19 Mart 2023



It was a long standing rule of thumb, back in the day, that if a guy was looking for a girl to “hook up” with, and the idea of meeting some equally drunk chick at a Pub or the local Biker Bar was just a bit repulsive, or if a drugged out Coke Head at the local Club also seemed a bit counterproductive, the logical alternative was, surprisingly, the local grocery store. Mid-week, later in the evening, sometimes after midnight. They, whoever “they” were, swore it worked. You came off looking solid, not a drunken asshole, probably employed, maybe even a responsible homeowner, probably not married, so, pretty much a bit of desirable meat. It was said that, “Chicks like that shit.” I pretty much thought it was a bit of semi-logical bullshit. The theory had its merits, of course, but crap like that never, ever, worked for me. A run of very good luck usually consisted of hitting two successive green lights when running late for something important, and that really didn’t happen too often.

My wife was killed in a traffic accident a couple of years ago at the tender age of 38, and it has taken me a very long time to get over it. In fact, I never really did get over it. Looking for “love” was never on my radar, I just didn’t have the time for it. Nor did I really care.

Anyway, working evenings sort of forces me to do my shopping late, after work. Stores are empty, the only employees are the stock people and the random cashier, when I could find her. Shopping was easy, especially on weekday nights.

So, when the fridge started getting empty a few weeks ago I loaded up on cash and headed for the local “Save-a-Bunch” warehouse style grocery store after a long and rather boring day at work.

I picked up a cart that didn’t squeak too awfully much and headed down the first long, deserted, aisle and started picking up some of the things I had come for off of the high shelves. Out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of a pair of the most beautiful legs I had ever seen peeking out of a very short skirt and attached to a perfectly round bottom. Everything on top of that was of equal perfection, all the way to the top of the long auburn hair that tumbled down her shoulders, cascading over a perfect pair of round breasts. She was stretching as far as she could to retrieve some product or other from one of the higher shelves, but despite the high heels she wore, her short stature prevented her from achieving the desired goal.

Of course, being the Knight without Shining Armor that I am, I naturally offered her my assistance.

“Hi,” I said, “what is it you need up there? Maybe I can reach it for you.”

She turned towards me with a red lipped smile and pointed towards a box of tissues.

“Those,” she said, ignoring the dozen or so boxes on the shelf at waist level in front of her, and I grabbed the box she had pointed to. “Thank you,” she almost whispered, her voice a smooth as taffy music I hadn’t heard in a very long time. I looked into her deep green eyes and they sparkled, they truly sparkled.

She belonged, if one can say such a thing nowadays, to someone else, she must. My brain, the primitive bit of it, went instantly into hyper-overdrive. An insanely beautiful, maybe 25 or 26 year old woman like that never stayed single for long. They just don’t, but why this one was out shopping at 1:40AM dressed like she was late for the party of a lifetime was beyond me. It made no sense, but sure as hell, I’m not going to question her about it, because the way things are these day I could get arrested for even commenting on how gorgeous I thought she was, and I don’t need any more problems in my life. But I thought it, oh yes, I sure as hell thought it. The mental picture of her naked body lying on my bed, her arms raised to me, begging me to make love to her flashed through my mind, down my spine, and ended in the biggest erection I’d had since Greta died.

“My pleasure to assist,” I replied, placing the tissues into her cart with a slight bow and the best smile I could conjure up under the circumstances. I looked and sounded like a total moron, I was sure, but she smiled, looked down at my crotch and said, “I can see that.”

She then wheeled her cart back towards the way I had come, and turned the corner, turning towards me just before disappearing and giving me a very pretty smile. I could swear her hips swayed just a bit more than was necessary to navigate that turn, and like a properly stunned fifteen year old kid I stood and stared, breathing harder than was probably good for me at the now empty aisle. It took me a few seconds to gather my head together, but I finally managed to grab a box of those tissues myself and continued on my way. I had a feeling I was going to need them to cry into later on that morning, remembering her smile and the flirting look at my crotch.

I turned the corner and started down the next aisle, my primitive brain still fixated on the girl, as if that were a surprise to anyone, and there she was, bent over at the waist, gebze escort the already short skirt now even higher on those beautiful legs, revealing a pair of pale pink panties barely surrounding that perfect bottom, she was grabbing two cans of who knows what off of the shelf, staring at the labels as if it were important, intent on the contents.

