14 Mart 2023

Steal Your Girl Ch. 03


Introduction: This is like the previous two parts. Read them first. If you like them, you’ll probably like this. This ratchets up the domination elements though.


Stealing a Seat

It’s interesting I tell you, I never know when or where opportunities will come up to find a girl that needs that gentle, or not so gentle, push I give into a life of sapphic pleasures. Sometimes it’s really in the most unexpected of places.

It was a few weeks after my vacation when I found myself in a very unexpected place. Things hadn’t worked out with Vanessa. I’d done my job too well. She was too clingy, talking about how much she loved me and how great it would be when the two of us got married. For the first time in my life I was a little glad for homophobia because I could tell her that gay marriage wasn’t legal in the state where I lived.

That barely settled things down. She talked about moving across the country to live with me and about having a commitment ceremony and…well, I had to put the kibosh on that. I’m not a one woman woman, I’m on a mission. She was hot and a great fuck but I had my eyes out for other great fucks. Hell, I even gave the hotel’s cute little desk clerk a turn before I left.

I’d told Vanessa to settle down and maybe come out to see me. I had some friends, an all-female motorcycle group, who could come through her town and pick her up.

So, yeah, Vanessa is going to be well taken care of. Those diesel’s will give her all the pussy she can handle.

So I was out on the prowl. But not at this particular moment. I’d had a long day and was looking forward to getting home. So I hopped on the subway and settled into my seat and prepared just to ride out the day.

It was a fairly empty train when I got on but it gradually filled up. You know the way, people rushing on to fill every seat they possibly can. Eventually, when we got to the shopping district, the car was almost entirely full, with only one seat left, directly in front of mine. The doors were just about to close when two people rushed to make it on.

The first was this wall street type. Expensive suit, wireless headset in his ear, you know the sort. He was pulling along a girl behind him, clearly in a hurry.

The girl though. Hot damn.

She was blonde, with a hair cut that I guessed cost more than most people’s rent. Her eyes were hidden behind expensive shades and she was dressed in a tight little white skirt and tight designer black t-shirt that hugged a pair of very large, suspiciously perfect looking tits. She was wearing grotesquely high heels, the sort I couldn’t even imagine walking in and her arms were just absolutely filled with bags from stores I couldn’t pronounce. A very cute little rich bitch.

Her boyfriend, I couldn’t help but notice, didn’t have a single thing in his hands and clearly hadn’t offered to help her. In fact, he was the one who took the last seat, plopping his butt down before grabbing his cell phone and starting to play some game on it. Spreading his legs ridiculously wide, I could see the old chinese woman next to him have to shift in her seat because apparently he decided that the whole world needed to be exposed to his crotch.

His girlfriend didn’t seem to mind too much. She put one of her bags down into the copious space between his legs and simply rested, looking world weary and just too cool for school.

So I wanted her. Bad. But, I confess, I had no real idea how I was going to do it. I could simply get out where the two of them did and see if I could get something going but I knew that would be tricky.

But then, once again, Lady Fate decided that this girl was going to get the reprieve she needed.

As the subway lurched to life we got going for only a few seconds before it came to a sudden halt. Worse still, the lights in the train went completely dark. Leaving us completely shut down and between stops. The place was pitch black and I could hear people start to murmur their displeasure.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” the garbled static-y transmission came on, “We’re experiencing some slight delays and problems with the power down here. Please be patient and we’ll be lit up and on our way shortly.”

Groans of displeasure. But not from me. No, I sprung into action. Quick as a cat I left my seat and, despite the total darkness I knew exactly where I was going. I felt the curve of little miss perfect’s ass against me as I leaned forward to whisper into her ear.

“I’m going to fuck you, you sexy little bitch” I whispered, my hands sliding the tight material of her skirt up her hips, “I’m going to fuck you right in front of your boyfriend.”

I said it low enough for only her to hear and, happily, I didn’t hear any protest or disagreement. Quite the contrary, I actually felt her legs spread a little. The pitch black of the train wasn’t much of an obstacle, I definitely knew my way around a tight little ass in the dark. So I tugged down what felt like a thong and then in a second, my fingers were inside her. I felt her have to stifle a moan as I felt her very wet little pussy squeeze tightly around all three of gebze escort my invading digits.

