25 Ocak 2023

Sibling Bonding Vol. 01


Sibling Bonding Volume 1, Chapter 1 – Taking a chance.

Written by HumbleHeretic

“Haaah, haaah…”

A room where the curtains were closed despite it being broad daylight, whether to block out the sunlight or the view of peering eyes was uncertain. The air inside was slightly musty, the furnishings were sparce, and while not totally messy, there was a great deal of disorganisation that had developed since the room was last cleaned a month prior. Thus was the natural habitat of the single, young adult male. And within this habitat was the hushed sighing of the only inhabitant, having just done the daily deed.


Jacob lay in his bed staring at the ceiling with one hand in his pants and the other grasping a crumpled up tissue. It was at this moment that the shame slowly started creeping up on him, however like most of his generation, this pitiful bit of shame could no longer faze his iron will that was forged through many years of almost daily masturbation.

But recently, there was something mixed into the shame that often managed to slip through, guilt. This feeling that had been gnawing on Jacob’s psyche lately had to do with the image currently displayed on the screen of his laptop.

There was a figure laying down on their stomach across a couch. The Image was taken at an angle that provided a full upskirt view of the female figure, in other words it was a peep shot.

The person in the photo wasn’t human either. She had short, cream colour fur with patches of platinum white covering most of her body, from the tips of her pointed ears all the way down to her large, jet-black hooves. The glossy fur that dazzled in the sunlight especially accentuated her large, rounded and perky butt that was supported by her plump, meaty thighs and juicy calves.

The various curves that undulated on the Horse anthromorph’s lower body alone was enough to tantalise any man, especially a hardcore furry such as Jacob.

But then, jerking off to furries wasn’t really anything to be so hung up over, especially in the current day and age. What nagged and Jacob was something else entirely.

After having cooled down from the act, Jacob was now washing his hands in the bathroom sink. He was vacantly staring at the mirror over the basin, wondering if he should take an early bath while he was at it, when the door of the bathroom suddenly swung open. There was no knocking on the door of the shared bathroom, the other party simply strode right in, revealing her large, glorious frame that was coated in light cream fur. A thick mane of long, platinum-blonde hair draped down her slightly elongated face where sat a pair of large, frost-blue eyes shaded under long black eyelashes. In case her features sounded familiar, that’s because the anthromorph who’d just nonchalantly waltzed into the occupied bathroom was the very same one from the photo Jacob had been beating his meat to earlier!

Her name was Shay, a Gypsy anthromorph that had been living with Jacob ever since his single mother had remarried a few months ago.

This was the cause of Jacob’s guilt, all this time he’d been jerking off to a picture of his own step-sister, a picture he had secretly snapped on his phone while she was asleep in their living room!

Ever since the Splice, the inhabitants of Earth had grown more deviant in nature, now the furry genre often dominated the top of the charts in various search analytics.

Even Jacob’s mother who was unmarried for several years and was a strong advocate for female independence was now married to Shay’s father who was also a purebred Horse anthro.

None of these reasonings made what Jacob was doing feel any less wrong though.


A light greeting was all that Shay offered as she went about her own business.

Jacob could barely utter a grunt in response, he simply stood there, gawking like an idiot at his furry step-sibling.

The anthro was a whole head taller than him, her body was really well-toned while being plump and curvy in all the right places. She wore only black lace underwear and a large tee-shirt that clearly showed off her perky breasts. While slightly modest by horse anthro standards, they were fairly large by human standards, and Jacob himself was a rather observant human.

His gaze crawled down her back that was facing towards him and stopped on her butt that was the epitome of perfection. One could only imagine the springiness of the large, round cheeks that were like swollen peaches. As his gaze was locked onto her ass, Jacob suddenly saw her reach under her tee-shirt and grab onto her panties before pulling them down with no hesitation whatsoever!

As if he wasn’t standing right behind her, Shay casually stripped herself of her sparse garments, seemingly intent on taking a shower.

Jacob’s presence never seemed to bother her as she would often walk about the house half naked or without a bra as long as there were no guests over. And of course, Jacob was often agitated as a result, to kocaeli escort the point that he now used her image as fap material.

