26 Mart 2022

sissy for mum and my friends p1


sissy for mum and my friends p1When I was 18 myself and a few friends would go to one friends house on a Saturday night whilst he was baby sitting for his younger sibling. We would sit in his lounge have a few beers and put porn on. We would all sit there with hard ons in our pants but unable to wank because we were in our friends front room. Until one week when he decided to nip out for an hour chasing a girl. As soon as Rick had gone the porn went on and Ali (the cockiest and dirtiest of us) declared “fuck this im having a wank”. He undid his trousers and dropped them to his ankles and pulled an enormous hard cock out of his pants. It was huge, about 9 and a half inches and very thick. None of us could believe the size of it and I couldn’t take my eyes of it. “come on lads, get cracking” said Ali encouraging us all to knock one out. Chris and Nick needed no encouragement and both pulled out large cocks as well. Not as big as Ali’s but both around 8 inches I would think. All three were sat on the sofa watching the porn and jerking furiously. The main lights were off and a few beers had made them lose any inhibitions they had. That left me and another lad Greg. Greg was the same age as me (the other 3 being a year older) and I had a big crush on him. (I wasn’t gay but I had a few confused thoughts and most of them about Greg. He was very good looking and his arse in football shorts was just perfect. “come on boys, don’t be shy” shouted Ali to myself and Greg. “Fuck off no way” replied Greg, and I was a little disappointed. I realised I was really turned on by the other boys masturbating and although I was a bit worried that my cock wasn’t as big as theirs I quickly dropped my trousers and pulled my cock out of my pants. To my relief my 6 inch cock either went unnoticed or wasn’t small enough to be ridiculed. I started wanking furiously to the porn on the tv, but couldn’t help glancing a cross the room to the three lads on the sofa wanking their big cocks. Greg although he hadn’t joined in seemed ok with what was going on and was watching the porn. Ali sent him out to grab a toilet roll so we didn’t make a mess of ricks parents front rooms, and handed us all a tissue each to catch our loads. Even tho I started wanking last I was first to cum. I was more turned on than I had ever been in my life and shot the biggest load of my life. One by one the others shot their loads and we quickly cleaned up before Rick came home and all pretended nothing had happened.For the rest of that week I could think of little else and I just hoped it was going to happen again the following Saturday. When I was wanking my mind would drift to those three big dicks that had been across the room from me and I would come very quickly. Afterwards I would feel a little bit dirty and confused. I fancied girls and didn’t want to be gay, but those big erect cocks had stirred something in me, but the cock I really wanted to see was Gregs. The thought of that really drove me crazy. Saturday came around again and to my delight the exact same thing happened again, but once again Greg declined to join in. Our group wanking became a regular thing over the next few months. We became very comfortable wanking in front of each other. Greg however never joined in and eventually, he rarely came round anymore as he had a girlfriend. Sometimes the venue was different (someone elses house or a field on one occasion) but mostly it was on a Saturday night round ricks house whilst he nipped out or was otherwise engaged with his türbanlı bolu escort girlfriend.It was about this time that my mum started to see a new guy after being single for 3 years after my dad left her. She would stay round his house sometimes and as she obviously wanted to impress she invested in some new underwear. Suddenly on the washing line it was no longer plain white briefs it was white silky ones with lace trim, French knickers, red silky ones with a see through panel at the front, and also stockings and suspenders and a matching white bodice. I had never thought of my mum in a sexual way before but the fought of her dressed in this way and the fact she was quite prim and proper normally really got me going. I would have killed just for a glimpse of her dressed up in her sexy gear but sadly it never happened. For a while tho it kept my mind of cocks as I thought about my mum in her lingerie when wanking instead. Eventually while she was out I would try on the little lace panties, (after taking them out of the dirty laundry and giving them a good sniff first). I loved the feeling of the panties against my skin as I wanked furiously, and was always very careful to cover my tracks and not make a mess. (or so I thought)Myself