I thought about her boyfriend, only inches away from us, completely clueless, probably with his legs still spread wide. Well, I was spreading his girlfriend’s cunt wide, giving her a quick and rough fucking. As fast as I could without making any obvious noises.

Blondie wasn’t as lucky. She was doing her best to stifle her noises but little whimpers crept out of her lips.

“Jesus christ, Natalie,” I heard her boyfriend say in the dark, “It’s just the dark, there’s nothing to be scared of.”

Natalie. That was the name of the girl I was plunging my fingers into quickly.

I wrapped my hand around her chest, taking a squeeze of one of her large breasts. I was surprised. I’d have bet heavily that the heavy orbs sitting high on her chest were the result of Daddy paying a plastic surgeon. But they felt very real. God, they must look perfect when naked I thought. My hand snaked up higher to her throat and wrapped around her pretty neck, squeezing gently.

“Listen Natalie,” I whispered, “You’re going to cum for me. You’re going to cum quietly for me. Because if you don’t, I’m going to stop fucking your litte pussy and I know that a naughty little girl like you doesn’t want that, do you?”

“No,” she whispered, I gave her throat a gentle little squeeze.

“Shhh,” I whispered back.

Like I said, I was going for speed. I didn’t know when the lights would come back on and so I needed to make things quick. I fucked her with three and then four fingers as she fucked back onto my hand with just enough speed and it was maybe only over a minute before I heard her make these cute little squeaking noises as she bit her lip and came all over my hand.

Then, quick as a cat, I pulled my hand out of her and pulled up her little panties before walking back to my seat. It was the nick of time too. I had just sat back down when the lights came back on. I looked up to see Natalie looking just a little bit disheveled, just a strand or two of hair out of place and looking flush and freshly fucked. I could see her boyfriend looking around suspiciously, like he knew something had gone down, and I could see Natalie looking around too. I realized that she didn’t know who had fucked her. I wondered in that second if anyone who’d taken the intiative could have lifted up that skirt and had their way with her.

But then our eyes met and I licked my fingers clean and I saw a naughty little smile grow on her face. Our little secret.

Turns out, out little discrete fuck couldn’t have been any more timely because it was only a stop later when her boyfriend stood up and reached for Natalie’s hand again. Her eyes kept locked on mine as she walked with him off the subway. For a second I regretted that I hadn’t done something, anything to get her number or her last name or something that could lead to the follow-up fuck that I knew she’d want. I squirmed uncomfortably as I watched the sexy blonde walk off, cursing that I might never get to suck on those big tits as she rode my strap-on to incredible orgasms. That I might never get to see her bitchy little face between my thighs.

I watched the two of them walk onto the platform and heard the familiar noise of the train doors closing. But then, I saw something that made my cunt tingle. Natlaie yanked herself free of her boyfriend’s grasp and, just nanoseconds before the doors close, jumped back onto the subway car, leaving him alone on the plaform. I smiled broadly as the cute blonde walked up to me. Someone had taken her boyfriend’s seat and the car was full but I patted my lap and the little blonde cutie sat right down on it. I watched her boyfriend’s stunned face through the window as she leaned down to kiss me passionately, the Subway roaring to life and taking us one step closer to where we would go.

So guys, let this be a lesson to you, when you’re on the subway, keep your legs together. Or you just might get a picture like the one I sent from Natalie’s phone to her now ex-boyfriend, his sexy, bitchy little blonde girlfriend completely naked, those big perfect tits in her hands and a look of complete and total submissive ecstasy on her face. Now she was the one her legs spread wide. Wide as they could go. After all, she was trying to fit my massive fake cock into her cunt.

Stealing(momentarily) a Slave

Like I said, you just never know, right? Things happen all over the place.

It was a couple of weeks later when I got an unusual email from a friend of mine. This woman, Irene, was someone I knew from way back. Someone who’d helped me out. She was a high school teacher then and I was a high school dropout working construction and we met over beers in a gay bar and who seemed nice enough. She understood how I’d dropped out because I couldn’t stand all of the idiots who gave me shit but urged me to go and get my GED.

She was a sweet old gal but definitely not my type. Plus, after we got to drinking I learned that she had sort of the same tastes I did. The hot little straight girls. She talked göztepe escort about all the 18 year olds she had to teach and how she sometimes fantasized about them but wouldn’t do anything for fear of losing her job.

