25 Ocak 2023

Slutty Mom and Daughter Pt. 01


Bryan Taylor cleared out of his dorm late in the morning, after taking his Econ mid-term exam. He’d been set to roll down to Lauderdale with his roommate Steve, to party Spring Break away.

He’d changed his plans at the last minute.

By noon he was on the interstate in his little Fiat, headed south to his mother’s house. Just after three in the afternoon, he pulled into the driveway of the two-story brick colonial that he’d grown up in.

Bryan was worried about his mom.

Carol Taylor had struggled in the months since Bryan’s father had abruptly moved out, leaving her alone in the big house with Bryan’s sister, Harper. Carol’s video calls with her son at school had become litanies of the frustration and worry of trying to get her increasingly defiant eighteen-year-old daughter under control. The calls had become less frequent over the last month, and Carol had seemed more distracted and less eager to spend time on the phone at all.

So, Bryan had decided on a sudden impulse to spend the week back home instead of at the beach.

He parked in the drive and let himself into the house through the side door. Standing in the middle of the kitchen, it abruptly occurred to him that calling ahead might have been a better idea than surprising his mother.

Because, judging by the noises echoing down the stairwell from the upstairs bedrooms, it sounded like Dad had come home again.

Bryan was anything but a virgin. He knew the sounds a woman made when fucking, and he knew his mother’s voice–but he’d never heard the two sounds together. Until now.

“Shit,” he muttered, setting his bags down quietly on the ceramic tile floor. His mother might have been devastated by her husband’s leaving, but Bryan had been glad to see the cheating bastard go. He’d looked forward to spending time with his mom this week, but the last thing he wanted was to put up with day after day of Craig Taylor’s swaggering braggadocio again.

So, the reason that Mom had stopped wanting to talk was that Dad was keeping her busy in the bedroom. She could at least have let Bryan know. He supposed that she might be embarrassed to admit that she’d taken the big lout back.

Dejected, Bryan considered slipping back out to the car and going on to the beach as he’d originally planned.

His mother’s moans grew louder. He moved toward the main stair, telling himself that he just wanted to make sure that he was right about what was going on and that she was okay. He couldn’t admit to himself that hearing Mom’s husky contralto raised in carnal rapture as she approached orgasm was turning him on.

That his father could still excite his mother repelled Bryan…but not enough to soften the erection stirring in his pants. Suppressing his annoyance, he crept up the carpeted steps.

He was on the second-floor landing when he heard another woman’s voice–a giggle and a squeal, higher-pitched than his mother’s.

Okay, then. Not Dad.

Bryan had never thought about his mom being into other women, nor what impact if any that might have had on her relationship with her husband.

The voice might be Jill Lawson’s. Her Subaru wagon was parked out in front of her house next door, unusual at this time in the afternoon on a Friday. In her late thirties, busty blonde Jill was a married high school teacher with a son of her own, and an outrageous flirt who’d gotten pretty handsy with Bryan not long before he’d graduated. She had a filthy mouth on her, too, but in his opinion she was a little too brazen to be believed. He couldn’t see her sneaking home from school before student dismissals to seduce her lonely neighbor.

Okay, so sneaking up on his mom while she was fucking was creepy. But curiosity was killing Bryan. So he told himself another lie: that his mom was emotionally vulnerable right now and might be involved in something that could get her hurt. He pretended to himself that the opportunity to catch a glimpse of his beautiful mother naked and locked in an intimate embrace with another woman played no part in his slipping silently down the hallway toward the master bedroom.

There was a full-length mirror on the closet door at the end of the hall, directly facing the door of the bedroom that Mom and Dad had shared for so many years. The bedroom door was open, and Bryan found a position from which he could see their bed reflected in that mirror.

His mother was not with Jill Lawson.

Carol Taylor lay on her back in the center of her bed, completely naked. Her head and hips were propped up on pillows, with her long curvy legs bent at the knees and her feet planted flat on the mattress.

Bryan’s sister, Harper, crouched on her knees between Carol’s widespread thighs. The eighteen-year-old was as naked as her mother, and slowly withdrawing a long, shiny black plastic dildo from Carol’s glistening, hairless pussy.

Bryan bit down on his tongue to keep from shouting out loud. This had to be an incredible dream! He was still in bursa escort bed, back in his dorm room, and probably already late for his Econ test.

