26 Mart 2022

Silent night


Silent nightIt was dark in my room and the only light was from the hall that my door allowed through. I was home alone and hot, with slow hesitation I grabbed my breast. Tugging and pulling till I was dripping from my skirt. Moans increased of pleasure and echoed through the halls. I took the lower edge of my panties and rubbed it up and down against my pink pussy. So sensitive it won’t stop quivering. I quickly remove my skirt and bra to suck on my tit as my hand continues to fondle. A silent yelp lets out and I curl my toes. It tingles and I feel pleasure. The light from the hall got dark and I quickly look up to see my male roommate stunned. As he turned bright red, I could see his penis erect through his pants. Grinning with delight, I seductively move to the edge of the bed. I walk toward him with only my dripping panties yeşilhisar escort and the spit soaked hard nipples. He moves up against the door frame nervous and in a shaky tone he asks “wha.. what… Are you doing?” Horny and needy I grab the edges of his jacket and slowly kiss him. I feel his body let go. He moves his body toward mine and I feel his heart race and his boner pressed against me. He reached down and grabbed my ass firmly and picked me up. My legs wrapped around his waist I help him undress. We get his shirt off and he sucks on my tits as I look at the ceiling I’m getting aroused again. He throws me on the bed as he takes of his pants and gets on top of me. He dry humps me, kisses my neck, and plays with my boobs. I’m so wet, I want him inside of me. I can feel his dick get harder and harder. Impatient, I pull in closer and beg him to put it in. He takes away my panties, with one hand on my thigh, and one on his dick. He teases me, rubbing his tip against my clit. I whimper and grab my breast. My eyes look down as he slides in. I feel him, oh god I feel him. His dick throbbing as he pushes in. He grabs both of my thighs and begins to thrust. “YES” “FUCK” “THERE THERE” I’ve become his fucking doll. He flips me over and slides back in. The springs of the bed rock in a rhythm as he fucks me harder. “You’re so fucking wet” he says. I smile with my face down biting on the pillow. “You filthy bitch” he grunts. He flips me over, with my leg over his shoulder, and his hand round my neck. My breast bounce and his dick is so big. I keep moaning louder and louder. “Ssshhhiitt” “oh fuck my tight pussy harder.” As he looks at me he grabs my face and kisses it, he proceeds to move down to my pussy. He starts to play with my clit and tongues me down. “Fuck, that’s it” I grab the back of his head and push down in between my legs. “I’m getting close!!” I scream. He doesn’t slow down. I keep moaning and moaning till “FUCK” I hit my orgasm and shook with satisfaction. “Now to finish you off” I get off the bed and suck his dick. His penis, so hard, I kept choking on it. He grabbed the back of my head and helped me bob on his dick. “I want your cum” as I jerked his cock. Licking and stroking it. I could tell he was getting close. I said, “where do you want to cum baby? On my tits?” Quivering he said “y.. Yeah” he took his dick and pumped it till he nutted all over my naked body. His cum dripping down my tits, I run my finger up my cleavage and taste it. I looked up at him and said,” you dirty, dirty boy. We should do this again soon”

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