting against my chest and her legs suggestively placed, one straight and the other with the knee bent a bit. Dried off to a more comfortable level, she smoothed the towel on the chair and lay back on it. Very soon a group of folks took the seats around us, guys outnumbering the few ladies present by a hefty margin. Many of them were openly ogling Shireen, who was both feeling aroused and shy at the same time. My presence, however, reassured her that whatever her state of undress, nothing untoward would transpire. Noting that the natural lighting had become dull, Hernan turned on the arc lights around the pool. One was close to where we were sitting. I noted that the host was waving at me and found that I had been put in charge of the barbecue pit. As I got involved with the cooking, I chanced a look over at Shireen and was dumbstruck by the fact that the strong light shining on to her had turned the wide white stripes on her suit transparent, while the narrow black ones acted as a sort of pathway for roving eyes. She had no clue that her tits and vagina were clearly visible to anyone sitting nearby. It was no surprise that she soon was surrounded by a dozen bachelors at the event, not realizing that she was providing an unexpected show, but one which was thoroughly being appreciated by them. The visible rises around the crotches of quite a few of the guys were obvious and every so often someone or the other took a cooling off dip in the pool, then returning to her side. “Shireen’s a good sport,” Hernan remarked, helping me with the cooking, “I hope you don’t mind, but had she not been married to you, I would have loved to ask her out on a date!” His feelings for her were no secret, but I was surprised that he had actually let me know. Perhaps it was to reassure me that he would keep things at a safe distance, or maybe he was wondering if his remarks could lead off into other directions.”I had to persuade her to get into the flow of things,” I answered, “she was hesitant about being relatively unclothed with so many guys around.”I can see her point, she is the queen bee right now,” he continued, “it is a nice swimsuit, I wonder if she went shopping by herself.””No, I had to arrange for Lana to buy the swimsuit, shorts and bikinis also,” I let him know, “Shireen needs to get used to the life style here.””Wow, I bet she would look sensational in a bikini!” he was on the verge of salivating and yet I saw a way forward to both stop the unanticipated skin show and to indeed see how good well she actually may be in the even skimpier, though thankfully dark coloured, bikinis. Sure the bikinis would reveal more of her body overall, but not allow her privates to be on as obvious a display as the present situation.Siding up back to her, literally fighting my way through the adoring crowd, I whispered in her ear, “Our host has a request for you.””Really, what does Hernan want?””He was admiring how good you look in the swimsuit and I accidentally told him that you also have a couple of new bikinis.””And, so what?” she wanted to know.”He wonders if we could see you in one.””Are you nuts?” she responded, “and why should I do what he wants?””Okay, I would like to see you in one too.”She did not seem interested, and I was getting concerned that more and more people were coming around to where she was to gawk at her assets.”Shireen, you would be the best looking female here if you were wearing a bikini,” I appealed to the base sense of every woman.”No way,” she quickly retorted, “and in case you have something on your mind, the bikinis are all the way back at the house and I am not going back again by myself!””Tell you what, I’ll come along and we will be back in no time,” I continued to badger her, “and given the event, it is a fair request.”Figuring that I was adamant, and egged on by a couple of the guys who had heard me whisper the word “bikini” she grabbed my arm and pointed me homewards.Entering the house, she slammed the door shut, pushed me onto a plush armchair and whipped her swimsuit off in an instant. “Fuck me right now,” she ordered, removing my shorts and fitting my rock hard cock into her very wet pussy. Her mouth closed down on mine and as we kissed, she rode my cock with single-minded intent. Neither of us lasted long and as I heard her shriek with pleasure, I shot my load inside her. Shireen rested her head against my chest for a few minutes and then abruptly jumped up and out of the chair, running for the stairs to our bedroom.”Come on, we have to get back to the party,” she reminded me. I got up slowly and stretched out the kinks in my body. A rustling of the window shears made me realize that the curtains had not been pulled and anyone looking in this direction would have had an eyeful of Shireen’s boobs, and maybe much more, through the very slight fabric covering, since the lights were also blazing inside. “Oh well,” I figured, “they got to watch, but I had the prize!”A knock on the door disrupted my thoughts. Lana stood outside, a knowing smile on her face. It was clear that she had seen some, if not all, of our antics during the past few minutes. “Tell Shireen to put on some fancy heels