He screwed his eyes shut and took a long breath, but when he opened them again nothing had changed. His mother and younger sister were still in bed together, and Harper was still fucking Mom with a big plastic prick.

The end of the fake cock popped free of Carol’s pussy. That delicious little pink hole gaped open, the plump lips shiny with her juice. More juice pooled inside her slit. When Harper turned the dildo up and brought the head to her mouth, her brother saw how huge it was. He also saw that it was a two-headed toy, about a foot and a half long and as big around as Harper’s wrist, with each end sculpted into perfect oversized replicas of a man’s glans.

Harper licked all the cunt cream off the end that had lately been inside her mother’s pussy, then tossed the dildo aside.

“Ohhhh…Don’t stop now, sweetie,” Carol pleaded hoarsely with her daughter. “I was about to cum again!”

“Yeah, I can tell by the way those big nipples stick out,” Harper laughed. “Like they always do when you’re ready to pop. Like a couple of little cocks.”

The girl leaned forward, bringing her face to within a few inches of one of her mother’s tremendous breasts. She blew hot breath across Carol’s tits, causing the areolae to pucker and the nipples to stand up even stiffer than before. “And you know what I like to do with cocks, Mom. Right?”

Harper pursed her lips around her mother’s left nipple and sucked.

“Awwww…” Carol closed her eyes and her head lolled back on the pillow. She reached out to comb her fingers through Harper’s long, dark curls. “If you make those cocks feel as good as you always do Mommy’s boobs, I bet you’re making a lot of guys very happy.”

“As many as I can, Mom,” Harper said proudly. “And I think, pretty soon, you’re gonna do the same.”

Bryan took a deep breath and tried to think rationally. He saw three ways he could go from here.

He could barge in on his mom and sister, confused and angry and demanding to know what was going on. Bad idea. It would do no one any good, and would in all likelihood humiliate everyone and maybe cause irreparable emotional harm.

Or, he could back quietly down the stairs, get back in his car, and head for Lauderdale. He didn’t know if he could drink or fuck enough in a week at the beach to drive the exciting and disturbing visions of his mom and sister fucking out of his consciousness, but he’d give it one hell of a try.

That might be the sensible thing to do. Stoned debauchery was a plan, right?

Or…he could stay right where he was, and watch what happened next.

He chose the third course of action–or, rather, he let the rock-hard erection straining against the zipper of his pants choose it for him. After all, who could blame a fellow? The two most beautiful women in his world, one of them the woman he’d lusted after every day since he’d first discovered what lust really meant, were unknowingly putting on a private sex show just for him.

Carol and Harper were beautiful. Drop-dead gorgeous, in fact, sharing a family resemblance while presenting a study in contrasts. Both had dark chestnut hair and wide blue eyes, with small waists and long, shapely legs. But where Harper’s body was that of a gymnast– lean, with a high, tight rump and small, perky breasts–Carol had a voluptuous, hourglass figure. Her hips were full, her ass big and round, her thighs curvy as a 1940s calendar girl. And her breasts would have been the envy of most of those pin-ups: voluminous, perfectly sculpted globes of flesh that defied age and gravity.

Harper could be hell on wheels, but she looked blissfully angelic nursing on her mother’s big tits. She slipped one of her small hands down between Carol’s legs, running a fingertip around the inner rim of her still-open pussy mouth to lubricate it, then moving up to stroke her mother’s prominent, swollen pink clit. Carol’s belly shuddered visibly and she rolled her hips against Harper’s hand.

“You are soooo good at this,” Carol murmured. “You know so much for someone so…”

“Young?” Harper laughed wickedly. “Yeah, been doin’ a lot of hurry-up learning since Dad’s been gone. The house is empty all day when you’re at work, so I cut classes and entertain guests. Speaking of which…” Harper slipped three fingers up into Carol’s fuck-slot and wiggled them back and forth. “We gotta get a cock in you, Mom. A lot of cocks, in fact.”

“I-I don’t know if I’m ready for that,” Carol stammered, blushing.

“Of course you’re ready. You’ve been ready. You’re such a hot-blooded slut, you were climbing the walls before Dad was gone a week. It’s just a good thing that you have a dutiful tramp of a daughter at home to take you in hand, don’t you think?”

Bryan couldn’t believe that he’d heard right. Harper had been the seducer, and Mom the seduced? Although, watching her use bursa escort bayan her mouth and her hands on Carol and seeing the older woman’s dreamy expression as she soared toward orgasm, his sister clearly was n novice at this. With absolute confidence and skill, she was driving her mother wild.

