14 Mart 2023



The redheaded martial artist Katherine hurled a couple of irritable kicks at the punching bag, her large breasts bouncing with the movement. Typical Elaine. Late as usual, she fumed as she practiced a few more basic combos on the bag, the front of her modified martial arts gi flipping up to expose her white panties each time she kicked high. Despite its modifications, it was really meant to be worn with trousers or shorts; but when practicing alone — or, especially and even better, with Elaine — she liked the outfit the way it was now.

Damn, Katherine thought. Still too slow. I’m pausing too long to consider my attacks, instead of shifting fluidly from one strike to the next, instinctively deciding. She knew why, of course. Her mind was stuck too much on Elaine, her frequent sparring partner and close friend, among… other things. She really wasn’t in the mood for training. Katherine sighed wryly, and allowed herself to relax. Immediately the visions of Elaine came in full force. The glorious elegance of her fighting style, the beautiful peril of her unpredictable spinning attacks…Her constantly shifting, volatile ready stance, the frequent transitions in weight causing her breasts — slightly smaller than Katherine’s own, but still large — to bounce alluringly… The finesse of Elaine’s techniques — and not just her fighting ones.

Katherine’s hand went up to her breast, almost without her realizing it, and rubbed softly as she immersed herself in memories of Elaine, her partner in training, combat…and love. Those glorious moments when their lips met, the way Elaine’s mouth moved against her own, the lips opening slightly… She caught herself and paused, but shrugged her hesitation off; her practice was going nowhere anyway. With a resigned sigh, Katherine pulled her martial arts gi off her breast and rolled her finger over her hardening nipple, gently teasing its tip as Elaine had done not long ago. She sighed again. Elaine… where are you?

Suddenly, Katherine heard soft, almost silent footsteps behind her, and she tugged her hand reluctantly away from herself. Only Elaine was that quiet. I guess she’s right there, she thought with amusement. Predictable. You would come late, and then try to open with a sneak attack, wouldn’t you? But then, it is part of my craft as a martial artist to be ready for any attack at any time. Katherine turned her head slightly to watch Elaine out of the corner of her eyes, pushing aside her fantasies in the real-life presence of her partner. But as subtle as Katherine’s motion was, Elaine spotted it and realized that Katherine had seen her. Elaine ran forward, trying to take advantage of what little surprise she had left. Katherine hastily pulled her top back into place and whipped around, deflecting an attempted grab of some sort. Elaine slipped away backwards and into her familiar ready stance.

Katherine looked directly into the eyes of her old partner, gazing at the cute, seemingly innocent face framed by light-blonde hair. Though she looked innocently youthful, Elaine’s eyes betrayed the burning determination and passions within, much like Katherine’s own usually did — although in this case, Katherine’s eyes were clouded with her distracting longings. Katherine sank into the depths of Elaine’s eyes, imagining how she would rather see them: half closed, the fiery passion within directed at Katherine herself, rather than her defeat, the cute lips beneath pouted in pleasure. Her look ran over her partner and lover, a long, lingering gaze of desire. Elaine’s body was as scantily clad as Katherine’s own; it was barely covered by a thin, predominantly purple, floral minidress. With an effort, Katherine attempted to push aside her lustful thoughts, and the physical sensations of arousal they inspired. She slipped defiantly into a ready stance, signing “come here!”

Elaine spun in forwards, her typical offensive technique. Katherine’s stare, ostensibly searching for cues as to what attack Elaine would use, ended up mostly lingering with longing on her smooth, long legs. She spotted Elaine’s intended strike through luck and coincidence. One of those gorgeous legs was out of rhythm. Katherine ducked the high spinning kick on instinct, trying to ignore the titillating glimpse it offered of Elaine’s cute, partially see-through underwear — had Elaine done that on purpose? — and swung her own leg in a low sweep at Elaine. Elaine jumped over it. Katherine slipped into a defensive stance, and they stared each other down.

“Naughty Elaine, trying to distract me with her cute beşiktaş escort outfit,” Katherine mocked lightly.