when she comes out, you’ll like the impact she has!””But it is slippery out there,” I heard my wife protest from upstairs.”Oh I am sure you can handle slippery situations,” Lana yelled back, winking at me and clearly getting the nuance of what she meant across, before pulling the door shut. I expected to hear the sound of the shower running. Instead I saw Shireen standing in front of me, wearing the dark blue bikini, with a front clasp, which left much of her breasts on display. She had simply tossed it on, without bothering to tidy up her tousled hair or worry about the remnants of our love making that were oozing out of her pussy and leaving a healthy stain on the underside of the bikini bottom. As per Lana’s suggestion, she had added a very sexy pair of heels. I had no choice but to toss my shorts back on and follow her as she shot out the front door, still carrying her musk on me. If the catcalls had been loud, when she had appeared in her swimsuit, the response this time was absolute cacophony. Thank God, it was a time before mobile phones had been in vogue, so there was no chance of any of her appearing on the likes of YouTube. Framed by the light behind her, Shireen struck a nice pose and conversation at the party just about died down as all eyes went over to where she was. I ran right into her, not realizing she had stopped, but she lifted an arm and hooked it around my neck, stabilizing us both. “I guess both Hernan and you will be quite happy with the new outfit!” she quipped. “Stay there, you two,” Ghassan directed us as he lifted a camera to his face. I wondered where he would be getting the film developed as any photo shop coming across such material would either confis**te it or advise the religious police. Still Shireen was quite happy posing for a couple of shots with me and a lot more just by herself. “I’ll get them developed in Beirut next week,” he assured us, “and I am sure you will like the results.”I was certain that he would probably like them more and a bit concerned that my relatively unclothed wife’s pictures might become popular pin ups for some of the company bachelors and others, who may get their hands upon them, to be jacking off to.Still I certainly was delighted, more so because the unintended show was over, and also because she was completely turned on by now and the night to come promised much. Hernan’s eyes nearly popped out and his midsection also twitched noticeably as Shireen went up to him and whispered, “Is this what you were expecting?” into his ear. He could hardly swallow a morsel of the tasty barbecue as his eyes stayed on her throughout dinner time.Ron and Hicham, two of the bachelors at the party, suggested we join their team for the game of pool volleyball that was just about to start, the food having been dispensed with. Shireen reminded them that she could not swim and was reassured that the game was set up across the shallow end and that she would be able to stand easily while playing. As we entered the pool, the game referee stopped me, saying that the teams already had an equal number of female and male players with Shireen’s arrival. I noted each team had two female players and a larger number of guys, which made sense since there were only a dozen or so ladies attending, inclusive of the Saudia girls. As Shireen went in, the guys started playing around and splashed water on her. After a few moments she also got into the mood and reacted, splashing back. They were fairly proximate, but the guys kept getting closer and finally started brushing up against her during and at the end of each point. By this time she was too much into the game to care, given that the teams were neck and neck. Surprisingly she did not seem to mind when Hicham and Ron sandwiched her side on, each cupping one of her breasts in one their hands, feeling up her rear with the other levent escort hands as they lifted her out of the water and back, and congratulating her for a nice return of serve.When finally Shireen was allowed out of the pool, maybe an hour after she had gone in, she looked exhausted due not only to the time in the water, but more from the fact that she was immensely aroused. “Can we go home now?” she made it clear that the party was done. Despite protests from Hernan and others, we were among the first to take our leave.From the reduction in voices coming from the pool area soon after, it was clear that the event was winding down and just past midnight the stereo shut off for good. However, that was the signal for Shireen to get back into action with me. And boy did she give me a workout worthy of the record books.”So what turned you on the most during the party?” I was k**ding around in a non-serious manner, after we had coupled for the umpteenth time.”While you were talking to Lana, near the pit, and I was playing in the pool,” she let me know, “Hicham and Ron grabbed me front and back in the water and made a Shireen sandwich as they called it.””And what is that?” “Ron put his hands down my bikini bottom and rubbed my pussy while Hicham squeezed my breasts,” she gave me a sly confessional smile. “Really!” I was surprised they had taken such a