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SISSY DANII was not aware that my girlfriend had begun studying hypnosis,nor that she harbored ambitions of petticoating me. But I soondiscovered that the combination of the two was dangerous to mymasculinity. One afternoon I was sitting in my living room,listening to the stereo through a pair of headphones. It was awarm, sultry day, and after a while I drifted off to sleep. (Muchof what follows my girlfriend–now my mistress– explained to melater.Seeing that I had dozed off, Jennifer saw her chance. Shereplaced my music tape with one she had prepared in advance.Through my drifting sleep, my subconscious mind heard Jennifer’svoice, presenting me with a set of hypnotic suggestions. “I wantyou to sleep, sleep, sleep,” whispered the tape. “When I count to100, you will be in a deep, restful sleep, in which you can hearonly my voice.” When she reached 100, Jennifer switched to theinstructions, designed to impose a submissive femininepersonality upon me. “You love women’s clothes. You lovedressing and looking like a woman. The feel of satin, silk, andnylon arouses you. You are particularly fond of clothes that makeyou look both sexy and little girlish. Very high heels are aspecial turn-on.”You are a sexual submissive. You are compelled to obey thecommands and orders of women. You are particularly responsive tothose who will dress you in beautiful clothes and keep you inbondage. You want to be a male, lesbian slave. But you willnever forget that you are a man, and the great humiliation ofyour feminine, submissive state. “When I reach 1, you willawaken. You will not remember being hypnotized, and will show noeffects from these instructions. However, whenever you hear thewords ‘pretty sissy Dani,’ you will adopt the personality imposedby these instructions. At the snapping of my fingers, you willreturn to your ‘normal’ personality, with full memory of thehumiliations you have experienced. 100, 99, 98, 97 ….”According to Mistress Jennifer, I awoke a few minutes later. Shetold me she had an appointment at her hairdresser’s and asked meto drive her there. I agreed (why not?), and we were there within15 minutes. As we entered the shop, she leaned over and whisperedin my ear, “Pretty sissy Dani.” I could feel the incredible shiftin my personality take hold. I looked at my mistress and asked,”Mistress Jennifer, why am I dressed in these horrid maleclothes?” She smiled mischievously and answered, “Don’t worry, mypretty slave. The appointment here is for you. And look, herecomes Mistress Margaret to perform your transformation.” A tall,well-built brunette approached. “Is this our little malelesbian?” she inquired, smirking. I blushed under her frank gaze.”Well, we’ll soon have you looking the part, Danielle.” She ledme to her working area and settled me into the chair. “Dani, mostof our customers find it much more relaxing to strip out of theirclothes before we begin work,” she told me. “Wouldn’t you like todo the same?” With my new female personality, I was only toohappy to get out of the pants and shirt I was wearing. Soon, Iwas naked, and Margaret wrapped a pink, see-through smock aroundmy slender, nearly hairless body. At that point, MistressJennifer approached once again. “Comfy, Dani?” she asked. Thenshe snapped her fingers.Instantly, my male persona reasserted itself–but this time Iremembered everything I had said and done, and all that had goneon around me. “Why are you doing this, Jennifer?” I cried. Sheslapped my face. “Mistress Jennifer is my name–and don’t forgetit again!” she snapped. “Now be quiet and let Mistress Margarettransform you.” A short while later, my head was under the faucetof the sink, as Mistress Margaret scrubbed my mousy brown hairwith a sweet smelling shampoo. Next she rinsed a conditionerthrough it…or so she said. As I sat in the chair waiting forthe conditioner to work, I must have dozed off again. I wasawakened by an odd tickling sensation at my naked feet. I lookeddown and another woman was stroking bright red nail polish ontomy toenails. Shaken, I realized that Mistress Jennifer was trulyintent on carrying out her program of transformation. I glancedto the table where my clothes had been left–as I suspected, theywere gone.”Well, sissy Dani, I see you know I meant what I said,” Jenniferlaughed, stepping from behind a partition. In her hands, she helda pair of lacy, pink satin tap panties. She reached under mysmock and slipped them on me. Strangely, even without femininepersona at work, the feel of the satin around my loins seemed toexcite me, as my cock began to grow and harden. The mistresseslaughed and sneered at my combined excitement and discomfort.”That’s just the beginning, Danielle,” Margaret smiled “Look atyourself!” And she whirled the chair around, so that I could seemyself in the mirror.There was only one major change, but it added to my