18 Mart 2023

Show , Tell Ch. 38


Monday Elle called me, “What are you doing?”

“Working,” I answered.

“Can you come to the school?”

“Sorry, not today… salesman coming to take me to lunch. Why, what’s up?”

“Just wanted to talk, some stuff happening.”

“Allen wanting to leave another stain on Angela’s blotter?”

thinking that remark would illicit a laugh.

“That too,” she replied… minus the laugh.

“Sounds serious,” now getting serious myself, maybe Todd’s sense of smell registering something odd?

With my date with Kim set for Thursday… I asked, “Want to go to lunch tomorrow?”

“You really can’t make it today?”

“No… sorry. Gary is bringing his National Sales Manager, and Jerry flew into Boston this morning.”

“Okay… I guess it can wait until…”

“Is it Todd,” I asked?

“God no,” she replied, “nothing like that. I’m just feeling a little confused… and maybe guilty.”

“Then it can wait until tomorrow. Pick you up at 11:30?”

“See you then baby… I love you.”

She hung up before I could reply.

That afternoon I made all the arrangement for my date with Kim, including a call to my friend Kat at “2Hot4U.”

Couldn’t wait for that encounter.

At the appointed time the next morning, I drove up to our meeting place, Elle sitting in her car… reading a math book.

“Hey,” as I got out to greet her, “you okay?”

Big smile, as she got out and walked to my car, a kiss as I held the door for her.

Getting in myself, I looked at her… and again asked, “Are you okay?”

“Yes,” as she settled down, “just seeing you makes me feel better.”

It was another beautiful summer day, so I headed for a nice waterfront restaurant and then asked, “So what has you so upset?”

That was when I learned about Trey.

She told me everything, the conversation running into lunch, mostly with her telling the story, my only input questions about his parents and friends, what they might know about her indiscretions.

She felt confident that her secret was safe with him… and Kathy… and now me.

“So now that you two have consummated the affair,” I asked, “where do you go from here?”

“Well, I don’t know. His time here ends on Sunday and then he’ll be gone for some amount of time… he can’t say how long. When he comes back… I don’t know what I’ll do.”

“But you will want to see him again… want to be with him again… right?”

Now she lowered her head, not in thought, but in how to phrase her response.

“Yes, I will definitely want to be with him again,” her head now up and her voice strong.

“Okay… so what has you upset?”

She looked at me incredulously, “Are you serious? I just told you that I’ll be waiting for a boy, who is my daughters age, to come home from a tour of duty in the Army, so I can have sex with him… and you want to know what has me upset! Jesus… is our relationship that meaningless to you?”

Looking at her… I had two choices. I could tell her that I was, “… devastated,” by what she had done… or I could ask… “Is our relationship so meaningless to you that you could carry on with a boy… now young man, who is your daughters age, for five years and then tell me that you are planning on having sex with him… again, the next time he comes home on leave… and you expect me to be somehow upset by that infidelity? And, by the way, what about Allen?”

Tears started to well in her eyes and I thought she was going to start bawling and run out of the restaurant.

But she didn’t…

She sat there looking at me… her eyes clearing and then she said, “Why can’t I ever be right?”

“When did I ever tell you, you were wrong?”

We spent the next ten minutes discussing why she’d become upset over the liaisons with Trey and Allen… and she really had no answer.

“I guess maybe… and I’m telling you the truth, that the sex with Trey was everything I’d thought it would be… and more… while the sex with Allen was such a disappointment.”

“Baby… you had a lot more invested in Trey than with Allen,” I told her, “Allen was something you had to do… Trey is something that you’ve wanted to do.”

Standing, she said, “Take me to the motel.”

Why was I surprised that her pussy was, again, full of Allen’s cum?

Wednesday, I went to see Kat.

With two women already in the store, she just smiled at me and asked, “You have to run?”

“Nah… sell something,” I replied, walking to the counter and waiting for her to finish. That took another ten minutes, the girls into S&M, one trying on a skintight vinyl, “Catsuit,” that took almost all those ten minutes to get her out of!

They didn’t buy anything.

“So,” as she picked up the clothing from the dressing room and was hanging it up, “what’s this all about?”

“What,” I exclaimed, “why does it have to be something out of the ordinary?”