Anyways, that was almost twenty years ago. Now she’s pushing 60 and is the Principal of a well regarded suburban High School. Anyways, she sent me an email asking me to meet her at her school to help her with a “problem” but she didn’t go any further. So I agreed and set out to join her.

The meeting time was a bit unusual. It was almost eight o’clock at night. Personally, I always figured most schools were ghost towns after four. But when I got there there were still quite a few people milling about. Not students, a disappointment as I had hoped to clock some of the hot 18 year old cheerleaders Irene was always talking about, but parents. Apparently it was some sort of parent-teacher night.

I went to the principal’s office, not my first time believe me, but the secretary told me that Irene was still busy and that she might be a little while. I nodded and decided to hang out in the hallways and maybe check some email. I just had my phone out when I was interrupted.

“Excuse me, are you Jessica’s mother?”

I looked up. An absolutely gorgeous brunette was looking at me. At first I thought she might have been a student, she barely looked 20, but I could see from her dress that she just must have been a young teacher.

She was gorgeous. She wasn’t as stacked as some of the girls I’ve talked about before but she was incredible. She was tall, almost as tall as I am, with high cheekbones, dark brown eyes and an elegant nose. Her long light brown hair hung loosely but impeccably down to her shoulders.

Everything about her just said “tight” from her clothes, a crisp white dress shirt and a black pencil skirt that hugged her hips like a second skin, to her model-like body to her voice and manner. She looked like one of those girls who thought that ice wouldn’t melt in her mouth.

But something gave me a hunch that she would melt in mine.

I stood there for a moment. I had to remember what she’d asked me.

“Excuse me?”

“Jessica Peterson…is that your daughter?”

I didn’t know Jessica Peterson from a hole in the ground but if it would get me into the hot teacher’s classroom, I’d have said I was Hitler’s Mother.

“Yup,” I said, “That’s my little girl.”

The teacher nodded, still with that disapproving look on her face.

“Well, I wish you could have shown up earlier as I was just about to leave but…well, I guess it’s good that you finally started showing some interest in your daughter’s education.”

I could see from her face she meant it as a withering put-down. God, It just made me want her more. She motioned for me to come into the classroom and I did, taking my seat at one of the small desks right in front of hers while little miss strict closed the heavy door behind her and took her seat at her desk.

God, her ass. Poems should have been written about it. High and tight and straining against her little skirt. Those perfect long legs meeting at one of god’s most perfect creations.

She sat down and gave me a weak smile.

“Well, there’s no two ways around it,” she started, enunciating every word clearly and carefully, “There’s some good and some bad. The good is that Jessica’s school work is fine.”

“And the bad?” I asked, pretending to be very interested.

“The bad,” she hesitated for a second, “The bad is behaviour related.”

I paused, trying to look upset.

“But Miss…

“Taylor,” she said, “Miss Taylor.”

” Jessica’s always so well behaved at home, though.” I said. The key to lying is believing the lie. I began imagining me, sitting around the table with my sexy little wife and our cute daughter Jessica.

“Well, I’m sure,” she said, “But this is actually fairly common. You know how it is with these seniors. They’re 18, they’re already planning going off to college, they begin to take classes less seriously.”

I nodded. Although in my head my little family life had taken a change. Jessica was 18? All of a sudden in my head we were spending some very close “Mother-Daughter” time together.

“Well, I suppose that’s the case,” I nodded, “So what sort of shenanigans has the little minx been up to then?”

Miss Taylor looked harshly back at me. Clearly she thought I wasn’t taking this seriously, which I very much wasn’t. I was just looking for a way to get into the cute teacher’s panties.

“Well, she’s talking a lot, talking back and she’s coming to school in clothes that just barely meet the uniform standard. Tight shirts that show cleavage, short skirts, things like that. I really think you should have a talk with her before she leaves the house.”

I almost chuckled. In my head that talk would go very differently than I imagined it would in Miss Taylor’s mind. I’d definitely demand that Jessica not wear those slutty clothes. I’d make her go back to her room, take them off and fuck her silly.

“And the thing halkalı escort is,” Miss Taylor continued, “It’s becoming a real distraction. She spends all of her time flirting with the boys and then when I tell her to stop she gets rude and…”

I stood up angrily, harshly. As I did I could see Miss Taylor gasp a little and look afraid. But there was something else in her eyes. Something that I recognized instantly. A little spark that told me exactly how this was going to go down and just what tactic to play.