“Obviously it worked,” Elaine replied with a smirk, “or why would you bring it up?” Katherine cursed under her breath. Dammit! She’s right. Get your mind back on the fight, or you’ll lose! she chided herself desperately. But Katherine’s desire refused to subside, the flash of Elaine’s panties burned into her mind. Frustrated, she strove to ignore that section of her thoughts, and attempted to return the rest of her consciousness to the fight.

Katherine stepped in, throwing a feigned jab, before swinging her real attack with her other hand. Elaine read the basic combo easily, let the decoy strike bounce off her guard, and sidestepped the genuine blow. Elaine’s off hand pinned Katherine’s outstretched arm across Elaine’s chest as she slipped around behind Katherine. Elaine reached out two fingers of her main hand and gently laid them on the back of Katherine’s neck, sending a shiver down her spine.

“Touch,” Elaine said softly. Katherine sighed and nodded, acutely aware of her arm restrained across Elaine’s bosom. The soft flesh beneath the silk was pressed teasingly against Katherine; she could even feel one mocking nipple. She desperately wanted to touch Elaine — properly, deliberately, unrestrainedly; not like this. Elaine released Katherine and stepped back, and Katherine reluctantly slipped back into a ready stance.

Elaine met Katherine’s eye again, and it seemed to Katherine that her weakness was laid bare to the piercing gaze. Every ounce of her distraction and disinclination to continue fighting seemed revealed, while Elaine’s own eyes were veiled, showing nothing. Unusual, Katherine noted. Usually there’s naked determination in those eyes when she fights; but now she’s concealing herself from me. What is she hiding? Is it possible…?

Then Elaine winked and smiled at Katherine, shattering her flagging concentration and dissolving all her coherent thoughts. Taking advantage of the successful distraction, Elaine charged forward in a blur, and Katherine weakly raised her hands, barely deflecting the opening pair of attacks. Then Elaine’s leg swept low, and easily flicked Katherine’s feet off the floor. Katherine’s legs went out from under her, and she landed hard on her back. Elaine followed her down, leaning alluringly over Katherine, her breasts — mostly visible through the thin fabric of the minidress — swaying appealingly.

“Surrender?” Elaine asked. Katherine shook her head faintly, though she wondered what else she could do — she couldn’t remember any of her numerous moves to get out of a situation like this, not with that mesmerizing bosom hanging over her. It was taking much of Katherine’s self-control simply to avoid laying her hands on the compelling breasts. God, she wanted to feel her lover — now.

“Oh?” Elaine continued, and leaned in further. Katherine feared a painful joint lock, but Elaine had much worse in mind — she gave Katherine a soft, lingering kiss on the lips, stunning her.

“Are you sure?” Elaine asked, pulling back and licking her lips, wordlessly offering her lover more if she would just surrender. Katherine wanted so badly to give in, and take up Elaine’s unspoken offer… but lose? Throw a fight? Then she finally remembered a counter-move, and in fact one perfect for the situation…

“Yeah,” Katherine said, firmly, suddenly and defiantly. This surprised Elaine, who — rightfully — thought she had Katherine at her mercy. But Elaine’s surprise at Katherine’s words was nothing to her shock at her opponent’s next move. Quick as a whip, Katherine wrapped her arms around Elaine, pushed off the floor with her foot, and rolled over. Now Elaine was lying beneath Katherine, pinned by her sparring partner’s seat on her stomach. Elaine tried to sit up, but Katherine placed a hand on her breast and pushed her back down, before giving in briefly to temptation and giving Elaine a gentle rub, causing her breath to catch in her throat. Katherine put her lips to her lover’s ear.

“No winner?” she whispered sensually. Elaine nodded, and Katherine shifted her weight off Elaine’s stomach to lean over her. She reached her hand up to her top, freeing one of her breasts to fall out tantalizingly over Elaine’s face; Elaine readily opened her lips and accepted the hard nipple as Katherine’s other hand stroked Elaine’s own breast. Katherine relished the long-awaited contact, loving the feel of Elaine’s tongue against her finally-bared flesh, beşyol escort and her own hand cupped around her lover’s breast.

“God, Elaine, I want you so bad,” Katherine breathed, slipping off her pinned sparring partner, reluctantly surrendering the feeling of Elaine’s mouth around her nipple. Elaine giggled girlishly as she sat up.

