18 Mart 2023

Stays In Mexico


After standing in line at the check in counter, I finally made it to the desk clerk. The handsome young man behind the counter smiled at me and said, ‘Welcome to Club Cabo. Name please?’

I set my suitcase down and pulled my wallet from my purse. ‘Farrell. Gina Farrell.’ I said as I handed him my credit card and ID.

Several minutes later, with the check-in process complete, the desk clerk called out, ‘Jimmy, please show Ms. Farrell to her room.’ He handed the bellhop the room key and motioned for him to take my bag. As he handed me my receipt he said, ‘Welcome, Ms. Farrell. I hope you enjoy your stay with us.’

I turned to follow the bellhop as the desk clerk said, ‘Ms. Farrell?” I turned back towards him as he softly said with a wink, “Remember – when you let yourself go, what happens down in Mexico – stays in Mexico.’ Confused by the comment, I followed the bellhop to the bank of elevators.

Jimmy opened the door to my room and stepped aside to allow me inside. My eyes instantly went to the beautiful view through the glass patio doors. The clear blue ocean and clean clear beach was right in front of me. I automatically walked over and slid the glass doors open to step out on the balcony. I closed my eyes as I stood at the railing feeling the soft wind caress my skin and took a deep breath of fresh air.

After a few moments, I walked back into the room to see Jimmy placing my suitcase on the bed. As he headed towards the door, I stopped him ‘Usted habla Ingles?’

‘Oh yes Miss – I speak English,’ he answered with hardly an accent.

Surprised, I said ‘Great. I’ve never been here before and I’m traveling alone. Do you have any fun – but safe activities that you would recommend?’

He thought a moment and replied, ‘Well depending on what interests you, there are many sights to visit. There’s snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming; many beach activities,’ he put his fingers to his chin as he thoughtfully continued, ‘Many fine dining establishments, golf, shopping; and if you’re looking for some nightlife fun – you must visit the Cabo Wabo Cantina.’

As I handed him the tip, I asked ‘Oh? What is The Cabo Wabo Cantina?’

Smiling, he took the tip and said, ‘Ohhh, it is a very nice local nightclub. Right down the road too. Lots of wonderful music, dancing and the view from the rooftop is just breathtaking.’

‘Hmmmmm, sounds like that is just what I’m looking for,’ I thought to myself as Jimmy opened the door to leave.

He turned back towards me and said, ‘Enjoy your stay here, Miss.’ Just before he shut the door, he winked at me and said, ‘And remember – when you let yourself go, what happens down in Mexico – stays in Mexico.’

I stood there with my mouth open, shocked at hearing that phrase twice in such a short time and wondering what it meant.

As I sat at the small table taking in all of the activity, a beautiful Mexican waitress approached me carrying a tray of frozen drinks. She placed one of the drinks in front of me and said, ‘Welcome to The Cabo Wabo Cantina!’ She smiled and continued, ‘Enjoy our complimentary specialty of the house – a Margarita, made with our famous Cabo Wabo Tequila. If you need anything, my name is Julia.’

She winked at me as she walked away, stopping at the other tables to place the drinks in front of other newcomers.

Realizing that my feet were tapping to the music, I took the last gulp of my drink and motioned Julia over. When she reached my table, I said enthusiastically, ‘I’ll have another, please.’

I sat there listening to the music and watching the crowd when Julia returned with my drink. As she placed it on the table, a man came up beside her handing her money as he said, ‘I’ll get that.’

Startled, I looked up at him and started to protest. But Julia took the money and was already walking away as he sat across from me.

He reached across the table and said, ‘Hi. I’m Steve.’

Still taken aback, I shook his hand replying, ‘Gina.’

‘Is this your first time here?’ he asked.

After sipping my drink I nervously answered, ‘Yes it is. Am I that obvious?’

He chuckled and replied, ‘Well yea, you do kinda look a bit out of place. Where you from?’

‘Phoenix,’ I responded as I took another drink. ‘How about you?’ I asked.