chance and in public.”I thought the touches were accidental the first time, but they did the same sort of thing again after another point was won by our side,” she continued.”But the third time they then changed positions and Hicham put his hand down my panties and fingers in my pussy as Ron grabbed my boobs and caressed my rear,” she described things in graphic detail.I was amazed that she had allowed such access to them, “What did you do in return?””What else,” she confessed, “I climaxed!” “Did you let them do more?” I really had to know.”Are you k**ding, I grabbed the cock of the one behind and dug my nails in hard to make him stop!” she detailed her actions, “and I kneed the guy in front, right in his groin, bending him over in pain!” “And did they?” I could vaguely remember both of them leaving the pool, appearing to be in some sort of pain but wanted to be sure.”Of course they did dear, I was not going to let them fuck me,” she answered, “despite all the liberty you’ve wanted me to take during the party, I doubt you would have been happy if I had done so!”It certainly had been a wonderful party and Shireen’s sexual growth was clearly one of the benefits. As to whether or not I would have been delighted about her getting intimate with the two guys in a more sexual manner, I would find out later in time.————————————————-II — Shireen Gets Artsy”Shireen, that is an awesome picture,” Francesca ventured, “I did not know you had modelling talent.””Oh no, it is just a picture from a party last year in Saudi,” Shireen responded.”Take my word, you do have the spark,” Francesca added, “and it certainly looks like it was one hell of a party.””Oh it sure was awesome,” Shireen smiled as she reminisced about the last, and only, pool party she had ever been to. Our move to North America was as unexpected as it was welcome. Saudi soon became a memory but not the excitement that the last pool party had generated into our sex life. I had been planning on getting an MBA and the acceptance from a top West Coast school was too tempting to turn down. Sure it meant giving up a nice tax-free position in the Middle East, but in the bigger scheme of things was a good career and life move. Shireen had also decided to complete her schooling, having given up on higher education when we were married. Luckily, coming from Pakistan, a country from where females were not highly represented in US schools, she was able to secure a reasonable level of scholarship and need-based funding, or I would have certainly not be able to cover the cost of two degrees.Francesca was also a sophomore at the college. She had returned to school after a few years doing odd jobs and saving money. While neither of them were even 25, they could relate to each other as mature students, having experienced life outside of school. Shireen had run into her during her fine art class and the friendship had been immediate. Though she could not be called pretty, she was reasonably attractive. Francesca nevertheless did have a nice body, though it was a pity that she did not have better fashion sense, usually dressing up in unisex items that hid all her potential.True to promise, Ghassan had the film from the pool party developed on his next trip to Beirut. On our farewell dinner, as we were heading out of Saudi, he had presented me with a package. Inside were nearly a dozen typing paper sized pictures of Shireen in her bikini. Only a couple also had me along with her. Also included in the package were all the negatives for her pictures. A second large round tube had two copies of a poster size picture of her lounging on a deck chair. I was wondering about the second copy, when Ghassan sided up to Shireen and asked if she could autograph it for him. “Lana is so jealous that I took these pictures, so that is why all the negatives are in you package,” he told her, “but would you mind greatly if you sign this one just for me to keep!” “Sure I will,” Shireen took the marker pen and wrote on the picture, “just do not get into any trouble with Lana on my account, or be going around claiming some sort of conquest either!” Ghassan had a sheepish look as she returned the poster to him. I was pretty sure that Lana would tear him a second asshole, should she ever catch him drooling over my wife’s near naked visage. And she surprised me further by writing something on the other poster copy and then presenting it to Hernan, along with a completely unexpected quick kiss on his lips, as thanks for everything he had done for her in particular. I was sure that the picture occupied a position of honour somewhere in his apartment. When I had quizzed her about what she had written, I realized she had quite a naughty streak in her, having given Hernan the picture with the comment, “Don’t forget me, maybe next time you may get lucky!”I had walked in on Francesca and Shireen and found them looking over our wedding and other pictures. Francesca could not believe that we had not dated prior to getting married and that the arrangement had been courtesy of our parents and assorted relatives. She was intrigued by the wedding photos, which were so very different from anything she had