The young man unconsciously tried to get a better look of her as she stripped, however it was unfortunate that all of the important bits were obscured by her long bushy tail that cascaded over her backside. There were days when she would braid her tail but Jacob could only lament that today wasn’t one of those days. Well. at least he got a good look of her inverted nipples before she stepped into the shower.

In the end, Jacob was left standing there all hot and bothered after perving over his own step-sister. As the sound of water spraying from the shower played out, Jacob turned to leave the bathroom but soon came to a halt. His gaze landed on the hamper where Shay had left her used tee-shirt and underwear, the freshy-worn black panties were lying at the top of the pile.

Maybe his mind was still clouded from jacking off earlier followed by the tantalizing display he’d just witnessed; Jacob had the urge to do something that he knew in the back of his mind that he’d most likely regret later.

Fear, guilt, shame, in the end none of these things managed to break through to him in his aroused state and in the end, the young man left the washroom in a hurry, the panties once sitting on the pile of clothes now nowhere to be seen.



Jacob’s lungs went into overdrive as one of his hands pumped furiously at his shaft. The other was holding a pair of equine-sized underwear to his face. This was a sight no-one wanted to see; a young man alone in his dark room, furiously jerking off for the second time that morning, all while desperately inhaling the scent of recently worn panties. What was even more shameful was that the underwear belonged to one of his own family members, but Jacob didn’t care about any of that at the moment.

All he could think about was the large ass that had worked the slightly eggy scent into the panties he was currently huffing.

The smell of ass was intense, but this only made the experience all the more stimulating. He imagined Shay’s fat buttcheeks swallowing his face as she sat upon him like a queen on her throne.

This being the first time he’d ever done something like this, Jacob didn’t last too long before he was firing his load, the fap so good that he couldn’t even be bothered to prevent the cum from staining his bedsheets.

In the end he lay flat of his back, sweaty and gasping for breath. It would be a lie to say that he didn’t feel greatly ashamed of himself at this moment of post-nut clarity, however the lust well overcame this feeling and Jacob simply lay there, marinating in the feeling of deviance that came from crossing a line he shouldn’t have.

The warm panties were still firmly grasped in his hand. As he laid there, he figured to himself that, since he’d already crossed the line and done it once, doing it again wouldn’t hurt right? Jacob gained affirmation in the form of his spent member slowly springing back to life.


“Okay…that should be good…”

Jacob whispered to himself while slowly stepping away from the dirty clothes hamper in the bathroom.

The black panties had returned to their former position, or at least that was what Jacob hoped, but then Shay had probably never even noticed it was gone anyway. This is what the young man kept telling himself as he left the bathroom while closing the door as quietly as he could.

In the end, Jacob had ended up beating off for the third time in a row before finally deciding that enough was enough. After some initial clean-up, he had sneaked out of his room after finding that the coast was clear, and sneakily placed the panties back on top the hamper.

It was a pity, but he knew that it would spell trouble if he’d kept the underwear and try to make Shay and his parents believe that they had gone missing. Who was there inside the house to take them besides him? In the end he was thankful that he’d come to his senses soon enough to dodge a massive bullet.

Jacob was making his way past the living room when he suddenly almost missed a step. The boy was frozen stiff as he looked at the furry back of his step-sister sitting on the couch in the living room. She hadn’t been there when he snuck out of his room earlier. But then again, this was her house as much as it was his so it really wasn’t strange for her to suddenly appear. Jacob let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding and went to continue on to his room.

Just the sight of the equine caused memories of what he’d just done to resurface, and more than the shame, the lust was threatening to rise back up as his member slowly stiffened. He decided it was best to avoid her for a while before things got awkward, but unfortunately it seems like karma was about to start catching up to him.

“Hey bro…can you come check this out real quick?”

At the sound of Shay’s voice calling out to him, Jacob stiffened up once more. There were two kocaeli escort bayan things that caused him to react this way, first was the fact that she seemed to have discovered him lurking behind her at some point. Second was the fact that she actually called him “bro”.

