11 Mayıs 2023

South Beach – Javon’s Experience


I was walking toward Lincoln Park on the near north side of Chicago. It was a cold bitter Saturday in the dead of winter. My name is Javon Williams and I volunteer a few hours each week at the zoo. I’m eighteen years old. My parent’s names are Esther and Benjamin. Mom is fifty-seven and Dad is sixty-three. Mom and Dad owned a company, which dad founded, named IT Solutions of Chicago. They both worked so hard at building the company that I hardly ever saw them during the week. Weekends were special, never did we miss a chance to be together. I was always taught that hard work and smartness were the keys to a great and fulfilling future. Neither mom, nor dad were college graduates, but they were smarter than most of them. They knew all the Supreme Court judges by name and Judge Judy was not among them. I walked through the zoo gate and proceeded to the lion house. Today was my day to clean cages. I didn’t relish the job, but I was with the big cats and that I liked a lot. My friend Mike was there also and together we had the job completed before noon. On my way back home, the sun was shining, the temp was around zero, and I was cold. Damn I wish I could be in a warmer climate. I loved the city, but hated the winters. I trudged up the sidewalk and walked the gangway to the back of the house. Dad was out back sweeping a few snow flurries off the back porch. When he saw me, he broke out in a big smile. We both walked through the door into a nice warm house. “Hi guys, lunch is almost ready. Javon get yourself out of those stinky clothes first.” I ran upstairs and changed, I was hungry as a bear… Ha… Ha. Mom had a nice hot lunch set on the table. Dad’s and my favorite, Sloppy Joes, Mom’s way. Mom and Dad kept smiling at each other and at me. Now they both just stared at me. “What?” I asked. “Dad tells me that you don’t like the winters anymore and that you want to live where it’s warm.” “Ya, so?” “Well, pack your bag, we are heading to Miami on Tuesday. And Son, your sarcasm ends now… Today, understood?” “Sorry Mom.” “Well there is more to this story, I’ll let your father finish.” I looked over at Dad and he was smiling a great big smile. I am now totally confused as to what is going on with my parents. “Mom and I sold the company. We have been negotiating for over six months now and the sale was completed yesterday. The movers will be here Monday to pack, they will load the truck Tuesday morning and we fly out in the afternoon. How does that sound?” I was flabbergasted and did not know what to say. I just jumped up and danced around the kitchen. I didn’t care about school or friends or anything except the warm Miami weather. I would be placed in a new school and I would find new friends. The cold would be left at O’hare airport, I thought I was in heaven. I kissed my mom and hugged my dad. Three more days and I would be where it is warm, beaches, babes and bikinis. I didn’t know if I would live long enough to enjoy that, I was so excited. The weekend dragged by. Monday I went to school and was given a sealed envelope to give my next school. When I arrived back home, the place was stacked with boxes. Mom had packed our suitcases with enough clothes for a week. A friend of ours had already located and rented a condo for us to live in until we found a house. The good news, the condo was a block from the beach, South Beach to be exact. “Did you pack my swimsuit in my suitcase?” I asked mom. “Yes I did, I figure that will be your first activity after we get to the hotel.” “I thought we had a condo?” I asked. “Why a hotel?” “Well, we have to wait until our moving van gets there. Then Dad and I have to get every box unpacked and put away. That all takes time. The beach is just a few steps from the hotel and we thought you would like that.” “Makes sense Mom, I should have thought about it more.” Tuesday morning the movers came and the truck was loaded in three hours. We didn’t have any large appliances to move so we were ready in no time. The cab arrived and we were off to O’hare. We arrived at Miami International at sunset. An hour later the bellboy was taking our suitcases into the hotel lobby. The hotel was very nice, Pop must be paying big bucks for us to stay here. We were escorted to our two bedroom suite. The bellboy set our suitcases on their stands and after Acıbadem Escort Dad tipped him, he left. “Hungry Son?” Dad asked. “We can find a nice restaurant or maybe a crab shack on the beach.” “Let’s find something on the beach. I’m not in the mood for a sit down dinner.” We walked the beach and found a small hole-in-the-wall place to eat. The food was very good and I ate my fill. Mom and Dad had a glass of wine, I had a Pepsi. I did see a few people walking in the sand. They looked more like lovers. I was so nice and warm. I was in jeans and a T-shirt, anyone would know I just got off a plane. Tomorrow I would fix that. I saw one pretty teenage girl, maybe seventeen or so. She was walking with her mother. The girl had on a skimpy bikini that went well with her figure. Her mom was in a bikini also and she was really built. I stared at her as they walked by. The girl smiled at me and gave me a little wave. I smiled and gave a little wave back. I probably will never see them again. “Tired Son? We can go back to the room if you like.” “No Dad, let’s just hang out here for awhile and enjoy the warmth. I really like the sounds of the ocean, its relaxing.” “Okay, but your mom and I are heading up to the room. We are tired. You still have your key?” I pulled my key card from my pocket and showed it to dad. They left and I took off my shoes and socks. The sand was still warm, from the sun, as I walked toward the water. The water was cool, but not cold. I walked along the beach edge, wading