14 Mart 2023

Store Owner’s Revenge

Big Dicks

Note: All characters are over 18.

I held the dart in my hand and stared at the board across the room. It was still big enough for me to see, still, I wish the board was much more closer. The effort to throw it is excruciating pain.

Today, I will try to get the bullseye, without luck!

I aim the dart at the red circle, moving my wrist back and forth to warm it up. Through my eyes, I know I’m gonna make it. My position and prediction are almost perfect! Now all I have to do is throw it.

I threw the dart towards the bullseye, with as much speed as I could, and watched it fly to the board.


A heavy, hairy hand gets in the way of the dart and catches it. I cut my eyes to my guard, who had a wide smile on his face. Oh… I know this smile… Dammit!

“Nolan you-!”

Before I could finish, I noticed his other hand gripped around a woman’s arm. Her hands was bound in duct tape, and her ankles in chained shackles. She hung her head low, gazing at the floor. Her wavy, dark brown hair blocked the view of her face. Hmm… I’m curious of what she looks like.

“We caught you a thief.” He said.

Nolan shoved the woman to the cold, hard floor. She winced as she landed on her knees. A few strands of her hair seeped into her lips, and she blew it away then flicked her hair, exposing half of her face. Still, she kept her head turned, avoiding my eye contact.

“What brings her here?” I asked him.

“She exited your store with stolen toys.”

“And where are the toys?”

“In that bag. We left it by your desk before you came.”

I scooted back and looked under my desk. A black bag sat right next to my feet.

Oh! That bag! I always thought I put that there sometime yesterday and procrastinated on checking it out.

“Oh! I didn’t notice! Thanks!”

“You’re welcome.” Nolan said and exited, closing the heavy door behind him.

I glanced at the thief. Her face sure didn’t look eager, or calm. She searched around and took in every detail of the room, and her eyes widened in each corner she gazed at. Sure this place wasn’t too beautiful, but I love the looks of it. I love how it makes newcomers scared, and expect the worst.

Her chocolate eyes wandered around until they landed on me, She quickly glanced away, searching other areas. I could almost see her face now that most of her hair was out of the way. Freckles splattered across her face like a galaxy of stars. Her eyebrows was thick, and perfectly shaped. I’m guessing she just got them done.

What a cute face she has… Especially that nose…

Wait… She reminds me of someone.

Reminds me of a cam girl who gets millions of views to play with toys and orgasm to it. This thief has her same body type. C-Cup breasts with pink lemonade nipples, and a tight, cute ass. There’s a heart shaped tattoo near her pussy, and a flower on her neck.

This thief has exactly that.

That amateur would have all types of toys in her cunt. Sometimes it’s a dildo, or a vibrator, sometimes it’s a freakish toy like fifteen inch dildo! There isn’t much she could do with that big toy. She acts like a little virgin who can’t fit a big dildo, only to make her little dreamers get more hard.

Still, any toy that looks cute inside, she inserts it and let the magic happen.

That magic?

It starts off as her pussy leaking like a broken sink. Her pussy leaks her delicious juice and runs down her legs. Each deep thrust of a 7 inch dildo, came more juice pumping out and rolling down her shaking legs.

It’s easy to remember her voice after watching a few of her videos.

“Mm… Ah~!”

Ring! Ring!

“Oh~! Thank you… S-So much…”

She opened her eyes and gazed at the screen, biting her lip seductively. More hearts poured into the chat, and some begged for a private session. She took her lubricated fingers out and stuck them in her mouth, sucking off the juices until they’re fully dry.

“Mm… Thank you ‘Nick…’ Would love your big, juicy cock inside me.”

She inserted her fingers back in and tilted her head back, building up another moan.

She talked to her thirsty viewers slow and lustfully, and the donations rang like the Flash. Every large amount made her increase speed. When she’s close, her palm roughly pounded against her pussy, and the dildo painted with her cream thrusts. She’d moan louder and louder, so loud that her neighbors could hear her donor’s name.

“Uh~! Ohh…! Thank you! T-Thank you! Ah~!”

Then when it’s time… Her legs quiver and her hips raise to the ceiling. She’d release out a loud squeal as more liquid rushes out of her. Her eyes roll back, as if the climax sucked the life out of her. Any toy that was in her, would slide out of her drenched, flooded pussy as her legs trembled. Her legs would quiver so hard the bed would creak like scared mouses running away.