In all of their time living together, not once had the Gypsy referred to him in such a way before, it was always either “hey” or “you” or “Jacob”. Something that should make him joyous actually now filled Jacob with dread, he had a slight inkling towards Shay’s personality and so he started having a really bad premonition considering all the messed up things he’d been doing just recently.

“Hey bro? Did you hear me? Come check this out?”

Through her further urging, Jacob could only silently comply and started walking over to the couch where the Gypsy was seated. As he got closer, Jacob’s heartrate kept accelerating to where it felt like his heart would burst from his chest. It wasn’t clear whether it was due to fear or nervousness from being so close to the subject of his desires, however when he saw what the equine wanted to show him, fear won out in the end.

In her hands was her mobile phone, and on the screen there was a video being played. The Gypsy tossed a glance over her shoulder to Jacob as his eyes dilated, his face warped in panic as e result of what he was seeing.

The camera was pointed towards a dirty clothes hamper that look eerily similar to the one in their bathroom. As the video progressed, a young man was suddenly seen snatching an article of clothing from the hamper before scampering off like a goblin. Some time passed before a horse anthro soon steeped out of the shower that was in view of the recording. The anthro walked over, took up the device that was recording, and flashed a toothy grin right at the camera before the video cut out.

Silence descended upon the living room, lasting a good little while before it was broken by the sound of Shay raising her doughy caboose from the sunken couch cushions.

“Hmm, I wonder how people would react if they were to see this video. What do you think, bro?”

Shay didn’t wait for a response and instead waltzed right into her own room, her hooves clopping against the hardwood floor while the phone was waved around in her hand in a taunting manner. Minutes after the sound of her room door closing, Jacob still remained standing there in the living room, completely unmoving.


Jacob stood before the door of Shay’s room, dreading the interaction that was about to take place.

He was slightly groggy and there were dark circles under his eyes. After the way things had turned out yesterday, his mind had become dominated by fear and anxiety to the point that he couldn’t sleep a wink. From the moment that his parents had gotten home the previous night, every second was like lying next to a ticking time bomb that he had no idea when it would suddenly explode.

Unexpectedly, there were no untoward developments that took place last night and the night progressed normally all up until everyone had fallen asleep, everyone except for him of course. Seeing as how his parents had left for work in the morning without an issue, Jacob decided to get ahead of things and make an attempt to salvage the situation as best he could before anything unfortunate were to happen. Thus, he now stood in front of Shay’s bedroom door, constantly going over the scenario in his head and fighting off the hesitation until he finally made up his mind and knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

As soon as his knuckles first impacted the door, Shay’s voice sounded from within the room as if waiting for that moment. This reaction caused Jacob’s anxiety to increase as it seemed like the Equine had been waiting for him, as if she had plans for him after yesterday’s blunder. He tried to put all the bad thoughts to the back of his mind as he nervously opened the door and walked inside.

The rare sight of the Gypsy’s room that he hardly ever entered…was definitely not what caught his attention.

Barely half a second after walking through the door, Jacob’s eyes were immediately attracted to and firmly locked onto the figure of his pony step sister.

Even after so much time of secretly lusting over her figure, her current state was one in which Jacob had never seen her before, and the sight left him stunned.

The Equine was lying on her back on her king sized mattress while chatting on her phone, a regular sight if not for the fact that she was completely naked from the waist down!

Her tail was off to the side and her massive furry legs were casually spread apart to reveal her bare privates. As one could imagine, she did in fact have horse-like lady parts, except they were hidden behind a dark brown nutsack housing a pair of testes each the size of ripened breadfruits! The set of balls came complete with a sheath, within which was tucked away a monstrous member of unknown size and mass. Jacob knew that his step-sister, like many if not all anthros, possessed izmit escort both male and female parts. However, even with how lax she was with her appearance around him, this was the first time he was actually getting a look at her astounding package, and it was currently laid fully bare right before his eyes!

The young man couldn’t help but gulp, all the words he’d been prepared to say disappearing down his parched throat together with his saliva.