and the rest of the lads were disappointed when rick announced his parents were taking the whole family away for two weeks holiday. That was until Ali announced he knew where they hid the spare key for the backdoor, we would simply let ourselves in and get up to our usual tricks, just being careful not to make too much noise and to keep the curtains closed. Suddenly a thought crossed my mind, I was getting bored with my mums panties and had been wandering what it would be like to go through someone elses. I pulled Ali a side, and explained to him my plan of going through ricks mums panty drawer. He loved it, I knew he would and he quickly called the other three lads over. They all loved the idea as well, even Greg, who to my surprise seemed keener than all of us. The following Saturday we crept nervously into Ricks back garden, hoping the spare key would be left where it normally was. Sure enough there it was, we let ourselves in and made ourselves at home, we watched tele and had a few beers for a couple of hours. The others seemed quite relaxed but all I wanted to do was go upstairs and go through the panties. Eventually the porn went on and we all started getting in the mood. “come on lets go upstairs” said Greg and we all didn’t need asking twice. We rushed upstairs and into Ricks mums bedroom. There was a dressing table with a mirror with a drawer under it. Ali slid it open, jackpot! panty drawer first try. The panty drawer was quite empty tho, only a few pairs, and the lads rifled through other drawers looking for more and for dildos and porn, but they found nothing. “well these will do me” said Greg and grabbed a little lacy thong and headed off with them. He ran downstairs and locked himself in the downstairs toilet. I was briefly annoyed that I wouldn’t get to see his cock, but by this time Nick and Chris were both lying on the bed with a pair of Ricks mums pants in their hands wrapped round their cocks wanking themselves furiously. There was only one big pair of granny knickers left in the drawer. (she must of taken the good stuff on hols)but I had a better idea. I went into the bathroom and sure enough there was the dirty laundry basket. I didn’t even have to rummage through, on top was a türbanlı bolu escort bayan nice pair of lacy white panties. I pulled them up to my face sniffing the crotch. It was wonderful, the slightly musty pussy juices filled my nostrils. “lets have a sniff you dirty bastard” said Alis voice behind me. He was tugging on his huge cock. I had never seen it up close before, it was amazing. He took the panties off me and inhaled. “fucking hell that’s amazing” he said, followed by ” go on then, try them on”. I didn’t need telling twice, I took off my trousers and pants and pulled the lacy panties on. My cock throbbed and I felt like I could cum any second. “turn round Kevin” (that’s me by the way) said Ali. I did as I was told. “your arse looks amazing in those panties Kev, would you mind if I rubbed my cock against them” said Ali.I didn’t argue and he gently pushed me towards the hand sink and then said “bend over a bit”. Again I did what I was told. Ali started rubbing his massive cock up against my pert pantied arse and I grabbed my cock out of the panties and started wanking. Ali grabbed me around the waist and started dry humping me. He was moaning and groaning and was clearly enjoying himself “you love it you dirty bitch don’t you” Ali said and slapped my arse cheek, “Fuck yeh” I grunted and I could take it no more. the combination of wearing ricks mums dirty panties and being bent over with Ali grinding away on me pushed me over the edge. I shot my load into the hand sink with a loud “fuck yes” and Ali slapped my arse again and said “told you you loved it you dirty slut”. As soon as I had cum I became very aware of my situation, bent over a sink wearing dirty panties with my mate dry humping my arse. I knew I had to wait and let him finish but I was suddenly feeling very guilty and ashamed. “oh fuck yeh im coming” screamed Ali “take this you dirty little bitch”. “No don’t” I desperately gasped back “you will make a mess”. “shut up” said Ali aggressively. Up until that point he had just been humping my arse cheeks, but just before he came he moved his cock down so it was pushing right against my arsehole through the panties. I still felt guilty and ashamed to be in this position but I felt my cock twitch when he did this. Then with a loud grunt Ali shot his load and I could feel the warm spunk soaking through the panties on to my arse and against my arsehole. Just as the spunk started dripping down my legs I heard a loud clapping, cheering and laughing coming from the bathroom doorway. The three other lads had finished wanking and had witnessed the whole