distress. Myhair was wrapped tightly in rollers, and the pink of the smockand panties seemed to feminize my slender, hairless form.Margaret now squeezed a foul-smelling liquid onto myrolled-hair–I knew what it was. I was getting a permanent! “Andthat’s not all,” Jennifer laughed. “Danielle’s hair will not onlybe curly–it will be a saucy shade of golden blonde!” A shorttime later, after sitting under a dryer, I was having myfingernails filed and polished the same bright red as mytoenails, while Margaret combed out my hair, producing aflattering golden blonde pageboy, reaching to just above myshoulders.While Jennifer went out to pick my clothing, Margaret performedher magic on my face–tweezing my brows into a thin femininearch accenting my eyes with blue-green shadow, eyeliner, andmascara. A deep blush stroked on my cheeks gave me an appropriatelook of constant embarrassment, while a red lipstick, matching mynails, made my lips look wet, kissable, and desirable. In theend, I was definitely Danielle–absolutely stunning. By thattime, Jennifer had returned. I was released from the chair, anddressed in a pink padded bra, pink garterbelt, sheer whitestockings, and a pink minislip. Over it all came a lacy whiteminidress, the skirt stopping a full six inches above my knees.On my feet, Jennifer placed white patent leather shoes, with astrap across the instep and five-inch heels. They looked likeincredibly sexy Mary Janes. Margaret and Jennifer supervised as Ipracticed walking in them–a full hour, until I had gained a veryprovocative wiggle.The finishing touches were the jewelry–big gold clip-onearrings, a heavy gold chain bracelet, and a matching chainaround my left ankle. But the real finish came last: a heavy goldcollar which Jennifer locked around my neck, hooking the key onher charm bracelet. The transformation was complete. MistressJennifer paid off her friend Margaret, and we sashayed out to thecar. As we drove off, my new mistress whispered in my ear,”Pretty sissy Dani.”CHAPTER 2Some six months after Mistress Jennifer first imposed the “sissyDani” persona on me through post-hypnotic suggestion, our liveshad settled into a routine. Most of the week was quitenormal–only Jennifer’s insistence that I wear a corset andbaby-dolls to bed indicated the hold she had over me. Naturally,I complied, since she could always threaten to permanently impose”sissy Dani” on my mind. Weekends, however, were generally spentin my transformed bondage. Perhaps a description of one suchperiod will demonstrate the nature of our relationship.I arrived home from work Friday night and was met by MistressJennifer at the door, dressed in her most dominant clothes–blackleather bustier, knee-length black leather hobble skirt, blackstockings, and six-inch heels. She kissed me tenderly andwhispered “Pretty sissy Dani.” Once again, as it had countlesstimes over the past half-year, my personality shifted. I was nolonger Daniel, the confident journalist, but now Dani, thesweetly submissive male lesbian. As I had been taught, I droppedmy gaze and held out my arms, wrists touching. “Transform me,Mistress,” I pleaded. “Bind me into your service as sissy Dani.”Jennifer smiled the wicked smile I had grown to fear yet love.”At once, sissy Dani. I have a very special weekend planned forus.”Producing a collar and leash, she bound me to her and led me tosissy Dani’s transformation room. Seating me before the vanity,she told me to begin my change. First came the makeup–eyeshadow,mascara, bright red lipstick and, of course, the blush that gaveme the look of constant embarrassment that Mistress Jennifer soenjoyed. She even powdered my breasts, then shadowed my”cleavage” and rouged my nipples, making my otherwise flat chestlook quite girlish. She next combed out my hair into theflattering blonde pageboy her friend Mistress Margaret hadcreated when Dani was first “revealed.”Next came the clothes. Jennifer had already laid out the outfit Iwas to wear for the evening. It consisted of a low-cut red satinblouse (though I had little in the way of natural cleavage,Mistress Jennifer still preferred me to dress in this sexy mannerat times), a tight black leather miniskirt (with the hem fullysix inches above my knees), a knee- length black leather cape,with red satin lining, and red patent-leather pumps, withtowering 6-1/2-inch heels. All this was worn over black lingerie,including a lightly-padded bra, satin panties, garter belt andsheer black stockings.Sissy Dani (I had, in my lucid moments as Daniel, come to thinkof her as a separate person) revelled in these sexy, feminineclothes, creating a sexual rush that thickened and hardened mycock. Mistress Jennifer smiled and brushed her hand across theobvious bulge under my skirt. “We’ll get to that later, sissyDani,” she whispered. “Now calm down.”Now Jennifer placed the gold bracelets with the secret locks onmy wrists, the matching