1 Mayıs 2023

Sis Learns to Love Spreader Bars


I was walking around the Friday night mixer at the local underground bondage clubhouse. There were more booths than normal and more people also. I watched a rope tying exhibition for a while. The lady had on tight shorts and a long sleeved form fitting blouse.

The rope work was excellent. It also highlighted her form as well as restrained her. The rope bra caused the blouse to cling even tighter to her breasts. The tents made by her hard nipples, showed how much she was enjoying the experience. The rope panties gave her an excellent camel toe.

I turned to move to the next booth and froze. My younger sister was standing close to the counter. Her attention was on the young woman wearing cuffs and strung up on a wide spreader bar with a shorter one between her ankles. She also had on shorts and a blouse. No nudity was getting to be a theme lately.

Kala, my sister, had on a short leather vest and a short black wrap around skirt. I smiled at the cuffs on her wrists and ankles. They were the cheap Velcro ones with the fake padlocks. She also had on a similar collar. The dog bone gag hanging around her neck was of better quality.

I eased up behind her and cleared my throat. She jumped and spun around to run into me. I grabbed her by the upper arms and steadied her. It took her a few seconds to get her feet under her. I had never seen her in heels before. I didn’t think she had much experience wearing them.

“Chuck, uh, what, uh, are you doing here?”

“I was going to ask you the same thing,” I replied with a big smile. “I love the outfit.”

Her eyes went to my dark gray dress shirt and black slacks. “Uh, you’re dressed a little different yourself.”

“My usual twice a month get up for meetings,” I replied with a wink.

“Uh, how long have you been coming to these things?”

Before I could reply, a friend of mine showed up to slip an arm around my waist. She kissed me on the cheek and looked at my sister. “Who is this beautiful newbie?”

“This is Kala and yes, I think she is a newbie but we hadn’t got that far yet,” I replied and looked at my sister. “This is Rita, a playmate of mine.”

Kala’s eyes had been on Rita. She was taking in the gold collar around her neck and the loose fitting silk sheath dress that ended just above her knees. The main thing that held her attention were the knee high boots with spiked heels.

Her eyes jumped up to Rita’s face. With a slight blush she said, “Yes, this is only my second time to something like this.”

Rita smiled and said, “Are you a submissive? It is so hard to tell at times. You’re dressed like one.”

“I, uh, I,” Kala stammered and looked at me quickly.

With raised eyebrows, I said, “I was wondering the same thing.”

Rita licked her lips and whispered, “I’d love to top her, even if I am a bottom.”

“Top? Bottom?” Kala whispered and then groaned as what the older woman meant filter through her nervousness.

“Maybe I can arrange something,” I said to Rita and my sister’s eyes grew very wide.

Rita looked at me and asked, “Is she a playmate of yours?”

“Not yet,” I replied with a wink at my sister.

Kala groaned deeply and Rita chuckled. “I think she likes that idea.”

“I, I, I’m his sister,” Kala blurted out.

“Chuck, I didn’t know you were that kinky,” Rita said looking at me hard.

“Not yet, but you never know about me,” I replied as I held eye contact with my sister.

Kala groaned again and looked away quickly.

Rita laughed and leaned closer to me to whispered, “Call me, in either case.”

“Will do,” I said as she turned and walked away.

Kala’s eyes followed Rita. A moment later, she looked at me and then looked away again. “I need to go home,” she said quickly.

“What interested you so much about the lady behind you?” I asked, ignoring what she said about going home.

She looked over her shoulder and then turned halfway around. She shook her head and then sighed. “The bars at her wrists and ankles.”

“Spreader bars,” I supplied. “They come in all sizes and types.”

Kala’s eyes went over the display to either side of the woman. “I’ll have to look them up on the Internet,” she said a moment later.

“You could ask me, I know about most of them,” I replied with a grin.

Her head snapped around my way. “Where…” she started to ask and then shook her head. “Never mind.”

“Rita looks awesome strung up naked like that lady is and looks even better in a set where she is on her knees with her wrist on the same bar as her ankles,” I said to see my sister’s reaction.

Her eyes went wide as she whispered, “Naked,” and then she looked thoughtful for a second. The blush that followed was a deep red. “She, she, she,” she stammered and then shivered hard.

“Yeah, that second position does pretty much show everything and allows space to play with it all,” I said softly.

Kala groaned long and loud as her hips gave several jerks. I was wondering if she had just come or what as she hurried away in the direction of the exit.