thing. So there I was bent over the sink in my mates mums dirty panties with cum dripping off my arse and legs. Ali pulled away and started laughing with the other three. He through me a towel and said “clean yourself up bitch”. The four other lads went off downstairs leaving me to clean myself up. I took the panties off and wiped as much cum off as I could and put them back in the dirty laundry basket. I washed my cum down the sink and washed the rest of my arse and legs. I dressed and went into the bedroom. The other had made a good job of covering their tracks and had left everything neat and tidy. Still feeling a bit dirty and humiliated I went downstairs expecting some severe mickey taking. The mood had changed when I got downstairs tho. “are u ok” enquired Ali, “yeh” I replied a bit surprised. All four lads were looking at me a little strangely, “its ok we wont tell türbanlı escort bolu anybody” said Chris ” it was just a laugh between mates, that’s all” he continued. “sorry if I got carried away” said Ali. “tell you what tho, you have got a great arse” said Nick, “yeh in those panties it looked amazing like a proper womens arse” said Greg enthusiastically. We decided to get out the house as it was getting dark and we didn’t want to put the lights on and be seen by the neighbours. We went to a local park to finish our beers. I had stopped feeling dirty now and was starting to get turned on thinking back to what had happened. The compliments the others had given me about my arse had left me feeling all flustered and a little aroused. I was still a little confused about the change of attitude in the lads when I got downstairs but I didn’t think too much of it.The rest of that night I felt a little left out. The other four would always be deep in conversation when I returned from having a pee or something and then go quiet when I got back in earshot. When I asked what was going on I was told Gregs girlfriend had dumped him and that’s what they were talking about. It seemed strange they would exclude me but I wasn’t overly concerned. “are we going to Danielle Wrights party next week” Chris asked suddenly. “what party” I asked. it was the first I had heard of it. “Yeh shes having a party at her parents farm, and for some reason she has invited us” said Chris. This came as quite a shock to me as she was the fittest and coolest girl at school and had loads of fit mates and I was amazed we were invited. “The only problem is, is that its fancy dress and we haven’t got any costumes, and she says we wont get in if we don’t dress up” said Nick. We all agreed that was us screwed because we didn’t have costumes or any money to buy some. Ali then came up with an idea. We would all ask our mums if they had an old dress to borrow. Ali said that he could lay his hands on some old wigs from a play his mum was in. The other lads argued for a bit but we all agreed that it would get us a lot of attention to go dressed as woman and wouldn’t cost us any money. That night I went home to find my Mum was out. I nipped upstairs and did my usual in her dirty panties, thinking back to Alis huge cock pushing against my arse. I cleaned up and went downstairs and waited for my mum to return. Unfortunately for me she was in a foul mood and dismissed my request to borrow an old dress out of hand. telling me to stop being stupid and she went to bed. The next morning I slept in. I got up to go to the toilet and I could hear my mum talking to my auntie in the kitchen downstairs. My ears pricked up when I heard my auntie say something about an old dress. I crept halfway down the stairs and started to earwig the conversation. “I am not letting him where a dress and that’s final, I have enough problems with the dirty little sod and my pants” said my mum. I fell back in shock. oh my god my mum knew about my dirty little habit, I almost ran back up the stairs, but then my auntie said “yeh so what better way to teach the pervert a lesson” she continued ” I think we should not just let him wear a dress but give him a full makeover. waxing, make up, high heels. sexy undies the lot, and then make him go out like that” My mum loved the idea, they both had a big fit of the giggles. “ok then, we will do it, next week before the his party we will have our own girly make over party, ive always wanted a little girl to dress up and now I have my chance to change dirty little Kevin into sweet innocent little Karen” laughed my mum. I ran back upstairs, I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. The thought of being dressed up and sent out in public like that wasn’t a good one but the idea of being turned into a girl by my mum and aunt had made my cock stiffer than ever before.

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