21 Ağustos 2022



Subject: Man Cam (SLCRolla (2) This is an fictional story of sex with men from an internet chat site. This is completely fictional as most of the men live far far away. Some are straight, some gay and many bisexual. But all are hot, hot , hot. Enjoy… +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Man Cam (SLCRolla (2) ……..I didn’t received another message from the hunk until the next day. But after the first one I jerked myself to orgasm twice that night just from those hot pics. But when he did send one, it too made me hard. In it was more pics of his hot naked body. And there were also pics of him fucking some lucky girl. “Awesome man” he said in the new message “I can actually come up to see you man” “Have some time and you aren’t far” “Here are some more pics buddy. Hope you don’t mind the sex ones” His message asked for my info so he could contact me and find me. Also he wanted some pics of me. So I sent him another message and attached some pics of me naked and bursa escort sitting on a dildo. I hoped he would like the images. He seemed real interested in getting together. And I sure wanted his perfect cock. I had jerked myself to another great orgasm with the newer pics he had sent me. I really could not wait to get my mouth on his beautiful dick. It was Saturday morning when I got a call on my cell from him. I had just gotten up and was eating some breakfast when the phone rang. “Hey man. Its Rolla” he said “Just pulling up to your place man. ” “Just wanted to make sure you were up ” “Sure” I answered “Come on up” Then a few minutes later there was a knock on my front door. I opened and there he was, my hunky big cocked stud. He was shorter than he seemed online, but still scruffy and hunky nonetheless. “Come on in man” I said “So where’s yer bedroom man” he said back to me. “I am freakin horny. And need this sucked on badly” He reached down and groped himself. I pointed to my room and he headed bursa escort bayan towards it. He was dropping clothes as he walked into my bedroom. Then I rushed in to follow the hit hunk and when I got into my room he was on the bed already, kicking off his pants and Then his boxers and he just lay back on my bed, naked as the day he was born. His hot hairy form spread his beefy thighs and reached for his dick. The semi flaccid cock was indeed a nice size, even in its semi soft state. He started to stroke on his dick as he lay there looking up at me. “So you gonna come here and suck me or not man” He grumbled I watched as he pulled up on his big shaft and his balls flexed below. When I saw those wonderful orbs between his great thighs, I threw off all my clothes too. I was on my knees at the foot of the bed as I watched the hunky ‘Rolla’ pull on his growing dick. It was indeed a beautiful dick. The perfectly shaped shaft looked even more awesome in person. Bigger too. I then crawled up on the bed escort bursa between his delicious legs. He spread a bit wider for my access to him. I crawled up between his beefy legs and placed my hands on his inner thighs. I caressed his hot legs and then leaned in close to his hand and dick. “Wow that is nice.” I said as I licked my hungry lips. Rolla pulled on his cock and held it at the base. The big shaft towered from his hand. It was a bit shiny. probably from him spitting on his hand to stroke his cock. “Come on man” he said as he waved his big dick at me “Its waiting for that mouth.” “Damn that is such a beautiful dick man” I said matter of fact I reached for his cock and grasped it in my shaky hand. I finally touched and grabbed his beautiful cock. Rolla moaned lightly as my had grabbed his big dick. his head pulled back into the pillow as he groaned his delight of my hand taking his dick. I gently stroked his big cock. Slowly moving up and down the shaft. My fingers wrapped around his big thick dick barely touching. I then moved in closer to his crotch and pulled my mouth to his dick. I opened my hungry mouth and took in his big delicious dick…………. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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