18 Mart 2023

Sis-in-Law Surprise

Ava Taylor

I was enjoying not having to get up for work one morning with my wife laying next to me with her ass pressed up against me. I had slid my hand up underneath her gown and cupped her heavy C cup tit slowly massaging it. I had already discarded my underwear earlier and now pressed my hardon tip first in between her cheeks nudging her gently, “Call in sick. You know you’d rather stay home and let me slide my dick up inside you. It won’t hurt I swear.”

She giggled and fought me playfully, finally getting away and crawling out of bed. I groaned but stayed put on my side, content to snooze some more. If I couldn’t get laid this morning, at least I could dream about it. A short while later she kissed me as she was about to leave, I grabbed her and kissed her hard, “Last chance.” She squeezed my cock, patted my cheek and left for work.

A little while later I felt something bump the bed and then felt the covers move. I kept my eyes closed and smiled to myself as I felt hot breath over my dick. A second later I was being licked and pumped, and then I was being slowly sucked into a very hungry mouth. I lay there with my eyes closed receiving a long slow blowjob loving every second of it. It wasn’t long before I had a fully nude body pressed back against me and my erection was guided into an equally hot and wet hole. I scooted forward pushing myself deep inside fully. I heard her moan and she began to move her hips against me. It felt so good I put my hand on küçükçekmece escort her waist and picked up the tempo a bit, she moaned even louder, so I reached around to get a handful of firm C cup… and found a small B cup?

For the first time I opened my eyes, red hair? What the…? I was fucking my wife’s sister! ‘oh, hell’ I thought, but I realized suddenly that I hadn’t slowed my pumping. In fact I was suddenly even more turned on. I knew I shouldn’t be doing it, but every nerve in my body cried out it’s too late! you’re already fucking her, just do it! So I did. I slid out of her and rolled her onto her back and re-entered her cunt missionary position. She drew her legs up and allowed me total penetration which I accepted without complaint, giving her long and deep strokes, thoroughly enjoying my forbidden moment. It wasn’t long before I was getting close to the edge, I grunted, “I want to cum– in your mouth”.

A few seconds later I pulled out of her cunt and fell onto my back, she was ready and swallowed my dick into her mouth a second later. She began sucking me hard and fast and I came immediately grabbing her head and slowing her motion while I emptied my load into her mouth. She kept her mouth tight on my dick the whole time slurping as I shot into her throat until I stopped cumming. At that point she twisted around and put her red pubed pussy in my face and went back to küçükyalı escort sucking me real slow. I took up the offer and began to taste her. I ran my tongue deep inside her and from the tip of her slit up as far as my tongue would reach, which led me to probe her pussy juice covered puckered hole above. She had a nice plump ass, and was not unhappy with a good reaming it seemed. My cousin had dated her for awhile and I found out she liked it in the ass.

I paid equal time to both of her holes probing and licking with fingers and tongue while her licking and sucking continued on my now rigid again cock. I debated for a good while but finally decided this may be my only chance so I slapped her on the ass, and said “let me up”. She moved off laying on her side as I scooted off the bed. She looked at me with mixed emotions on her face, I reached in the dresser next to the bed and motioned her to the corner of the bed, “All fours. I want to feel that big fine ass of yours.” She obediently moved over and stuck her ass up in the air for me. I lubed her ass real slow while I greased my dick with the other hand. She took one and then two fingers up her ass with no problem and was soon playing with herself and whimpering as I moved my fingers in and out. In sudden inspiration I repositioned her diagonal across the bed and moved the closet door so that I could get a good view in the mirror on its inside. maltepe escort I then positioned myself behind her waiting ass and began to push inside her.

As the tip pushed in she groaned and lowered herself down further on the bed almost in one motion like she had hydraulics, she readied herself to be fully penetrated. She panted as I stroked more and then more of my cock inside her behind and soon she was quivering from the pleasure. She wasn’t even touching herself and she was moaning, ‘make me cum, yes, I’m cumming, yes’ over and over again. I was so turned on I am surprised I lasted more than three minutes. She was incredibly turned on by being buttfucked and I felt her cunt walls spasm I don’t know how many times as I kept pumping her ass. It got to a point where I thrust myself all the way in and let her rock against my dick.

She buttfucked herself for close to twenty minutes groaning and whimpering. I felt my cum rising again, and I swelled up inside her ass like a firehose and let go what seemed like a stream fitting for a three alarm fire. I almost blacked out from the pleasure, I was cumming in my sister-in-law’s ass! She reached underneath and stroked her pussy while I came and even after I collapsed across her still semi-erect inside her ass.

Without saying a word we parted and she cleaned up in the hall bathroom while I showered. That night when my wife got home she said to me, “You’ll never guess who I had lunch with today.” I looked up from my plate in half-interest. My wife’s reply, “My sister. She came by my work on the way through town. She said she was wanting to take some vacation around the time we are off work, and was wondering if she could stay with us a few days.”

I tried to smile pleasantly and not choke on the next few bites of food, “That’s okay with me, babe” I replied.

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