gold ankle bracelets esenler escort on my legs and,finally, the gold collar with the visible lock around my neck.Then she took my wrists in her hands and brought them togetherbehind my back. SNAP! The bracelets became handcuffs, effectivelybinding my hands behind me, hidden beneath the cape.Next, she clipped the leash again to my collar and led me out tothe street. Submissively (sissy Dani could act no other way), Ifollowed. As we reached the sidewalk, she snapped her fingersbefore my face. That was the signal–sissy Dani disappeared andDaniel came back to life. I stumbled in the towering heels as Icame to my senses. As usual, I knew everything Mistress Jenniferhad done to me and I was thoroughly humiliated to be bound andcross-dressed in public–although certainly no passer-by wouldguess that the blonde vision in red-and- black was not female.”Where are we going now?” I asked. She smiled the secret smile Ihad come to fear–it always meant humiliation for me. “One of mydearest dominant friends is having a little party. She asked meto bring sissy Dani to demonstrate my ‘training methods,'”Mistress Jennifer replied. “Her name is Mistress Susan–andyou will obey her, and any other dominant woman at the party, asyou would me. You know the consequences. “I certainly did. Theconsequences were to live the rest of my life as sissy Dani. I wasconstantly afraid she would carry through on that threat–andsecretly desiring it as well. The more time I spent as sissy Dani,or in “her` clothes, the more Igrew to enjoy it. I dared not tell Mistress Jennifer…she wouldonly try to find a new way to humiliate me. Fortunately theparty house was only a few blocks away, so there was littlechance for me to be seen by any neighbors. When we reached thedoor, it was opened by Mistress Susan. At that moment, Jenniferwhipped off my cape, exposing my bondage to her sister dominantand all the other party-goers. She announced to the group,”Hello, everyone, this is PRETTY SISSY DANI!”With those words, Dani reasserted herself. I blushed (prettily,I’m sure) at my exposure. As I had often been instructed, Idropped to my knees and placed my lips on the toes of MistressSusan’s white patent leather boots. “Thank you for permitting meto serve you and all the other women here, Mistress Susan,” Isaid. The lovely blonde dominant, dressed all in white leather,took my hand and raised me back to my feet. “You’re quitewelcome, sissy Dani. Come meet my other guests.”The room was filled with dominant women, each attended by one ormore submissives. All of the submissives were cross-dressed men,in varying states of attire. Several were completely outfitted asFrench maids, with short, petticoated, black-satin mini-dresses,black silk hose and high, black-patent leather shoes. Others weredone-up as little girls–in pink or white satin party dresses,bare legs, frilly white socks and Mary-Janes. Still others worenothing but corsets or waist- cinchers with nylons and heels.These were usually also in mild bondage of one sort or another.The one exception was a boy of about 16, who was completely nakedand bound to a chair in the middle of the room. I assumed he hadbeen d**gged in some way, because he was relaxed and apparentlysleeping. Susan led Jennifer and me over to the bound young man.”Dani, this is my little brother Tommy. He is about to becomeyour sister in spirit–thanks to your lovely Mistress.I was shocked (even as Sissy Dani) to realize that MistressJennifer was aiding her friend in enslaving one soyoung–especially the dominant’s brother. The various dominantsin the room gathered around as Susan and Jennifer began to dressthe drowsing boy in feminine clothes. Apparently the plan was toestablish the soon-to-be “Tammy” as a sort of teen-age tease. Hewas dressed in frilly pink panties, a generously padded bra(making him at least a 35C), matching garter belt, sheer hose, atight pink sweater, pink mini-skirt (fully as short as my own),pink ankle sox with lace at the cuffs, and pink patent-leatherpumps with four-inch heels.Once he was dressed, the assembled dominants made up his face:pale blue eyeshadow, long false lashes, a becoming blush and deepred lipstick. They topped it off with a curly, shoulder-lengthauburn wig. Now, at Mistress Jennifer’s direction, one of the”maids” brought over a full-length mirror and an amplifier setup, with microphone and headphones. The headphones were placedover “Tammy’s” ears, the microphone given to Jennifer, while thenewly cross-dressed boy was brought to his feet before themirror. “Open your eyes, Tommy,” Jennifer spoke into the mike.”This is the new you: You ur name is Tammy. You have two goals inlife–to serve your Mistress Susan, and to use your femininewiles to lure other teenage boys like yourself into our clutches,to be feminized and dominated for the enjoyment of these women.”Naturally, you you urself are much turned-on by this look. Youwant to look just as pretty and sexy as you can. You gloryin the attention–at the same time realizing the humiliation ofyour position as a toy and sex-lure for your Mistress’spurposes.”Remember, that any time your Mistress wishes to giveyou instructions, she must only direct you to gaze upon yourselfin a mirror, with the words, ‘Pose for me, Teasing Tammy.’ “Now,close your eyes and sleep until I awaken you with the words, ‘Wakeup, Teasing Tammy.'”The newly renamed boy-girl sat quietly as theeven the assembled dominants gasped at the boldness of Jenniferand Susan’s scheme. They planned not only to enslave thefeminized Tommy, but to use him to recruit other unsuspectinglads to their arms. Sissy Dani and Teasing Tammy would soon havemany “little sisters,` it seemed.– Joanna N.From: J Newsgroups: alt.sex.stories.tgSubject: TG : Sissy Dani (2/3)Date: Fri, 04 Aug 1995 11:02:02 GMTX-NNTP-Posting-Host: nicholsn.demon.co.ukX-Broken-Date: Friday, Aug 04, 1995 11.02.02X-Newsreader: Newswin Alpha 0.7CHAPTER THREEMistress Jennifer and Mistress Susan’s plans to create an entire”harem” of transformed men and boys continued apace. The lure ofTeasing Tammy (the transformation name of Susan’s teen-agedbrother Tommy) proved quite effective. Each of the young men (theyoungest just 14, the oldest 22) the little tease brought back tothe home we all now shared was turned into a different kind offeminized sex-toy, all designed to please the Mistresses andtheir dominant friends.The little 14-year-old–apparently too sexually precocious forhis own good–was introduced to Tammy by his mother, who wantedto prevent him from becoming a threat to the girls in his schooland neighborhood. Tammy was a revelation to Martin–hisexperience with girls was limited to the still-flat-chested,teddy-bear shaped girls in his school. She was dressed in herusual “tease” outfit: frilly pink panties, a generously paddedbra (making her at least a 35C), matching garter belt, sheerhose, a tight pink sweater, pink mini-skirt (falling about sixinches aboves her knees), pink ankle sox with lace at the cuffs,and pink patent-leather pumps with four-inch heels.Well, when Martin saw Teasing Tammy in her frilly but skimpy pinkoutfit, her ample charms begging him to come home with her, hewas lost. Once at the transformation house, in Tammy’s bedroom,the little tease managed to trick Martin into putting on somelingerie–a lacy beige bra and matching panties–with the promiseof sucking his cock if he did so. Once the unsuspecting lad wasso dressed, Mistress Susan appeared in the door of Tammy’s room.Feigning shock at the scene before her (a scene she had actuallyinstructed Tammy to play out), Susan ordered Tammy out of theroom. Dressed in a black leather mini-skirted business suit andlavender satin blouse, with her long legs perched on five-inchblack patent leather heels, the dominant was as attractive toMartin’s eyes as her “sister” had been–possibly more so. Susansat beside him–still dressed in his lingerie and nothingelse–and talked to Martin about how he was dressed and how hefelt in the girl’s underclothes.”I know you’re embarrassed, Martin,` she explained. “But youreally do look cute in that outfit. I can see why Tammy wantedyou to wear it: you’re so soft and pink, you almost look likeagirl.` The lad blushed–all over–at Susan’s words. Now thedominant got stern. “Don’t blush! You obviously enjoy wearingthose clothes–and you obviously wanted Tammy to suck your cock!Maybe we should let you see what it’s like to be a girl–or maybea very girlish boy!` Now Martin was scared. What did this verybeautiful, but frightening, young woman have in mind? Susansmiled inwardly–very soon Martin would be the submissive girlishsissy his mother wanted. She produced a pill and some water,giving both to Martin. “Take this, Martin,” she advised. “Itwill calm you.”It certainly would. The d**g–a combination sedative and mind-control potion–had been developed by one of Jennifer and Susan’sdominant friends. Only moments after he downed the pill, Martinwas quiet, breathing deeply and staring straight ahead withunseeing eyes. At that moment, Mistress Jennifer and Martin’smother, Mistress Carla, entered. “He’s all yours, Carla,” Susansaid. Carla ordered the boy to stand and put on the clothes shelaid out for him. First came a satin camisole over the bra andpanties, then white hose attached to a matching garter belt. Nextwas a white satin blouse with a high collar and bouffant sleeves.On Martin’s legs went a pair of tight black velvet shorts,followed by a matching vest that laced tightly around him. Thefinishing touches were black patent leather Mary Jane shoes withtwo-inch heels and a black satin bow at his neck.Now the women went to work on his face–light bahçeşehir escort touches of blush,blue eyeshadow, and pale pink lipstick, topped off with a blondepage-boy wig with a black satin bow in the