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Subject: Straight you sure part 18 (Gay encounters) Straight you sure Part 17 This is a fictional story that involves consensual sex between people over the age of 18. Please donate anything possible to the Nifty fty/donate.html. Part 17, Dangerous Liaisons This is another chapter with multiple stories within, this was going to be a story with Just one person in it as I have been having some intense sex dreams where I get pounded and pounded by them, but I decided that the idea I had wasn’t long enough and I love a dangerous fuck, so this is a compilation of all the risky fucks with the hot “Straight” men, there will be a new person introduced in this chapter and they will get a whole chapter about them later on….anyway enjoy. Part 1- 20 Minutes with Liam It started as a normal Friday evening, I went round to Liam’s girlfriends house for food and movies, You may be wondering how I managed to keep my hands off Liam going to his place every Friday, however Liam was always out with his friends or was working which I found a relief, I literally couldn’t trust myself around him, I couldn’t trust myself not to push him up against the wall and shove his cock balls deep into my throat. Anyway, I got to the house and knocked on the door, his girlfriend let me in and informed me that there would be a few more of our friends there tonight, I really didn’t mind this, the more the merrier. A couple of hours later and I was having a lush time, and to be honest I had forgotten this was Liam’s place. As we sat there eating our Chinese, the door opened and I looked up, Liam had come home early from work, he didn’t see me straight away as he walked into the room and scanned the room, noticing me he smirked and chuckled, “Alright Cameron…e on budge up my leg are killing me” before winking at me and flashing that cum inducing smile . I scooted over and he sat next to me, the smell of his aftershave filled my nostrils and made my cock begin to thicken, he smelled like a real man and that was such a turn on, and he was wearing a fitted white shirt which didn’t really make much sense for a plumber who got dirty but meh who am I to judge, he was also wearing Black pocketed workman’s trousers. His hair looked immaculately groomed, fucking hell he looked so fit. Liam sat next to me and made small talk for a while every so often looking at me and winking and giving the goods in his underwear a little squeeze. After around 10 minutes he stretched his arms and yawned, his shirt lifting to reveal his sexy blonde-haired stomach, he didn’t have a six pack, but he was slightly toned, I swear I also saw the top of his pubes, but I couldn’t be sure, “Right love, I’m heading for a shower you guys have fun”. He stood up and bent over to give her a kiss giving me the perfect view off his fat ass, he turned around and winked at me before biting his lip and heading up stairs. My cock was harder that rock, but nothing could happen tonight….or could it? I continued with my night, but after 30 minutes I couldn’t get the thought of the stud out of my head. As I sat there drinking my wine all I could think about was him coming in and raising my legs before slamming his fat cock inside me and fucking me senseless filling me with his seed. I craved the feeling of his cock as he stretched my hole, I wanted to run my hands through his hair as he fucked me and watch his face screw up as his uncontrollable orgasm took complete control over him. I walked over to the kitchen to get a glass of water. After another half an hour it had turned into a sort of party, music was playing and the girls were a little tipsy, Now I don’t drink a lot and only dance on the small chance I get drunk, Liam’s girlfriend noticed and said to me, “Hey Cam we are going to sit outside for a bit….but if it’s not your scene why don’t you go play on the PlayStation with Liam I’m sure he wouldn’t mind we’ll only be like 20 minutes we just want a girly chat and a cigarette, and you don’t smoke anyway”. I couldn’t believe it, she was basically telling me to go and be with her boyfriend, I couldn’t refuse this. I nodded and she gave me a hug and said, “See you in a bit.” I sorta felt guilty, I mean I was shagging her boyfriend behind her back, but as soon as I thought of what could happen tonight those feelings soon went away as I thought with my cock instead of my heart. As I walked up the stairs I wondered what we would do and how quickly could we do it, like we had to be quick so a whole fuck was probably out of the question, but we probably had time for a quick blowie. As I got to the top of the stairs the bathroom door opened and out he came. Looking fucking phenomenal with a white towel wrapped around hum, Liam looked fucking fit there was no denying it and the one thing that made him even hotter was his wet un-styled hair, Liam always had his short dirty blonde hair perfectly styled so to see him with it natural made him look 100 times more cute and fucking fit. Liam smirked at me and put his arm up on the doorframe his pit hair glistening. “You took yer time?” he muttered smiling at me. “Sorry…I didn’t know how to get away.” Liam smirked once more, wiping the water off his face, “So how long we got?” This was the problem, we really didn’t have a lot of time and I wanted a slow sensual fuck, I squirmed, “I….errrrr….ummmm 20-30 minutes”, I expected him to be mad, but he just smirked, “Better get started then……right here.” And with that he undid the towel and let it fall to the floor. I looked in Awe as his monster bobbed up and down semi hard from the restraints, Liam grabbed his snake and rubbed it a few times