18 Mart 2023



“Who is that?” John asked the man standing next to him as he nodded over towards the tall smart suited girl.

“You mean Victoria?”

“Yes, the one with the short fair hair and the cigar!”

“You’d have to be very desperate to bother with her, she only likes girls.”

John slowly sipped his beer and looked across the smoke filled room at the girl called Victoria as she chatted to a pretty young thing in a very short skirt and flimsy blouse. She was indeed dressed up as the archetypal lesbian. Nice grey suit, white shirt and even wearing a tie, but something about her caught his imagination and he found himself just a bit fascinated by this woman dressed as a man. Do lesbians really dress like that, he wondered or is that just how they dress in the movies? She did really look as if she had just stepped out of a nineteen twenties novel, all Virginia Wolf and the Bloomsbury Set.

“You really would be wasting your time John, believe me, she only has eyes for that girl.” his companion warned him sternly.

“Want to bet on it Sam?” John held out his open hand.

“Oh yes indeed. I’ll have a fiver that says you don’t even get a finger in her pie let alone fuck her.”

John shook his hand and told him, “You’re on Sam.”

“That, John, has to be the easiest fiver I’ve made all day.”

“You may be right there but I’ll see you later and tell all.”

John walked slowly through the dancing couples and towards the cigar puffing Victoria. He had no plan and was just going to play it by ear and see what happened. This was going to be quite a challenge, and as she glanced up at him before he could utter a word he felt a dagger smite him stone dead. If looks could kill he was already dead, and had started to decompose and was already stinking the place out. He quickly turned to look away, and carried on past the woman and her little friend, but managing to stand on her foot as he lumbered past.

“You great clumsy Bastard!” she spat out at him as she jumped in some pain from John’s large boot coming down with his fourteen stone of weight behind it onto her smart tan brogues.

“Hell I’m so sorry, I should look where I’m going!”

“Are you blind or something?”

“I am really sorry, but I just caught sight of a girl I use to know and didn’t see you standing there,” he paused and then quizzically added, “smoking a cigar?” John looked down at the long slim cigar in Victoria’s hand.

“Now that has to be something you don’t see every day, a woman who likes a cigar. You are a woman I take it? Only one can never quite tell now a days.”

“Of course I’m a damned woman you cretin! Do I have to show you my tits or something?”

“Hey I believe you Victoria, I believe you.” He held his hands up high in surrender.

“How do you know my name?” She demanded angrily.

“I asked. You see I’ve been watching you, and I’d love to have a chat if we may. Why don’t I get us another drink and we can go out into the garden where we can hear ourselves talk?”

“I’m with someone” she replied like a snake spitting venom.

“Oh I’m sure your little friend here can find something to amuse herself with for half and hour.”

John walked off and went to get them a couple of drinks. Victoria being definitely one of the boys would no doubt, in John’s mind like a glass of beer. He was not at all sure she would follow him into the walled garden at the back of the town house where the party was being given, but he had high hopes. It was an old pleasant Victorian house with an equally pleasant garden full of summer scents and lovely old tress and flowering shrubs. He looked about in the darkness punctuated here and there with little glows from candle lights in jam jars on poles. Couples were sat on the garden seats or laid on the lawn, still warm after kartal escort a hot summer’s day.

“I’m here!” she said very close, making him jump in the darkness.

“And here is a beer for your pain, my dear Victor.” She laughed hesitantly. “My father always called me Victor as he had so desperately wanted a son.”

“And you’ve been playing the boy ever since?”

“Sort of, you know how it is?”

“No, but do tell me anyway.”

She drank from her glass and looking at him closely, went on. “I can shoot like a man, I can fish like a man, I ride a horse like one, in fact there’s nothing I can’t do as well as any man alive.”

“Bet you can’t fuck like one!”

“Ah well,” she paused and chuckled, “there I’d have to dispute that too, cos’ I think I can even do it that better than any man.”

“I mean fucking as in penetration, Victor. A real stiff dickie in a dido kind of a fuck, not some girlie tonguey thing, not some cold lifeless strap on dick. I mean real hot pounding flesh all finished off with lashings of the spunky-do’s. It’s what girls really like, you know?”