“I know. I saw your ‘training’,” she chuckled. “Wasn’t going well, was it?” Elaine stood up, gazed out of the window, and rubbed her own breast through her thin dress, credibly imitating Katherine’s stance from several minutes ago.

“Yes, I remember that,” purred Katherine’s low, sensual voice in Elaine’s ear. “And then you tried to ambush me with a grab, didn’t you? Something a little like this?” Katherine’s arm wrapped around Elaine’s chest, and she playfully clasped Elaine’s other breast from behind while kissing her on the neck, revelling in finally being able to freely touch her beautiful lover. Katherine fondled the breast for a while, eliciting a low sigh from Elaine, before running her hand slowly down her lover’s body, stroking her skin tenderly through the dress. Elaine let her own hand drop from her other breast, entrusting Katherine with her pleasure. She didn’t disappoint. Katherine’s soft, sensual touch slipped under the hem of Elaine’s dress, and she briefly teased her lover’s leg with feather-light fingers, before reaching eagerly for Elaine’s panties and what lay beneath. Elaine opened her legs, allowing Katherine’s digits to gently slide over her notably damp panties.

“Ooh, Elaine! You wanted me too,” Katherine noted, quietly and teasingly, as she felt the wetness. Her fingers slipped softly into Elaine’s slit through the moist panties, rubbing lightly up and down. Elaine’s breathing began to quicken, and her heart sped up.

“Yes, I did… but I have… discipline,” Elaine panted breathlessly.

“Really?” Katherine asked softly, rubbing harder and focussing more attention on the other girl’s clit. “Let’s see about that…”

“Ahh! Well… in combat, I do…” Elaine gasped out as Katherine rubbed her clit in small circles. Elaine’s breathing took on a shuddering tone, and shivers began to run through her body. Her legs shook slightly, but Elaine was able to hold her balance for the moment. Her panties dampened noticeably further beneath Katherine’s fingers, and Elaine’s panting breath came faster and faster through her open mouth. Elaine leaned backwards against her lover, cradling her head in the redhead’s bosom as she opened her legs wider still, inviting Katherine’s hand deeper into the most private and sensitive parts of her body. Katherine’s digits rubbed harder, accepting the invitation, and Elaine began to moan.

“Yes…Katherine…more…” Elaine moaned out. Katherine pulled Elaine’s panties aside and laid her fingers directly on her lover’s clit. She felt the little nub stiffen beneath them, silently crying out for more touch, and she couldn’t deny it, though her own body began to rebel. Elaine’s growing moans were becoming torture to Katherine, each one sending a wave of desire through her. Katherine raised a hand to her already-uncovered breast, kneading the nipple eagerly even as she strove to keep the majority of her focus on Elaine’s clit, her firm, now unrestrained rubs fuelling Elaine’s loud moans.

“Ohh… yes, Katherine… ahh…” moaned Elaine. “Keep…going…” This was just the encouragement Katherine needed to defy her body a little longer as she rubbed harder yet on Elaine’s clit, receiving another approving moan. Elaine’s moans grew faster as Katherine’s fingers quickened, and Katherine felt herself take on more of her lover’s weight. Elaine’s crotch thrust outwards, rubbing itself against Katherine’s fingers in return, as her moans rose to a peak. Katherine’s digits guided Elaine into and through her highest pleasures. She rubbed as hard and fast as she could, glorying in her lover’s peaking delight, but tormented by her own selflessly denied need, before eventually slowing down to gently guide Elaine from her orgasmic heights. Elaine slumped backwards into Katherine’s arms, and Katherine held her on her feet, rather than allow her to slump to the floor. They weren’t done yet.

As soon as Elaine regained her balance, Katherine gently but firmly turned her lover around to face her, refusing Elaine time to rest.

“Elaine…” Katherine’s pained gasp betrayed all of her pent-up, desperate desire. She regretted nothing; her self-inflicted delay had been well worthwhile for her lover’s sake. But now that beykent escort her lover was sated, Katherine’s willpower had run out, and her smouldering body inescapably demanded attention.

“Huh?” Elaine groaned, confused at the ache in her lover’s tone, and still recovering from her rush of emotion. “Katherine… what…?”

