18 Mart 2023

Storky the Texan Beauty

Big Tits

My back was against the headboard of the hotel bed. My cock was large and ready. More importantly I had a beautiful girl between my legs, naked and sopping wet. Her head was resting against my shoulder and her blue eyes were shut. They were shut because tingles were pulsing through her clitoris to her nipples and vice versa. Her legs were long and smooth, tanned a golden honey and splayed wide over my rugby player thighs.

She was constantly trembling and mewling, seeking the release I was steadily building up for her. How did she get like this? I’ll tell you, it was taking an effort on my behalf to control myself but an effort which would be repaid a hundredfold.

I called her Storky because she was so leggy. She had sneaked off to be with me for some stolen pleasure. So now I had her in my grasp, literally. When I opened the door to the hotel room I had greeted her and slowly pulled her into my arms. I removed the hair band from her blond tresses and kissed her. When I kiss, I do so open-mouthed and passionately. I don’t see the point otherwise. I kissed her with my tongue twisting around hers, my tongue flicking back and forth with one hand on her hips pulling her into me and the other hand holding onto the back of her neck, massaging it as well.

It didn’t take long to strip her out taksim escort of her clothes and lift her onto the bed. She was surprised that I didn’t enter her right away but I told her that patience was a virtue and the wait would be worthwhile.

I was caressing her left breast with my warm hand. I was just gently running my hand all over her breast, gently rubbing across the nipple with my thumb. Then I would move in circles getting closer and closer to her nipple before using my thumb on her. She could anticipate my thumb and her breathing changed slightly as she expected the thrill. My right hand was also occupied; running up and down her side across her stomach and snaking its way down between her shaven lips. I like a bare girl, especially one with an eagle tattoo between her legs. I was running my fingers between her lips, up and down, up and down rubbing her clit with each stroke. All the while I’m kissing her neck, whispering into her ear that I love her, that I need her and that I am going to make love to her in such a way she’ll never feel so alive again.

I can feel her wetness dripping out of her and every time I touch her clit she makes a little noise. I concentrate on her clit now, rubbing it gently but constantly and making topkapı escort sure that my thumb is going over her nipple in perfect synchronization. I can feel her tummy tighten with every stroke of pleasure and I know she’s going to come soon. Her breathing is getting ragged and she’s starting to move tight against me. She’s getting wetter and wetter with every stroke.

‘OH, oh. Yes darling yes, please don’t stop, aah, please, please aaaah aaah aaaaaahhhhhh!’

She came violently, stomach tightening and going rigid as the orgasm shook her. I let her vibrations subside when I come around from the back of her and immediately start kissing her between her legs. She’s flooding with juices and she gasps as my tongue goes inside her. I circle my tongue inside her, lapping against her clit, sucking it into my mouth and I feel the tingles in her start to build up again. She starts to arch her back when I cup both her breasts in my hands and begin to knead her breasts and feel her hard nipples. The combination of that and my tongue on her clit starts to make her build again.

‘Ah, aah, aah, I’m going to, aah I’m going to, darling, darling aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!.

She arches her back and spurts more love juice out but this time I give her tüyap escort no respite. I flip her onto her stomach, swiftly part her legs and enter her from behind. I am hard as iron and I slide deeply inside her, hearing her moan of surprise and pleasure. I move back and forth, pulling her hips against me with every move. I love fucking in this position, I’m so deep inside her that my cock is going to feel as though it’s coming out of her mouth. I move quickly now, my balls slapping against her and bring her fully onto her hands and knees. What a magnificent ass she has, she has the shape of a top model and I need her. I don’t just want her,I need her.

I reach around to start massaging her breasts and feel her respond to me. She starts moving against me in rhythm with my strokes. I’m going to come soon so I grab her hips and start fucking her frenetically, moving faster and faster. I can feel her juices dribbling out along my cock. I’m getting closer and closer and I need one last thrill to set me off. I reach under her and coat a finger in her juices. Then I move to her anal passage and put my finger in slowly. She gasps as my finger tickles her then enters her but I keep fucking her and now the juices are beginning to bubble. I am going to come soon and I can’t control my self as my balls slap against her and suddenly,

‘Aaaghhhhhhhhh. Yes Storky, oh yes my darling Storky, I love you.’

I hear myself roar as I pour my juices into her and I temporarily lose control. We fall forward and I kiss her back and neck in between sucking lungfuls of air in. I fetch her a glass of water and I plan my next assault on this Texan goddess.

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