making it rock solid, Now for those that don’t know Liam has a fucking nice cock and he knows how to use it. It stands at what we know to be 8.5 inches, (We measured it) and it was pretty thick too. His foreskin peeled back to reveal a shiny, very wet dripping head that was oozing pre-cum which dribbled down the shaft, his pubes were trimmed but only slightly and were a light brown color. His cock curved upwards slightly which felt amazing inside me. Liam walked over to the banister and pointed to the floor, “On yer knees then,” he ordered grabbing me by the head and pushing me to my knees. I couldn’t believe it, I was about to have hot steamy sex with Liam on his landing with his girlfriend downstairs, this was fucking naughty and I couldn’t believe it. Liam looked down and smirked, he gripped his cock and slapped it against my face, “Beg for it…. beg for my fucking cock.” He sniggered waving his cock up and down, pre-cum shooting onto my face, “Please…please Sir give me that cock…you’re so big please give it to me”, Liam smirked and chuckled, “Good boy” and grabbed me by the back of my head and buried his cock into my throat pushing me against the railing pinning me to it by his cock, all that could be heard was Liam grunting with pleasure as I managed to take all of his cock in one gulp. It stab at my throat and then slide down my gullet. Liam clasped his hands around the back of my head and leaned forward his balls slapped against my chin. He held me there sighing in pleasure as I began to choke, I slapped at his hairy legs, this made Liam angry, “Don’t fucking hit me…. you’ll fucking take it, or I’ll get rougher,” I have to say I was loving the dominance. Finally, after a minute he pulled me off. As I fell back Liam immediately moved forward and crouched down on to his knees, his cock dripping with pre-cum, he held his cock and moaned, “Open.” He held me there as he bobbed his fat piece in and out of my throat moaning and grunting with each thrust. I looked up and he was looking down at me with a hard dominant look, he looked so fucking sexy, his hair had dried now, and he had a little fringe which made him look so different, it made him look younger. But the sexual expertise of this stud showed his age, as he swiped his cock head around my mouth coating me in his pre-juices He moaned before pulling me off his cock, a string of pre-Cum attaching me to his cock. He smiled and whispered, “Fuck I need to cum…it’s been too long.” I smiled and grabbed it before sucking on the head ferociously, lapping and sucking with force, I was basically sucking the pre-Cum out of his cock because it was pouring out and there was so much of it. I lapped and sucked before pulling the head out and kissing it all over, his pre-cum sticking to my lips. Liam’s eyes were rolled back, and he pinched his big pink nipples. “Oh fuck…. fuck…. fuck.” He moaned as I took one final lick and let go, I felt a finger under my chin as he tilted me up and pushed his lips against mine, my hands immediately running through his soft, thick hair as his tongue wrapped around mine, as we kissed, he moaned into my mouth, “Ughhhh fuuuuck…. Wanna lick my ass now?” I nodded and he stood up, he turned and bent over the railing and slapped his lightly haired ass making his cheeks wobble, “Come on… eat this fat ass” I loved eating this arse, it was fat juicy and lightly haired which were my favorite things in an arse. I leaned forward and slapped the cheeks watching them wobble and the left cheek turn red, Liam grunted and leaned forward spreading the cheeks stretching his tight pink hole. I leaned in and tentatively stuck out my tongue circling around the hole as Liam moaned, “Ohhhhh yeeeessssss”, I licked the hole gently before grabbing the cheeks and slamming my tongue inside his hole I squeezed the cheeks around my face as Liam began to grind his hole on my face, his breathing intensifying as he struggled to contain his expression at the pure ecstasy that his arse was feeling. He loved getting his hole eaten out and it rarely happened, his eyes were closed as he reached behind and pushed his arse back and pushed my head hard rubbing it in all directions over my face. Suddenly we heard, “Liam……LIAM,” Liam’s eyes shot open, and he muttered, “Shit…. shit shit,” He quickly saw the towel and an idea quickly came to his head, he wrapped the towel around his body and around my head and tied it tight tying me to his arsehole. “Carry on,” he muttered as his girlfriend came to the stairs. I couldn’t hear much as the towel covered my ears, but I carried on eating him out, sliding m tongue in and around his hole tasting the pure studness of his hole. Liam was struggling not to moan, his cock was solid and as he talked, he stumbled his words, he ground his hole all over my face, as his legs shook. I reached round and began to massage his large hairy balls making him have to bite his lip. I began to rub his cock while licking making him squeal quietly. As she left, I heard his girlfriend say, “Liam put some clothes on Cameron doesn’t want to see you near naked.” He nodded and untied the towel. He turned and smiled to me, he pointed and ushered me to stand. “No Cameron doesn’t want to see me near naked…. he wants me fully naked.” I smiled at him, “That was filthy, I just ate your ass while you talked to your girlfriend.” He chuckled and gave me a light kiss, “Well that ass eating was just too good.” He smirked and whispered, “Now how about I explore your colon with my cock” Liam took my hand and we walked down the stairs, Liam whispered, “One minute.” He opened the door and looked out the window, as he ran back, I couldn’t stop but stare