16 Mayıs 2023

Shopping for Food Pt. 02


Liz could not remember a time she’d ever been totally naked, except in the shower, before she’d met Jack. She now sat naked and fully exposed in front of her husband, Pete, basking in the afterglow of an extended bout of passionate sex. She was developing an erotic side that she’d avoided all of her life.

She’d been raised to think that anything sexual was evil and worse than that; she had been convinced that she was ugly and that no man would ever want her. Looking back at the things she’d been convinced were true, they didn’t make sense. Why was she forced to cover her body from head to toe and never allow any skin to show if she were so ugly that no one would ever desire her?

Her mother insisted she marry Pete as soon as he indicated an interest. Her mother said that Liz should quickly marry him before he changed his mind. Liz thought that somehow her mother had either blackmailed or bribed her now husband. Pete had turned out to be a good man to her and never pressured her to have sex or to do anything other than to maintain the house as she was expected to do.

Looking back, her life had been the life of Cinderella, working constantly for her mother and then for her husband until she met a very unlikely fairy godmother with the name of Jack at the grocery store. He was the very first person to ever look at her with anything other than disgust. She received her first complement ever from this old man and every time she saw him, he tried to sneak a peak at her body. At first she just thought him deranged or senile, but after a while started to enjoy his attentions. She had no idea how to tease a man, but she did her best and accidently forgot to button her blouse up all the way—he noticed and told her how beautiful she was. She wore an old skirt that was a bit too small and thin—he noticed and told her that she moved with the grace of a dancer.

After a few weeks of the almost constant compliments, she became daring and did not put on a bra. Her blouse was one of her thicker ones, but she still felt naked and exposed. She stopped herself several times and ran back into the house, before she actually got into her car to drive to the store. She told herself he would not notice; yet secretly she wanted him to. He noticed and told her she looked exciting and vibrant. That was the first time she met him without wearing a bra.

Over the next few months, she became more and more confortable with him and shared more of her life with him. She learned a lot about him as well. He seemed very open and that fact encouraged her to share some of her secrets as well. It didn’t hurt that he always had something very nice and a bit inappropriate to say. He seemed to often try to look down her blouse and occasionally she would make sure the top button was open. She once opened that button while she was braless and pretended not to notice as her peered down her blouse.

The major changes started after she, at Jack’s encouragement, bought a new blouse that was far more revealing than anything she had ever considered before. She had a sweater with her to cover up and wore that on the way to the store. She only removed it once she saw him and was ready to cover herself quickly after she flashed him her revealing top.

His comments about her being a fashion model and the carnal thoughts going through his brain stopped her from covering up as she had planned.

Her mothers voice screamed loudly in her head to cover up and Jack seemed to understand and thanked her for making him a very happy man. He understood her need to cover up and that revelation made her place the sweater back on the cart and walk with him more exposed than she’d ever been before.

The unfamiliar emotions were too much for her and after a few minutes she grabbed her sweater and ran home as fast as she could. She spent the rest of the afternoon trying to put all of these new feelings into some meaning with little success. When her husband got home, he saw that she had forgotten to change out of the sexy top and she feared that her marriage was now over.

That is when the major change occurred. Not only was her marriage not over, but her husband liked the new her. He liked her relationship with the man in the store, who encouraged her to get this new top. Pete was even pleased that Jack had seen her wearing something so intimate. Her husband encouraged her to see Jack again. That was the beginning of this wonderful adventure that had lead to her being naked sitting cross legged on the bed with her equally naked husband.

She told Pete about meeting Jack at the store parking lot and the hug that was more groping than anything else and how they rushed through their shopping so that they could get together at his place. She told him about Jack asking about ground rules and her telling him there weren’t any. She also told him about how she encouraged Jack to get a much closer and more intimate view of between her legs both front and back and how Jack had licked her and Escort Küçükköy made her cum more than once. She also shared the details of Jack cumming in her mouth.

