11 Mayıs 2023

Stacy And Ricky Part III


For the next two weeks or so Stacy and Rick were together at least six times. To the best of my count, they used the Jacuzzi/pool two of those times and were next door at his house three times. One of the times she was at Ricky’s she didn’t return home until 4 am. She was getting fucked by Ricky; at least every other day, and yet, her energy was up and she had never seemed happier. Lately, she had that glow that only a well-satisfied woman has. You can see it the moment she walks into the room. She seems like the happiest person in the world.Also, she has slowly shed her conservative attire in favor of the cutest clothes. It could be chalked up to the fact it is now summer and everyone wears a little less clothing during the summer months. But Stacy, she had been doing some shopping, because she was now wearing things I had never seen before. Around the house, it was now becoming normal to see Stacy wearing the cutest (and smallest) boy shorts. The skimpy booty shorts that some girls wear as underwear. If she wasn’t leaving the house she would be wearing a tank top or a crop top, and bras were no longer a thing with Stacy. Sometimes she would only have an oversized tee-shirt on.Seeing her prancing around the house in next to nothing was a new thing for me. Equally new to me was seeing her beaming with happiness. Don’t get me wrong. Stacy and I have a good and contented life together. We laugh a lot and enjoy each other’s company. But, it was also a reminder that it was now at least a month since Stacy and I had sex. The thought of having sex with me was likely not a thought on her mind these days. How could I blame her? At thirty-eight years of age, I was, by now, well aware that I wasn’t built to satisfy a woman like Stacy. Which would be OK as long as there wasn’t an eighteen-year-old with a monster cock living next door. Stacy and I fooled around. I was capable with my fingers and mouth. I wasn’t a complete wimp. Although since Ricky took over, the idea that I had become a wimp was hard to deny.While I was certainly not happy with the turn our marriage had taken, I wasn’t feeling overly insecure either. I mean, Stacy wasn’t going to leave me for a knucklehead eighteen-year-old. And really, that became my saving grace. I never wanted to lose Stacy. That was my biggest fear. And, I wasn’t. I continually reminded myself that my wife was merely getting her sexual needs met by a young man who was more than built for it.So, as I began to slowly accept my place in the sexual food chain between the three of us, I worried a little less. But, there were a couple of things that arose that I wasn’t prepared for or expecting.The first was the fact that Ricky, now emboldened as the Alpha Male in Stacy’s life, would pop into our house without knocking. He would go to our fridge and take my beer. He even began to tell me to make him lunch as he swam with Stacy. Ümraniye Escort I know most men would say I should have left Stacy weeks ago, but I found myself not only doing the tasks Ricky told me to do, but I began to feel slightly aroused in doing them. I swear to you there is something in nature that goes back to our earliest beginnings. He had asserted himself in the most brutally undeniable way. He had taken my wife’s pussy. To me, there isn’t anything more total and complete than taking the pussy of another man’s wife and making it his own.Secondly, since my own sex life was now basically me jacking off when I was alone, I tended to be doing it more and more. Seeing Stacy walking around the house in almost nothing had me beating off all the time. But, the new and scary thing was, in addition to the fact I was now cumming to thoughts of my wife (and occasionally literally beating off to her as I watched her in the pool), I was now beginning to realize that when I would be jacking off, visions of Ricky and his giant cock would invade my brain. I hated it. Why was that happening to me? I hated him.As we hit mid-summer, things just became more heated and blatant. On Friday around 6 pm I decided to try and get my mind off of Ricky and Stacy. She was getting ready to go out and swim in the pool with Ricky. They were both standing in the kitchen near the back door. I told Stacy I was going to watch a late-night talk show that I always record. As I began the show, Ricky heard the guests that were going to be on the show that night. The musical guest was a favorite band of his. He got excited and told Stacy. He casually told me to fast forward the show to when the band came on. I did. He and Stacy had walked over to the couch and sat down next to each other. His arm around her, and her head resting against his shoulder/chest area. As usual, she had on her thin white tank top or “wife-beater”. Ricky’s hand was around her upper back and was rubbing Stacy’s breast as they sat there. Using the clock visual, the TV was at twelve, I sat at six, and Ricky and Stacy were at nine.Stacy was complaining about how sweltering it was and she was perspiring a little in the house. She seemed to be interrupting Ricky’s focus on the band playing on TV. Without even looking away from the TV, Ricky pushed Stacy forward a little and grabbed the bottom of her tank top, lifted it over her head, and tossed it on the floor. Stacy didn’t say a word, she just sat back and continued watching the show. Her amazing tits are just right there – naked. Ricky’s hand was cupping and squeezing her right breast as they watched TV. When the band finished, he asked Stacy what she thought. She told him she thought they were great. He leaned over and with his arm still around her he kissed her hard. In an almost unavoidable reaction, Stacy brought her Ümraniye Escort Bayan right hand up and rested on his right shoulder. They kissed passionately.I sat there stunned, humiliated, and