‘Sioux Falls – South Dakota,’ he smiled.

After more small talk and two more Margaritas, Steve took my hand and pulled me from my seat. ‘Let’s dance,’ he stated as he led me towards the dance floor.

Not used to much alcohol, I was feeling the effects silivri escort and allowed him to pull me close as we swayed to the music.

With my hands wrapped around his neck, his hands slid down my waist to cup my ass cheeks and pull me even closer to him. He leaned down and began whispering and nibbling on my ear. Unable to hear him over the load music, I let the effects of the alcohol and the beat of the music relax me in his arms as I snuggled closer to him feeling his bulge pressing against my tummy.

When the song ended, he led me back to our table and ordered another round of drinks. After Julia placed our drinks in front of us and walked away, Steve asked ‘So what do you do in Phoenix?’

Smiling bashfully, I said ‘I’m a school teacher – 1st grade.’ I took another drink and asked, ‘And what do you do in Sioux Falls?’

‘Well, don’t laugh but I sell insurance,’ he answered almost apologetically.

After another drink we were back on the dance floor. Steve held me close, his hands cupping my ass again and my arms slid around his neck. I felt his hand slide from my ass to my waist, then travel up my ribs to slightly caress the side of my breast as he pushed the thin material of my halter top away.

I gasped and started to pull away, but he held me tight and pressed his lips to mine. I opened my mouth to protest, but he thrust his tongue into my mouth as his arms wrapped around me holding me close to his chest.

It only took a moment before my body responded and my tongue began dancing with his. Not realizing what I was doing, my hands pulled his head down closer to mine as I ground my hips into him.

He responded with a couple of thrusts of his hips as his hands traveled to my breasts. I could feel his hands through the thin material of my dress as he cupped my breasts and began rolling his thumbs across my hardening nipples.

I was gasping for breath a few moments later when his mouth released mine and he began pulling me across the room towards the exit.

Bewildered and slightly dizzy, I let him lead me outside to the parking lot. He pulled me towards a darkened corner and pushed me down on the hood of a car. Before I could move, his weight was crushing me as his mouth found mine. His hands were all over me as his tongue pried open my mouth and plunged inside.

I maneuvered my hands between us to push at his chest, but his weight wouldn’t allow it. His hands were at my breasts pulling the material aside exposing my flesh, the cool night air and his rolling thumbs causing my nipples to harden. My nipples became even more erect as he began pinching them, causing me to slide my hands behind his head. I slid my fingers through his hair pulling him closer to me as his knee parted my legs.

With his right hand he grabbed behind my knee and pulled my leg up to his waist. His hand slid under my ass and began tugging at the waistband of my panties. He shifted his weight off of me as he used both of his hands to pull my panties down and off, his mouth never leaving mine

I wrapped my legs around his waist as his hand slid between us and found my wet slit.

‘Oh baby,’ he whispered breathlessly against my mouth. I began moaning into his mouth as he found my clit and began rubbing.

As he continued his assault on my clit, his left hand slid behind my neck to untie the halter-top of my dress and he pulled the material down to my waist. He moved his lips from mine and began trailing kisses down my neck until he reached the swell of my breast.

I gasped as his mouth covered my nipple and he began sucking it like a baby bottle. His finger moved from my clit and slid easily into my wet slit.

His mouth moved to my other nipple as he slid another finger into my hot pussy and began thrusting.

My fingers tangled through his hair as I moaned with the beginning of my orgasm. I opened my eyes and looked up at the black sky scattered with millions of stars that turned to swirls of brilliant color as the orgasm convulsed through my body.

After my orgasm subsided, Steve pulled his fingers and mouth from me and quickly flipped me over to my stomach. My feet hit the ground as he bent me over the hood of the car.

I felt the cool air on my exposed ass and pussy and he flipped the skirt of my dress to my waist and used his knees to nudge my legs apart.