That drew a laugh, more a “Haruuump…,” then, “Because Elle’s not with you and you haven’t bought anything from me in years without her being here to expose haramidere escort herself. You’re up to something.”

Giving her a serious look… I said, “Not good! I’ve been careless and I’ve fallen into a routine. I’m going to have to start shopping in other stores… spread the wealth, so to speak.”

Without offering a reply, she walked past me and into the small storeroom behind the check-out counter. She returned holding a dress on a hanger.

Walking past me in the other direction, she placed the hanger on a hook, covered it with a plastic garment bag and then rang it up on the register.

I handed her a hundred-dollar bill and told her to, “… keep the change.”

Turning, I started to walk to the door… when she said, “That’s why you won’t shop anywhere else… I’m never wrong.”

Stopping, I hung the dress on the edge of a display rack, walked back to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Then I said, “I’ve got a date with an eighteen-year-old tomorrow night… and she wants me to take her somewhere “adult.” Pointing at the dress, “… and that is going to be the icing on the cake.”

Smiling… she shook her head and said, “If I can get a rich investor… do you think we could go into the “Dating” business together. You come up with the scenarios and I’ll supply the boys and girls.”

Standing up to my full height… I smiled and said, “I’m too high profile.”

She pulled me down to her level by the shoulders and gave me a nice kiss on the lips… before adding, “But it would be such a great business doing pleasure with you.”

I turned, picked up the dress and as I walked towards the door, I stopped and said, “Since you put it that way… I’ll see if I can do some recruiting tomorrow night.”

The next day, I arrived at the restaurant twenty minutes early, not wanting Kim to worry about me being a no show. My wife had left that morning with her sister, so I was free for the weekend, the time that I would spend with Kim that day restricted only by her schedule.

Walking directly to the bar, I greeted Jeff… who, without asking, made me a drink and greeted me with his usual, neutral demeanor… only this time, his eyes were questioning.

Taking a sip of the drink, I looked around and found Kim working her section. Today’s uniform was the same… well maybe slightly shorter, white short shorts with an electric blue tank top, same logo and lettering on the front… and the same invitation on the back.

Seeing me at the bar, she detoured on her way to the kitchen, gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, “I’ll be back in a couple of minutes.”

I just smiled!

I ordered aa second drink before I finished the first, needing to strengthen my resolve, while asking myself the same three questions I’d been fixated on for the past eight days… “What if Elle found out about this…? What if Kim found out about her mother and I…? Or worse… what if Todd, Elle’s husband and Kim’s father… found out about any or all of this?”

When Kim returned, her first question wasn’t a question at all, more a demand, “You are taking me out today.”

“Yes, this is the time you requested I arrive,” my reply.

Now another question, this one… “And we’re going somewhere adult… right?”

“If you brought the adult shoes,” with a smile.

Giving me a smile, she turned to Jeff and said… her voice with a tinge of sarcasm… “I told them all he’d be here,”

I looked at her… a questioning look on my face.

“I’ll tell you about it on the way.”

With that she was gone.

Jeff explained that the other waitresses had told her, as they had the first time I’d told her I’d be returning… that I was just flirting with her. As she had when I’d had her in class, she’d trusted her instincts and promised all of them that I’d be at the bar at 4:00 on Thursday.

I was early!

She had me waiting an extra fifteen minutes for some reason… like mother like daughter. When she finally reappeared, she was wearing cut-off jeans and a plain white t-shirt, clothes that were very apropos for a girl her age.

Besides her pocketbook, she was carrying a white plastic bag, her “adult” shoes I was sure.

I drove and we talked, mostly about her pending enrollment at the State University, the advantages inherent in a student body that large appealing to her.

But I knew that already, her mother preferring to send her to a smaller private college, where she would, most likely, stand out.

I had no doubt that Kim would stand out, no matter what school she attended… both in and out of the classroom.

She never asked where we were going, sticking to the “adult” conversation, displaying both her intellect and maturity.

After almost an hour, we rounded a curve on a country road, seemingly miles from anywhere remotely civilized… when a vison appeared in the windshield so big… and so unexpected, that Kim gasped… before asking… “What is that?”

I didn’t answer, instead içerenköy escort letting the magnitude of the structures overwhelm her… until we turned into the entrance, Native American symbols framing the sign, “Welcome to Foxwoods… Lands of the Mashantucket Pequot”

“Holy Shit…” she screamed… Foxwoods!!!”

