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Group Sex

Subject: “Shower Equipment” Chapter 9 GAY/ENCOUNTERS “Shower Equipment”by Mike hoo Dear Readers: Please donate to fty. Their efforts bring us a lot of enjoyment. You can read donation gift details elsewhere on the fty site. Also, if you enjoy or dislike a story, please take a moment to let the author know your impression. IX. The sun was setting Saturday, sliding ever lower into the Pacific. Our guests seemed to acknowledge the time of day and be rejuvenated by it. Breezes broke the palm fronds apart and the rush of those fronds, coupled with the surf and gull squawks were tropical and comforting. Rodrigo and the two older nephews (Jose and Guillermo) built a cook-out fire in the huge fire pit off the patio. Frozen margaritas and an array of fruit and colorful drinks were prepped and ready for the guests to enjoy. Music framed the background of the patio’s free-wheeling spirit. Some guys chose to dance, while others cheered them on and still more sat quietly, observing. Jack and Dean were dancers and when a cha cha came on the sound system, were up and into it. They were stars of the dance floor for the cha cha and earned rave applause for their performance. This was the final night for Steve, Pavel and Serge to be together. The Canadians had a Sunday afternoon flight and Steve would drive them to the airport vs getting an expensive taxi or Uber. They became good friends in only a few days and agreed to visit again soon. A 90s dance tune came on and the three were up on the patio dance floor, joined by 4 other couples and as soon as the next song played, a conga line formed and all made their way around the patio and across the pool bridge before returning to their tables. Twinkle lights atop the patio added sparkle to the cook-out. The staff was already hard at the meal prep and cooking on the pit, underway. The Dans had a spat over something, perhaps the color shirts they were going to wear. Brad and Mark were also treading in troubled waters. Both couples would arrive late to the cook-out and not be happy with anything. Both couples announced they’d decided to check-out early and leave Sunday morning. Mark would later, move into the room with the Dans after the cook-out ruckus. By Sunday morning, Brad had decided to pay the airfare and Uber ride for the Dans and Mark and get them out of his hair, and he’d remain to entertain the twins. In fact, Brad would eventually extend his stay by a week, and pay Mark to move out of their condo. The tension was thick, but the rest of The Group were undisturbed and on Sunday, Mark and the Dans met their Uber driver at 9am for their ride to the Cabo airport and return to the states. Mark paraded around as the scorned woman. The Dans were equally snippy to one another. After the trip and move out, none of The Group heard from or about the bitter trio again. But I digress and let’s get back to the Saturday night cook-out. The meal was rustic but incredible and more than ample. The music punctuated the space and camaraderie and added kurtköy escort a bit of sexiness to the now darkened night sky. Stars twinkled, literally in the clear cool night. The moon climbed up the eastern ridge of distant mountains, adding a soft lunar glow over the The Inn’s revelers. Our Juan and Pablo were getting loaded. Once the snippy trio made their exit and combined rooms, shots were flowing among all the remaining Group members as toasts and cheers, celebrated the end of another fun day. Juan and Pablo excused themselves and headed for our room. Tom and I weren’t the least bit interested in leaving the party. Soon though, Mitch, Todd, Diego and Rafael made their polite if tipsy exit. Within the hour, Ben, Barry, Juan and Pablo (1) also made off to their planned fuck frenzy. The BDSM foursome would fade, setting off for an episode of beach breeding at the surf’s edge, before returning to room 4 and their Dom/Sub entertainment. Jake later told Tom they enjoyed an awesome BDSM orgy video and wondered if we might join them at some point once back home? As Jack and Dean and Ben and Zack were leaving the patio, giving good night hugs, Steve, Pavel and Serge stood, bid their compliments to the staff and thanks to the remaining guests, then made their way to room 10 and final night of fuck and suckfesting. We’d later see Ben and Zack taking a lone walk on the beach, holding hands and being much more relaxed, easy going and in love. It seems the trip had been a renewal for the pair and just what they needed. I noticed some alarm expressed by Jose to Rodrigo, and then a noted absence- Guillermo. The event had dwindled to just Tom and me. The staff was already cleaning up. Tom urged me to leave and go back to the room. We did and walked in to find, Juan on his back, Guillermo riding the long veiny dick and Pablo slamfucking Guillermo from behind. The trio had disappeared and we later learned they’d already fucked him twice when we arrived. The scene was so hot and Guillermo was begging for more from the Latin topmen. Tom and I sat back, watched the live porn scene play out and jacked off intensely. Every muscle of Guillermo’s torso was strained and throbbing hard. As each top piston fucked the Latin surfer boy, he moaned for more. Suddenly Juan began shooting in the surfer’s hole, followed by Pablo, me and Tom then lastly the surfer dick erupted across Juan’s abs and chest, before he collapsed and eased off the Latin bull dicks in him. His hole gaped widely and dripped their cum. They headed for a shower and the tops took turn kissing Guillermo deeply beneath the hot shower spray. The boy dressed and disappeared to help the other staffers finish their clean-up. Juan and Pablo suggested he’d get fucked by Jose and Rodrigo after the clean-up was completed. We four eased into a sound night’s sleep. Sunday breakfast arrived and was just as expansive. The 4 beach bikers were off on their repeat rides. The Dans and Mark appeared about 7:30, grabbed a bite; thanked the aydıntepe escort staff and as Tom and I entered the patio buffet, made a token thank you