at his cock bobbing up and down. He chuckled and whispered, “I just locked the back door…she will have to text me to let her in so we can fuck down here.” He walked into the living room and sat on the sofa, “Well…. come ride me,” he smirked waving his cock at me. I ran and straddled the man, his cock was wet enough to act as lube and I winced as his cock rubbed against my hole, I moaned as it pierced my hole and his head popped inside making us both moan, we both held in our groans as the whole pole slid inside me and quickly I felt his pubes at my ass, we didn’t have much time left so I began to bounce up and down his cock sliding in and out stretching me wide open. His cock felt so big, and I loved having him inside me. I leant forward letting Liam lift his hips and began to hammer into me hard and fast, pound after pound smashing at my hole as his balls slapped harder and harder. His chest now sweaty and his hair wet with sweat. He held his breath as he fucked faster and faster until he slapped in hard one last time. Liam groaned and carried me over to the chair putting me in the doggy position, he began to fuck me hard…he was fucking to cum now, as he fucked his girlfriend looked in, now because of the chair I couldn’t be seen all that could be seen was Liam’s body. I didn’t know what was happening and why Liam slammed inside and held his cock in there. She muttered, “What you doing”, Liam smiled and looked down as it dawned on me what was happening, “Just looking for the controller for the PlayStation”, I squeezed on his cock making him moan and fall slightly on top of me, he looked up at his girlfriend, “thought I found it”, he nervously chuckled as she turned away and continued to talk to her friends as she closed the blind. “Fuck I nearly Cummed then,” he chuckled slapping my ass, “Well Daddy…. why don’t you cum now,” I whispered winking at him. He pulled out and got in the missionary position, “I know you like to see my cum face,” he winked as he slid inside me and fucked slowly at first but with hard thrusts, he became faster and faster until eventually ball slapping filled the room. His face turned red, and the sweat beaded down his chest as I squeezed so hard trying to send him into overdrive. He leaned in and kissed me hard and passionate, sliding his tongue into my mouth and practically eating my tonsils, the kiss was passionate and hot as our sweaty bodies stuck together. He thrusted over and over until he moaned into my mouth, “Oh fuck…. I’m gonna cum.” He sped up and threw his head back, his legs spasmed and his breathing became intense. His toes curled and balls tightened as I felt his cock throb inside my asshole. He moaned, “Fuck…fuck…. fuck…. fuck……OMG IM CUMMING…. HERE IT COMES…. FUCK ITS COMING OUT,” his cock shake and cum begin to shoot out, his face screwed up as he held his breath only taking quick breaths between shots. His slimy wet juices filled me up, a total of 9 roped of cum entering my asshole. As the last spurt dribbled out, he let out a sigh of relief and collapsed on top of me, I immediate felt his cock throb and soften a little, Liam leaned up and moaned as his soft cock slid out of me, “Fuck…that felt so good”, He looked at his phone, “Fuck let’s get dressed they’ll come in any minute squeeze that hole…no cum on the carpet”. We ran out of the room and up the stairs, quickly getting dressed and as I put my shirt on, she shouted, “Cameron you can come down now.” As I went downstairs Liam followed me, I stood by the door with Liam peering round behind me, “Sorry we left you with Liam…you must have been so bored”, I smiled and reached out groping Liam through his baggy shorts, Liam’s hand tried to slap mine away, but I gripped his cock as he looked at me with that look, the look that says, “Bit risky isn’t this”. I pulled out his cock and began to wank it hard and fast, Liam had no control over this as I wanked hard and fast rolling the foreskin back and forth over his head feeling his bollocks whacking against my hand, “Oh it was fine we had fun didn’t we Liam”, Liam was a bit lost for words, he looked at his girlfriend and muttered, “Y…yy…. yyyyeah it was fff…. fffffun.” I wanked and wanked and wanked his balls slapping against my hand as he began to moan so quietly only, I could hear him. “Liam you, ok?” his girlfriend asked looking concerned. Liam had gone past the point of no return now and he looked away quickly so she couldn’t see him and moaned, “Fuck…. not again” and his cock exploded in my hand, he turned back while he was cumming and muttered, “H…. holy fuck” his cock erupted shooting 6 ropes of thick cum all over my hand and his trousers, his face all the while smiling at his girlfriend, I noticed his legs shaking as his cock dripped the last few drops of his juices. Liam looked at me sternly as I wiped the cum on his shorts and stuffed his cock back inside before walking past him as I walked out to the garden, as I walked away, I looked at him and licked a blob of his juice that was still on my fingers, “Mmmmm so good” I chuckled as he smirked and groped his cock. That was a fucking horny night. Part 2- How many times can Ben Cum? Now I know that I have included Ben in a few chapters before but I had an amazing sex dream about him last night so I will be including him in this chapter. This might be longer than the other chapters, I’m seriously wanting Ben to rail me sooooooo enjoy Now since me and Ben banged at one of his customers house a lot had changed for him, he had had 2 children……with 2 different mothers, one with a girl he dated for a few weeks and one with his current girlfriend. But even though his girlfriend and daughter now lived