My sensitive nipples hardened even more against the cool metal of the car as his hands were on my back pushing me against it. He merter escort slid his hands to my hips and plunged deep inside my slick pussy.

When I let out a small scream, he leaned on top of me and his hand flew to cover my mouth. He kept his hand over my mouth as he thrust his cock deeper into me. I moaned against his hand as he drove his cock harder and faster.

I placed my hands flat on the car and lifted my chest as I arched my back and began thrusting my hips to meet each of his strokes. Both of his hands on my hips now, he was grunting and moaning next to my ear, ‘Oh God baby!’

My pussy began contracting around his cock as I felt the first hot burst of liquid deep within me. With each thrust, more and more hot liquid coated my insides as my pussy pulsated in orgasm.

With a final thrust, he collapsed on my back. The weight of him crushed me against the car as I lay there gasping, my whole body tingling with excitement.

My eyes flew open and I sat up in bed when I felt a caress on my bare hip. I quickly lay back down when the room began spinning with the movement. A kiss on my bare shoulder and a mumbled ‘Good morning’ brought me fully awake.

Images of last night flashed through my mind and my face heated with the memories. I rolled over to see Steve raised on one elbow smiling at me.

I mumbled a quick ‘Morning,’ as I jumped out of bed pulling the sheet with me. I wrapped it around me as I raced into the bathroom.

I leaned on the bathroom counter looking into the mirror at my reflection. Smeared make up, hair in disarray and small hickeys on my neck and breasts was what looked back at me. ‘Oh my God,’ I muttered, ‘what have I done?’

‘Hey baby, everything ok? How’s the kids?’ I heard him saying from the other room.

‘Oh my God! What am I doing?’ I asked myself as I turned the shower on to drown out his telephone conversation.

I stood in the shower, letting the water wash over me. ‘I’ve never don’t this kind of thing before,’ I thought to myself as memories from last night raced through my mind, my body tingling with the visions.

As the images and feelings coursed through my body, I smiled and thought, ‘Well, I am on vacation. No one knows me here and I can do whatever I want without having to worry about running into someone I know.’

Fifteen minutes later, I emerged from the bathroom wrapped only in a towel and with a new ‘what the hell’ attitude.

Steve was standing near the bed in his boxers and smiling at me. “Wanna go for a swim?’ he asked.

After he showered and put on some swim shorts, we went to my room so I could change into my swimsuit and a sheer skirt. Then, we had a quick breakfast together and headed to the beach.

After lying in the sun for a while and having had a few margaritas from the beach waiters, Steve pulled me from my lounge chair and said, ‘Come on, how about a swim?’

We dove into the waves of the water and swam out a few yards. Steve pulled me to him in a tight embrace as his mouth found mine. His hands cupped my ass pulling me tighter against him.

As our kiss intensified, Steve slid his hands up my back and tugged on the string of my top. I pulled away from him and my hands flew to my breasts as the material fell away and hung from my neck.

He gave me a devilish grin as I stood there in shock of what he had done. After a moment I looked around and realized that there were other topless women around. I gave him a devilish grin, flipped my top over my head and flung myself into his arms.

During a long, passionate kiss, we let the waves carry us to shore. We laid in the sand embracing, Steve on top of me, kissing as the water washed over us. Steve’s hands were caressing my sides, traveling towards my breasts. When he reached my erect nipples, I let out a gasp against his mouth.

He shifted his weight as I pried my hand between us to reach for his cock. My fingers caressed his hardness through the wet material of his shorts. As I slowly stroked him, I moved my fingers to the waistband of his shorts and slid my hand inside.

He moaned into my mouth as I wrapped my fingers around his swollen cock and began stroking it. After a few minutes, I felt his cock begin to throb and he pulled away from me. He got up on his knees and pulled me up until we were both standing.

He led me across the beach towards a row of tented changing booths. I noticed him look around as he pulled me inside and tied the door shut. He pulled mecidiyeköy escort me against his chest and covered my mouth with his. As his tongue plunged its way inside my mouth his hands traveled down to my breasts and began pinching my hardened nipples.