then left to collect their luggage and have it at the front, ready for the Uber driver. Brad came downstairs with the twins in tow, handed two envelopes to Jim, one each for the Dans and Mark, then led the twins to the breakfast buffet. Soon the rest of the Group arrived, some saying their good byes to the sad trio as they piled into the Uber car and made their way up the rustic road to the main highway and on to Cabo and flight back to the states. The rest, well almost all of the huddled masses, appeared rested and relaxed, regardless of their post cook-out events. As breakfast ended the bikers returned and dove head in to the pool for a cool down and splash fest. It was great seeing Jack and Dean having fun as well as Ben and Zack, being almost playful with each other and the retired couple as well. Their new friendship was building. The BDSM foursome were the only ones who showed their evening activities had taken a toll. All had puffy faces, bloodshot eyes and some achiness as they walked or moved about. I chuckled. Tom punched my arm and shook his head no. I chuckled again and finished my juice and coffee. Steve, Pavel and Serge disappeared, returning in about 15 minutes with the Canadians’ luggage and purchases. We all shared hugs, greetings and hopes for another visit soon. They encouraged us to visit them in Canada, then loaded Steve’s SUV rental and made their way to the Cabo airport for their early afternoon flight. In only a few hours, we’d lost 5 of our Group. I was swimming, Tom was reading, Bean and Barry and the first J then disappeared. A self-service Lunch would be set out at 1, with the mega dinner at 7. Most enjoyed the pool, bikes, surfing, Pacific swims or last minute trips into the market at Todos or as Ben, Barry, Juan, Pablo (1), Mitch, Todd, Diego, Rafael, me, Tom, Juan and Pablo (2) did, convene at Prinz’s for in-town drinks and more drinks. The afternoon eased away, naps and more casual sex were had, we townies returned more than a bit drunk about 5, affording time to sober up some, shower, maybe have a fast fuck and/or suck then show up for the dinner at 7. Jim tried to spend some time with each room holder, covering their tabs-to-date and the check-out arrangements he’d devised for The Inn and rental car returns. It all seemed just too simple to me and I was delighted to find that his plan worked, on Monday. The dinner service was underway. Guillermo paid particular attention to Steve, who later filled me in on the details of the hot surfer boy fuck session and shower fuck and later the SUV beach fuck. Steve spared no details and I was enthralled. I wanted a go at that surfer tail but knew he preferred bigger dicks and more masculine top men than I could deliver. Still, getting the details from Steve, after seeing Guillermo in action with Juan and Pablo, left nothing absent or to the imagination. tuzla içmeler escort I then shared it with Tom, J and P(2). Pablo made his usual air pumping hip thrusts and grinned. About 6:45, most of the guests began arriving for dinner. Drinks were being served as our contingent arrived. Our asses were sore as fuckholes could get, from the mighty pounding J made my way to the patio area for some coffee and juice, then possibly a light breakfast. Others slowly appeared, each looking like the last rose of Summer. I didn’t want to think or speak, just be left alone in my misery. The sunglasses shielded me from that fucking sun, that while still far to the east just over the mountains, still pasted bright light across the skies over the Pacific and The Inn’s patio. Just too bright, I thought and considered going back to the room or bed at least and then figured I’d have to put out if I did; so I sat there immobilized in silence and gripping the mug of coffee with both hands. Jim approached me to hold a serious conversation. All I could do was raise my hand to him and shake my head no, uttering “maybe later please”. He smiled and left me in pain and silence. I couldn’t recall drinking all that I must have, given my pain-wracked head. It was then that I was greeted by the beach bike 4some, who I shook my head NO to as well. They laughed at me and disappeared. Rodrigo brought me some concoction to drink “si Senor, will help make your head well, Senor” he offered and set the glass of something clear down in front of me. “Down the hatch, one gulp” he urged me. I thought I couldn’t feel any worse so I followed his guidance and took it down the hatch in one gulp. My head seemed to explode but then I started seeing clearly, my head stopped spinning and the hurt ceased. It was Rodrigo’s magic elixir. What could it have been? But, within 10 minutes of downing it, I felt human again. The remains of the Group arrived for repeat or new breakfast fare, chatter, recounts of the weekend escape to The Inn, began settling up our tabs, except Brad who’d decided to extend his stay by 4 more days. I returned to the room, tossed my bag of goodies together, secured my purchases, as the rest of us except Brad, were doing. Our flight was at 1 and we had the drive and rental returns, check-in and boarding so we planned to leave The Inn by 10:30. We waved our good byes to Brad, the Staff and nephews, made our way up the same rustic road to the main highway; down to the rental place at the airport and got a shuttle to the terminal. We began boarding, oddly getting the same seats we’d booked en route to Cabo this past Thursday. By 1:15 we were backing away from the gate in the intense Cabo sun. The long taxi time out to the runway was full of starts and stops, as other departures and landings occurred before us. Finally the chimes sounded, the pilot directed flight attendants to take their seats, the Alaska Airlines jet pivoted at the end of the runway and jet thrust pushed us back in our seats a bit as we raced faster and faster down the runway. I recalled thinking, V, V1 and we rotated nose up and lifted off the tarmac V2, then falling asleep for the return flight to LAX. What a weekend!!! I can’t wait to do it again. THANKS THE END……….

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