25 Mayıs 2023

Spanish Whispers

Big Tits

It was a night of pure hedonism. The taste of tequila on my tongue, the feel of latex against my skin and the sure and certain knowledge of what was to come. To walk around a sex club as a single girl is to wield a certain kind of magic. To have complete control and give it up in a perfectly equal measure.My friends are somewhere a room away, at the bar or watching the goings on open-eyed. I am not a watcher, and I am here to do.I dance on the crowded dance floor, enjoying eyes on me. I’m poured into a red latex dress, deep cleavage, halter neck to show my back, short and tight enough that there is no doubt about the absence of anything beneath.A beautiful vision catches my eye. She’s tall, taller than me, with pixie-like features and a closely shaven head. Her thick lips fascinate me, combined with the androgynous hair and I wonder what she tastes like. I catch her eye and hold it, keeping her in my steady https://www.kusadasibest.com gaze. There’s a promise in my eye of something… Something involving skin on skin. I move towards her subtly as the crowd throbs around us. She bats her eyes down and retreats, a deer shy of a walker in the forest. I let her move off, she won’t go far.The dance floor is open in front of me without her pixie presence. I realise that I’m being watched, scrutinised, visually tasted. A couple are dancing entwined, his hands cupping her breasts, discussing me. I look into her eyes and I’m lost. She is a tiny, petite, brunette and has a harshness to her face that suggests she takes no prisoners, veiled under dark sultry eyes. She smiles slowly, knowing I will come to her.I join them in three strides and with no introduction, she takes my face in her hands and places her lips on mine. She tastes like cherries with a hint of something animal, maybe the taste of him. We dance entwined, her mouth on me and his hands on both of us. He is an undefined presence, a masculine warmth without a face as all of my awareness is on her. It’s impeccably clear to me that he has come here desiring only to please her. And now so have I.”You will come with me”My god, her voice. She has a thick Spanish accent that wraps itself around each word like a filthy embrace.She leads us to the bar. We follow, arms around her, and I look for the first time at our male companion. He’s young, much younger than me whereas she is both of our seniors. He’s blonde, strong and good looking with a dash of arrogance and young male naivety. He is very clearly her toy.She orders tequila for us. She pours the salt gently on the inside of my wrist. “Lick her” she instructs him. His tongue is hot on my arm and traces up to my neck. He lifts me just a little and presses me against the bar, kissing her as he does so.”Follow me”. She takes both of our hands and leads us away. We’re swept under her spell. I’m vaguely aware of flesh exposed around me, a writhing club of bodies, lust and latex. But my attention is rapt with her.She gently leads me to lay down. It’s a dentist chair, in a dimly lit room. She positions him between my legs. “I want to watch you lick her”, she says.He is eager to please. His tongue traces his way up my thigh. She has taken position by my side and leans over me, stroking my hair, my face and my breasts.”Do you like the way he licks you baby?” she whispers to me in that Spanish voice.He is teasing me mercilessly. His tongue traces the depths of my thighs and I long to be touched. Gently, infinitely slowly, he slides one finger inside me. I gasp with the pleasure of it, against her as she kisses me. I’m shocked at how wet I am now as I feel him touch me. I don’t remember being this wet before and it’s all for her. 

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