into the water every so often. I almost walked into a girl, I looked up and it was the girl that I had seen before. “Hi, I’m sorry, I almost walked into you. This is my first time on an ocean beach and I was lost in thought.” “That’s okay, I wasn’t paying attention either. By the way my name is Nicole.” “My name is Javon and my family has just moved to Miami, today in fact.” “You lucky dog! I have to go back to Milwaukee. My stepmom and I are only here for another week.” Nicole’s stepmom came to get her. “It’s time to go back to the hotel, Nicole. Who’s your friend?” “Mom this is Javon, his family just moved down here from Chicago.” “Hi Javon, my name is Josie, nice to meet you. Maybe we will see you on the beach tomorrow. We can’t get enough of this warm weather before we head back to the deep freezer.” I watched them leave, Nicole has a nice ass, but Josie, a fabulous ass. My teenage hormones were working overtime now. I was starting to get wood. Soon they disappeared into the darkness, no moon tonight. I walked for maybe another fifteen minutes before I headed back to the hotel. I was quiet when I entered the suite. All was dark except Mom had left my bedroom light on. She is always thinking of Dad and me. As I walked to my room I heard sounds coming from their room. I have heard them before and knew that they were fucking again. They fuck so much, almost every night and many times on the weekends. Two horny people they are, I smiled and closed my door. I was tired and after I crawled into my bed I was fast asleep. I had dreams during the night. In one dream I was chasing a nude girl on the beach and when she turned around it was Nicole. I woke up and I was hard. I wanted to jerk off, but I had nothing to catch my cum in. I rolled over and tried to fall back to sleep. After turning and tossing for a half hour, I got up and retrieved a washcloth from the bathroom. I masturbated to a fantasy of fucking Nicole. I shot my cum into the cloth and threw it on the floor. I would pick it up tomorrow. I fell asleep fast. No more dreams the rest of the night. I woke up with a start, my mom was in the room straightening up. I don’t know why, the hotel has people to do that. “Hi Mom, why don’t you let the people that get paid to clean the room do that?” “Oh sush Son, you want the maid to find this washcloth that you left on the floor?” I blushed, Mom has a way of making her point. She knew I was a teen boy with hormones rushing all over the place. “Thanks Mom, I’ll take a shower now. Are we going out for breakfast?” “In about an hour, we can have breakfast right here at the hotel. We’ll go down together, okay?” “Okay.” Mom left and I took a nice warm shower. I dressed in a muscle ‘T’ and shorts. I would come back up to change into my swimsuit after I Acıbadem Escort Bayan ate. Mom and Dad were waiting for me and we went down to the restaurant. We were seated and as I looked around the restaurant I spotted Nicole and her stepmom. Josie saw me looking at them and she waved. Nicole looked to see who she was waving at and saw me. She smiled and waved for me to come over to their table. “Mom, Dad, is it okay if I sit with Nicole and her stepmom? Nicole waved me over.” “Who’s Nicole?” I pointed to their table. “Okay, just make sure you charge your breakfast to our room, don’t let them pay.” I stood up and moved over to their table. They were just ordering also, so I placed my order and told the waiter my room number and to charge my breakfast to it. Josie was a very talkative woman. I found out that Nicole was sixteen and Josie was thirty. Nicole and her father were Cuban boat people and escaped to the US when Nicole was only six. Her mother did not survive the trip and was buried at sea. Nicole’s dad met Josie on Spring Break and they fell in love. He moved them to Milwaukee and they were married a short time later. A year later he snuck back into Cuba because his mother was sick and she might pass away soon. The Cuban police caught him and he is now in a Cuban jail. He was sentenced to thirty years in jail and won’t be let out for another twenty-five years. Now I was all up to date on Nicole’s story. I thought her skin tone was a little darker than Josie’s, now I know why. “You going to the beach today?” Josie asked me. “Nicole and I are headed out there as soon as we finish breakfast. If you are, will you join us?” “Thank you for the offer, I will if my parents don’t need me.” “We are in room four-oh-six, call us if you can or can’t. I think we can have a lot of fun.” Josie was looking at me intently. I had a suspicion she liked what she saw, maybe she was a ‘cougar’. I had heard the term applied to older women looking for young men. After I finished eating I went back to our suite. Mom and Dad were already there. “Do you need me or can I go to the beach?” I asked them. “Mom and I are going to sign the lease. You can hit the beach, I know you are dying to do that. You remember my friend Tom; who lives down here. He is hooking us up with a realtor, we hope to be in our own house before the lease expires. I think we can find an appropriate home in six months.” Now that I knew my parents day was filled, I called Josie, she answered on the third ring. “I’m free all day,” I said. “My parents will be tied up today with house issues. Where can we meet and when?” “How about in the lobby, say thirty minutes from now. Don’t forget a towel or two, suntan lotion if you need it.” Josie probably didn’t think that my black skin would sunburn. I guess white people automatically think that black skin won’t burn. Well, skin is skin and no matter what color it is, it will burn. My Nigerian ancestors were very dark, my Mom and Dad are very dark and so am I, but we all burn. I went into my room and changed into my swimsuit. Just so you know, I can’t wear