18 Mart 2023

Spa Day Surprise

Big Tits

I enter the lobby of the day spa with trepidation…this is the first time I have ever been to a spa to get a massage and am very embarrassed and worried about what my reaction will be.

I step up to the reception and tell the girl that I am here to see Samantha for an hour long massage. She looks embarrassed and says that unfortunately Samantha has called in sick so the only |massage therapist is Serge. If I wanted him to replace Samantha they would throw in an extra 20 minutes for no charge.

Just then a Greek God of a man opens up a door at the back of the room and comes to the reception desk. He offers his hand and introduces himself as Serge. His hands are huge and so warm and he looks deep into my eyes and gives me a smile that makes me wonder what kind of massages he really gives out.

My chest and neck and red with embarrassment but I allow him to lead me through the door that he entered through only moments ago. He takes me to a small room with a table in the center and candles burning and soft music is playing.

He tells me that he will give me a moment to disrobe and that I am to lie on the table face down under the blanket he has provided.

I remove all my clothes except I modestly keep my thong on and I lie face down on the table and wait with my breath held slightly.

I hear the door open and close and then feel beylikdüzü escort the blanket move slowly down my body in an almost caress, he chuckles as he notices my thong and my blush deepens.

He squirts warm massage oil on his hands and rubs them together and lays them on my back. He moves then in slow circles going deeper into my hungry flesh with each circle. He trails his fingers down y sides and the tips of his fingers just brush the sides of my breasts. I inhale sharply not expecting to feel his hands there, yet dying to feel them again.

He continues lower and lower down my back, his fingers slipping underneath my thong slightly and again I inhale. He leans down and whispers in my ear that it would be easier for him to massage me without any clothes to get in the way, he asks if he can remove them for me. I agree, telling him that it was silly of me to leave them on.

He reaches out and slides the fabric off of my hips and I spread my legs slightly and raise my ass to give him access to remove them.

He gets a brief glimpse of my already drenched pussy and I hear him groan softly.

He pours warm oil directly on my lower back and I feel some slip between my ass cheeks and run into my pussy. The sensation is like nothing I have felt before, and then his hands beyoğlu escort are on my again. He has his hands spread wide and he is massaging my lower back and he gets lower and lower until his hands are on my ass spreading my cheeks.

His thumbs dip down and gently graze my pussy lips, I moan and he asks me if I am enjoying his special massage and I reply oh yes, please don’t stop. He leans down so his face is close to my pussy and he spreads my legs and slowly runs his tongue from my ass to my clit, he slowly slips his hard tongue inside me and massages my ass cheeks and pulls my pussy open further to gain access to my wetness.

I raise my ass and spread my legs even farther and he slips two fingers inside me and starts to fuck me deep with them. I am panting now and I raise my ass even higher, the feelings are so intense that I can hardly stand it.

He stops and asks me to roll onto my back, I comply, all modesty is out the window now. I lie on my back and he pours warm oil on my stomach and starts to massage me again in slow circles, he works his way up to my very erect nipples and dribbles oil directly on each one and starts to rub them. He pinches each nipple until they are rock hard and aching to be sucked and he leans down and takes each one in his mouth and gently sucks bizimkent escort them while his free hands roams down my body to my waiting pussy. He rubs my clit and my legs open in response to his touch, he slips two fingers inside me again and fucks me this way while he sucks my breasts and I am moaning and groaning in ecstasy

He stops and walks to the end of the table and grabs my legs and drags me to the end so my ass is practically hanging off the edge of the table. He throws my legs over his shoulders and slips his rock hard cock deep inside my dripping pussy. I am wondering when he removed his clothing and why didn’t I notice??

I don’t fucking care though because his cock is filling up my pussy so damn well that I am lost in the moment. I reach down and touch my clit while he rams his cock deeper and deeper, over and over, he is moaning and groaning just as much as me and I am so close to cumming that I beg him not to stop.

He removes my legs from his shoulders and spreads them wide open so he can see how each thrust of his hips drives my pussy lips open so beautifully while his cock fills me up. He can now see how hard my clit is and can watch me rub it and grab and pinch my nipples while he fucks me like I have never been fucked before.

I rub my clit faster and faster until I cum so hard that I can hardly breathe. The ripples of pleasure rush over me as I cum and cum soaking his cock with my warm juices. He pulls his cock out and cums all over my wet pussy. He is drenched in sweat as am I and he comes over to where my sweat soaked head is and whispers in my ear that I can have a weekly appointment with him if I am interested…I look him in the eyes and say abso-fucking-lutely!!!

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