So much for her maturity.

I got a hundred kisses before I pulled up to the valet parking.

As was always the case with her mother, Kim got very appreciative looks from the valet attendants, one of whom I tipped a twenty to take the packages from my back seat to Kim’s destination.

She carried her white plastic bag.

Escorting her through the entry hall, her eyes wide and her mouth hanging open, caused by the sheer size of the edifice… I led her to a bank of elevators, one of which took us to the tenth floor of the building. When the doors opened, she found herself looking at the entrance to, “The Grand Pequot Spa,” another sight that left her speechless.

Not waiting for her to ask a question, although the amazement of her situation probably would have prevented that, I guided her to the reception desk and asked for “Gwen.” A moment later an exquisite young oriental girl stepped through a side door and greeted us. First, she bowed to me and then turning, smiling the whole time, she held her hand out and introduced herself to Kim.

Turning back to me, and adding a nod, Gwen said, “She is even more beautiful than you described. When I return her to you, she will be relaxed and ready for whatever plans you have for the rest of the evening.”

“Thank you, Gwen,” I replied, “I would never think otherwise. But please remember we have an 8:30 dinner reservation.”

“I will present her at 8:00,” with another bow.

Gwen took Kim’s hand… but in a moment of doubt, more panic, Kim excused herself… walked over to me and asked, “What are you doing to me?”

Stifling a laugh, I told her, “You are going to have a spa treatment and then you and I are going to have dinner. In between, I’m going to be playing Blackjack and, hopefully, I’ll win enough money to pay for your adult experience.”


Nodding towards Gwen, I told Kim, “Go with her and enjoy yourself. Right now, there are a thousand women on this reservation, who would gladly give up their first born for the spa treatment you are about to receive. I’ll see you at 8:00 and you can tell me if I wasted your time and my money.

Kissing her on the nose, I turned her and gave her a little push towards Gwen.

They both waved as the elevator doors closed.

The call came from Gwen at 7:50, the Pit Boss handing me the phone. Gwen knew where I was sitting because the computer told her everything.

“She’s ready and I’ll have her to you in a few minutes,” Gwen informed me, before adding, “… but she thinks she has a problem.”

“She does?” I asked, “and what would that be?”

Gwen giggled, “She told me how old she is and that she doesn’t have a fake ID.”

“And will that be a problem?

“No sir…” she answered, “no one will question her age.”

“Then she doesn’t have a problem. How did she enjoy the experience?” I enquired.

“I think you will be the judge of that,” she answered,

“And the tip?”

“More than generous.”

Then I’ll see you in a few minutes,” as I hung up.

Earlier, I’d been down the cost of the spa… more like three trips to the Spa, but I’d made a comeback.

I’d chosen this table because it was close to a side entrance from the corridor where the elevators were located. I knew that Gwen would want to bring Kim directly to me with a minimum of exposure. Because of that, I was watching the door and paying scant attention to my cards.

I won three straight hands, now up enough to pay the cost of that day’s visit to the spa. Since I’d already paid for the treatment with, “Comp Points,” the money I was now playing with should have covered that.

I saw Gwen peek in the door, so I waved. A huge smile lit up her face. Before I had a chance to ask the dealer to deal me out… the two girls walked into the room.

The game stopped on its own.

Gwen had changed out of her Esthetician coat and pants and into a strapless red dress that accentuated her pale complexion, jet black hair and lovely figure. Had she been standing next to anyone else… she would have been considered the most attractive woman in the building.


I could barely take a breath.

Gwen had overseen a shower, then a sauna. That was followed by a dip in the hot tub… cucumber slices to reduce any puffiness around the eyes that might have resulted. From there a full body massage and then a body wash administered by Gwen herself, along with another something, “… that you might discover later.” A facial… then hair and make-up sessions finished off the appointment.

Gwen then narrated what had happened after that…

“Wearing a robe and looking at herself in the three-way innovia escort mirror… she suddenly remembered that she’d only brought a pair of shoes. The panic in her eyes made me smile, which was when I handed her the small bag that the parking lot attendant had delivered.”

Kim kept whispering, “Stop…. You’re embarrassing me!”

Ignoring her, Gwen continued, “Inside she found the heavy, gold colored, bracelet,” which she pointed to on Kim’s wrist, “and the note you’d written, “Did you bring the right colored shoes?”