Yes, I stared, of course I did. How in hell could I not? Legs like those aren’t seen very often, and even less often by me. My face flushed I’m sure, and if there had been a blood pressure monitor hooked up to my arm I’m sure it would have pegged the meter, but I didn’t stop and stare, I passed behind her like a good guy, my head shaking at the sight of her, and the knowledge that I would never have her.

“Excuse me,” she said just as I passed her, “I don’t mean to annoy you, but do you like canned green beans?”

“Actually, yes, I do,” I said, feeling my internal temperature hit the boiling point…again, and my erection returning to bursting point.

“Well, I can’t decide on these two, the French Cut or the Kitchen Sliced. Any thoughts?”

Hell yes I had thoughts! Thoughts of jerking that skirt up to her waist and chewing my way through those pink panties! Thoughts of sticking my tongue so far up her pussy that it would touch her tonsils, thoughts of …

“I actually prefer the French Cut to the mere sliced,” I said.

“What’s the actual difference?” she asked innocently.

“Well, the French Cut are cut long ways.”

“Ah, well, I do like them long,” she said with that wicked smile of hers and dumped four cans of them into her cart. “Thank you again for your help.”

By now my brain was on fire, but all I managed to do was watch her wiggle her way down the aisle away from me, that skirt seeming to have gotten somehow shorter, just barely covering her incredible ass, a flash of pink showing with each step she took.

That was the last I saw of her until we got to the checkout lane. By that time her cart was full to overflowing, and she was loading her loot onto the conveyor belt. Once her basket was empty she turned towards me and smiled. “You’ve been a big help,” she said. Then she took out a tiny notepad and wrote in it, tore off the sheet and handed it to me over the basket.

” If you’re not busy, come home with me and help me put my groceries away. I really want to fuck you.” and it was signed, Andrea, and had her address.

She smiled again and pushed her loaded cart out of the store towards her car.

It was surprising the amount of time it took me to retrieve the money from my wallet when it came time to pay the cashier. My hands were shaking and I could hardly focus on the task at hand, but I managed somehow and hustled out the door, trying not to make an obvious spectacle out of myself. She was still in the almost deserted parking lot, a little further away than most attractive young girls tend to park, especially at night, and right next to my car. Her trunk was loaded and she leaned on the rear fender, that short skirt hiked up as far as it could be and still be considered legal. I opened my own trunk and began loading my bags into it.

“If you have anything frozen, you can bring it in for the night,” she whispered in my ear as her hand found my still throbbing erection, giving it a firm squeeze.

“How did you know this was my car?”

“I came in behind you and watched you go in. I need to get laid, and I liked what I saw. Hope you don’t mind.”

“Not a bit,” I said turning towards her. She leaned her body into me, and I don’t know how she did it, but her blouse was unbuttoned and her perfect breasts bored into my chest as her lips met mine. I cupped her breasts and gently kneaded the nipples while she moaned her acceptance into my mouth along with her insistent tongue.

“We need to get going. You know there are cameras in this lot, so someone is enjoying this almost as much as I am,” she said, “and I want more than just a feel up tonight.”

I had a bitch of a time getting my keys out of my strangely tighter pants pocket, but I managed somehow and fired the engine catching sight of a smiling Andrea as I put the car into gear.

I brought my own frozen stuff bag in along with a half dozen of her bags into the neat as a pin house. I put the groceries on to the counter and finally started paying attention to my surroundings. Looking down, there were a pair of high heels, perfectly formed legs, all attached to an incredible naked body standing next to me.

“The longer it takes you to put that bag into the freezer, the less time we’ll have to fuck,” she purred. “That’s assuming you’ll be pushed for time in the morning.”

I opened the freezer door and jammed the bag inside while she fumbled with the button on my jeans. Yanking my shirt off over my head I wrapped my arms under her tight ass and lifted her onto my hips and buried my face between her warm breasts.

“Bedroom?” I managed.

“Do it here,” göztepe escort she whispered, “on the counter, fuck me on the counter.”

I sat her on the counter and finished stripping off my remaining clothes, my cock throbbing wildly in anticipation of finally entering her beautiful body. She spread her legs wide apart as I knelt on the floor in front of her.

