18 Mart 2023

Staff Night


**This is my first story. Any similarities between this work of fiction and real life is purely coincidental. Please let me know what you think, either good or bad. I don’t want to waste more time on this if its garbage. Thanks**

I was very cocky when I was younger. This realization hit me as I sat on the couch at the party, nursing my beer and watching some of the younger guys strut their stuff in front of a particularly – at least in the corporate America Abercrombie sense – attractive blonde. I felt sorry for her. The male to female ratio must have been at least six to one against her, and it seemed like every ounce of teenage testosterone in the room seemed to gravitate towards her. I worked at a small non-profit in the state capital. The youngsters were part of the student (part time) staff. Myself and the guys playing cards, Euchre, probably, in the kitchen were the silverbacks from the full-time staff. Our ages ranged from 21 to 30, while the student staff ranged from 18 to 23. We got together every week on Friday night after work to relax and socialize. I don’t know where the blond came from, but it’s not really relevant to this story anyway.

So I was sitting on the couch, observing behavioral differences in human males over various age groups, whenshe walked in. I sayshe, because she was one of those one in a million girls who makes eye contact with you once and you know your life is never going to be the same again. I think back to every important relationship I’ve been in my young life, and can’t think of a single one that didn’t start this way.Odd, I would have thought that that kind of retrospection would happen at the end of a relationship not the…beginning? Love at first sight?Who cares? Go talk to her. So I took my own good advice and did just that. I stepped over Jason, who was playing his acoustic guitar in the middle of the living room – poorly, by the way, not that it matters.

“Hi, I’m Jack, welcome! Can I take your coat?” Eye contact the whole time. We both new neither of us gave a shit about the coat. It’s funny how nervous some guys get over small talk when the most important part of any conversation is everything that doesn’t get said.

“Ann Marie, nice to meet you.” She took off her dark blue coat and as she handed it to me, I took a split second to check her out. I know, it’s passe, but I figured I should get it out of my system. Anyway, she was about 5’5″ – 5’6″, she came up just over my shoulders. She had straight black shoulder length hair with a few strands of purple. Her skin was pale, but not excessively. It was winter in Michigan, after all. She wore a purple sweater that revealed quite a lot, and her jeans were tight enough for me to do a complete rundown in about a second. She was built like a volleyball player; curvy but with an air of athleticism. I was guessing at a small C, large B, but it was tough to judge with the sweater. Long legs, small feet, and the most gorgeous brown eyes I’d ever seen. Her face was unique. Round in a way that accentuated her eyes and gave her a huge smile. Not magazine-cover beautiful, but absolutely captivating.

“I don’t think I’ve met you yet, are you new on the student staff?” I asked, returning my eyes to hers. The smirk forming on her thin red lips showed that I had definitely been caught checking her out.Not as smooth as you used to be, Jack.

“Yea, I started on Monday.”

“Well welcome to Staff Night, enjoy my home. Can I get you a beer?”

“That would be great, so this is your pad?” she still had the smirk.

“Such as it is. Let me put your coat away and I’ll be back with your drink. Make yourself at home.” I flashed her a smile as I headed into the house, weaving between the bodies.

I hated walking away from those eyes, but Iwas the host. So I set her coat in the spare bedroom with the others, and came back downstairs through the kitchen, grabbing a Labbat Blue from the fridge on the way back. Being 6’2″ has its advantages in a crowd, and I spotted her in the den, checking out my modest library. Some guys were having a Halo tournament in the corner with the TV, but it was much less crowded there than it was in the rest of the house. Alcohol and books don’t mix well, I’ve noticed. I walked to her slowly, studying her form like a sculptor would study his model. I opened her beer and handed it to her.

“So are this good of a host to all your guests?” she asked, the crooked grim back on her lips. I was instantly addicted to that smile.

“No, I’m not.” I said, returning her smile.

“This is a very interesting collection of reading material. Should I be worried?” As it happened, the shelf at eye level to her contained my political books, “The Communist Manifesto,” the “Anarchist’s Cookbook,” “Civil Disobedience,” and scores of American civic history texts. I thought briefly of focusing her attention to the Kama Sutra, then thought better of it.

“I don’t know, are you worried?” she took a slow sip from her beer.

“I’m kağıthane escort not easily intimidated. At least not by books. Aren’t you worried about all these people running around drunk in your house?”