A Kıbrıs Escort little while later, I ran into Rita again. She was sitting at a table off to the side and sipping from a coffee mug. I sat down next to her and asked, “What have you got planned for later?”

“What do you have in mind?” She asked in reply.

I smiled and said, “My sister.”

“That has my attention.”

I chuckled. “She was showing a marked interest in spreader bars.”

“You already know they are an interest of mine.”

“Oh yeah. You show well in a set,” I said and then winked. “Especially in that single bar set.”

Rita groaned softly. “That was my first time in that position.”

“I think my sister had a small orgasm when I told her about you in that position.”

Rita looked at me hard for a second and then shivered. “I wonder if she was thinking of me in that position or herself.”

With a soft chuckle, I replied, “There is only one way to find out.”

Rita gave out with a soft whimpering moan as I pulled my phone out of my pocket. As I dialed my sister’s number I said, “It can be show and tell in either case.”

Kala answered her phone. “What do you want?” She asked quickly.

“Are you at home?” I asked in reply.

“I’m sitting in my car in the driveway.”

“Are mom and dad home?”

“No, but Carla is,” she replied.

Carla is our older sister and quite the stick in the mud. “Do you have a change of clothes in your car?”

“Nope. I expected to be home before mom and dad got back. Carla wasn’t supposed to be home for another three days.”

“Head over to my place. I have shorts and t-shirts that will fit you. I’ll be there shortly.” Before she could reply, I killed the call.

Rita looked at me and asked, “Do you have spreader bars of your own?”

With a grin, I replied, “Nope, but I know a booth that sells them.”


Rita held the new spreader bars on our way to my apartment. She now wore her cuffs. As I pulled into my parking space in front of my apartment, I saw my sister getting out of her car behind me. I opened my door and got out quickly. She didn’t have her cuffs on anymore.

“Hey, don’t forget your black jewelry,” I called out.

She stopped and looked at me questioningly. When Rita got out of my car, I heard Kala groan across the driveway. Rita held up the brown paper wrapped spreader bars and said, “I come bearing gifts.”

Kala also saw Rita’s cuffs. She shivered hard and walked toward me. “Mine are in my purse, but,” she said softly as she got closer to us.

Rita came around the car and handed me the bars. She put her arm around Kala’s waist and headed her toward my front door. “I’d be honored if you allowed me to put them back on you,” she said softly.

I had a smile on my face as I followed behind them. Bringing Rita was the best idea that I had had in a while.

Opening the door, I ushered them both inside. Rita had been to my place a couple of times so she knew where the light switch was. She led my sister over to a bar stool and sat her down. She held out her hand and asked, “May I?”

Kala looked from Rita to me and back again. “I, uh, I,” she said as she looked back at me.

“It is considered an honor to be asked if someone can cuff you,” I said as I laid the bars on the counter.

Kala looked at Rita and shivered as she opened her purse and pulled out the cheap cuffs. Rita took the cuffs in one hand and the purse in the other. She sat the purse aside. “We are definitely going shopping for you a better set of cuffs.”

“I wasn’t sure about this whole bondage thing when I bought those,” Kala said as Rita wrapped a cuff around her left wrist. “I bought them so I could see what it felt like.”

As the second cuff went on, Rita asked, “So you restrained yourself with them?”

Kala shivered, “Something like that.”

Rita squatted down in front of Kala. She slipped off one heel and wrapped a cuff around that ankle. “So how did it feel that first time?” She asked.

Kala made a soft whimpering sound as Rita slipped off her other heel. “Kind of scary but exciting at the same time.”

With the second ankle cuff on, Rita leaned back and said, “Wrists snapped together in the front. Ankle snapped together also.”

Kala giggled and nodded. “I snapped my ankles together and then couldn’t figure out how to snap the wrist cuffs together.”

“Snap the wrist cuffs together and then put the second one on,” I said.

Kala looked at me quickly and nodded. “I did the same thing when I snapped all four cuffs together. That was the scariest.”

“Why was that?” I asked as I unwrapped the spreader bars.

Kala shivered and said, “I heard someone in the hall outside my room. I almost fell off the bed trying to get the cuffs off. In my mind, I could see mother or my sister coming in and catching me.”

Rita chuckled. “Catching my older sister is how I got started.”

Kala groaned. “My sister would not have understood, believe me. It would have been better Lefkoşa Escort for my mother to catch me.”

I chuckled and nodded. “Way better. Mom would have wondered what the heck you were doing but she wouldn’t have preached at you for years to come.”

“Ah,” Rita said with a grin. “The religious type.”

“Pretty much the zealot type,” I answered.