“Elaine… I’m sorry, but I can’t take it any more… do something to me… please…” Katherine begged. Her soaked crotch was burning, begging for touch. Her nipples were impossibly hard. Her sweltering body could no longer be denied. She practically tore down her panties, eagerly offering herself to her lover.

“Elaine…please…” she gasped, spreading her lips with her fingers. “I want you, I want to feel you inside me… please, touch me… take me, Elaine…”

“Well… when you ask like… that, how… how can I… refuse?” Elaine replied breathlessly, pulling herself together. She slipped her finger gently into Katherine’s yearning, wet vagina; Katherine gasped and moaned appreciatively. “But… you keep going too… Please…”

Katherine nodded and lifted Elaine’s skirt, returning her fingers to Elaine’s clit, touching it more lightly now, allowing Elaine to recover from her peak while still pleasuring her and maintaining her arousal. Elaine rubbed her crotch eagerly over Katherine’s fingers as she started to slide her own finger in and out of Katherine. Katherine moaned her approval, thrusting herself onto the digit, and Elaine increased her pace, knowing that her fervent lover was certainly not in the mood for subtlety. Katherine struggled to maintain her own fingers’ rhythm against Elaine’s clit as she practically rode Elaine’s thrusting finger, moaning loudly as her desperate longing finally translated into reality. Elaine’s moans, too, began to rise again, echoing her lover.

“Two,” Katherine gasped out amidst the mounting symphony of their wordless voices. Elaine obliged and slipped in a second finger; Katherine eagerly fucked them both, riding Elaine’s hand. “Oh… oh, Elaine… you feel so good inside me…”

Her vagina clenched and released around the digits, convulsing in her excitement. Katherine’s own twitching, half- out of control fingers flailed around Elaine’s clit, her coordination shattered by the intense pleasure Elaine’s fingers were giving her. Elaine didn’t much mind the lack of dexterity, and she made up for it herself by rubbing against the awkward digits, painfully aware that the thrusting rhythm of her own fingers was similarly degenerating. Katherine didn’t mind either. Whatever finesse they’d both had was now gone as their moans escalated to the point of low screams, their fingers and crotches thrashing around in whatever chaotic motions gave the most pleasure. Katherine’s vagina clenched and released uncontrollably around Elaine’s penetrating fingers as she slid herself deeply onto them. Meanwhile Katherine strove to keep her fingers on Elaine’s clitoris and continue rubbing it as Elaine rolled her crotch frantically over Katherine’s hand. Elaine placed her thumb on Katherine’s clit, receiving an acknowledging moan. The lovers’ wild, irregular rhythms continued to escalate, their moans echoing each other and rising ever louder, their frenzied pace building. Both partners’ balances began to fail, and they leaned into each other. Katherine’s fingers were a blur of spiralling motion around Elaine’s clit. Elaine thrust her fingers uninhibitedly, as deeply as they would go into Katherine, who rose and fell wildly to meet them as Elaine’s thumb played around her clitoris.

“El… ai…ne…” Katherine gasped out.

“Ka… the… rine…” was Elaine’s laboured reply.

Neither could say more, but they didn’t need to. Their thrashing bodies, the uncoordinated but delightful touch of their fingers on each other, their rising moans rapidly approaching a screaming apex together, everything about the two lovers said it all, a declaration of passion stronger than the deepest, most heartfelt “I love you”. In the next moment, as their bodies convulsed against each other in the dual climax of their pleasures, they were one for that instant. United by the exhilarating force known only as orgasm, wrapped together in a cocoon of rising energies, they unrestrainedly screamed their peaking emotion in perfect unison. Their legs tangling together, they slumped to the floor as the glorious burst of sensation ran down.

“So…Katherine…” Elaine asked, as her breath returned and they freed themselves from each other. “Want to do some actual sparring now?” Katherine’s answer was written all over her face.

“Nah!” they said simultaneously, and laughed.

“Hey, Elaine?” Katherine asked, as the giggling ran down.

“Yeah?” Elaine replied.

“How have we still got clothes on?” They both broke out laughing again, as they began to fumble with the fastenings of their respective outfits…

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