“And that’s why you were dressed for fucking as soon as I walked into the house?” Pete asked.

“I had to hurry and get this thing on. I only beat you home by about 5 minutes. I’m glad I got it on in time for you to rip it off of me,” she answered.

“I like what is happening to you since you met Jack. If this is what I can expect after you spend time with him, you can see him every day. Do you think he can handle the strain?”

“Jack likes it slow and he can create a slow burn in me so I’m ready and eager for you,” she answered.

The next day Liz called Jack and told him about Pete’s reaction to the fetish costume and their talk especially about the part of she and Jack seeing each other every day. Jack immediately invited her over.

Liz wore what was quickly becoming her new casual, a thin top with no bra and short skirt and a pair of sexy panties. She rang the doorbell at Jack’s house just before 10 AM, it seemed that 10 AM was their agreed upon time for get togethers either shopping of other activities.

Jack opened the door and gave her a quick hug then commented, “I like your new wardrobe.”

“Thanks, so does Pete and we both thank you for encouraging me to wear items that make me look less like a nun,” she said with a smile, “but that was an awfully quick hug,” as she slipped inside his arms again to feel his hands caress her butt and breasts. “Much better,” she commented after a full minute of being groped.

She took her normal seat at the table while Jack prepared the coffee. Jack returned to the table with two cups of coffee and made note that Liz assumed her normal position with her legs slightly open. Today she wore skimpy green see-through panties. She smiled knowing that Jack looked.

Liz then told Jack about the fabulous sex she and Pete had last night and how he loved the fetish garment she wore. She said she was lucky it wasn’t ripped to pieces in Pete’s eagerness in getting it off of her. She described the sex with her husband in detail although she didn’t know the names of the positions he employed. She was on her back with him on top of her mostly, but then he turned her over and entered her from the rear. He positioned her on top of him while he lied on his back, but that did not last long since she had no idea what to do. They ended up back where they started with her on her back and him on top.

Noting her unfamiliarity with the positions she described, Jack ask,” Prior to these last few weeks, how much sex have you had?”

Liz confessed that she had only had sex a handful of times and it was always with her on her back. She was never an active partner. She said she knew nothing of sex other that it was something that her husband would want and she had never even masturbated.

Jack got up to retrieve his laptop computer and after pressing a few keys he directed them over to the couch. He had them sit side by side so they could both watch the video that had just started on his laptop.

Liz saw a naked woman with her legs spread wide and her hand between her legs rubbing her finger up and down.

“Consider this a training film,” Jack said, as Liz looked on spellbound, “Why don’t you give it a try?”

Liz reached her hand inside her panties and followed the directions displayed on the screen in front of her. Within a couple of minutes she started to squirm and then thrash around. She was experiencing her first orgasm by her own hand.

“Wow!” she exclaimed when she could speak again, “That was fantastic. I hate to say it but it was better than what I had last night with Pete.”

“Once you learn what you like, sex will be much better with Pete too.” Jack added, “now that you know what to do, I expect you to do this several times a day.”

Jack pressed a few more keys on the laptop and another video started. This one was of a couple engaging in various sex acts. Liz paid attention to how the woman in the film moved and the positions she took. This was definitely a training film for her. She also learned a few terms, such as cowgirl position, doggy position, and missionary position. These were the positions Pete and she engaged in last night and now she understood her expected role in each. She would not be just a passive participant next time.

Together Jack and Liz watched over a dozen videos and several multiple times. Liz asked a few questions and often had her hand between her legs. She watched a man licking a woman between her legs as Jack had done and she watched a woman take a man’s penis into her mouth; she asked a lot of questions about this and wanted to practice on Jack.

The last video Jack played for her shocked her. It was about a woman wearing nylon hose, a garter belt but no panties and an open cup bra. She also carried a whip. There was a naked Mecidiyeköy escort man on his knees in front of her and she directed all of the action. The man was to call her mistress and was instructed to please the woman orally, but was denied to pleasure himself.