It wasn’t until Shay spoke up that his stupefaction came to an end.

“Why are you just standing there? Close the door.”

Jacob was jolted awake and quickly wiped the drool from his mouth before turning back around and hurriedly closing the door. He spent some time blankly staring at the wood grain of the door while trying to calm his agitation and work up the courage to face what he must. He took a deep breath in and exhaled before finally turning back around, however before he could get even a word out, he was interrupted once again.

“Get over here and lick ’em.”

Jacob’s thinking halted and he almost choked from the totally unexpected words.

What did she just say?

As he blanked out, the Gypsy finally looked away from her phone after not getting a response for a short while.

“Didn’t you hear me? My balls, get over here a start licking ’em.”

She clarified, making Jacob realised that he really hadn’t misheard.

“N-no but, I mean…wha-“

“No? Oh, well I guess you don’t mind if people see that video then.”

Shay took his stuttering as refusal and it was what she said next that made Jacob realise what was going on and what position he was now in. It was also at this moment that he realised that the Gypsy’s outlandish request was in fact not a request but rather an order, an order that could spell dire consequences should he refuse!

Jacob’s mind was in complete disarray, unfortunately he was given no time digest the situation as the Equine began tapping away at her phone! Whatever was to happen, he at least needed to appease her in this moment before she had time to do something that could ruin his social life!



Shay paused the movement of her pudgy fingers and waited for what Jacob would say next.

“…I…I’ll do it.”

“What was that? You’re gonna have to speak up a bit.”

“I said I’ll do it!”

It took all of his willpower for Jacob to utter those words, but unfortunately Shay wasn’t that easy.

“Do what?”


“I’m asking what you’re gonna do?”

“But, y-you said…your.”

“Can’t remember, maybe you can spell it out for me?”

Jacob realised what she was doing and couldn’t help but think that this furry step sister of his probably had a personality worse that he’d thought all this time. Unfortunately, he was now in a position where he had no choice but to play along to her whims.

“-ick your balls.”

“What was that? Couldn’t quite hear you.”

“Your balls.”

“What about my balls?”

“I’ll lick them, I’ll lick your balls!”

Jacob’s face was on fire as he yelled this. He would probably die of embarrassment if there was anybody home besides just the two of them. He could only hope and pray that the neighbours hadn’t heard what he’d just loudly proclaimed!

“Wow, you’re coming on really strong bro. Lick my balls, are you sure you really wanna do that? I haven’t taken a bath since yesterday, you know?”

As she said this, Jacob now noticed that the loose t-shirt she was wearing was in fact the same one she had on when she’d gotten out of the shower the morning prior.

“I was gonna invite you out on a run yesterday but you were holed up in your room so I ended up going by myself. By the time I got home, I was so exhausted that I didn’t even shower before hitting the hay. But I mean, if you really insist, I guess I could let you spit-shine my sweaty nuts. They might be just a tad bit grimy though, but you don’t mind, right bro?”

The Gypsy looked at Jacob with an expression as if resigned to let him do what he wanted and he couldn’t help but shudder inside, thinking about the fine mess he’d now gotten himself into. Regardless of his thoughts though, nothing about the situation had changed and his fate was now out of his hands and in the furry clutches of the seemingly sadistic Equine. In the end, he gave the only answer he was allowed to give.

“No…I don’t mind.”

This answer was squeezed out much to his stepsister’s satisfaction.

“That’s great, you can go ahead and get started then.”

She then spread her legs further to reveal the full form and size of her bloated cum factories, and Jacob could only walk over to the bed in resignation and trepidation, ready to offer the best service he could as a means to keep his social life intact.

Chapter 2 – Acquired tastes.

Stepsiblings getting freaky with each other, this was a scenario that would have crossed most people’s minds, even the minds of those less deviant, at least once. The wrongful encounter between two parties who are supposed to be family but treat each other like far more, whether out of a desire for romantic entanglement or twisted pleasure. It was a common fantasy shared by many, whether or not most people cared to admit it.

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