2 Ağustos 2021

Spying on her after a swim.


Spying on her after a swim.The year is 2003. I only remember this because it was the summer after graduation. My parents had a pool and friends & family would always come for a dip during the steamy Midwest summer months. That summer my parents had some plumbing work done in the downstairs bathroom which many guests would use to change. The plumber had forgotten to replace a trim ring around one of the water lines, leaving about a half-inch hole exposed. I had noticed this earlier in the week. Behind the bathroom was the laundry room and storage closet. There were no windows so it was always pitch black at all times of the day. I soon figured out that I could see clearly into the bathroom thru the small hole undetected with the darkness of the room surrounding.The weekend comes and my cousin and his wife come over for a swim on a hot & muggy Saturday afternoon. Now his wife isn’t the prettiest woman, yet not terrible looking by any means. A bit heavyset around 5 ft. 7 in. or so in height, weighing around 170 lbs. She had natural red hair and had pale, freckly skin. Average breasts for her size and a bigger butt. I’m already in the pool when they arrive kağıthane escort in the backyard. She’s wearing a blue one-piece swimsuit, nothing flashy or sexy. I watch out of the corner of my eye as she removes the athletic shorts revealing her covered bottom. I’m instantly aroused. I swim for probably 5 more minutes until my erection is gone and make sure I’m ready before she gets out. I go into the house and realize she’d left her bag (which had her clothes) upstairs. Not sure if she’d automatically use the upstairs rooms to change instead, I moved her bag next to the downstairs bathroom out of desperation. I took a quick glance in her bag, nothing fancy, just a plain pair of gray panties and an off-white non-padded bra. I peeked outside a couple times to see if she was almost ready to get out. Finally, she gets out a begins to dry off. I immediately go to the laundry room.I wait. I waited for what felt like an hour. My heartbeat rising, the butterflies on my stomach as I gazed into the peep hole. Finally I hear the back door open and they walk in. She didn’t notice her bag down by the bathroom bakırköy escort so they both go upstairs. She comes back downstairs about 30 seconds later. She falls for it, hallelujah! She walks into the bathroom flips on the light switch, confused look on her face and all, and closes the door behind her. She removes the straps of her one-piece, one at a time, not quite yet exposing her breasts. My heartbeat is jacked, and I try not to blink. She slowly dries her hair a bit more and after waiting for what felt like an eternity, finally pulls the swimsuit down. I immediately zone in on her breasts, pale and freckly, C-cups I’m guessing. Her nipples are immaculate, areolas around two inches in diameter, beautiful reddish-pink complexion, incredibly perky and bumpy from the still damp skin and air-conditioning. She stops and with her swimsuit still wrapped around her midsection, dries her chest with a towel. Patting down and wiping, her breasts bounce freely and see them from every angle. She pauses and continues to pull the one-piece completely off. Her pubes shaved into somewhat of a landing strip şişli escort a few days earlier I’m guessing from the stubble around. Medium sized lips and a hidden clitoris, nothing too special about this vagina. I look back up at her breasts as she dries off her legs and crotch and just imagine how those nipples would feel in between my lips. My erection is throbbing at this point as I continue to watch. She opens her bag and first grabs her panties. She puts them on and rubs her hips with the finger tips as if to see if she’s gaining weight or something. She then grabs her bra and begins to put it on. She struggles at first, giving me more time to gawk at those breasts, but she quickly figures it out. Saddened to see her nipples disappear into the cups of her bra, but quickly realize it is non-padded and can still see the bumpy silhouette of her nipples. She then pulls a T-shirt over and begins to grab her jean shorts and I realize the show is over. I quietly go upstairs to not rise any suspicions. My cousin, her husband is in the upstairs bathroom much to my relief. She comes upstairs a few moments later and I awkwardly ask if she had a good time swimming, knowing I had just watched her naked a minute or so earlier. My cousin then comes out and they leave shortly thereafter. I watch as they drive off and I immediately go to my room and masturbate.Since then, whenever I see them, I always remember that day and I always laugh a bit inside that I know what she looks like naked.

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