back. Commanding thelad to stand before the full-length mirror, Carla brought him outof his trance, but still under her control. “Look at yourself!You are no longer the roughneck boy you once were, but a sweetsubmissive sissy, who would not think of disobeying. Your name isnow Little Miss Mandy. Of course, you will need to undergo agreat deal of training for your new role…” “That’s really notnecessary,” Jennifer interrupted. “You can give him commands thathe’ll be unable to disobey right now.” “I know that,” Carlareplied. “But then I’d miss all the fun of training him andwatching his embarrassment and humiliation as he finds himselfbeing drawn into my net of feminized obediance.” And the threedominant women laughed at the truth of the statement.Of course, while all this had been going on, Mistress Jenniferhad not been idle in my continuing enslavement and feminizationas Sissy Dani. The next step in my “training” came during dinnerat an elegant restaurant. I had arrived, as ordered, as Daniel.Shown to the table at which Jennifer sat, I blanched when I sawher. She was dressed all in leather, a sure sign that I was infor a humiliating time. As I sat beside her, she let her handbrush over my chest.”You’re not wearing a bra, are you?” she demanded. “Of coursenot. I’m Daniel, not Sissy Dani,” I whispered. “You told me tocome as my normal self.” “That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t alwaysbe reminded of your true position,” she answered. She reachedinto her bag and pulled out a package, smiling the sinister smileI recognized so well. The package was from the local boutiquethat specialized in TV fashions. “Go to the men’s room and put onthe things you’ll find in this package,` she ordered. I peekedinside. The package contained a black bra and panties, garterbelt and sheer stockings. “I can’t do that!` I protested. “Youcan and you will,` she replied. “Unless you’d rather spend theevening as Sissy Dani, down on the floor, eating my pussy insteadof dinner?”I shuddered–I knew she could do it if she wished.Sheepi shly Ipicked up the package and headed for the men’s room.”AndDaniel,` she called after me, “no socks over the stockings.”Moments later, certain the entire restaurant knew what I waswearing beneath my business suit (a real possibility, sincemyshirt was light enough for the black bra to show through, andmy pants short enough for the sheer hose to show at my ankles), Ireturned to our table. As I sat again, Mistress Jennifer reachedfor my crotch, deftly pulled open my fly and pulled out a tuft ofthe black satin panties. She let her leather-covered hand brushover my straining cock. Yes, I WAS turned on, dammit!We ordered dinner, with Jennifer, as usual, ordering for me.Though she had a full meal, I had to be content with a salad.”Have to watch your girlish figure,” she laughed. After dinner,as we relaxed, Jennifer pulled her makeup out of her purse andbegan to freshen up. She turned to me as she finished, asking,”Wouldn’t you like to freshen your makeup, too, Pretty SissyDani?” That was it–the code words that surrendered mypersonality to that of Sissy Dani, Mistress Jennifer’s lesbianslave. Though I could not refuse her commands, I remained awareof what she was doing to me. “Dani, I think it’s silly of you togo about without makeup on, don’t you?” she asked. “Yes,Mistress,” Dani replied. “Very well, then. I want you to put ona light coat of pink lipstick, pale blue eyeshadow, eyeliner,mascara, and just a hint of blush–though you hardly need it. Youblush so naturally when you’re embarrassed. “Unable to refuse, Idid as she asked. When I had finished, she produced a pair ofdangling earrings with little bells, and my familiar slave anklebracelets. “Put these on,` she commanded. I obeyed again. “Verygood. Now Dani,` she continued, “at all times, whether dressed asDani or Daniel you will wear the makeup, earrings and anklebracelets you are now wearing. This is an irrevocable post-hypnotic command. Each morning when you dress as Daniel or Danithese things will be a part of your routine. As Dani, of course,you WANT to be pretty. As Daniel, they will add to theembarrassment you feel from your feminization. The soft ringingof the bells in your ears will remind you constantly that MYvoice rings in your ears, always ready to command you to do asI wish.” She snapped her fingers.Instantly, I regained control of myself as Daniel. I looked intothe mirror next to our table. The sight of my now permanentlyfeminized face brought on moist eyes. “Why?” I asked Jennifer.”You didn’t think I’d be happy with you as just a part-timeslave, did you?