18 Mart 2023

Somali Queen In Ottawa Ch. 02


Right now, I’m squatting over my lover Steve Salomon’s face and the big and tall young Haitian man has his mouth buried between his big brown ass cheeks, his tongue deep inside my asshole. Grabbing his long and thick, uncircumcised dark dick, I stroked it gently, and watched it grow in my hand. Bet you taste wonderful, I thought, and leaned over to take Steve’s dick into my mouth. Nothing hotter than doing the sixty nine with my man.

My name is Yasmin Hussein and I’m a young Somali woman living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. I’m a student at Algonquin College, and I also work as a cleaner for various office buildings downtown. It’s where I met my current boyfriend, Steve Salomon. He used to be the security guard on overnight shifts at my main building but got himself fired when we got caught having sex in someone’s office late one night. What can I say? Just because I’m a Hijab-wearing Somali chick doesn’t mean I can’t get freaky.

Ever since that night, Steve and I have been inseparable. He’s working security at another building and I’m back in the same building where we got caught fucking, albeit in a probationary capacity since the union at my job wasn’t as supportive of me as they could have been. Steve and I are together now, and he’s been spending so much time at my apartment that I ought to start charging him rent, seriously.

Moaning deeply, I shuddered as Steve fingered my hairy pussy while working his tongue deep inside my asshole. Seriously, the kinky sides of Steve never cease to amaze me. I’m a tall, chubby Somali chick. Not most people’s idea of beauty in the City of Ottawa, where they seem to worship avcılar escort skinny blondes. To Steve, however, I am supremely beautiful. My favorite Haitian stud loves my body, and I can’t get enough of his wonderful, weird brand of lovemaking.

While sucking Steve’s dick with gusto, a deliciously naughty idea crept into my already kinky mind. I slid a finger into Steve’s butt hole, and the big and tall Haitian’s whole body went stiff. I swear I felt his dick harden in my mouth as I fingered his asshole. Emboldened by this, I worked a second finger into Steve’s ass while I continued sucking his dick. Steve said nothing, which did not surprise me since he has his tongue buried so far up my asshole, you’d have trouble telling where I end and he begins. Still, I could tell he liked what I was doing to his ass and dick, so I continued working my unique brand of Somali womanly magic on him.

Seems that Steve likes butt sex in just about every way, I thought as I buried two fingers up his warm and tight hole while flicking my tongue over the ‘hood’ of his dick, a move which sent him over the edge. Steve shuddered, and then I swear, his dick had a spasm and then he finally came. A lot of girls frown upon sucking dick or drinking a man’s sperm but I don’t. I’m a freaky kind of chick and I like to roll with it in the bedroom. Also, don’t we all come from sperm, dammit? Seriously, ladies, just think about it!

I pulled my fingers out of Steve’s butt and eagerly drank up every last drop of his cum, loving the taste of his manly essence. Steve sighed deeply as I finally ataköy escort let go of his manhood, but when he tried to move out from under me, I locked my big and sexy and unbelievably strong legs around his neck and head. Turning around, I shot him a look of disappointment and Steve frowned, clearly confused. This mofo apparently didn’t realize that I did NOT give him permission to stop licking my asshole. I reminded Steve of this. Nodding, Steve resumed licking my butt hole while fingering my cunt, just like a real man should.

The feel of Steve’s tongue in my asshole is absolutely amazing. Ladies, if you haven’t held your man down and made him lick your asshole, you really should give it some serious thought and consideration. After making Steve polish my derriere for a good while, I was ready for the grand finale. Are you curious about what that is? I squatted over Steve’s face, and, with his nose and mouth buried in my asshole, I squeezed out a loud, wet fart. That’s right, I farted in my man’s face.

Later, after inhaling my wonderfully erotic and wickedly intoxicating womanly fumes, Steve thanked me. I rewarded him by getting on all fours, spreading my ass cheeks wide open and telling him to fuck my ass. That’s right, I’m a Hijab-wearing Muslim woman from Somalia who likes to get fucked in the ass. Steve was only happy to oblige once I revealed this to him. The big and tall Haitian got behind me, and lubricated my asshole with Aloe cream before pressing his hard dick against me. I nodded, giving him the green light and Steve happily pushed his dick into my bahçelievler escort asshole. At last, we were one. Gripping my wide hips tightly, Steve buried his dick in my ass while I moaned deeply, feeling invaded and violated, and yet loving every minute of it. Ass fucking, as many a woman would tell you, can be an unbelievably intense and intimate experience.

Burying my face between the pillows, I stuck my ass in the air as Steve pumped his dick into my hole, smacking my big Somali derriere for good measure. I backed that ass up, as they say, grinding my big brown butt against the Haitian stud’s groin and driving his dick even deeper up my asshole. Groaning deeply, Steve thrust his cock into the forbidden depths of my asshole, taking his sweet time as he took my ass. I screamed, I cried, I sighed, I squealed, I howled, I bucked wildly and I laughed. It was THAT good. When all was said and done, Steve pulled out of my ass, and we lay side by side, sweaty and panting, laughing like a couple of clowns. What can I say? We were happy. An intense, wonderful ass fucking will do that to you.

Next time it’s your turn, I told Steve as we lay in my bed that night, happily snuggling after some wonderful fucking. Steve smiled at me but said nothing. To emphasize my point, I grabbed his dick and squeezed it hard for him to wince in pain. Steve laughed nervously and pulled me to him, gently kissing my lips, and then fondling my tits. I felt his hand sleep between my thick, shapely thighs, and he fingered my pussy while licking my ear. You are awesome, Steve whispers into my ear.

I know what Steve must think of me. I’m curvy, and womanly, and lovely. I’m delightful and my boo can’t get enough of me. I guess Steve has gotten it into his thick Haitian skull that his favorite Somali goddess is soft and sweet. Tomorrow I’m going to the adult video store on Rideau Street, the one near the mall. I’m buying a strap-on dildo. Time to show Steve who’s the boss in our relationship.

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