“Yes, please!” she pleaded as I pierced her cunt with my tongue. She wrapped her legs around my shoulders and drew me tighter into her rapidly warming body as I lapped hungrily at her beautiful vagina, swallowing her slightly salty and oh so sweet juices. I sucked her clit into my mouth and teased it incessantly, feeling her hips thrust wildly at my head. I could taste her pee just a little into my mouth, warm, salty and erotic as hell, I drank it down like it was the last water on earth, it tasted so good. Her fingers gripped my hair, pulling insistently on my head and her hips ground into me while she moaned softly. Obviously I was doing something right, so I kept on doing it until I felt her body tighten, her legs pulling me even tighter, and she shuddered, and moaned loudly this time, and I knew she had climaxed. She bent over, her breasts crushed against my head, and wrapped her arms around my neck.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” she said, softly. “I really needed that. I love being eaten out. I cum pretty fast with a talented tongue like yours in my pussy,” she said once her body stopped throbbing quite so much. “And hard too,” she added. “Now it’s your turn, and don’t be shy. I’ll do most anything. Just go for it. I don’t like being beaten up though, so if you’re into that sort of thing we’re going to have an issue. However, I do enjoy a bit of anal, just in case you were wondering.”

“Never could understand why any guy would beat up his woman,” I said as I lifted her off of the counter and pushed her to her knees in front of me. She smiled sweetly and opened her mouth wide as I slid my cock between her ruby lips. She sucked it deep into her mouth, pulled on my hips and nodded it into her throat until my swollen balls touched her chin. Her tongue sneaked out and licked at them, wetting them, and like she had done, I grasped her auburn head and pulled her tightly into me, jamming my cock as deeply into her throat as it would go. She didn’t try to escape me, in fact continued to pull at my hips for what seemed to be an awful long time. I pulled out of her willing throat and she took a huge breath of air. “I swim a lot,” she said with another of those sweet smiles, “Want some more? I like doing this too.”

“Maybe just a little,” I said pushing my wet cock back into her warm, sucking throat, fucking her tender mouth like a virgin cunt, listening to her moan softly as it disappeared into her. It was all I could do to keep from cumming deep into her throat. I certainly wanted to, and I think she knew it somehow as well and backed away from me. She turned her back to me and stood up, and began putting a few groceries into the cabinets. “Cool down for a couple,” she said, “I want you to last a while longer.” I moved the hair from the back of her neck and kissed it gently. She arched her back slightly, turned and folded herself into me. “You’re not helping the situation,” she said, pushing me away. “Help me put a few things away, then we can start over. That goes into the cabinet over there.”

In a few short minutes of arranging and putting away, my once throbbing meat stick was now a mere shadow of it’s former self, much to Andrea’s delight. She pointed to it and smiled, dropping back to her knees.

“Something else I want is to feel that getting big again in my mouth.” She sucked it hard into her mouth, slathering her tongue around the shaft, her head bobbing back and forth while my hips thrust at her beautiful face. As she expected it to, my cock regained it’s hard, erectness and I pushed it ever deeper into her throat. Again she started moaning her approval while her tongue continued tracing the veins of my burrowing penis. Suddenly she released me, stood up and laid one leg across the counter, her back towards me. “Fuck me!” she demanded. She didn’t need to ask twice. My thoroughly soaked cock eased into her cunt and I could feel the walls of her vagina being pushed aside as I entered the tightness of her. I wrapped my arms around her, grabbing a breast in either hand, and pushed my demanding cock as deep into her body as I could get it, feeling her gripping my cock with her vagina, milking it, pulling me ever deeper into her. I pulled out of her and jammed myself back in, harder and faster, her head began to shake, that long hair whipping at my face as I rammed my cock into her demanding cunt.