aroused all at the same time. It seemed at this point, in Ricky’s mind, I was completely insignificant. They broke the kiss but their faces were no more than two inches apart. They were talking quietly. I could only make out Stacy shaking her head no as she replied to Ricky. Finally, after about a full minute of what seemed like a quiet deliberation, Stacy turned to me and then looked back at Ricky. He looked at Stacy and nodded in my direction. Stacy spoke, “Um, honey, we’re gonna go upstairs to the bedroom for a bit, OK?”I sat there feeling like my world had collapsed in on me, I was frozen. My hands were gripping the arms of the chair. Do something. Say something. My stomach was cramping. I tried to speak. I stared at them as they got up off the couch. Stacy was completely nude except for a pink thong bikini bottom. Her perfect tits jiggled slightly as she walked in front of Ricky. They had to walk right past me to head to the stairs. Stacy glanced briefly at me as they passed. I could tell she felt bad for me. But there was no way she could say no to Ricky. Just as Stacy is my drug in life and I’m her addict, he was the sexual drug for Stacy and she was addicted. They passed by me and reached the stairs. Ricky’s hand was holding onto her little bare ass as they climbed the stairs. I heard our bedroom door close. I sat there and had one thought. Ricky believed he was the only Man in the house now.In a matter of minutes, I could hear Ricky driving hard into Stacy on our bed. I had never heard our bed sounds from downstairs before. The ceiling would make slight creaking sounds as Ricky shook our home. The headboard pounded against the wall in an almost angry way. And then there was Stacy. She was either screaming, grunting, or moaning nonstop. It sounded brutal to her. But I could only imagine the pleasure that was coursing through her body.They fucked for an hour straight. Sometimes stopping briefly, or at least I wouldn’t hear anything for a minute or two, then it would start up again. Finally, I heard the shower run. Shortly after, Ricky came downstairs. He was freshly showered and in just his swim trunks. He walked right over to me and looked down.”She’s asleep. See ya.”That’s all he said. He walked out to the pool.I sat there completely powerless to him. After he climbed out of the pool, he left. I got up and went upstairs. The bed was a mess. Bedspread on the floor sheets barely still on the bed. And there, on her back, legs still spread apart was sweating, sleeping, Stacy. She looked like she had been thru hell. But, she was sleeping soundly, like a little girl.I took a shower as Stacy slept. As I soaped Escort Ümraniye my body visions of Ricky kept cruelly entering my brain. I wanted the visions to stop. Was I losing my mind? I hated the arrogant teenager.As I showered, I tried to beat the nightmare invasion. My breathing became heavier. My cock was rising. My hand was betraying me. Please no. I felt my fingers wrap around my hardening penis. I wanted to bash my head against the wall. I placed my other hand on the shower wall and I leaned against it. I began to stroke. I was a wreck. I was angry, I was weak. I was lost. I stroked and stroked. I was harder than ever. I tried to think of Stacy in her black thong. It was working. I stroked and stroked. I was close. Just before I felt the inevitable and powerful release, my brain switched visuals on me and had me on my knees. Ricky was slapping his mammoth cock against my face. Within seconds, I came and came, trembling and ashamed.After the shower, I came out and quietly got into bed. Stacy still splayed out on her back was in a deep sleep. I lay next to her. I thought about what had just happened in the shower. Why had I envisioned Ricky right before I came? His cock and balls are so much bigger than mine. I turned to my right and looked at Stacy’s amazing naked body. I looked at her tits, her tummy, and her legs. Between those lovely legs was that pussy. Her sweet tight pussy. As I stared at her tummy area, I realized that at this minute Stacy’s pussy was probably filled with Ricky’s cum. I imagined there was a lot of it since Ricky is barely eighteen and built like a bull. Hell, in a way, Ricky was a bull now. I wonder if he knew what that meant.I don’t why, but over the next ten to fifteen minutes I lay there thinking about Ricky’s cum in Stacy’s pussy. I had just cum less than thirty minutes ago and my penis was growing again as I lay there. In a moment of depraved psycho-sexual depression, I imagined crawling between Stacy’s legs and eating his cum from her. My hand was on my penis again, thinking about sucking out mouthful after mouthful of his teenage semen. The bed was now jiggling lightly from my stroking. I managed to stop and abandon the visual. I turned on my side and closed my eyes, wanting sleep to take me away. Instead, my brain was free to make it clear to me that I had just been fantasizing about eating the cum from my wife’s lover. I tossed and turned for most of that warm summer night.Saturday morning finally came. I was feeling weak and tired from a night that brought little sleep. Our bedroom was already bathed in the morning sun. It was 9:20 am. I rolled over and didn’t see Stacy. I heard some talking downstairs. I got up and peeked down the stairwell. It was Ricky and Stacy. It sounded like they were packing and planning for a day out by the pool. When I heard Stacy say she was going to “go check on Tim,” I jumped back in bed and did the just waking up thing.Stacy came in. She had her very short very cute very terrycloth shorts on with a flowery tank top. I could see the black strings of her bikini bottom sticking out above her shorts on either side. She already had her sandals on and sunglasses propped up in her hair.

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