Rita stood up and took the longest spreader bar from me. It had clips at each end and two more close to the middle. She squatted down and clipped one end to Kala’s right ankle. “Stand up,” Rita said as she looked up at the younger woman’s face.

Kala groaned softly and slipped off the stool. “I, I, I,” she stammered as Rita moved her foot to the side and clipped the other cuff to the other end of the bar.

As she stood up, Rita asked, “Where is your collar?”

Kala looked from Rita to me and back again. “Uh, in my purse.”

Rita got the collar and walked around behind my sister. She dropped it over Kala’s head and closed the Velcro. She reached over and picked up the shorter bar. She held it in front of Kayla. “Want to try the other one?”

“I, I, I,” Kala stammered softly.

“Raise your arms and hold the bar at each end,” Rita said.

With a soft groan, Kala did as she was told. Rita reached around her and hooked one wrist cuff to one end of the bar. When the second cuff was attached to the bar, Rita used both her hands to lift the bar and place it behind Kala’s head.

“How is that?” Rita asked softly.

“Scary,” Kala whispered.

Rita put her arms around Kala and hugged her. “I’ve got you,” she whispered as she kissed Kala’s neck.

Kala made a soft whimpering sound as Rita let go of her. Rita pulled Kala’s purse over and opened it. She took the dog bone gag out and grinned as she dropped it over Kala’s head.

“Hey!” Kala said sharply.

“I’ve never worn one of those,” Rita said. “I have several ball gags but not one of these.”

“I, I have a ball gag,” Kala said quickly, “But I like the feel of this one better.”

“Which one stops sounds better,” I asked.

Kala’s head snapped around my way. “I, uh, I, I’m not sure.”

“I’d think the ball gag,” Rita said as she pulled the bone up and pressed it against Kala’s lip.

Kala shook her head and Rita leaned in close to her ear and said, “Open your pretty mouth. I want to see if you can talk around it.”

With a deep groan, Kala opened her mouth slowly. Rita inserted the bone between her teeth and let go of it. She pulled one strap tight and then the other. When she finished, she asked, “How is that?”

In a muffled voice, Kala replied, “A little tighter than normal but its okay.”

“Try yelling,” I said.

Kala did but the noise was muffled by two thirds at least.

“Understandable talking but muffles loud noise,” Rita said with a chuckle. “I need one of these.”

“Yeah, you do get a little loud,” I said with a wink at her.

Rita’s hands came around in front of Kala and she undid the top button on the vest. Kala looked down and shivered hard as the second button opened. When Rita’s hands went to the third button, Kala shook her head. Rita chuckled, undid the button, and moved her hands to the next one.

Kala looked my way and shook her head. “No, please no, my brother is right there.”

“And you are going to stop her how?” I asked with a grin.

Kala’s eyes grew wide as it sunk in that she couldn’t stop the older woman. “I, I, I,” she stammered and then groaned as Rita undid the next button. There was one button left.

Rita’s hands went to Kala’s waist. She ran them back and forth over the warm bare flesh. Rita kissed Kala’s neck again as her hands moved up over the leather of the vest until they were over her breasts. A moment later, they moved down to her waist again.

“Are you wearing panties,” Rita asked softly.

Kala’s eyes grew wide again as she shook her head.

“So, do I unbutton the vest and caress your breasts or do I take off the skirt and caress your sex?” Rita asked softly.

For the first time, Kala struggled with the spreader bar at her wrists. When she started to raise her arms to get the bar back in front of her head, Rita stepped back and let her. Kala swayed back and forth for a second before she froze.

Rita steadied the younger woman and smiled as she reached around and undid the bottom button. There was a strip of skin showing all the way down the front. “Too bad we don’t have an overhead hook to give you something to balance from.”

A vision of the woman in the booth earlier jumped to Kala’s mind. “I, uh, I,” she whispered and then groaned long and loud as Rita’s hands came to rest on her stomach and started to move slowly upward. She looked down to see the vest slowly parting.

“Your breasts looked small with the vest buttoned and larger with it unbuttoned. Now I get to find out which is the true size,” Rita whispered as her hands moved higher and higher.

Kala’s eyes jumped to me and then back to the slow moving hands. Girne Escort “No, please no,” she said in a muffled voice.

Rita’s hands stopped moving. “No for me feeling your breasts or no to your brother seeing your breasts?”

“He, he, he,” Kala stammered and then gasped as Rita’s hand jumped up and covered her breasts. Kala groaned long and loud. Her hips gave several sharp jerks and she moaned deeply.