She suddenly began to quiver, the leg she stood on began to buckle as she climaxed once again, and then again, and yet again. I lifted her off of the floor, my cock deep inside her and buried my face into the back of her neck as I bounced her onto my rigid halkalı escort prick. She suddenly went limp, and despite my desperately wanting to explode inside her, I sat her back onto the counter, and jammed my tongue back into her quivering slit until she screamed out yet another orgasm. Being the gentleman I am, I didn’t stop, but continued to suck and tease the little bud of her clitoris, enjoying the sounds and feelings of every orgasm she had, licking at her beautiful mound, sucking it all into my mouth, tasting every drop of whatever gift came out of her body. I hardly noticed that my cock had once again gone soft, engrossed as I was in pleasing her to the fullest extent possible. Somehow I needed her to know how much she and her pleasure meant to me, my own satisfaction became making her climax always one more time.

Suddenly, she pushed me away, panting heavily, I looked into her face. She was dripping in sweat, despite the very efficient air conditioning in her house, and so was I.

“I don’t suppose you’d want to move in with me, would you?” she panted. “It’s a good thing I don’t have access to handcuffs, or I’d never let you leave! I’ve never climaxed this many times, never!”

Talk about an ego enhancement. No woman has ever complimented me on my performance before, but to be honest, I’ve never performed like this before either. It was almost 6:00AM and I had yet to climax, while she had actually lost count and had had begged me to stop for a rest. We had been screwing almost continually for just shy of four hours and neither of us wanted it to stop. At least I certainly didn’t, and it wasn’t going to take much to get me going again, and by the look on her face, it wouldn’t take much to get Andrea going again either. She was starting to get that crazed look on her face, the same one she made just before she climaxed the last few times. She pulled my face to hers and roughly jammed her tongue into my mouth. “Fuck me in the ass,” she rasped as she hopped off of the counter and opened a cabinet, grabbing a bottle of olive oil and twisting off the cap. “I want this to be fun for you, so pull out of me before you climax and cum in my mouth. I want to taste every drop of it.” She began slathering the oil over my once again rock hard cock, wiping as much of it on and inside her ass as she could manage. At no time did I protest.

Once again she got onto the floor on all fours and presented her glistening, well oiled ass to me. I eased in behind her and pressed my cock into the beautiful puckered hole that at first resisted, until she backed into me and guided it into her with her hand. She groaned loudly, and I thought I was hurting her and began to pull out.

“NO!” she groaned loudly, “Deeper! It feels so good. Please, deeper! You can’t stop now, please don’t stop now!”

So, ever willing to make a lady happy, I didn’t stop, and didn’t cum, no matter how badly I wanted to fill that beautiful ass with what must by now be a quart of thick, sticky, semen being built up inside of me. Long slow strokes of my cock filled her beautiful ass while she squirmed, and wriggled, and moaned in delight on the floor under me. Eventually, however, nature was slowly creeping up on me and I knew the inevitable was going to happen very soon, despite every effort to keep it at bay. I pulled out of her suddenly, and as if on cue, she spun around to face me, looking into my eyes, her beautiful mouth wide open, tongue out in anticipation. Her hand grasped my still well oiled cock and began stroking it. She really didn’t need to. I’m pretty sure she could feel it coming in her hand. The cum exploded from my cock as if it had been building up pressure for a month, which it actually had. I watched it pour into her mouth like a cascade, filling her mouth until she would have to spit it out. She squeezed my cock hard, stopping the flow briefly and then swallowed the entire mouthful of sperm, released it and sucked my cock deep into her talented throat while I continued to climax, pulling her head roughly into my crotch, grinding into her, cum still spurting down her lovely throat for what seemed like minutes but was only mere seconds.

The voice in the back of my head said I was being unduly rough on this incredible woman and I started to back away from her. She would have none of it. She sucked harder on me, head bobbing back and forth, forcing me to fuck her beautiful mouth and I could feel her finger enter my ass hole as she sucked my cock, and she pushed it in to me as deep as it would go, wiggling it continually. Again, I’m not about to protest or attempt to stop her in any way. It’s getting hard again, and it hasn’t taken her more than three minutes to get it that way. Pushing me away again she looked into my face once more and smiled that wild looking smile I was now used to seeing.

“Back into my ass, mister happy, and this time cum in my ass hole, if there’s any of it left in you.” She had me lay down on my back and she straddled my hips, lowering herself on to my surprisingly stiff cock. Another few drops of oil made it sensuously easy to enter her once again and she merely sat on my pole, swallowing it deep inside her, and then she merely relaxed with my throbbing cock stuffed as deep as it could get in her amazingly beautiful body.

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