with him and his son it didn’t stop us from meeting. In fact, when she was pregnant we banged constantly like 3 or 4 times a week he would unload inside me, and I fucking loved it. Ben went off the radar for a few weeks since the baby was born. Now Ben’s family made a massive deal out of new grandchildren so they had a proper party when the baby was born and I was invited as well as someone who used to regularly look after his son I was a good family friend and I was so excited, Ben’s mum made the best party food, from mini Quiches to kebab skewers and even homemade sausage rolls, but to be honest the only sausage I was after was her Son’s jumbo sausage and I had a pretty good feeling that I was going to get it hard at this party as he asked me if I was coming and when I said yes he responded with the aubergine/eggplant emoji. It was a long week waiting for that party and I imagined all the filthy things me and Ben would be getting up to under his mother and girlfriends nose. We had already had some fucking filthy sex, from sucking him off in the room next door when his girlfriend was in labour to riding his cock in his childhood bedroom as his mother cooked downstairs and I was hoping that this would be fucking filthy. Now at these parties kids don’t go, the only child there is the baby that has been born and usually they sleep the whole time so me and Ben would be free to bang without risk of his son catching us. Finally, Saturday came, and time couldn’t go quick enough, and I ran out the door and sped to Ben’s mother’s house. As I pulled up on the driveway I heard chatter coming from the garden, “Thank fuck” I thought there’s nothing worse than Being the first to a party. As I walked in I was greeted by Ben’s mum, giving me a hug and chatting before she called, “BEN…..BEN….Cameron’s here come say hi”. Ben was stood with his girlfriend wearing the sexiest dark blue fitted polo shirt that made his biceps look so sexy and muscular and a pair of blue skinny jeans that clung to his thick manly legs, he looked over and gave me that cheeky flirty smile before walking over to me and his mum, “Cameron mate….glad you could make it”, he reached out for a hug, fuck he smelled incredible, as he hugged he whispered into my ear, “I’m gonna fuck you so hard later”. He quickly pulled away and smiled, “Well Cameron go and get some food…there’s plenty of food and I made my famous sausage rolls….i know you love them”. I smiled and as she walked away Ben leaned in and whispered, “Go on…go get a sausage….all the sausages mum makes you love don’t you”, I winked at him and went to get some food. The party was actually pretty good and, music played food flowed bursa escort and drink flowed, it wasn’t the sort of party where everyone got drunk, but wine was drank by the bottle and everyone seemed to be having an amazing time. I sat on a chair in the corner of the garden, I liked to watch everyone talk and have a nice time. And it meant that I could stare at Ben’s fit arse watching it wobble as he walked. I walked to the toilet and when I came back I noticed that Ben was sat on the chair next to mine, and he had a dirty grin on his face. As I sat down next to him, I chuckled, “What’s so funny….Daddy”, Ben loved being called Daddy and he smirked and replied, “Oh nothing….just enjoying some food…want one of my sausages”, as I looked over to the plate my mouth fell open and I mouthed, “What the actual fuck”, Ben being the cheeky chap he was had cut a hole in the plate and his massive 9 inch cock was put through the hole, his cock surrounded by food so it couldn’t be seen unless sat next to us. “I thought you’d want some of the best sausage in the room. I reached out and began to rub his sensitive head which almost immediately began to ooze pre-cum onto my hand, “Oh yeeeeees that’s it”, Ben moaned as he began to slowly thrust his cock, luckily Ben’s chair was hidden by the barbeque so nothing of what we were doing could be seen… Ben put his arms behind his head as my thrusts on his cock got faster and faster, my grip on his steel hard shaft increasing as I felt it pulse and throb in my hands, Ben’s eyes were closed and he muttered incoherently, I flicked at his piss slit which made him gush pre-cum all over the food, Ben whispered, “Fuuuuuck….I haven’t cum in weeks my balls are so fucking full”. Ben’s cock looked so fucking good, right now, so thick, and long with a perfect pink mushroom head, his foreskin rolling over his head making it look so sexy as it rolled back. Ben’s grunts became louder, and I knew what that meant, he was getting close. He thrusted his hips harder and harder into my hand, he looked over at me and winked as he grunted and groaned quietly before letting out a large sigh and his cock began to paint the food, covering it in his special sauce, his cock head pulsed in my hand and his feet stamped on the ground as relief washed over him. 5 ropes of thick Daddy juice coated my hand and the food before he let out a deep sigh and collapsed onto the chair, I squeezed the remaining cum out of his cock and let it fall onto the plate. After a couple of seconds, he opened his eyes and pulled his cock from the plate tucking it into his jeans. I licked all his salty juices from my hand, fuck he tasted good. Ben handed me the plate and chuckled, “You can have it….it’s got your favourite sauce on it,” he winked before walking away. Not gonna lie the cum sauce made the food taste amazing….i just hoped that that wasn’t it for me and Ben today. Now as tradition at Ben’s mum’s house the barbeque was open plan, people could eat and drink anywhere but when it came to the puddings and after drinking it was more