‘Oh God baby, I need you right now,’ he said breathlessly as he tore his mouth from mine.

He moved his hands to my shoulders and began pushing me down. When I was on my knees he grabbed each side of my head and pulled my face to his crotch. ‘Please baby, I can’t wait’ he pleaded.

Hesitantly, I curled my fingers into the waistband of his shorts and slowly pulled them down to his thighs. As his erection bounced in front of my face he gently pulled my head towards him until the head of his cock was pressed to my lips.

My mouth was barely open when he thrust his cock down my throat. Trying not to gag, I opened my mouth wider to accommodate his large swollen shaft. Feeling his desperation, I grabbed hold of his ass cheeks and took him deeper into my throat.

With his hands on each side of my head, he began thrusting slowly in and out of my mouth. I pulled my head back and reached up to pull his hands from my head, placing his hands at his sides so I could control the pace. I slowly pulled his cock from my throat to my lips, while my tongue swirled around his cock. I reached up to massage his balls and instantly felt them tighten.

I tried to relax my throat as I felt the head of his cock slide further down my throat with each stroke until my nose was buried in his pubic hair.

I could feel him trying to control himself. I could tell he wanted to quicken the pace, so I placed my hands on his hips and began fucking him with my mouth. I started making long quick strokes, my tongue flattened against the underside of his cock.

After only a few more strokes, he plunged deep into my throat and I felt the first stream of hot cum in the back of my throat. I quickly relaxed my throat muscles and swallowed, taking the head of his cock deeper into my throat.

He pumped load after load down my throat. I felt his whole body shudder as he held his cock down my throat while I continued to swallow and my muscles milked every drop from him.

As he pulled his cock from my mouth, I gasped for breath. He pulled me up and held me tight to his chest as he caressed my back. In between ragged breaths he said, ‘Oh God, Gina! That was the best blow job I’ve ever had!’

‘That was the best I ever gave,’ I thought to myself, smiling as I felt my own juices running down my thighs.

We spent the next 3 days drinking Cabo Wabo Margaritas and fucking anywhere and everywhere. During the day we fucked at the pool, on the beach, in public bathrooms and in the hot tub. Every night, we lay naked on a blanket on the beach listening to the water crashing against the sand. I looked up at the beautiful sky and stars while his head was between my legs making me cum like I never have before.

As we sat at the bar near the terminal gate, I said ‘Steve I have to go or I’m going to miss my plane.’

He tightly held my hand and said ‘Just one more tequila before you go.’ Then he motioned for the bartender.

I smiled at him as I thought, ‘But one more is never enough.’

After 3 more drinks, Steve was leading me across the terminal. He looked around as he pulled open the door to a maintenance closet. He pushed me inside and closed the door.

As I started to protest, he covered my mouth with his and pulled the back of my knee to his hip, pushing me up against a shelving unit. With our mouths locked, he slid his hand under my skirt and pulled the crotch of my panties aside.

In an instant, his cock was buried inside me. He held me up by the back of my thighs as I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. With my back crushed against the wall of shelves, he plunged his cock deep within me.

For an instant, I wondered if anyone outside the door could hear our muffled moans. The thought quickly vanished as I felt the familiar pulsating deep within my pussy. I felt my orgasm course through my body as I screamed into Steve’s mouth.

Just as the orgasm began to subside, another started when I felt Steve’s cock begin to twitch and pulsate. The first stream of hot liquid coated the inside of my pussy followed by another, then another. As he continued to pump rope after rope of cum inside me, my pussy contracted around his cock milking more and more out of him.

As we raced to my gate, I could feel the sticky wetness between my legs. The door was closing just as we approached. ‘Wait!’ we both yelled.

Steve pulled me to him in one last passionate kiss as the flight attendant stood holding the door. As I finally pulled away from him, he smiled at me and said ‘Remember – when you let yourself go, what happens down in Mexico – stays in Mexico.’

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