` she responded. “Now I can hold power over youconstantly. You’re mine 24 hours a day from now on, even withoutSissy Dani. Soon I may impose that simpering personality on youconstantly, with no way for you to be released.”CHAPTER 4″This should be the most exciting night of your life,` MistressJennifer told me. “We’ll be celebrating Sissy Dani’s first’birthday.'” It was true. A full year had gone by since Jenniferhad first used her secret hypnotic designs to implant within mymind the personality of Sissy Dani, a simpering, submissive malelesbian who craved being both beautiful and bound. In that year,she had also aided many of her dominant female friends tosuccessfully transform the men in their lives into submissivefeminized slaves as well. Many of them would be at the partytonight. “Let’s get you into your birthday dress,” Jennifersaid, holding out the special creation. “Can’t that wait?” Iasked petulantly. I had noted over the last several months thateven as Daniel I was becoming increasingly girlish–my voice washigher, softermy gestures and walk more feminine. This “personaseepage,” as I had come to think of it, had seemingly begun theevening Jennifer imposed a second set of posthypnotic commandsupon me. I was now compelled to wear feminine undergarments and alight coating of makeup at all times, whether dressed and actingas Daniel or Dani. I was now reluctant to wear female clothingwhen the Daniel persona was in charge– for fear the “seepage”would increase. Jennifer, of course, had the solution to myreluctance. “Don’t you want to be PRETTY, SISSY DANI?” Those werethe code words, the special message that would activate in fullthe feminine psyche hidden within my own. As usual, the switchwas instantaneous. Unable to resist (though within, I knew howhumiliating the entire scenario was), I dropped my gaze and heldout my arms, wrists touching. “Transform me, Mistress,” Ipleaded. “Bind me into your service as sissy Dani.” Jenniferordered me to remove my male outer clothes and the black laceundies I was also wearing. She strapped me into a plain whitestrapless padded bra and then added white panties. No garter beltthis time–the sheer white stockings she gave me to put on myhairless legs were designed to stay up by themselves. When shehanded me the dress Sissy Dani was to wear to the party Iunderstood why my lingerie was so simple. The dress was elegant,sexy, and tight as tight could be. Its shirred white fabric clungto everyone of Sissy Dani’s curves. It was low-cut and strapless,the bodice fitting like a bustier. The hem was among the shortestSissy Dani had ever worn–nearly eight inches above the knee. Abuilt-in starched petticoat made the skirt stand out, seeminglyrevealing even more of the legs than usual. Now came theshoes–the barest of bare white sandals with seven-inch heels.Fortunately, in preparation for the party, Jennifer had made me(as both Daniel and Dani) practice walking in even highereight-inch heels for the past month. In comparison, these werelike flats. I looked down at my feet, and the Sissy Dani personawas enchanted by the sight of my red- painted toenails winkingthrough the thin straps of the sandals. It was an extremely sexysight. Fully dressed for the party (or so I thought at thetime), I was seated at my vanity for a make-up job. In keepingwith the sexy yet virginal white of my outfit, Mistress Jenniferemphasized the little-girl look of my face without neglecting theneed to make me the sexual center of attention she wanted me tobe that evening. The final effect–with ultra-long lashes,carefully shaded pale colors in the eyeshadow, a deep corallipstick, and my usual embarrassed blush–left the impression ofa Monroe-like sexpot trying to masquerade as a p*****nager.Jennifer was certain I would be a hit. My usual bondage jewelrywas also added–locked collar, bracelets, ankle bracelets. Shefaced me toward the mirror and snapped her fingers. Instantly, mymale persona reasserted itself. I gazed at my reflection–and thehypnotic effect of Jennifer’s commands combined with the “personaseepage” left me with a raging hard-on. Jennifer recognized thelook of longing on my face. “Concentrate on other things,Danielle,” she cooed. “For example, I have a big birthdaysurprise waiting for you at the party this evening.” She grinnedevilly–and I shuddered, half in fear, half in anticipation.”Time to go,” she told me, producing my “outerwear,” such as itwas. First came a pair of opera-length white satin gloves,exceedingly tight and fetishistic. So tight, in fact, that Icould scarcely move my elbows or fingers once they were on. Sheforced my arms behind my back and demonstrated the gloves’ othersecret: The two halves of a nylon zipper ran up the inner side ofeach glove. Forcing my arms close together, she closed thezipper, imprisoning my arms as if they were bound in a singleglove. Over this elegant bondage she placed a white satin capethat başakşehir escort fell to my waist, mostly hiding my imprisoned arms–butleaving just enough showing to make it interesting should anyonenotice my awkward condition. “Now you just stand here like thatand get used to it,” Jennifer advised, “while I get into my ownparty