Rita massaged the breasts in her hands. They were warm, firm, and larger than she originally thought. “Very nice,” she whispered next to Kala’s ear.

Kala’s hips were still twitching and flexing back and forth.

“Are you coming?” Rita asked softly.

Kala nodded and then blushed deeply. Her eyes were closed tightly. Her teeth were chewing on the bone in her mouth.

“Good girl,” Rita whispered as she continued to massage the young woman’s breasts. “Are your knees weak? Is your little pussy all wet?”

Kala nodded to both questions.

“I’ll hold you until you get your strength back.”

Kala sighed deeply and nodded.

Rita grinned at me over my sister’s shoulder. “I think your brother loved watching you come.”

This brought a gasp from Kala as her eyes flew open. She saw me looking at her and blushed a deep red as she tried to yell, “No!”

“Oh yes,” Rita whispered as she moved her head down and kissed and licked the side of Kala’s neck. “Would you come again if I showed him your beautiful breasts?”

“No, no, please, no,” Kala said as she felt Rita’s hands moving to the side, off her breasts.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes,” Rita whispered. “Aren’t your sister’s breasts beautiful?” Rita asked me.

“Very much so,” I replied as I watched my sister’s hips jerk and twitch again. “Watching her come is even more beautiful.”

Rita’s hands moved down to the waistband of Kala’s skirt. She pulled on the Velcro closure and Kala struggled to get her hands off the strip. All that did was open it more. A moment later, the skirt fell to pile up between her legs.

I groaned as I looked at my sister’s shaven mound and outer lips. The way her legs were spread, her slit was pulled open, the pink inner lips were open also. The shiny coral pink bottom of her slit was showing. I found myself licking my lips. Her inner thighs looked shiny and damp.

Rita saw the look on my face and grinned at me. “Find something you want to lick?”

“Oh, yeah,” I replied slowly.

My sister’s eyes were very wide as she looked at me in disbelief. “No, no, no,” she said as she shook her head.

“If you don’t like getting your pussy licked then you’re going to ruin most of my night,” Rita said.

“I, I, I,” Kala stammered and then moaned loudly.

“You have had your pussy licked, right?” Rita asked with a grin. When Kala nodded, Rita chuckled and asked, “By a woman?” Kala quickly shook her head. “Such a deal I have for you,” Rita whispered softly.

“Too bad we don’t have another double spreader bar,” I said with a big grin. “Your face in her pussy and mine in yours.”

Rita chuckled. “You wouldn’t stop with just your face.”

“Would you want me to?” I asked but I already knew the answer.

Rita groaned and shook her head. “You know that is my favorite position.”

“Mine also,” I said with a grin.

Kala made a whimpering sound and said, “In the back of my closet is an old broom stick with eyes in each end.”

“That doesn’t do us much good here at my place,” I said softly.

“Did you try walking with your homemade spreader bar?” Rita asked.

Kala nodded and looked down. “It’s a lot shorter than this one.”

Rita looked at me and said, “I told you to get the adjustable one.”

“When you’re right, you’re, right,” I replied as I walked around the end of the counter. “Are you enjoying the spreader bars?” I asked my sister as I walked behind her.

“I, uh, I,” Kala said and then groaned as she nodded her head.

I was behind Rita and took my time lowering the zipper on the back of her dress. She shrugged her shoulders and gave a wiggle. The dress ended up on the floor. I pointed to the spreader bar behind my sister’s head and Rita put her hands on it.

Reaching around the older woman, I unclip my sister’s left wrist and pulled it down and back. Rita unclipped her right wrist and I pulled it down and back. I clipped the cuffs together. Rita grinned when I said, “Now you can swap out the other bar for this one.”

Kala gasped loudly when a naked Rita came around to stand in front of her. “Surprise,” Rita said softly as she squatted down. It only took her a moment to swap out the bars. As she stood up, she moved slightly forward so that her breasts rubbed against the younger woman’s breasts.

Kala gasped and then groaned softly as Rita held their breast to breast contact. I stepped closer to my sister and looked over her shoulder. Rita’s breasts were half again as big. “Nice, very nice,” I whispered.

My sister gave a jerk as she realized how close I was to her. “I, uh, you, uh, we,” she stammered. It was cut off as Rita leaned in and kissed her on the lips. Kala jerked her head back but she was making a whimpering sound as she did.

I chuckled as I loosened the dog bone gag and lowered it to my sister’s upper chest. I moved my hands to her naked shoulders and said, “That should make kissing easier.”

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