Liz asked a lot of questions about this video; she could not understand why any one would want this. Jack informed her that the man does not need to be in total control all the time. It is important for the woman to be in command sometimes and he’ll explain more another time. She had learned a lot for one day and the dominatrix would wait for another day.

Liz arrived back home an hour before her husband was due back and turned on her computer. She had requested that Jack e-mail her the links to several of the videos. His e-mail was in her inbox and she quickly opened it. The link she was most interested in was the one showing a woman giving a man a blowjob. She watched it again twice and was ready to start it again when she heard Pete’s car drive up. She closed down her computer and waited for her husband to walk through the front door. She knew he’d ask about her day with Jack and today she had a plan on how to answer his question. It involved him being naked.

The door opened and Pete saw his wife standing by the couch looking nothing like the passive woman he married. This woman wore a thin top, with her nipples proudly displayed and a short skirt showing off a lot of thigh. Her legs were spread slightly with most of her weigh on one leg thrusting her hip out in a suggestive fashion. Her hands rested on her hips giving the impression of a powerful woman and very erotic.

“How was you day?” Pete asked, “Did you see Jack today?” he hoped the answer was yes.

“After last night when you said I should see him every day, I called him and he invited me over.” She answered noting his excitement.

“Tell me about it, I can hardly wait to hear about all that happened today,” Pete iterated barely able to hold back his enthusiasm.

“First, you need to get naked,” she insisted. She spread her legs into a wider stance, positioned her body with her pelvis forward and balled her hands into fists resting against her hips as if posed as a superhero.

Pete liked this take-charge woman and quickly disposed of his clothes. He watched as she knelt in front of him and took hold of his cock. She touched the tip of her tongue to the tip of his cock and moved him back and forth against her tongue. She felt him harden in her hand. She allowed her tongue to trace the head of his penis and found the sensitive spot just under the head and on the underside of his cock. She flicked the tip of her tongue over this spot until she felt him enlarge again. She then took all of him into her mouth and sank down his shaft as far as she could. When she felt him stiffen, she gently took hold of his balls and smoothly pulled them away from his body.

She held his cock motionless in her mouth and held his balls lightly away from his body. She watched as he road the waves of orgasm without ejaculation. Once he calmed she resumed her up and down motions on his rigid shaft with her mouth. She also lightly scratched the area behind his balls and onto his balls with her fingernails. She felt him tighten again and quickly grasp his balls and pulled them from his body. This time his orgasm was much stronger, but still no ejaculate. She knew this trick would not work a third time from the video she watched.

She allowed him to calm again then pushed him back onto the floor of their living room, her clothes were instantly scattered on the floor, and she climbed on top of her startled husband. She straddled his torso and he slipped inside her easily. She moved her hips back and forth slowly. She took him deeply inside of her channel and noticed that he started to rise up to meet her and to increase the pace. She was able to slow it down, by pressing all of her body weight on his hips and focusing the pressure onto the spot she learned earlier today that gave her the greatest pleasure. He started to buck and suddenly she understood why this position was called the cowgirl as she rode this bucking stallion for all she was worth pressing against the areas she enjoyed most. He suddenly thrust up hard and stiffened. He released his pent up fluid and filled her sending her into an intense orgasm as well.

They both collapsed onto the floor and after what seemed like hours, Pete spoke, “Where did you learn how to do that? Is that what Jack taught you today?”

“In a matter of speaking,” she answered, “he showed me some videos on how to do this.”

“So you watched porn all day to learn about sex?” Pete asked.

“Pretty much, Jack described a lot and showed videos of the mechanics. He also had me masturbate for my very first time.” Liz shared.

“You’ve never masturbated before?”

“Not until this morning after Jack showed me a video of a woman masturbating. Merter escort bayan He then told me to practice. I even used you instead of my hand to masturbate while I was on top of you just now,” she enlightened her lover.

