9 Mart 2023



It would be closing time soon. I wanted to go home as soon after closing time as I could, feed the bird take a hot bath and go to bed. The bell chimed to signal a customer. She walked in on a broken heal. “Please, I know you are closing but I broke a heal and need a pair of shoes. I can be fast.” I could not say no to her big ,round eyes. “OK,” I said, “what do you need?”

I was surprised when she said she needed a night of passion.

Blushing a bit, I picked up a pair of black heals somewhat like the ones she had on. “How about these??” Getting a nod, I ask the size. She shrugged and sat down in a chair to take off her shoes.

I sat on the stool in front of her and gently lifted her foot to size it. I could not help but notice she was pantiless under her short, short skirt. Blushing to my ears, I got up and rushed to the stock room for a pair of size fives. On the way

back, I noticed that there were still a lot of shoppers heading out of the mall for the night. Wow, were there always this many people here at this hour? I sat down, taking a shoe out of the box. I jumped when she started to run her bare foot along my stockinged ankle. This was something very new to me. I mean I had heard of women who liked women but I had never met one. Never had one so close. Never thought they would look like anyone else. Mom always said they all wear flannel shirts and boots. I was fascinated, nervous and curious as to what she would do. Afraid of my reaction, bahçeşehir escort I started to pick up the foot that was rubbing my ankle and she replaced it with the other, saying it was the larger of the two.

So, as I was placing the foot into the shoe she was running her foot up my calf. No more than eight feet away, behind her, there was Roger, the other night manager.

“I need to hit the road, can you lock up?”, he asked, as I was praying to all that would listen he would not come over.

“Sure,” I said, trying not to let my nervousness show. “Can you check the loading bay,” I asked, knowing it would take him the other way. I was really rather flustered, the foot was climbing my thigh, there were people everywhere. I could not tell her to stop, I could not find the words. The sheer stockings I had on felt electric where she caressed. My mind was a blank. I was frightened and unsure why.

More lights went off as Roger hit the night switch, he would be coming out this way. She put the foot the rest of the way in the shoe I was still holding and said, “You look as frightened as a little rabbit, what could be the matter?” There where still a few people in the store, mostly employees preparing to go. Roger got his coat and left. I was much relieved. Then I gasped as the woman brushed her foot across the place that had never been touched by anyone but me. A chill ran through my body. I stopped seeing the other beylikdüzü escort people in the store.

I rocked forward just a little, I was getting exited. I removed the shoe that I had so recently put on and started to rub her foot. Holding it like that lifted her leg just high enough ,I saw a dark patch of hair.

I had never seen any but my own and I blushed again. She pulled me forward with the foot I held in my hands. Leaning forward on her chair, she kissed me on the lips. Shivering to my very soul, I did my best to kiss her back. She reached up and stroked my cheek and neck, sending shivering hot flames through me. I wanted more. I wanted to know what more was.

Reaching out a trembling hand I touched the hollow of her neck. It was soft and warm and I wanted to feel that skin on mine. She took my face in her hands and pulled me to her. I was on my knees in front of her and we kissed softly. Then she tickled my lip with her tongue. I let my lips part for her, tasted her tongue on mine, explored her mouth as she explored mine. All I knew was her, all I wanted was her. Her hands wandered my back like a well known place, while mine explored hers, new and unknown. She caressed my breasts through the fabric of my uniform. I stroked hers with a little hesitance.

She slid forward on the chair and her skirt stayed behind, pulling itself out of her way as she made herself available. Whispering in my ear, she asked avcılar escort if I wanted this, if I wanted her to stop. I could not think. I did not want her to stop, but here? in the store? in a voice so husky and deep I could hardly believe it was mine I heard my self say “more” that was the last word I remember for a long while. Feeling her hot hands on my bare breast I briefly wondered when my dress had been unbuttoned. The thought passed quickly as she slowly squeezed my nipple between her fingers. I gasped and arched my back. While I was leaned back, she laid me down in the shadows behind the chair and began kissing my neck and ears, shoulders, breasts.

Where did my clothes go and how? I almost had time to wonder before she sucked a breast into her mouth. Her hands were all over me like they were looking for something lost, slowly searching for what they wanted. Her lips and tongue helped them hunt. Pressure against my thighs made me spread my legs as I was gently lifted up and my panties pulled off. I thought I was going to turn inside out when I felt her finger the hair I had not gotten used to seeing on myself. It was quiet in the store and I new any sound would carry through the space like a shout. So I put both hands over my mouth as she brought her mouth to me, nibbling softly on the lips for a second, then licking right between them, parting them.

I never knew anything could feel like this, hot and electric. She sucked and nibbled, licked and caressed. Her tongue was like liquid lightning, hands on my breasts as hot as fire. I bucked and writhed wanting to get closer, wanting more of this feeling. Then she was licking my clit, sucking. I could not help it, I came and screamed into the hands I held so tightly across my mouth. She kissed me and stood.

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