outfit.” Moments later, she reappeared. Involuntarily Igasped–she was beautiful. Her dress was a classic eveninggown–halter-collared, barebacked, clinging in all the rightplaces, with a slit up the side to reveal her gorgeous legs–butmade entirely of red k** leather. Her stockings were also red,and her shoes were of matching leather in a six- inch heeledpump. Jennifer clipped a gold chain leash to my collar andtugged lightly. “Let’s go, Dani–your public awaits.” — Joanna N.From: J Newsgroups: alt.sex.stories.tgSubject: TG : Sissy Dani (3/3)Date: Fri, 04 Aug 1995 11:04:51 GMTX-NNTP-Posting-Host: nicholsn.demon.co.ukX-Broken-Date: Friday, Aug 04, 1995 11.04.51X-Newsreader: Newswin Alpha 0.7The partywas held at Mistress Susan’s home. Mistress Susan was the sisterof Teasing Tammy (nee Tommy), and was the instigator of histransformation into that alluring teenager whose purpose was togain new “recruits” to the growing legion of feminizedsubmissives. Among the guests at this birthday party for my ownimposed female persona were Tammy, Little Miss Mandy and “her”mother Carla, and Busty Barbie and “her” wife- mistress, Maria.Each of the three had, I was told, prepared an entertainment forthe celebration. When everyone had arrived, the festivitiesbegan. First into the spotlight was Tammy. Susan had outfittedher little “sister” in a dressy version of her usual teen-agesexpot attire. The buxom little redhead wore a pink sequinedmini-dress with a diagonal-cut hem: It started at knee- length onher left side and rose to stocking-tops (revealing a hint ofgarter) on the left. Along the outside of the left leg herspecially made pink stockings had an inscription, running fromthe thigh to the ankle: “Cockteaser.” She also wore six-inchpink pumps. Like me, Tammy was only a part-time submissive.Susan brought her out for special occasions like these or formissions to lure in prospective feminization victims. Also likeme, Tammy’s other self, Tommy, was acutely aware of everything hewas forced to undergo when in the thrall of the Teasing Tammypersona–so I understood the humiliation he would feel after theparty when Susan released him from her control. Tammy’s actconsisted of her playing up sexually to one of the un- feminizedmale submissives at the party, while singing–in a Betty Boop-ishvoice–“I Want to Be Loved By You.” Her instructions were to turnthe man on as much as possible–both for her own humiliation ashis, since he would be forbidden to relieve his frustration byhis own mistress. The act was a rousing success. The party-goersloved it–and the poor submissive ended up with a raging erectionbut tied to a chair as he was, he could only long forrelease–in more ways than one. Completing her number, Tammycurtsied and retreated to Susan’s side, where she was immediatelyreturned to her own bondage–silver handcuffs behind the back andleg restraints–and then Susan played a little trick of her own:Snapping her fingers, she returned Tammy to Tommy. As therealization of what he had just done hit him, Tommy turned brightred and would have run from the room had Susan not restrainedhim. Next on the makeshift stage was Little Miss Mandy. Unlikemost of the other feminized slaves in our circle, Mandy had notbeen transformed through hypnosis but through rigorous trainingby his mother Carla instead. She had turned down the mesmerizingroute, thinking it would be more fun (and more embarrassing tothe former Martin) if the 14-year-old boy were constantly awareof his increasing feminized appearance and personality.Normally, Carla kept Mandy dressed in sissy-boy attire (velvet orsatin shorts, satin skirts, big bows, etc.) rather than fullfemale regalia, but tonight she had gone all out. Mandy gave theappearance of an oversized eight-year-old girl in a pale blueparty dress with lace and ruffles all over it, little puffedsleeves, opaque white stockings, and white patent- leather MaryJanes with three-inch heels. The effect was emphasized by alittle organdy apron tied over his skirt, with a big bow showingat the rear. Still there remained a touch of the androgynous tohis appearance, since Carla had chosen to forego a wig for thecross-dressed boy, simply curling his short black hair tightlyand affixing a large pale blue ribbon to the left side. His facewas lightly touched with cosmetics, just enough to soften hisfeatures. Many of the other “little-girl” submissives at theparty were clearly jealous of his femininity. For herperformance, Mandy sang the classic “I’m a Little Teapot,”replete with the appropriate gestures. When completed, shecurtsied, then (as ordered) stuck her thumb in her mouth inlittle-girl fashion. The audience ate it up. Last up was BustyBarbie. Once known as Bob, he was the only adult in our group offem-slaves who lived full-time as a woman. How could he dootherwise? His wife, Maria, perturbed by his obsession withbig-breasted women, had used a