“That is unacceptable,” I said angrily, walking up to her desk. I could see that mix of fear and…something in her eyes as I walked up right in front of her. “I brought my daughter up in a fine, upstanding lesbian home and I will not tolerate her flirting with boys when I’m sure there are some very sexy girls she could be flirting with.”

I had to keep from laughing as I saw Miss Taylor’s expression shift. Trying to figure out how I could possibly mean what I’d just said.

“I don’t think you quite…” she started but I stopped her abruptly.

“It seems to me that this is quite clearly a discipline problem.” I said harshly, walking around the desk.

“I agree,” Miss Taylor nodded, looking a little relieved when she thought we were back on the same page, “And if you maybe just talk to her…”

I shook my head.

“No,” I said harshly as I yanked Miss Taylor up by the collar of her dress shirt before pushing her down hard, bending her over her desk, that incredible ass of hers in that tight little skirt on such an inviting display.

“What are you, let me go,” she said, struggling. But I could tell it was half-hearted. She liked being exactly where she was.

“Not her lack of discipline,” I said, roughly, “Yours.”

I roughly palmed that perfect ass of hers through her skirt. God it was incredible. Firm and round and tight.

“You’re her teacher.” I said, “And when a disrespectful little bitch talks back to you then you should take her like this and bend her over and spank her cute little ass until she promises to behave.”

I brought my hand down heavily on one of her perfect ass cheeks, creating a large smacking sound.

“Ahhh!” Miss Taylor groaned. A groan that told me right away that I was on the right track.

“And you spank her again, and again…”

I did, slapping her tight ass with hard, heavy stinging slaps.

“Until she promises to do whatever you say.”

“Oh god,” Miss Taylor moaned, but I could feel her rub her cute little ass against my palm. Slowly I brought my hand up to the zipper of her skirt and began pulling it down. She’d stopped resisting and the garment slid off her easily. I wasn’t surprised in the least to see her incredible ass covered in a lacy little pair of black panties. I’d clocked that about this girl the minute I saw her. The type who liked to dress all prim and proper on the outside while thinking that the slutty little lingerie she was wearing underneath was just her little secret. Well, now the secret was out and my hands were all over it. Caressing her ass, seeing where my hands had left a red mark.

“After all,” I said, “You’re her teacher. And if you see her with boys you should tell her all about how boys are no good. How they’re trouble. How if she needs to cum she shouldn’t look to a boy who didn’t know what they were doing, they should come to you and let you work your talented little tongue into her 18 year old cunt.”

“But I never,” She groaned, “I’m not supposed to…I mean, I have a boyfriend”

I spanked her again. This time my hand coming down on her bare ass cheek, creating an even louder crack. I couldn’t help it, even if I liked hearing that she had a boyfriend.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned.

“And if she really misbehaves,” I said, reaching for my bag, “That’s when you bend her over a desk and you fuck her little pussy until she won’t even look at another boy.”

I reached into my bag for my harness. I know what you’re thinking, I brought my massive strap-on in my bag? I bring it wherever I go? Well, like I said, you never know when you’re going to need it. You never know when you’re going to meet a little submissive bitch who needs to be fucked senseless. It comes in handy.

I wanted it on quick so I stepped into it over my jeans. True, it meant I couldn’t give myself much pleasure with it but I had a hunch that Miss Taylor would be happy to come back to my place later and do whatever the fuck I told her to.

“After all,” I said cinching up the cock, “I hear all the time about teachers and their students these days. Jessica is 18. You should be fucking her discipline problem right out of her. . I pay your salary after all.”

I yanked the teacher’s lacy little panties down around her knees and began rubbing at a pussy that was as wet and hot as any I’d ever seen, even though my eyes were drawn to that incredible ass of hers. Naked it was just beyond belief. It wasn’t big, and I’ve been known to like a big booty, but it wasn’t flat by any means. Just perfectly toned and round and tight. Two soft supple cheeks sticking up in the air invitingly in her heels.. It never failed. I knew girls who were just total subs like this one, even if they didn’t realize it themselves. I don’t even know if it mattered that I was a woman, she just needed to be dominated, to be controlled. To be taken. I pushed the head of my cock right up against her little cunt and began to push inside.

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