“Well, most of them are also high, so they’re mellow. My roommates are doing a pretty good job of keeping order. No, I guess I’m not worried. At least not by guests. Are you new in town?” I was anxious to keep the conversation on her. Her attitude and posture fascinated me.

“It shows, huh? Yea, I just moved here from Chicago. What about you?”

“Fresh in from Arizona. I’ve got family here, and I got a scholarship to State.” We made the mandatory small talk, getting to know each other. She had just started grad-school at the university after taking a year off to see Europe. I guessed that that put her at around my age, 23, but I was intimidated that she was so much more experienced and accomplished than myself. Intimidated and flattered that she seemed as interested in me as I was in her. I was just telling her about growing up in the desert, and how different it was in Michigan.

“You make it sound like heaven. I’d love to visit there sometime.”

“You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve met since I moved out here.” I had been thinking it for what seemed like hours, and I just blurted it out. She glanced at me with a curious look, one eyebrow slightly raised. I could feel the blood rushing to my face.

“Ooh, the conversation takes an interesting twist.” She took a step towards me and looked up at me with those big, pretty brown eyes. “You’re not so bad lookin’ yourself. So why is it you’re not in there drooling over the blonde with the other boys?” In the split second it took to decide whether to kiss her or respond, she turned and picked a book off a low shelf. She was toying with me, and I loved it.

“Boys are exactly what they are. And she isn’t someone I can picture making breakfast for in the morning.”

“Breakfast? Being a little presumptuous? Maybe all she wants is another beer.” I look down and realize that her beer, and mine, for that matter, have both been empty for a while now.

“I can take a hint. You don’t really seem like much of a beer girl, though.” I ventured and she smiled that smile again.

“No, I suppose I’m not, but I doubt you’ve got what I’m looking for, so I’ll take another beer, thanks.”

“I’ll be right back.” The chemistry between us was almost tangible. We were both doing our best to pretend we weren’t incredibly attracted to each other. On the other hand, I could be reading things all wrong. I had butterflies in my stomach like I hadn’t had since middle school.You’re too old to have a crush. I walked out of the room casually, then sprinted to the kitchen. In a high cupboard, I grabbed a bottle of Merlot. It wasn’t overly expensive, Napa Valley, but it was pretty good. I grabbed a corkscrew and a couple glasses, then carefully made my way back through the crowd to the den. She wasn’t there. I checked all the downstairs rooms, and then peeked outside to see if she was among the smokers. I suddenly felt like an idiot. An idiot carrying around a bottle of red wine and two glasses at a party with almost a hundred people and loud hip-hop blaring through the living room speakers.

“Hey Bill, have you seen Ann Marie?”


“Nevermind.”Looks like you misread the signs.

I headed upstairs to sulk, and noticed that the light to my room was on.If someone’s fucking on my bed, they’re in for a bad night. I walked in, and there she was, checking out a painting on my wall. She had taken off her sweater, and my breath caught as I saw the fine lines of her back through a black tank-top.Recover.

“There you are. You like it?” she turned and smiled, and my heart skipped a beat. Her body was much better than I had thought, now that I was seeing it without the bulky sweater.Or a bra. Her neck flowed gracefully to delicate collarbones. Her breasts, which were indeed a full B cup, were exquisitely shaped, sagging little without support, and I could see both nipples starting to pull against the black fabric. I looked back at her eyes, thinking I’d been caught again, but to my surprise, she was checking me out. I instinctively tightened my muscles. I’ve got a lean runner’s build, strong and toned, but still pretty skinny. I tried to make the most of the muscle I had.

“Nice. Oh you brought wine! You read my mind. Nice!” she was still being coy, but I smiled at the thought that the first “nice” had nothing to do with the wine.

“Life is too short to drink cheap wine.” Cliché, but I was hoping thecarpe diem vibe wouldn’t be lost on her. I pulled off the foil and pulled the cork.

“So do you like it?” I said, referring to the painting as I poured.

“I do, is it yours?”

“Yea, it’s my backyard in Arizona. I was working from memory, so it’s not perfect, but I’m pretty proud of it.” I handed sarıyer escort her her glass.

“Thank you. You’re very talented. I hope you don’t mind I was up here, the music and noise was starting to get to me.” She took a sip of her wine, staring at me over the top of her glass.