formal and everyone sat at the dinner table. We made our way to the table with Ben and his girlfriend at the head of the tables and the other seats were free for all, “CAMERON COME SIT HERE,” Ben shouted at me and tapped the seat next to him, “Perfect….perfect…..perfect”, I thought as I took my seat, with me and ben sat at one end nobody could see what was happening. If Ben didn’t have anything planned for this part of the night then that was going to change because I certainly had plans for us. As I sat down he leaned in and whispered, “How was my special sauce,” I bit his ear quickly making him growl, “Tasted fucking amazing Daddy”. He winked at me and smiled at his girlfriend all the while grabbing my hand and putting it on his bulge, I groped the sizable mound of flesh and felt as it became firmer and firmer he ground my hand round and round trying not to grunt too loudly. “Ben you alright?” his girlfriend called as he was snapped out of his daydream, “I…errr…ummm yeah babe just enjoying the party” he chuckled as he put his hand on mine really grinding his bulge against my hand. I was fucking loving this, but all good things come to an end because as he began to undo his belt and unzip his trousers his mum came out with the first dessert course. “Fuck….why now,” He muttered as I removed my hand and chuckled at the size of the lump in his trousers. “There’s plenty of time Daddy,” I whispered as I was served my cheesecake, I leaned in again and whispered, “Your special sauce would go so well with this”. As we began to eat a filthy idea came into my head, me and Ben had been experimenting with arse play, Ben had only taken a couple of my fingers up his arse, but he fucking loved to begin fingered….it could make him cum in seconds if done right. I waited a few seconds before slowly reaching back, reaching down, and sliding my hand into the back of the waistband of his underwear, He looked at me with eyes wide and lifted his bum to give me better access. I reached under and pushed my fingers between his lightly haired bum cheeks. It took a just second for me to find the prize, I began to rub his tight pink hole which sent shivers up his cock, and he choked on his cheesecake, “Steady Son don’t eat too fact,” His mum chuckled as I rubbed his hole harder and harder before pulling my hand out and quickly sucking on a finger. I pushed my hand between his cheeks again but this time I pushed my finger hard into his arsehole, immediately his hole gave resistance but before I knew it my finger shot up his arse all the way to the knuckle, Ben quietly stifled a moan and looked at me smirking. His hole gripped my finger tightly and his arse felt so warm and inviting. I pushed my finger slowly in and out as he began to subtly bounce up and down pulling my finger in and out. Ben slammed down on the seat and ground his ass making my finger do circles inside him, as Ben bounced up I put another finger along side the first one and as he slammed down they both shot up his hairy hole, Ben let out a moan and a sigh making everyone look at him, “This cheesecake is so good mum.” He chuckled before leaning in and whispering, “my pants are soaked in Pre-Cum….i need to get me cock out,” and with that he undid his belt and unzipped his trousers, his grey pants soaked with his juices. He pulled his pants down and the beautiful cock sprung out. He tucked his chair in and bounced on my fingers whilst playing with his solid cock going between wanking and pulling his bollocks I fingered his hole harder and harder sliding my fingers in and out feeling the sheer tightness of the DILF’s hole as it gripped my fingers tightly. Ben’s cock oozed copious amounts of Pre-Cum on the floor and he had to stifle a lot of moans. My fingers pushed in hard, and I found his prostate, I began to massage it beginning to milk it, Ben’s cock began to throb, and jolts were sent up and down the length of his cock. The feeling in his arse feeling so good, he quietly grunted and groaned over and over before leaning in, “I’m getting close….fuck,” he whispered as his balls began to throb and tighten up. I pushed hard and he squealed as his free hand hit the table sending his fork onto the floor, “Oh Ben silly boy,” his mum chuckled as I smiled and replied, “Its ok I’ll get it”. I pulled my fingers from his hole and knelt to the floor. I immediately got between his legs, and he shoved his cock into my mouth and pushed it all the way down my throat clasping his hands around my head as his orgasm took over, his eyes rolled back in his head and he sighed quietly as his cock erupted in my mouth, his lips pursed and his legs shaking as load after load went straight down my throat, halfway through I pulled back, I wanted to taste his cum so bad, I licked around the head as the salty liquid erupted over my taste buds. 7 roped of cum went down my throat and in my mouth, “BEN….are you sure your ok?” his girlfriend asked as he opened his eyes and murmured, “Mphhhh…yeah babe just got cramp….oh fuck”, His orgasm subsided and he slipped his cock from my mouth, I swallowed his load and, “Found it” I shouted coming up from the table as Ben stuffed his cock back in his underwear”. As I sat down I put the fingers in my mouth that moments ago had been inside him. Ben sighed and leaned over, “You are fucking filthy…how does my hole taste.” I smiled and replied, “Fucking great Daddy.” Ben chuckled, “Well there will be more cum later.” A couple of hours later we had finished dessert and drinks and were all relaxing by the outside fire pit. Nothing had happened between me and Ben since the dinner table, which was about to change. Ben was sat with his girlfriend, and