ever seen before. But her jaw dropped when she came across the pool party shots, which somehow Shireen had never separated from our other more routine pictures. “Akbar, she looks dazzling,” Francesca admitted, while Shireen was in the kitchen fetching snacks, “you know she could make a few bucks if she modeled for the art and photography classes.””What do you mean?” my interest was piqued. Though Shireen did have a substantial amount of scholarship funding, the cost of the business degree and the unaccounted charges related to living in America were making a serious dent in my savings. Should she be able to bring in some funds, it would really help out with the day to day expenses.”If Shireen can handle hours of sitting around motionless and if Professor Rickard is amenable, she could be working for quite a few hours weekly,” she explained.Shireen heard the conversation and, knowing the financial situation, was open to meeting the relevant professor over the next day or two.”I got the job and can start from the day after tomorrow” she advised me a couple of days later, but I could see there was some concern evident on her face.”That’s great, so what is the problem?””Most of the classes need human subjects for the students to draw,” she explained, “and most are not too much trouble as they will be doing portraits or human interest pictures.””So, why are you worried?””There are a number of classes, where the students are learning to draw the human form,” she added, “the problem is that I have to sign on for all the classes, if the Professor is to accept me, and that involves my modeling nude in a few of them!”On one hand, I could understand her reticence. Wearing a bikini at a pool party was one thing. Having your privates on display, and for extended periods of time, was a different ball game. Sure the fee for doing so was pretty decent, in a student sort of way. But truly, I was again feeling aroused at the prospect of Shireen doing something so radical. Yeah, people would be looking at her, very closely indeed, but the pudding would still be mine to eat. And, I anticipated, she might get more interesting in bed as she burnt off the tension from each session. “What is the class make up like?” “Overwhelmingly female in all three classes,” she replied, “but there are two to three guys in every section, including the human form one.””You do not have to do this if you are uncomfortable about the guys,” I reassured her.”Really, I thought the idea of my being nude in a crowd of guys would turn you on!” she had been reading my mind. “Now that you mention it, I think it would be a real hot and tasty appetizer for the evening, every time you have a day time class,” there was no need to disagree. The first few days and even weeks passed without undue concern. Apparently the human form class started later in the semester, but had longer class hours. Shireen was happily into the modeling assignment, so far not needing to remove all her clothing. This experience was also building up her confidence that the next half would also be manageable as everyone had been professional and helpful so far. I had occasionally stopped by and, although the class normally did not allow outsiders to be present, it was felt that if I was there, Shireen would be more amenable to the job. And true to expectation, every time she had to be in an outfit or situation that was somewhat sensual, the night would be wonderful for us both.But as Dr. Rickard asked her to go behind the curtain and disrobe for the first of the human form classes, Shireen felt all the apprehensions that she had bottled up so far. The Professor herself was a fifty-something matron, who quickly went over to my wife and gave her, what I figured was, a comforting talk. Surprisingly Shireen let out a giggle and shook her head to indicate she was okay with the task. The first few classes were focusing on the torso and upper body, so she only had to be topless. I had made a point to attend and indicated my concurrence by blowing her a kiss. I later learned the good Professor had remarked to her that the guys in her class probably had gay tendencies and even someone as pretty as her would not turn them on, a comment which had her giggling.Shireen stepped up to the podium, her breasts full and halkalı escort tits erect, her face and most of her body a notable shade of red. The entire class gave her a good look over, as she posed according to direction, and simply went about the task of sketching. As predicted by the Professor, the guys there seemed not to particularly care that a stunning 20-something female, with an exotic background, was standing partially naked in front of them. I wondered if they were truly gay or just desensitized to the human form, having been in many such classes. My cock, however, was straining tightly, and I had to leave, for fear of coming in my pants, with no second pair available. Due to a late evening class, I did not get home till about 10 p.m. The lights were out, except for a few rays filtering down from upstairs. I figured Shireen was upstairs and proceeded towards the bedroom. Just as I entered, the light was turned off and the