Then when she calms down, she slowly rubs her clit, grinding away the left over orgasm while more rings travel through her ears. The donations rang slower each second, and she moans merter escort a ‘thank you,’ to each name. Last, to end the video, she blows a signature goodbye kiss.


That’s who this thief looks exactly like.

I took my phone off the desk and cut it, then opened the default browser. I typed in her channel’s name and clicked on one of her most watched videos. The buffering circle spun round and round as the video loaded.

After a few seconds, the video loaded. I paused before her moaning blasts through the room and stood up from my chair. The thief stared at me with half-widened eyes and flinched as I began walking towards her.

“Relax, I won’t eat you.” I said.

As I approached her, I continued the video and skipped to a random point in the video.

“Ah~! Mm… You’re so deep in my pussy!” The woman’s moan blared out my phone.

The thief stared at the video with widened eyes. She released a soft gasp, and tried leaning away from the phone. I brought it closer to her face, and forced her eyes to look at it. She watched the amateur thrust the dildo inside of her, moaning a fantasy her viewers wish everyday.

“Uh~! Fuck~! I’m cumming for you darling!”

The amateur tilts her head back and spreads her legs wider. She rolled her hips and grind on the on the purple cock buried deep inside her. Her legs quivered and shook as she groaned and moaned. The thief bit her bottom lip as she watched, and continued fidgeting with her fingers.

Heavy breaths from the amateur traveled through our ears. She finally calmed down, and slid the dildo out of her pussy.


Her tongue circled around the cock, then she closed her lips over it and sucked the rest of her juices off. She took the dildo out her mouth and licked her lips, then kissed the tip of the plastic cock.

“See you next time, lovely.”

She blew a kiss to her viewers before the video began fading away. Her cute, naked body overshadowed by the outro of the video. Her social media appeared on the screen, and a new T-Shirt she recently had made for her thirsty fans. After that, the video fully ended.

“This you?” I asked.

The thief looked at me with half shock, then made a disgusted face and shook her head.

Hmm… I need to hear her voice to confirm.

“Yes or no.” I demanded.

“No.” She said.


Through this ragged, dry voice, I heard a sweet melody served as an ice cream sundae with a cherry on top. I can tell she was trying to fake her voice, and she was trying really hard.

Such a filthy liar.

“Woah!” I exclaimed.

I laughed and pulled my phone away, closed the video, and put it back into my pocket.

“What a coincidence! You sound just like her!”

She stiffly shook her head. “No! It’s all a misunderstanding!”

There’s that sweet innocent voice of hers… I knew it was her all along.

She’s such a terrible liar, her cute face says it all.

“It’s bad to lie.” I said.

She shut her mouth and turned away, staring off into the distance of the concrete floor. I crouched down and softly grasped her chin, turning her head to meet my eyes.

“Wanna know what happens to thieves?”

“I-I didn’t steal!”

“It’d be a shame if your fans found that you’re a thief.”

“N-No! Maybe it was her! It’s not my fault that she looks-“

“How do you think they’ll feel?” I interrupted.

Her breathing got heavier and heavier as she gazed at me with wide, fearful eyes. I love that look. Those helpless puppy eyes she have, trying to look as cute and innocent as possible. She knows what she did, and her beauty isn’t getting her out of this one.

This is gonna be fun…

I leaned in and brushed my lips against her outer ear. Her soft breasts pressed into my chest, and her nipples poked mine through my shirt. Tiny arm hairs stood as I ran my fingertips down her smooth arms. Her heavy breathing quietened, but her heart pounded roughly against my chest.

It feels so nice to touch her smooth, creamy skin. I would love to devour her, and be the first before her virgin wankers to touch her body and explore every inch of her. I planted soft, wet kisses on her neck, drawing down to her collarbone. As I kissed upward, I felt her pulse beat against my lips.

I would love to enjoy her, but I need to get to the main point.

“Wanna know how they’d feel?” I asked again.

I planted my lips on her ear, and let my warm breath traveled through.

“They’d be so happy…” I whispered.

“So happy to know you were punished…”

I moved away and stood up. Her eyes looked up to me, brimmed with fear. So much fear, a tear was building up in one of her eyes.

“P-Please don’t hurt me!” She begged.

Mhm… Of course. Now she’s having a pity party to break free. Even her emotions lie. She just wants to get out of here and go record another video with her owned toys she probably stole as well. Pathetic.

A smile crept on my face, and my lips twitched mutlukent escort as I tried to hold it. The fact that this woman is a horrible liar and thief, makes my day!