those skimpy Speedo type swimsuits. My dick won’t allow that. Almost all guys can, but a few of us can’t. Black or white, some cocks are just plain huge. My swimsuit hem stops at my knee. Mom told me I could only wear the boxer style and Dad agreed with her. I grabbed two towels and walked to the elevator. Josie and Nicole were there and had pushed the down button. My room was four fifteen and the elevator was about halfway between their room and mine. While we waited more people came and waited also. The car came and Nicole, Josie and I entered first. The car filled fast and Josie moved in front of me. Everyone moved in tightly and Josie’s ass rubbed right against my cock. Shit, that was the last thing I needed to happen. I could feel the heat of her ass and my cock started to swell. I pushed my ass back against the wall hoping to keep some distance between her ass and my cock. When I moved back, Josie moved back also and pressed her ass harder into me. I couldn’t win, I just hoped Josie would be cool about it. The car stopped on the second floor and another man squeezed in. Josie was tight against me and my cock grew hard. I swear Josie was moving her ass back and forth now. Escort Acıbadem She was purposely rubbing my cock with her ass. She looked back at me and smiled. “Nice”, she mouthed. Shit, she is a cougar, she wants my cock. If I had known this would have happened I would have held my towels in front of me. Now I had to as we left the elevator. My erection subsided as I walked across the hotel lobby. Some relief for me. Nicole had no clue what had just transpired between her stepmom and me. I was going to hit on Nicole and now that wasn’t going to happen. When Nicole would see Josie hit on me, she would back off and fast. I’d never fucked a MILF before, in fact I had never fucked a girl. They all ran or said, “No Thanks” when they saw how large I was. Josie didn’t seem to see it that way. We rented a beach cabana, you know one of those clamshell looking things. It was deep and wide, and would keep the sun off most of our bodies. While I set it up, Nicole and Josie rubbed suntan lotion on each other. When they were done, Josie asked if I needed lotion. I said, yes and she proceeded to cover my skin with a thick layer. “I think I put too much on you,” she said. “I’ll rub it in if you lay on your belly.” I spread my towels and lay down on them. Josie kneeled next to me and basically gave me a massage. Nicole ran off and was splashing in the ocean. Josie rubbed for a few minutes more before she said, “Roll over so I can finish your front. I almost said no, but thought better. What the hell, let her do her thing and let’s see what happens. I lay on my back and Josie rubbed the lotion into my facial skin and forehead. As she worked her way down I couldn’t help but notice how nice her tits were. They hung down enough that I could see her bikini bottom between them. Josie was now rubbing my belly. When she was done there she went down to my feet and massaged the lotion in. I liked the foot massage she was giving me. I liked it better as she worked her way up one leg and then the other. I jumped when her hand slid up under my swimsuit leg and her fingers encircled my cock. I wasn’t expecting that. Nicole was still out in the water. Josie tossed a towel over me and extracted my cock out of my swimsuit. Needless to say, my cock was at full mast now. My cock is eight inches long. Josie said, “Nice cock Javon, nice and long, and thick too.” Josie started to masturbate me. I really liked what she was doing. No one was paying any attention to us, they were all to busy playing or just laying there getting a tan. Josie’s hot hand was having the desired effect that she wanted. This hot MILF was going to get a load of cum soon. “Josie, if you don’t stop I’m going to cum.” Josie slipped her head under the towel and took my cockhead in her mouth. I was getting my first real blowjob. Josie brought me off and sucked my cum out and swallowed. I had never had such an intense orgasm. I opened my eyes and Nicole was standing there watching Josie and me. She smiled and sat down. Josie pulled her head out from under the towel. “Nice cock under there,” Josie said. “Reach under and feel.” I felt Nicole’s fingers squeeze my cockhead. She squeezed hard, it hurt, but then she let go and removed her hand. “Josie, do you mind if I fuck him tonight? I’ve never had a black cock and this one is nice sized.” “Okay, you go first and I’ll go second.” What the fuck is happening? Now I’m just a big cock for these women to use as they see fit? “Don’t I have any say in this?” I asked. “Do you want to have a say or would you rather have two hot babes to fuck? Answer that,” Josie demanded. “Two hot babes,” I said. How in the world could I turn down these two. “Meet us at our room at eight tonight and bring us your nice big black cock.” We goofed around the rest of the day. We went swimming in the ocean. I was able to get a finger into Nicole’s pussy while horsin’ around. She didn’t say anything, just grabbed my dick and pulled. Josie steered clear of me all afternoon. Maybe there would be talk or worst from observers on the sand. There were quite a few older people on the beach and their views on interracial behavior are usually negative. Younger people tend to not care. The rental time for the cabana was fast approaching, so we called it quits for the day. Josie and Nicole walked back with me to the hotel. “Don’t forget, eight sharp at our room,” Nicole said as they left me in the lobby. My Mom and Dad returned to the room just before dinner. They had signed the lease and we would be moving in as soon as our stuff arrived. They had a realtor now, her name was Holly and she would be showing Mom and Dad houses.

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