house went pitch dark. I stepped into the bedroom as the lights came on again, displaying a large canvas frame that was resting on the floor and standing a good six feet high. More importantly, in front, Shireen was posed with her arms over her head, her breasts taut, and just a large scarf around her waist covering her pussy. She stayed perfectly motionless as I put my arms around her, sucked her tits, caressed her body and untied the scarf. My mouth closed on hers and I pushed her on to the bed. Her legs opened and I fought to remove my garments. In no time, my dick was buried deep in her. No longer acting immobile, Shireen came alive and pushed back, scratched my back and bit down on my lip. As I came mightily, just after she had let out a gasp of immense satisfaction, I surmised that the class had certainly done wonders for her libido. Her comfort level having grown over the past few weeks, Shireen sportingly stepped out stark naked in front of the class when the full nudity part started. The Professor had given her a heads up, in a phone call, the day before and I wondered why she giggled so much as she carried out the conversation. Apparently, the two had hit upon some sort of magic code that allowed her to let go of her shyness and the Professor had continued to reinforce the message to her. This time, however, the guys in the group looked at her with appreciation and I was double minded whether they were indeed gay. The class soon settled into its usual routine; I figured that the night was going to be busy and it was time to get to my classes.We were almost at the end of the term; I had just one more semester before I got my degree; Shireen had a few more sessions of modeling before her check came due. I was getting serious about searching for my next job; one I expected would deliver a much bigger financial package than I had ever seen before. She was also close to completing her bachelor’s degree and was rightly proud of this accomplishment. But all peaceful times have a natural end and the schedule for the last three weeks of the session had Shireen reconsidering the job. Professor Rickard had advised that she would be joined by a male model during this period and that the very last part of the course was titled something like the human form in erotica. Having had no issues with the other two classes, which remained rather tame as far as her dress requirements were concerned, with a swimsuit needed on the odd occasion, the prospect of losing out on a lot of effort grated on her mind. At the same time, while now quite comfortable with being nude for the class audience, and even the odd visitor, she was very unsure of interacting with an equally naked male person, and particularly for the type of poses she imagined the final week or so would require. A slight accident with our vehicle, while Shireen was driving, had led to our insurance rates rising. She felt particularly bad about this and perhaps it was this fact that swayed her mind in favour of completing the assignment and getting paid for the entire slog. After all, she reasoned, the guy was also doing his job and that everyone had been acting above board to date. Dr. Rickard was understandably relieved that Shireen was going to stay through to the end of the course. I was of course keen that she continued with the assignment, the almost certain sex play following each session was something to look forward to, but even more so the fact that she was expressing her sexuality and being appreciated for it was all the convincing I needed to push her to be more and more adventurous.Fred walked right up to her as she hesitated before disrobing. “It is okay, I will look the other way,” he tried to make small conversation and reassure her at the same time. I had learned that he had been doing this sort of work for a couple of years, so had the experience to put his coworkers at ease. He was a tall, fair skinned, good looking guy, and perhaps gave off an aura of sincerity, even with the earring he wore in one ear. Giving her head a final shake, as if to convince herself, Shireen dropped the robe and went up to the podium. True to his word, Fred looked away as she waited for directions.The Professor suggested that Shireen stand, with one leg extended a bit in front of the other. Fred was to kneel, with his face looking upward from her midsection. One of her hands was to rest on his shoulders and the other on her waist as she looked towards a distant object. His arms were to go around one of her legs as if he was hanging on as she was moving forward. As they set up, I saw that his arms were brushing the underside of her torso including her pussy and rectum, and that his hands were clasped around her left upper leg and buttock. Every so often, Fred had to relax his neck by lowering it, which put his face into direct contact with her vagina. I was certain that on occasion he had flicked his tongue in to the rapidly moistening opening. Shireen had either not registered the touch or was uncertain what to do, while getting turned on all the same.At the next session, they were focusing on what looked to me like ballet forms, whereby Shireen