“Well this one bloody doesn’t.” she snorted as she drank some more from her glass and then asked him, “Tell me, what the hell is your name anyway?”


“Well John, I’m twenty eight this year and I’m technically still a virgin and will stay one for ever if I have my way. I have no intentions of letting any man stick his dick up me and finish me off with his nasty spunky-do’s.” There was a long silent pause and then they both laughed out loud together.

“Hell Victor, I do like you. You’re quite a spunky girl, that is metaphorically speaking.”

“And I may just be starting to like you just a little bit too John.” She added warmly.

“Why don’t we have a dance?” he volunteered. “Hold me close, and do vertically what you’d like to do to me horizontally?”

“Exactly so, you’ve got it in one, dear boy.”

He led the way back into the house after safely hiding their drinks in the shrubbery. John was not a good dancer, too large and too self conscious for thrashing himself around in public, but he could slow any music down to a comfortable smooch and keep a nice rhythm going between two consenting adults.

She hung onto him like an old long lost friend. Her body heat was burning into him as he moved her slowly around the dance floor. He nuzzled into her neck and planted a kiss on it, and thought she almost gave a little purr of pleasure as she just kept on dancing and feeling hotter and hotter in his arms.

“Do you come here often?” she whispered suddenly feeling in a silly mood.

“Only when I want to do nice things to you!”

“What sort of nice things are those? Not spunky things I hope?”

“No, well not unless you’d like me to, but just nice pleasurable things that would make you feel all good inside, make you purr for me.”

“Make me cum for you, you mean!” She pulled away from him and looked at him at arms length for a few seconds after which she kissed him fully on the lips and said “Come on then!” Leading him back into the garden they collected their glasses of half drunk beer, and then she turned and held something up for him to see. “What is it?”

“A key, it’s a key for the old summer house at the bottom of the garden. Sally gave it to me just in case I wanted to make out with my little friend Joy.” “You know Sal then?” John asked her, peering in the dark at the old metal key in her hand. “We did Art College together and each other too sometimes!” she smirked softly. “She likes me and just wants me to be happy.” The two of them walked down the garden and there by the boundary wall was the old summer house. It hadn’t changed since John had been in it many years kaynarca escort before. Still needing a good lick of paint and it smelt of old sun loungers that needed a good airing in the sun to get that musty smell out of them. Once inside with the door locked behind them, John turned to her and put his arms around her body and pulled the two of them close. She hesitated just for a moment then let him kiss her. Merely a peck on her lips, then she warmed to him and came back for more and her tongue was flickering across his and she had her arms around his neck.

He held her face with both hands and kissed her passionately, suddenly feeling a deep liking for this most interesting woman. He want to win her over completely and share all her joys and secrets. He let a hand slip down over her firm arse and caressed it gently. She didn’t stop him and he wondered how much further he could go before her hand put the brakes on him? Their kissing was now almost out of control and she was all over him. His hand went from her bum to her cunt and still she did not stop him. Now he fumbled with her belt and tried to open the buttons that secured her trousers but she would not stay still long enough and he could not get his hand into her pants. “And what do you think you are doing?” she asked as she broke away from him quite breathless.

“I want to feel you Victor.”

“What you mean John dear, is you want to finger fuck me don’t you?”

“Yes I’d love to, very much,” he whispered sliding his hand over her cunt and rubbing it softly. She just stood there ever so still and now he could undo her trouser buttons and with a wiggle of her delicious bum her trousers fell to her ankles. He was taken back as she had on the silkiest pair of panties he had ever felt in the dark. “Pure silk, don’t you just love the feel of pure silk? French knickers, always make a girl so easy and get-at-able don’t you think John?”

He slipped his hand under the frilly side of her soft knickers, and felt her even softer little fuzz. He stroked it with the back of his hand and then turning his hand over ran a finger up and down her moist slit. She kissed him deeply and groaned as he inserted his middle finger into her cunt and let it go ever deeper into her warm sweet damp. He beckoned her with his finger tip, finding that rough little area on her cunt’s wall that made her gasp and feel she was about to pee all over his hand until it passed and she was cumming like never before in a huge orgasm that made her scream out and quite frightened herself in its intensively, as she trembled over and over in his arms. She gripped his hand and then pulling it away from her dripping cunt held it up to her panting mouth and licked it ever so slowly, before sucking his long middle finger into her mouth and simulating fucking it for him.