“Oh no! Please don’t hurt me for stealing!” I mocked.

I threw my head back and erupted in laughter. This is amazing! How she’s begging for mercy although she knows she’s in the wrong!

“I-I didn’t steal! I… I was borrowing.”

Borrowing? Did I hear that right?

I stopped laughing and looked at her reddened face.

“So… Ms. Pretty girl admitted her deed.”

She shook her head in denial, but didn’t she just admit to stealing? How funny! Another failed attempt to lie.

“You stole from my store.” I said.

Her eyes cut away from me and stared at the wall to her left. She clenched her fists and took a long, deep breath. I wonder what’s going on through her head. An escape plan, or another pity tactic?

“Okay…” She mumbled.

The smile on my face grew wider. Is this the breaking point?!

“At least you got the toys back!”

Oh… Haha.

Yeah, at least I got the toys back. Who knows? She probably was gonna sell them for a higher price to her desperate fans after squirting her horny, love juice all over it. No telling what the hell she did with those toys. I don’t even know if she unboxed them yet.

“Why did you steal them?” I asked.

“They were really nice but expensive…”

So she decided to go materialistic and steal a valuable one? How clever, now she’s here, suffering the consequences. What was the point anyway? She thought she’d get a 300 dollar discount? Stealing those goods must have been a challenge, cause she sure didn’t get what she wanted.

Speaking of challenge…

I’ll make her suffer.

“You know what, darling?”

“I can let you have them.”

She lifted her head and looked into my eyes, Her face brightened like she witnessed amazing works and wonders. This thief probably didn’t expect me to say that. Little did she know, there’s a catch. Aw, she’s probably hoping she’d be let go, and run out of here thinking about a vibrator in her pussy and the dildo in her ass! Nope, Not happening.

She’s gonna work for them.


“I’ll test them on you.”

“If you don’t orgasm off all of them, you may have them.”

“Got it?” I asked.

She nodded eagerly, like a kid getting their first candy bar. I patted her head and ran my fingers through her hair. The thief looked like an excited puppy during a belly rub. What a cute girl she is! So desperate for stolen things and to be let off the hook.

I walked over to the bag and picked it up. The bag wasn’t that big, but toys filled to the top. I dumped the contents on my desk and counted. Only four boxes of toys, and all the same color on them, marking as high quality. Whew! She was really on the roll!

There were three vibrators and one pink dildo. They were known to have good reviews and designed to hit a girl’s right spots, making her cum within seconds. This girl is not gonna make it through this challenge. I don’t think I’ve seen her last long with multiple toys.

“Ms…” She called and stopped herself.

“Names Leora.” I told her.

“Leora… What if I cum on the last one?”

I peeked at her over my shoulder and smiled. “Then you don’t get the toys.”


“You want the toys, or not?” I asked.

“I… I do…”

I turned back around and lined the toys up from softest to hardest. They all stood out and appeared hardcore. It wouldn’t make a difference if I started with a random one. The dildo by far is the least orgasmic cause, or the most if I ram it in her. I might use one of these vibrators, just to warm her up.

I know exactly the one to use…

I unboxed the G-Spot vibrator. This one came with an app remote that I’ll have to install on my phone. I read the main parts of the manual and installed the remote. After setting it up and clicking through buttons, I tapped a random preset to test it out.


Works like a charm!

“Go to the wall.” I demanded.

She got up and almost stumbled over as her legs shook. I stood behind her so she doesn’t attempt to escape. She began walking towards the wall straight ahead, limping a little. As we approached, she held out her restrained hands to press them against the wall, then slightly bent over, spreading her legs.

Her bare pussy showed, fully shaven without a spot of stubble. Her pink pussy lips were almost the color of her nipples, and the light exposed her glistening wetness. It looked so tight and beautiful. I wish I could just finger her while she gazes into my eyes in orgasmic bliss.

No, Leora! Focus!

I crouched down and ran the buzzing vibrator down her lips. A thin layer of her horny wetness painted the tip of the vibrator. I applied more pressure on the tip, and slipped it inside her pussy.

“Mm… Ooh~”

“You like that?” I asked.

She softly groaned and otele gelen escort rested her forehead against the wall. I’ll take that as a yes, but soon she will be showing her answer. I just know it…

“Take it for ten minutes, then we’ll move on.”