“No, it should be winding down in a couple hours. Did you want to listen to something else?” I asked as I walked towards my computer.

“What do you got?” she asked as she leaned next to me, staring at the computer screen. Her body fit mine perfectly, and I felt a swelling in my boxers.

“A little of everything. See anything you like?” I scrolled through the playlist, selecting something subdued with a good backbeat.

“Yea, I do.” I looked over and she was staring right at me, her lips pursed and still glossy from her last sip of wine. Her eyes were locked on my lips. I turned, took her head between my hands, and lowered my mouth to hers. Her lips were soft, and I drew her lower lip between mine, pulling her towards me as we faced each other. I shifted one hand behind her head, my fingers caressing the base of her neck, tangling in her hair, and moved my other hand down alongside her neck. I could feel her pulse under my thumb, beating almost as fast as mine. I touched her lower lip with my tongue, and felt hers searching for mine. I pulled her tight against me when our tongues found each other.

Her hands had been on my shoulders, but they slid down and untucked my shirt from my jeans as our kiss deepened. She reached up and started unbuttoning my shirt. I pulled up on her tank-top, exposing her breasts, pausing only long enough for her to lift her arms before pulling it over her head. When I got to her wrists, I twisted her top, pulling her arms together. She inhaled sharply, smiling through her open mouth. I kissed her mouth quickly, then traced my mouth down her neck, over her breasts, darting my tongue over each nipple quickly, then moving down her belly. My hands let go of her top and I slid my fingers down her arms, across her back, down to her round, firm ass. I squeezed, and standing upright, picked her up by her ass and held her to me, finding her mouth with mine again. She pulled my shirt past my elbows, and squeezed her thighs down on my hips, allowing me to let go long enough to remove it.

Wouldn’t this make a great ad for Levi Strauss?

“Oh my god, you’re gorgeous.” I was nearly speechless at the sight of her as she straddled my waist.

“So are you.” She was running her fingers over my chest, feeling my flat stomach, my arms. She looked back into my eyes and ran her hands through my hair, pulling my head towards hers for another kiss.

“I’ve wanted you since I first saw you.”

“Do you believe in love at first sight?” I asked.

She laughed. “Ask me again in the morning.”

I walked to the bed, setting her down, me kneeling on the floor in front of her. I reached up held her breasts, running my fingertips along the sensitive undersides, then brushing across her hard nipples. I looked down, and they were the most perfect breasts I’d ever seen. Perfectly symmetrical, with a slight upward turn to the nipples. I held her lower back with one hand, while the other ministered to the breast that wasn’t being ravaged by my mouth. I teased the nipple with my tongue, drawing it deep into my mouth. She ran her hands through my hair.

“Take me.” She breathed in my ear.

“Not yet, beautiful.” I pressed her shoulders back onto the bed and moved my head down her torso. I made a line from her breasts to her navel, dipping my tongue inside before tracing the waist of her jeans. I lifted them up, darting my tongue down the hollows in each side of her hips before unbuttoning them and lowering the zipper. She lifted her hips slightly, hands still in my hair, and I grabbed some denim by her knees and jerked them off her hips. Black velvet thong.Who wears a black velvet thong to an office party? I kissed down her hips, over her soft mound, and put my mouth over the area were her clit was hiding as I pulled her jeans to the floor.

“Oh yes, I need your tongue, your mouth.” She looked at my with an evil smirk that would make a succubus blush, then lifted her legs straight into the air. I pulled her thong up her legs, revealing the most beautiful pussy I’d ever seen. Clean shaven, no, waxed. With her legs like this I had a beautiful view. Her clit was engorged and poking from its hood. Her labia were flushed and already pulling back, giving a glimpse of a very moist opening. I looked at her legs, then at her face. She was leaning on her elbows, grinning wickedly. I smiled back.

“We’re going to have a lot of fun tonight.”

“You bet your tight ass we are, tiger.” I kissed the backs of her knees, which were at eye-level, then followed down the backs of her thighs. I spread her legs as I worked my way down, nibbling gently occasionally. I lowered her legs sefaköy escort to my shoulders just as I lowered my mouth to her sex. I gave it a few little pecks, mentally thanking it for giving me the opportunity to please Ann Marie as well as I could, and also for the pleasure it would give me later. I shifted my head, then licked a wide swath with the top of my tongue from below her opening to above her clit, then I repeated that on each side. When I delved my long tongue deep into her tight, wet entrance she moaned. When I slid up, sucked her clit between my lips and started attacking it with the tip of my tongue, she screamed.