Now smiling, she said, “Kim looked confused, so I opened the closet and handed her the bag with the shoes that she’d carried into the spa.

Opening it, she took out the red, patent leather, 6″ high heels that she’d chosen and asked, “This is all I’m supposed to wear?”

Giggling, Gwen answered, “No baby… this is what you’re supposed to wear, and I handed her the garment bag, the second half of what you’d sent up with the parking attendant.”

It was the dress that Kat, at “2Hot4U,” had picked out for Kim, whom she’d known nothing about… until cornering me in the shop. I’d only seen it briefly, before she’d put it into the garment bag.

A white mini dress… backless with strings that held it up by tying behind her neck, it had a “V” front that was both wide and deep, but neither wide nor deep enough to be scandalous. It was made of a soft stretchy material that clung to her curves… showing off just enough to be titillating.

And with the red shoes…!

They walked to the table, every eye in the room on them, Gwen holding out Kim’s hand for me to accept.

I stood and accepted the offered hand, taking in the vision before me.

“Well…?” Gwen asked, with a twinkle in her eye.

“Awesome!” the old guy sitting next to me offered.

That immediately broke the spell, everyone laughing, the dealer asking, “Are we ready?”

He dealt me out.

Now… her smile from ear to ear… Kim repeated Gwen’s question, “Well?”

I couldn’t help myself… “Nice shoes.”

Even the Pit Boss looked…!

“That’s it…” a hint of bewilderment in her voice, “… nice shoes!”

I sat back down at the table, but only after tipping Gwen with a $100 black chip and promising to bring Kim back for another Spa treatment.

Kim was standing between my legs, as I sat sideways in my seat, my right arm around her waist.

“No that’s not it,” I said, giving her a light kiss on the lips, “I’m not left speechless often… but you… you take my breath way. I don’t know what else to say, other than, “Was it worth it?”

She laughed, returning the kiss…, “You told me that there’d be women here that would give up their first born for the experience I was about to get in the Spa. Well… I can now include my mother in that group because I’m her first born.”

Little did she know!”

I played a few more hands, Kim asking me about the game. “You mean like you can play on the computer?” when I reminded her I was playing Blackjack.

“Shitload more expensive,” the old guy interjected, his eyes having not yet fallen to her, “shoes,” as he was unable to get past her ass.

That led to an explanation of the value of the various colored chips on the table and in the dealer’s rack. She was shocked at the amount of black chips being bet on every hand.

Then came the moment she’d been dreading since she learned of my, “adult,” plans… “Would you like something to drink?”

The drink waitress was standing behind her, Kim having not seen her approach.

Her eyes wide… she looked at me. Foremost in her mind, I was sure, the thought… “I’m about to get thrown out of here!”

“A glass of champagne for the young lady,” I said, dropping a green $25 chip on her tray.

“Thank you… and something for you sir?”

Emboldened because she hadn’t been challenged, Kim turned and said, “Grey Goose and tonic, slice of lime for the gentleman,” as she took another green chip from the stack in front of me, dropping it next to the other one on the tray.

A nice smile and another, “Thank you,” from the waitress.

When Kim turned back to me and found a perplexed look on my face, she gave me a beautiful smile and said, “Professional courtesy.”

What could I say?

I played for another 15 minutes, Kim hanging on my shoulder, watching me play but never questioning anything I did. Finally done, I cashed out, the dealer separating the chips for me and putting them in a rack, I pointed at the Cashier’s Cage… and asked Kim to turn them in.

“How much is here?” she asked.

“Count them,” as I turned away and went to the Men’s Room.

When I returned, she was standing with the old guy who’d been sitting next to me. “Are you crazy,” he snarled at me, before adding a wink, “You leave this beautiful girl standing all alone… holding a handful of cash! I hadn’t come along… she might have been robbed… kidnapped… or even worse!”

Feigning concern, I asked Kim, “Did anyone approach you, or make you feel threatened in any way?”

“No…” she answered, “other than him,” nodding at her protector.

“Well there you go. If he hadn’t come along… God knows what might have happened to you.”

Smiling, she turned and gave him a kiss on the cheek, before saying “Thank you.”

He was still blushing as we said, “Good night,” and I took her arm, leading her towards the restaurant.

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