I turned on my phone and set the timer for ten minutes, then went back into the app. It looked a bit intimidating at first, but soon I got the hang of it. I held the circle and went up and down, hearing the buzzing go louder and quieter as I go.

The horny thief wiggled her ass and moaned quietly, keeping her head hung and her arms steady. I buried the vibrator deep and nice inside her, but more of the toy’s color began to show. A thin layer of wetness painted the toy, and sparkled under the light.

What is she trying to do? Squeeze it out?

“If it falls out you automatically lose.” I said.

She stopped moving and attempted to stay still. Her pussy throbbed and squeezed to pull the vibrator back in. The horny thief moaned and sighed, trying to stay as still as a pole. Still, she looked like a loose-leaf struggling to stay on a branch.

I walked back to my desk and sat down. I was still close enough to see her drenched pussy from afar. She sneaked a peek at me, and turned back around. Don’t see why, she isn’t slick.

“Keep your eyes ahead, princess.”

Minutes went by, and she still hasn’t cum yet. I checked the timer on my phone and found it counting down from five minutes. Maybe it’s time to go a little hardcore on her…

I went back into the app and raised the level. The buzzing traveled through my ears, mixing with her increasing moans. She wiggled and swayed her ass, moaning with her mouth agape and eyes closed. This sudden movement of hers… It made a tingly sensation build inside me. Like warm water pouring inside me and filling my body.

Mm… Imagining this slutty thief kneeling before me. Her tongue lapping over my clit and inserting her fingers. I’d love to have her explore me after this, maybe that’d be her treat for effort when she fails. Oh the things I’ll make her do!

“L-Leora?” She called.


“How much time do we have left?”

“I’m not telling you.” I said.

She pouted and whimpered, then to face the wall. A smile crept on my face, as if it could reach both of my ears. I knew she was gonna break any minute. I can’t wait to see her eyes roll to the back of her head as she trembles in ecstasy, with her oozing juice leaking out and forming a pool on the floor, flooding under the arch of her feet.

I took a peek at my phone and noticed one minute left. I raised another level on the remote, and the buzzing gets louder.

“Uh~! F-F-F-Fuck!” She moaned.

“Enjoying it aren’t you?” I asked.

“Leora! P-Please don’t be so rough!” She begged.

This is so fun to watch.

“Why? Are you gonna cum?”

The desperate thief shook her head.

“What’s stopping you?”

There were thirty seconds left on the timer. I raised the level a little bit higher, almost to the max. She gasped and squirmed, squeezing her drenched walls to keep the vibrator in.

“Ah~! Mm~! Happy place, Charla… Happy place…”


“So you are that girl!” I exclaimed.

She nodded and bit her lip, moaning through the buzzing. Wow! I’m am actually in the same room with the girl that has the wettest pussy out there!

“How amazing!”

Beep! Beep! Beep!

“Saved by the bell!”

I stopped the beeping phone and let it rest on my desk. The G-Spot vibrator slid out of her pussy and onto the floor. Her wetness stained the smooth, concrete floor. More juice oozed out of her pussy, and dripped onto the buzzing vibrator. She took deep, heavy breaths, holding her mouth open as she exhaled.

I looked at the next toy in line, which was another vibrator. I’ve seen videos where she lasted more than thirty minutes with two vibrators, but never with a vibrator and dildo. I don’t want her to last long, I want to make her cum as soon as possible…

I unboxed the pink dildo. By the looks of it, the width was equivalent to my three fingers, or a size that a small hand can’t wrap around. The wetness she already has is not enough for this cock. Her pussy’s definitely gonna need some lubricant and stretching. She’s never fit anything this big before! Now, today’s the day she will.

“What a big dick!”

It had veins running down the cock, medium-sized balls, and a suction cup at the end. I wish this vibrated too. Would love to ram this inside while it stimulates her wet walls. She’d have the time of her life with this one!

Though I don’t think I have lube for this cock… I know just the alternative.

I set another ten minutes on the timer, stood up from my desk, and walked over to her. She turned and lowered her eyes to the object in my hand. Her eyes grew wide like she saw a phantom, and she nervously tapped her fingers against the wall.

“W-What are you doing with that?” She asked.

“You know.”

She pulled back as I reached to stick the dildo on the wall. The tip touched the crease of her lips, begging to be entered. I rested both of my hands on her ass and spread her cheeks. Her horny juice oozed down her juicy, pink lips, and twinkled under the light.

Hopefully, I can make her cum just by stretching her out…

“Mm… You look so delicious…”

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