“God Jack! What are you doing to me?”

I reached a hand up to her breast, pressing it against her chest before caressing it with my fingertips and gently pinching her nipple. I pressed the fingers of my free hand against her sex, under my chin, just holding it there for a few minutes while I slowly licked her clit with darting strokes. Her hips started bucking in response, and I slid my long finger deep into her, feeling her squeeze down around it. I pressed my face into her, wriggling my tongue across her clit from side to side, and mimicked the action with my finger. My cock was pulsing against my jeans, aching for more room when she started repeating my name over and over again. I knew she was close, and I wanted to push her over the edge like a tidal wave. I twisted my wrist and pressed my finger upward, finding the base of her clit from inside her. Her juices were freely flowing down my wrist despite my best efforts to lick up every last drop. I sucked hard on her clit, bringing it, her hood, and her smaller lips inside my mouth, then started stroking her clit with my tongue. I alternated my tongue strokes with my finger strokes and her breathing became ragged and inconstant. She bucked a few times, then arched her back and tensed all her muscles. I looked up and saw that her whole body was flushed a deep red, she looked sunburned. Her face was frozen, her mouth open in a long inhale. Her lower body started to spasm, and she exhaled in a long, sharp sigh.

“Don’t stop, it feels so good, god, don’t stop.”

I did my best to keep my mouth planted on her shaking, beautiful pussy, and she came in waves. Every time I thought she was finishing, she started into another. I had to take both hands and hold her ass to keep my balance. I slowed my tongue, just kissing her, really, as she came down off the mountain. I felt her hands pulling my hair up towards her and quickly dropped my pants o the ground as I licked up as much of her juices as I could. I slid up the bed towards her and she rolled us over, straddling my stomach as she hungrily kissed my mouth. The feel of her dripping pussy against my belly and her breasts crushed against my chest nearly set me off. She leaned up, putting her hands against my chest and looking into my eyes.

“No ones ever done that before,” she said, panting. “No one’s ever done that to me before. Oh god.” She sat there for a moment, regaining her breath, then leaned down and kissed me. She turned her head slightly and whispered in my ear, “I want to fuck you so bad.”

She leaned back up and readjusted herself over my cock. She reached down to guide it, then gasped, seeing it for the first time. “Oh my god, it’s beautiful.”

She put the head of my cock between her lips, wetting it, then slid it up to her clit, stroking a few times before pressing her weight down on me. “Ouch”

“Are you okay?” I asked, not wanting to hurt her. I’m pretty well endowed but I thought she should be wet enough…

“Yea, I’ve just never…” she slid down a few inches, grunting. “Ughh… had one this big…” She gasped and her eyes rolled slightly as she impaled herlself fully over my thick nine inches. “Oh god.”

Her still sensitive and aroused pussy reacted immediately and violently, sending her into another orgasm, and squeezing my cock in ways that made it hard to keep my eyes open.

“Can I keep you?” she gasped.

“For as long as you’ll have me.”

She started, slowly, thank god, rotating her hips, grinding herself against me, getting used to the feel. I reached up and fondled her breasts, learning what she liked, touching all of her body that I could. After what seemed like forever, she pulled herself up, almost completely off of me, then set herself back down. Her juices flowed between my legs, covering my balls and soaking the sheet under my ass. She started pumping a little faster, her eyes closed. She was in another world. I reached down to her hips and guided her, grinding her hips down to my upward thrusts as we increased our pace. We pounded against each other with a desperation that belied the fact that we were both trying to hold out for longer than we could. I flashed back to a few hours ago when we had been flirting in the den. She looked at down at me and leaned forward, kissing me softly. The feel of her tightness against the underside of my cock was unbearable and I felt my orgasm start. Without losing pace, I came in her. When she felt my hot seed burning deep in her womb, she bit my lip, coming once again. Then my body exploded… an orgasm within an orgasm. I arched my back, lifting her off the bed and my world came apart. Wave after wave racked my body and the only left in the world was the two of us.

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