John slipped his flies open with his free hand and let his throbbing cock spring out of his pants, then he took her by the hand and led her to feel him too. She tentatively only touched it in the darkness, but then closed her long sensitive fingers around his cock and squeezed it gently till he moaned with pleasure. Now she rubbed it slowly for him, trying to see his face in the dark heat of that summerhouse. Look into his eyes and see if he truly wanted her as much as she suddenly wanted him.

“Would you like me to, Victor?” he whispered to her.

“Oh John, I don’t know, she gasped, “I’m all mixed up. Damn it, you could tempt the devil.” She was rubbing his cock hard and he had his fingers again firmly in her cunt.

“I’m a virgin for God’s sake!”

“Look Darling, I’ll lie on that lounger and you can just take as much of me as you want to. I won’t move an inch and you can just stop when ever you feel you kozyatağı escort want to.” He stripped his clothes right off and lay back on the old sun lounger and after Victoria had slipped her shoes and trousers and silk knickers off .She pulled her tie off too and undid the white shirt she had on to free her small naked breasts, then she straddle the lounger and still not quite sure looked down at him. He held up his arms invitingly towards her and she squatted down till she was right over his cock. There she reached backwards for him and held him so he was just brushing the moist lips of her cunt as she plucked up the courage to impale herself on that throbbing prick. She was panting with both fear and lust. Not wanting to even think of what she was doing but just to feel this stranger she had suddenly unimaginably wanted to be fucked by, deep inside her body.

“Slowly darling” he whispered, “there’s no rush, just ease onto me slowly.” She gasped as the knob of his cock parted her pussy lips open wide and started to slip ever so slowly into her. She trembled as she tried to hold herself off him but the ache in her legs was tiring her and she started to slip down further and further and felt her cunt being forced open so wide now that it hurt her, and she cried out in pain. “Should I take it out Darling?” he asked her concerned. She clung onto him and snapped, “No, please no, just don’t move!” She had taken him completely all the way into her cunt and was fully sitting on top of him. Looking down into his face in that dark hot room. He reached up and softly caressed her tits as she kept ever so still and let her cunt adjust to the new force within it. John kept his word and just played with her tits as she sat there fully impaled on his cock. After what seemed an age, she moved just a fraction forward and then ever so slowly backwards. Rocking on his cock ever so slowly. It felt so good; it felt so full and yet so very much better than any fingers ever could.

“Oh John, what the hell am I doing?”

“Getting fucked my darling Victor, being loved as a woman should!”

“I’m a bloody fool, but hell I do love it!”

She was moving faster now and her cunt was much more relaxed and free of all tightness as she felt that wonderful wanton lust flowing through her body and just making her want it never to stop.

John let her have her head and urged her on to cum for him. He watched her so full of liberated lust as she rode him like a wild stallion on a race to her first real orgasm. She was cumming soon. He felt her so out of control, and urged her to let it all go for him, give herself totally to him as she fucked him lying there beneath her wet open thighs. She gave tongue like a hound from hell in full cry as she shouted it from the roof tops that she was cumming. John’s cock was ready for her and grasping her hips with both hands shot his spunky load into her just as she went over the point of no return. They groaned and moaned and shuddered on and on till they were both totally spent and lay in each others arms purring and kissing each other softly and drenched in sweat.

“Are you all proud of yourself now?” she asked him with a ring of sad regret in her voice, as she eventually got up. “Has it made you feel good, having me? I can’t believe I was such an easy push over, I really can’t.”

John sat up angrily and seized her hand and pulled her back down onto the lounger with him and put his arms around her tightly. “Listen here you wonderful woman, I can’t begin to tell you what I feel right now, but I loved ever second of what you gave me here tonight, and I’d love to share any second you have for me in the future. Do you understand?” He kissed her long and with a heart felt passion that made both of them shed soft silent tears in the summerhouse darkness.

The party was long over and the few remaining couples were walking arm in arm down the street to collect their cars. John made a detour and crossed the road just as a car he knew started up and tapped on the side window. He held out a folded five pound note. “You were right old friend, I was indeed wasting my time, you win. Goodnight Sam!”

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