combination of hypnosis, speciald**gs and breast implants to turn him into a heart-stoppingversion of what he loved most. Barbie was now a lust-inducingbuxom brunette, her boobs expanded to a 38D. The hypnoticcommands that created the Barbie personality had severalinteresting twists: the more often she saw herself with bigbreasts, the bigger she wanted her boobs to get (although Mariahad recently “turned off” that command–she didn’t want Barbie toget gross)Bob, when released from the Barbie persona, was compelled to gazeupon the vision of Barbie he had become–and come in his pantiesfinally, Bob had constant awareness of allthat happened to Barbie–and Maria frequently ordered him toreport on his reactions to it. He had told me it was a greatlyhumiliating experience. And that was to be his “act” thisevening. Barbie wiggled and jiggled her way into the performancearea. She wore a see-through red black blouse, through which herlarge tits, carefully powdered and rouged, showed provocatively.Her skirt was a tight black leather mini, considerably hamperingher ability to walk freely, especially in the six-inch heeledpumps she also wore. Her dark hair hung below her shoulders in aFarah-like wave, framing a skillfully made-up face with bee-stungred lips. “I have been–requested,” she began, “to describe myactivities and my feelings as I prepared for this evening’sgathering. “As usual when appearing in public, I began with along bubble-bath. As I stripped naked, I found my hands againstraying to my breasts, tweaking the nipples, heaving the heavyglobes together. My mind struggled to prevent my body fromteasing myself so, but without effect. My Mistress’ hypnoticcommands are too strong. After successfully causing my cock toharden, I stepped into the bath. “An hour later,” she continued,”powdered and dried from the bath, I began dressing for theparty. I started with my black satin panties, garter belt andblack sheer stockings. The I stepped–struggled, really–into theexquisite tightness of my leather skirt. My body thrilled at thefeel of it across my hips and thighsmy mind tried to push thosefeelings away, again without success. Finally I slipped on mysix-inch pumps. “Then I sat at my vanity to begin my makeup. Iaccented my eyes with long false eyelashes, and deep greenshadow, and carefully touched up my plucked and arched eyebrows.next came a rose blush, followed by a coat of glistening redlipstick. I freshened my nail polish with the same red color.”Now, came the part my body loved and my mind most detested. Icould feel my arms and hands shake as my conscious struggled withmy u*********s. But, as always, the u*********s won–my handspicked up the powder and lipstick again, accenting the white ofgiant boobs and the red of the nipples. Looking at my luscioustits in the mirror, I felt my cock begin to stir again. “Nowcame the finishing touch–the blouse that would both hide andreveal my breasts to the world. Once it was in place, MistressMaria entered my room and snapped her fingers. Barbie wasgone–Bob in her place within my mind. I stared at the reflectionin the mirror and–as it had every day for the past severalmonths–my cock shot its load into my panties at the sight of mytransformed self.” The entertainment complete, Mistress Jenniferannounced it was time for my surprise. Suddenly, from behind, Ifelt a pair of hands thrust a ball- gag into my mouth, tying ittightly. Next I felt the zipper on my dress being pulled down.Shortly, the dress fell in a bundle to my feet. Now, MistressJennifer reached behind me and undid the hooks on my bra. It,too, fell to the floor. I stood there, half-naked in my sheerwhite hose and high white sandals, unable to move because of theway my arms were bound by the satin gloves, unable to protestbecause of the way my mouth was gagged. Jennifer smiled– thesmile I knew meant additional humiliation for me. “You lookso Pretty, Sissy Dani.” Instantly. I no longer caredhow I looked. I actually longed for the humiliation I wasreceiving. Such was the effect of the Sissy Dani persona upon me.Now, Jennifer produced a syringe from her bag. “This, Sissy Dani,is the same d**g which produced such wonderful results in BustyBarbie.” She stuck the needle under each of my breasts, as myeyes gaped. “Oh no, Dani,” she responded to my unasked question,”we’re not going to make you as buxom as Barbie. Just enough togive yocute little boobs for the rest of your life. “Afterall,” Jennifer continued, “you’re going to need them. From thispoint forward, the sound of snapping fingers will no longerreturn Daniel to control of your mind.’ She demonstrated. Indeed,the switch in personas I expected did not occur. But did thatmean– “Yes, Dani, this is the end of your double life,” she wenton, as I felt and watched my tits begin to grow. “From now on,you’re Pretty Sissy Dani forever!”THE END

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