had to come right up against Fred and lean back, with her hands outstretched. He supported her with his hands both allowing her to bend backwards at her waist and also to hold her lower body to him. This put their privates in direct contact. Shireen continued to be sporting about the job, and our sex kept getting more intense. But I could swear that if the opportunity had presented itself, Fred would have plunged his penis into her without a thought. Professor Rickard pulled me over at the end of next session as Shireen dressed up to go home. “Akbar, the last session is on erotica,” she advised, “by policy this is closed to visitors and I cannot make an exception in your case.” I would have to sit out the most worrisome sessions of her job, something neither of us was happy with, but accepted as there was no other choice. To be honest, the term was ending and it was important to focus on completing my courses and exams and be in good stead for the job search over the coming four to six months. While intrigued about what would be going on, I appreciated the fact that I did not have to accompany Shireen to two weeks’ worth of classes that would certainly dig into my study time.Having turned in my last paper, on the last day of the term, I headed back home and was surprised to find Fred lounging in the living room, looking over a file of charcoal drawings with Shireen at his side.”Hi jaan,” she sounded excited, “I got the cheque today and Professor Rickard also gave me some of the best drawings from the class through the term.””That’s great, but what is Fred doing here?””We finished earlier than expected and he gave me a ride home, since the car is still at the garage,” she explained.Fred looked somewhat disappointed at my arrival and before long, having quickly downed some refreshments that Shireen had put on the table, he begged our leave. I was wondering what caused him to exit quickly, but the pictures caught my attention and it soon became clear why my arrival had caused him to realize that things would not be proceeding as he expected.There were five full size pictures representing the section on erotica. The first picture showed her standing in front of him, her left hand covering his penis. His left hand was placed over her pussy and right one came across her right breast. The second one showed her standing against a wall, with him seated between her legs. His face appeared to be buried in her crotch and her hands were in his hair. It was fairly obvious what was being represented, and the look of passion on her face, even though drawn by the artist’s imagination, looked very real. The third had him lying down, while she was seated over his crotch, bent backwards and pointing her tits skywards. The fourth had her sitting in his lap, his arms around her waist and hers around his neck. What made it more interesting was the fact that their lips were locked in a sensuous kiss. The last picture upped the ante even further and showed her on all fours, one leg slightly ahead of the other and her face reflecting satisfaction. He was standing behind her, his hands on her ass. The fact that this was the only picture that showed his dick apparently entering her from behind and his face registering a sense of relief made it incredibly pornographic. “Did you actually pose in those fashions?” I could not believe what I was seeing as these were way more suggestive than any of the other work she had modeled for.”Yes, these were exactly as you see,” she confirmed.”Is he actually fucking you in a couple of the pictures?””Hey certainly wanted to,” she was open about Fred’s intentions, “but I was not going to do it in public.””So is that why you brought him over?” I wondered whether there were ulterior motives.”I must say I was getting extremely turned on, particularly during the session today but there was no way that I was going to fuck him,” Shireen continued, “he did drive me over and was perhaps hoping for a little bit extra that he was not going to get, even if he had been lying naked on top of me all day.””But darling, if you were enjoying what he was doing to your body during the class,” I was pushing her, “why did you not have sex, I had no issues if you decided to make love to him?””Why would I sleep with a gay guy?” she surprised me, “don’t you know that guys wearing earrings are gays, I did not want to fuck someone who sleeps with other guys.””And I must say the guy has the ugliest penis in the world, no way that was going into me!” I remembered that Fred was uncircumcised and Shireen had never seen a dick like that before. She was not exactly right about the earring, or the fact that Fred was probably not gay, but she had given me enough indication that she was open to more ideas in the future, including extra marital sex. My joy had no bounds, given her increased level of arousal, and I could hardly wait for our next erotic experience so she could be enlightened her even more. The drawings were filed away, where nobody could get to them, and on occasion we certainly made sure we revisited the entire episode and had absolutely stupendous sex.

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