“That explains a lot,” Pete acknowledged. “I knew your mother kept you repressed, but I had no idea you knew so little about sex. I thought you just didn’t like it.”

“I think I’m learning to love it,” she offered.

‘What else did this guy teach you?”

“I watched a bunch of videos of sex acts, like what we did last night and I learned that sex is more than me just laying there and making you do everything. Liz responded. “Have you every heard of a dominatrix?”

“Yes, do you want to become a domme?” He asked, “That could be hot.”

“I’m not really sure what it is, but I saw one video and could not understand why anyone would want to do any of those things.” She offered, “Jack said we could talk about it later.”

The concept of Liz taking control excited Pete. He and Liz were together for similar reasons; neither had made the decision to marry. Her mother had insisted that she marry him and his mother had demanded the same of him. His mother made all the decisions as he was deemed too stupid to make good choices and now as an adult, the pressure to make decisions scared him. He lived his life in fear of others judging him and would do anything others directed him to do. He learned that he was what others in the know called a people pleaser—he knew no other way. He lived a life deathly afraid of making a mistake.

The expectations of him were high. He knew he was the man and responsible for initiating sex, but he knew very little about it. He had explored some porn when he was younger. He learned a little and masturbated often, but the fear of getting caught caused him to stop. His wedding night was pure torture for him and he only rarely requested sex after that.

Recently his libido had been awakened due to the introduction of this old guy Liz met at the store. His wife suddenly became sexy and his desire increased, but he still had little knowledge of what to do. Liz was not the only virgin on their wedding night.

“It is something different and I understand that some people are really into it, plus the clothes are really hot.” Pete told her, trying unsuccessfully to hold back his enthusiasm, “It might be worth a try. This Jack fellow has been really good with his suggestions so far.”

Liz looked at her husband quizzically. She was not sure how to read his expression. She’d never been very good at reading emotions other than anger. This was not anger, but it sort of looked like the look of people who haven’t eating anything all day and it’s still an hour before the thanksgiving diner will be served. Her mother always insisted on a huge thanksgiving diner with all of the relatives. There were usually 25 to 30 people seated at three separate tables. She always had to sit at the kiddy table.

“Jack has made suggestions that have improved our marriage and I’m willing to explore this too, if you are,” she asked tentatively. “I’m sure he’ll have more videos for me to watch. What exactly is a Domme?”

“I don’t know a lot about them, but I think it is where a woman takes charge and makes men her slaves, they normally have whips, I think.” Pete offered.

“You’d be okay with that?” She asked incredulously.

“It might be worth a try. It is more adventurous than anything we have ever tried.” Maybe I could watch a video too?”

Liz noticed that as they had been talking Pete was becoming aroused again.

Liz had no idea what to do now. She had already accomplished all and more than what she had planned; yet Pete was still aroused. She felt empowered.

Pete took charge and they had sex in the same way they had all their married life before Jack and his new ideas entered their lives. Liz now knew this was called the missionary position and she, for the first time, was not passive. She responded.

The next day, on the phone with Jack, she asked if she could come over and learn more about what a dominatrix was.

She arrived at Jacks place excited to tell him all that happened last night and to find out what she needed to do to become a dominatrix.

Jack opened the door and she could not stop talking about how fantastic the previous night had been. He escorted her to her normal seat at the table and started the coffee. He did not question why she had forgotten their hug. She bubbled over like a child describing all the wonderful things Santa had brought her. She even stood up to demonstrate the pose she took when she told her husband to take off his clothes.

When she described the sex she commented that she had no idea how great sex could be. Pete was more energized and passionate than she thought possible.

Jack interrupted her, “Not better than on your honeymoon, was it?”

“Oh yes, by far.”

Jack again took control of the conversation and asked her to describe how she and Pete came to be married and the details of their honeymoon along with the frequency of sex in their marriage.

He came away with an understanding of the life both Liz and Pete had. He felt sorry for both of them and knew he had to share some of his wisdom with them.

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