No wonder Mom had stopped wanting to spend time on the phone. Imagining how much lewd mother-daughter activity had been going on around this house in the last few weeks, Bryan couldn’t resist unsnapping his pants and grabbing hold of his throbbing cock. He jacked himself off slowly, never taking his eyes from the action in the mirror.

Harper abandoned Carol’s tits, for the time being, sitting back on her haunches and picking up the double-headed dildo again. She leaned forward and rubbed one end of the huge rubbery cock back and forth across her mother’s drooling slit, lubing it up with Carol’s pussy juice. The slender teenager inserted the sculpted cock-head just inside her mother’s cunt and eased it into her fuck-hole.

“D’ya like that?”

“Uh…uh-huh,” Carol sighed.

“Yeah, not so bad a substitute when Daddy’s not around, hmm?”

“Leave that S.O.B. out of it.” Carol’s voice was half an angry snarl, but her heart wasn’t in it. Bryan could tell from the way she squirmed and ground her ass against the bed that the intense pleasure of being fucked by her own daughter left her little extra energy for bitterness at her ex.

“If not Daddy, then who should we get to fuck this pussy?” Harper teased. She worked a few more inches of the plastic prick into her mother’s dripping cunt. “What about Mr. Lawson, next door? Think he’s got a cock as big as this one?”

“F-Frank?” Carol mumbled. “What…about…Jill?”

“What about her?” Harper shrugged. “But, okay…you wanna fuck their son, Corey?

“H-he’s your brother’s age!”

“I know. And I can tell how much you love that idea. Your pussy’s opening up,” Harper said, pushing several more inches of the dildo into her mother’s needy pussy.

She was right. Carol lunged upward at the mention of Corey’s name, bouncing her ass up and down on the bed in short, jerking movements as the flexing fake cock entered her. Bryan wondered how much of the toy his mother could take. She easily had seven or eight inches up her cunt now and neither she nor Harper was slowing down.

Corey Lawson. The thought of his beautiful mother fucking a guy near his own age made Bryan’s prick so hard it ached. He unzipped his pants as quietly as he could and pulled down his briefs, letting his cock spring free. It was a risky move, but he needed relief. He pulled on his prick, unconsciously keeping time with Harper’s fucking motions.

Harper wrapped the fingers of one hand around the dildo just a few inches from the free end. Ducking her head, she opened her mouth as wide as she could and swallowed the molded cock-head. Bryan was amazed at how easily his younger sister accommodated the sex toy. He could see the bulge of the helmet moving down her throat as she sucked. Her cheeks hollowed and puffed out as she worked her throat muscles around it. When she withdrew the plastic pole from her mouth after several seconds it was coated with her thick, slippery saliva.

“Time for me to get in on the fun,” Harper said, smirking. She reclined on the mattress facing Carol, scooting her small ass forward to slide one leg under one of her mother’s thighs. She draped her other leg over the older woman’s other thigh and aimed the spit-slickened dildo at her own tiny, clean-shaven pussy. Bryan watched, mesmerized, as Harper impaled her cunt on the dildo.

“Fuck, oh fuck yeah,” the teen breathed, humping her ass forward to take more and more of the dildo into her slot. Her movements caused the toy to slide and turn inside her mother’s wet pussy. Carol shook from head to toe. Her eyes rolled up under their lids.

Harper took her mother’s hands and entwined their fingers, squirming and wriggling forward until the last bit of the plastic fuck-pole disappeared between them.

Their tender cunt lips grazed. Carol screamed and convulsed in orgasm.

Harper laughed triumphantly. “Oh, you love it, don’t you? Tell me how much you love being your daughter’s fuck toy!”

“Oh God…oh God help me, I do!” Carol gasped. “I love…love…”

“What do you love, Mommy?” Harper teased, grinding and rolling her hips like a stripper to drive the long, thick dildo in and out of her mother’s spasming sex channel. “Tell me like before. Like you tell me, every time.”

“I love being your fuck toy,” Carol sobbed. “Being your, your–“

“My whore,” her daughter hissed. “My hot Mommy-whore.”

Bryan’s anger flared for a moment at Harper’s gleeful disrespect for their mother. But on hearing her daughter’s words Carol’s lovely face contorted in lust, leaving no doubt how fully she enjoyed this wicked, taunting game. Her cheeks flushed, her lips curled back from her even white teeth, and she growled like an escort bursa animal as she writhed and rubbed her dripping cunt lips against Harper’s, straining toward yet another climax.