they looked the picture of love, he was hugging her and kissing her. Unknown to her I had already eaten 2 loads of his cum today, Ben asked her if she wants a drink, She said yes and asked him to go and check on the baby, “I’ll ring the babysitter to check on the boy as well”, he whispered kissing her before walking past me. I waited a couple of minutes making small talk with the guests before walking inside. I saw Ben on the phone as soon as he saw me he ushered me over. As I got closer to him he leaned over the counter top and turned his head back pointing to the floor and whispering, “Eat it….lick my ass.” Luckily, nobody would see as the counter was in front as you walked inside, and Ben could see anybody approaching. He quickly pulled down his Jeans and underwear, his fat hairy cheeks coming into view as he put a knee up on a stool and pulled his cheeks apart, I crept closer, and I wasted no time and grabbed his cheeks pulling them apart making Ben squeal as I shoved my face between his fat hairy cheeks and immediately began to eat out his asshole. Ben moaned as he began to gently rub his ass up and down on my face. I quickly learned that he was on the phone to his son the dirty fucker and as he spoke to his son he had to hide the sighs as I was lapping a sucking at his tight pink Daddy hole coating it in my saliva. He reached back and put his hands on the back of my head, and shoved me into his hole before baring a lot of weight down and his ass smothered me, as he rubbed it back and forth over my face spreading his ass juices all over me. I squeezed his juicy cheeks around my face and motorboated his hole making him grunt, “Shhhhh quiet….no not you son”, he grunted, and he ground the hole into my face. I pushed my tongue hard against his ring making his cock throb as he put the phone to his neck and began to wank his cock to my thrusts. Ben quickly made his excuses and hung up the phone. As soon as it was hung up he growled, “Oh fuck yes eat me…eat my shitter boy….fucking slobber over my hole yessss that feels so fucking good.” I slapped his ass turning the cheeks red. I leaned under and began to tongue his massive balls tasting his saltiness. I lapped at them before returning to the hole as Ben pushed me to the floor and crouched his hole onto my face. I slurped with passion pulling the cheeks apart hard. His hole was squashing my face and his cock oozing onto the floor I was eating his asshole like it was my last meal making sure I could taste all his amazing hole. Ben suddenly muttered, “Shit…SOMEONE’S COMING,” He stood up and pulled his trousers up, before they came inside he whispered, “Don’t worry next time I’m gonna ram you….it’ll be fucking filthy”. His mum opened the door as I was wiping her son’s arse juices off my face, as she walked she looked at the floor, “BEN did you spill something on the floor”, Ben’s eyes widened as he realised what it was, Ben’s mum leaned down and wiped the mess of the floor with her hand before washing her hand in the sink as me and Ben quickly walked out the door, as we walked I whispered, “Did she just….” I was cut off by Ben, “Yup she just wiped my knob juice off the floor.” I squeezed his ass, “You really are filthy Daddy.” Ben smirked, “You got that right and it’s gonna get dirtier, filthier, and sweatier. I hadn’t had the chance to worship his body yet and I wanted his nipples and hairy pits so bad. It didn’t take too long for us to get filthy again, soon after me and Ben went back outside everyone went inside to chill and drink more. Ben sat between his mother and girlfriend so there was no cheeky bulge gropes or rubbing of his cock, however he did stretch up making his shirt lift and his sexy toned stomach come into view. Well, that was enough to give me a boner and want this Daddy more than anything in the world. Ben stood up and announced he was just nipping to the bathroom, and he would be back soon. As he walked past me he ushered his head towards the door so after a couple of seconds I followed him. As I walked out of the door I was pushed up against the wall by Ben as he slammed his face against mine his lips crashing against mine as he caressed my face, his snake like tongue finding it’s way into my mouth and wrapping its way around my tongue. We made out passionately slurping sounds filling the air and saliva being swapped between our mouths. As Ben pulled away he moaned into my ear, “I need to get up your arse so bad,” I smirked and groped his bulge, “Feels ready to fuck,” I chuckled as Ben raised an eyebrow, “Mate I’m always ready to fuck.” Ben smirked as a filthy idea came into his head, “We cant fuck in the house the walls are like paper…..but the garden is a different matter.” I sighed, “Ben we cant fuck in the garden it’s starting to rain,” Ben chuckled “Who said anything about fucking outside….my son has a play house, its not massive but its big enough for 2 adults maybe I can rearrange your guts in there”. I smirked and nodded as he thought of an idea as to how we could be outside together. Ben smiled and said, “I got it.” He reached his head around the door, and I couldn’t hear what he was saying because all I could see was his peachy arse, I slid my fingers under his waistband and began to rub his arsehole, I saw his legs stiffen and begin to shake as he turned around and closed the door. “Mate that was close I moaned when you rubbed me hole.” I laughed into my hand, “So what’s the excuse for us leaving.” Ben smirked, “Told them we were gonna have a cigar in the garden you know a toast to the baby and then we were gonna clean up the garden.” Ben took my hand and we walked outside into the garden. Ben took me by complete surprise as we got into the garden, the minute we stepped outside he began to strip, first his shirt revealing his toned chest and stomach and then quickly his trousers and underwear and before I knew it he was standing butt naked in his mothers garden wearing nothing but a cheeky smile and a massive erection. “Shitting hell Ben….someone is eager,” I chuckled as he shrugged his shoulders. “Well, I don’t wanna waste any time…e on then,” he replied before running towards the play house his cock bobbing up and down with each step and his fat ass wobbling as well. I walked over to the house and when I got inside he was sat on the play house table rubbing his fat cock whilst pinching his left nipple, he moaned at me before ordering, “Get on the floor arse in the air, we’re doing it Doggy style.” I stripped and did as told; my face was resting on the window as Ben struggled to get into position. This wasn’t going to be the easiest fuck; the house wasn’t that big, but it was enough to cram his cock up me and rattle the walls. Ben slapped my ass and whistled, “Fuck I love this ass,” he chuckled as he scooted behind me and rubbed his cock up and down my crack making it glisten with his pre-cum. Ben spat onto his cock and then rubbed some saliva into my asshole. He lined his dripping mushroom head up with my hole before grabbing my hips and pushing hard, “FUCK,” we moaned in unison but for different reasons as his cock was pushed into my hole. Ben held it in my hole grunting and sigh at the sheer tightness as he pulled me back onto his monster, I squealed as inch after inch of his monster ripped its way inside me until finally his pubes brushed up against my ass, “Fuck its all the way in”, Ben slowly pulled out only slightly leaving 7.5 inches inside me before smirking thrusting in again, “OHHHH FUCK YES,” He moaned as he leaned over and I felt his warm body on top of mine, he repeated this action over and over and before we knew it he was building up a steady rhythm in my ass. his big hairy daddy bollocks beginning softly fap against my ass as he pulled me back onto his cock as he thrusted my hole so tight on his cock milking the juices from his balls making him emit low grunts with each thrust, Ben was in absolute ecstasy as he leaned in and kissed my cheek before biting my ear lobe. He leaned up and smirked at me before slapping my ass hard. He leaned in and whispered into my ear, “Hold on to something…..I’m wrecking your hole” I quickly grabbed the window and lucky I did because Ben pulled out before crashing his whole ass wrecker into me with hard force, my face hitting the window as he became faster and faster until he had begun to make a fast hard brutal rhythm. Ben sighed and groaned as he rammed it hard and fast into my ass sending the whole thick monster slamming into my hole He was thrusting in so hard at one point my eyes shot open and as I raised my head in sheer shock he grabbed my neck with his arm and pulled me back railing me harder and harder, “Shit…fucking….take it boy….Ughhh you are so freaking tight….take my Daddy cock hard”, he moaned his arse wobbling with each thrust. Ben quickly pulled out of me and sat on the floor; my ass was gaping from the sheer thickness of this man. I turned around and he shook his cock at me, “come here make it wet.” I smiled and climbed between his legs before engulfing his head in my mouth. I could taste his sweet juices mixed with my arse and it tasted so good. Ben slammed me hard downwards holding me in place as he pushed his cock deep and hard In my throat, I coughed and spluttered as I felt his cock deep in the depths of my throat. “Hold it…..hold it…..one more second……Ughhhhh fuck.” He moaned as he slid it out of my mouth and he waved his cock back and forth, pre-cum and my saliva flying around the room. Ben crawled over to a bean bag in the corner of the room Daddy’s bare ass cheeks sitting on his son’s bean bag about to rail another guy on it….fuck this was filthy. Ben smirked that sexy smile and said 2 words….”Ride me”. I climbed onto his cock and lowered myself squealing once more as he entered me, I quickly slid down all the way and when we were faced to face he slammed his tongue into my throat once more, this kiss however was passionate as he bounced me up and down off his fat monster his balls slapping against me hard as I sucked on his tongue. He mashed my ass with his cock, and I reached down and began to pinch his left nipple sending jolts up and down his knob as he pulled away and whispered, “Fancy licking me pits they’re well sweaty.” He lifted his arm and his hair covered armpit was so sweaty, I licked my lips and slammed my face into his pits. “Ughhh fuck….taste a real man,” he moaned as he continued to thrust inside me and ram my face into his Daddy armpit I lapped and sucked on the hair letting the sweat roll down my tongue as the saltiness of his sweat danced on my tongue. Ben sighed into his hand and squealed as I clamped down on him making every thrust that much tighter. His face a picture of a contented man, smiling from ear to ear. Suddenly we heard, “BEN ARE YOU OUT HERE.” Ben’s eyes flew open, it was his mother. I went to climb off him, but he smirked, “Get under the window. I did as told, and he put a shirt on. He crawled bursa escort bayan up my body and slid inside me putting his hands on the window, this man was pure filth, he began to shallow fuck me as he replied to his mum, “In here mum.” She walked over but not too close and chuckled, “What are you two doing in there?” Ben continued to fuck and fuck as he replied, “Just chilling mum its actually pretty comfy in here.” He pulled out and wanked a couple