The women instinctively wriggled and ground sensuously against each other, sharing the fuck-pole as if from frequent practice. As they rocked and humped, a length of the plastic shaft appeared and then disappeared between their legs. Sometimes they fucked in an easy, mutual rhythm. At other moments it was as if their pussies were competing for sole possession of the fat, fake prick. Through it all, whenever their writhings caused their clits to touch their sighs gave way to yelps and moans of ecstasy.

Bryan took it all in from his hidden vantage, jerking himself off with both hands. He wanted with all of his being to shuck his clothes, barge into his parents’ bedroom, and hurl himself into the middle of the hot action between his mother and sister. They were both so far gone in their frenzied fuck-lust that they’d have to welcome him–wouldn’t they?

He hesitated, and in that fraction of a second of doubt, his cock suddenly jerked and started the familiar internal pumping contractions that singled imminent eruption. He clamped his jaw shut, choking back a groan as his balls tightened. He yanked his pants up just in time, stuffing his prick into them and aiming downward so that he shot his load into his boxer briefs rather than all over the pale green wall-to-wall carpet of the hallway.

Chagrined, Bryan zipped up his pants and quietly backed down the stairs. He could still hear his mother and sister crying out in carnal joy as he retrieved his bags from the kitchen and snuck out to the driveway.

He made as much noise as he possibly could this time, slamming the door of his convertible and throwing the kitchen door wide open as he re-entered the house and dropped his suitcase heavily on the tile.

“Hey, where is everybody?” he shouted up the stairs.

Without waiting for an answer, he clomped down the wooden stairs to his old basement bedroom, where he washed up and changed into fresh clothes.


“I do wish you’d called ahead,” Bryan’s mother said to him as they looked over the menu at his favorite hometown Thai restaurant. She glanced across the table at Harper, who feigned disinterest in her mother’s attention but looked far too pleased with herself for Bryan’s taste.

“I wanted to surprise you,” He said, pretending to study the menu. He, his mother, Harper and the waiter and the cook and probably the vaguely familiar couple at the next table all knew that he’d have the same thing he’d ordered every time they’d come here for the last five years: lemon grass soup, Pad Ka Pow and an iced coffee. That was the point of coming here on his first day home. It was his comfort food, and he suddenly found himself feeling a lot more in need of comfort than he’d expected. “I thought you’d be glad to see me.”

“I am!” Carol looked hurt. “I just–that is, if I’d known, I’d have made you something nice at home instead of having to drive up here for dinner. You must get awfully tired of that dining hall food.”

“Aw, Mom, I like this place. And I know you’ve got a lot to handle, since…”

“Since Dad flaked on us,” Harper interrupted airily. Bryan glared at her. Until now, he’d mostly avoided eye contact with his sister since she’d first slouched downstairs and waved vaguely at him about an hour after he’d staged his “arrival.” She’d pretended to have been in her room playing Bioshock all afternoon. He knew what games she’d really been playing, in Mom’s room.

Beyond everything else that bothered him about Harper, he had the new problem that he couldn’t stop remembering her naked. And that gave him a hard-on.

Just as looking at his mother did.

Carol chided her daughter. “He’s still your father.”

Harper shrugged. “Whatever.”

The women put on a good show of bickering…if it was, in fact, a pretense. Bryan was still trying to sort out what had been going on between them–other than the obvious, of course. Harper had remarked that afternoon that her mother said the same things “every time” they had sex, suggesting that they’d been together more than a couple of times. But how had all this happened? Had they been fucking before Dad had left? Who else was Harper screwing around with, and trying to get Mom to fuck? How much influence did his sister have over their mother, anyway?

The trouble was that when Bryan mentally replayed the events he’d witnessed he couldn’t concentrate on understanding any of it. His cock got hard fast and all he wanted was to go somewhere private, fantasize about his mom and sister, and jack off.

Even fully dressed as they were now, and out in a public place, the sensuality of the two overpowered his senses. Harper was dressed in her usual sluttishly tacky style, pairing cut-offs that barely covered her crotch with a black beach tee emblazoned with the cornily provocative slogan “Tequila Makes My Clothes Fall Off.” Her small protruding nipples showed clearly through the thin cotton. It was the kind of rebellious “fashion statement” that had set off countless arguments with her mother.

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