of times oozing his pre-cum onto my ass before pushing inside me all the meanwhile his mother standing inches away was none the wiser. He ground his cock inside me as his mum told him, “Make sure you stay warm out here and don’t be too long,” He smiled and replied, “Its fine I’m so warm in here Mum I’m sweating.” She nodded and walked away as he pulled out of me and shook his cock back and forth at the window. I pulled him back and kissed him, “You are fucking dirty boy” I chuckled, “I just love the Danger of it” he replied as he kissed back, “Right….its time I dumped my final load inside you” I went to climb on him, but he shook his head, “No not here…I have something in mind.” We stepped out of the house, and I put on my shorts and shirt whereas Ben opted to go butt naked. We ran inside and luckily the doors were closed as we ran up the stairs. We went into a room, and he pushed me onto a single bed, “What’s so naughty about this” I asked as he climbed on top of me, “Well this is My son’s bed when he stays here thought we could make it wet with juices….its also the bed where I shot my first load so it’s sorta special to me.” I looked around and it had children’s posters all over the wall and teddy bears everywhere. Ben raised my legs and slammed inside me humping his cock into me hard and fast, this was an animalistic fuck, the bed squeaked and the sound of his cock slapping into me filled the room as he put his arm on the headboard and used it to push harder inside me, his cock stretching me to the max as fap…fap….fap filled the room. he was grunting and sighing loudly as sweat made his chest shine. There was only one place that Ben was going to cum, that was inside me he loved unloading his apparent very fertile cum inside nice tight hole and with me he didn’t have the risk of getting me pregnant….but we could practice that as much as he liked. His cock throbbed inside me, and his thrusts became more erratic. His breathing also changed and I knew that this was a sign of what was going to happen, Ben knew this too and he winked at me as his balls tightened up and he moaned loudly into my ear, “Oh fuck I’m gonna cum…..fuck….its coming”, as he said this we heard, “BEN ARE YOU GOING TO BE LONG UP THERE”, It was his girlfriend, “Fucking hell not now you bitch I’m fucking spunking”, he whispered as his cock pulsed and he screamed out, “IM CUMMING….IM CUMMING OH GOD IM CUMMING”, “Alright you don’t have to shout”, we heard as his face contorted and his toes curled as his sweet salty juices poured from his piss slit, his mouth wide open and his eyes rolling back in his head as an intense electrifying pleasure surrounded his cock as he actually felt the cum being pulled from his bollocks. A massive 11 roped of cum shot into my hole as he shallow fucked the cum inside me. After a minute he groaned before relaxing and falling on top of me, breathing heavily and twitching every now and then as a jolt went through his cock. He leaned up and kissed me slowly, as he pulled away he slid his cock out and muttered, “Fuck….that was something else it was like the cum was being suctioned from me balls.” He stood up and walked over looking for something to clean his cummy cock on. He found a shirt of his sons and wiped his cock clean with them. “I’ll be washing this….its wet with cock juice,” I could feel his cum inside me as I stood up and began to get dressed, Ben’s cock was now floppy and soft. “First time it’s been soft since you got here,” he chuckled as he put his clothes on and slapped my ass as we walked out the door and went downstairs. As we got downstairs people were leaving, Ben’s mum saw me and hugged me, “Thanks for coming….Oooooh take some of my sausage rolls and don’t forget the sauce as well.” As she walked away I whispered, “No thanks I’ve just had your little boy’s big sausage and have his special sauce in me” Ben shushed me and gave me a quick kiss before his girlfriend appeared, “Cheers for coming Cameron I hope Ben didn’t bore you with talk of Plumbing,” I chuckled and as she turned whispered, “Nah Ben just used his huge tool to fix my plumbing sealed my hole so good.” He tapped my shoulder and I walked out the door, as I got into my car I received a picture message, “How….just how,” I chuckled as I saw the picture of ben holding a sausage roll on his solid cock and the caption read, “I know which one of my mum’s sausages you prefer.” What a fucking filthy man Ben Is Part 3- Daddy Lewis’ night in Now since the foursome me and Lewis hadn’t met at all, we had seen each other at the school at drop off and pick up but apart from a cheeky wink and odd crotch grab nothing absolutely nothing and it wasn’t like I wasn’t getting any cock, I was getting loads of it however Lewis was something different, there was a straight man dominance in him that made me crave his cock in all my orifices, to feel him pumping my hole and hear his grunts as he was pleasured beyond his wildest belief. To taste his spongy wet cock and his peachy hairy arse and to feel his cum explode inside me was all that I wanted. Now me and Lewis didn’t plan on meeting again, my car was the shining light that brought his cock back into my ass. Lewis was a mechanic and one Saturday morning my car broke down on the way to the supermarket, I waited for an hour for the tow company to tow me to the nearest garage, luckily for me I wasn’t far from home, but I was taken to a different garage from my new one. As I got to the garage i walked through the shutter door and saw the mechanic under a car, “Hi I’m so sorry to bother you my car broke down and I wa……” I stopped as the mechanic crawled out from under the car, and you can guess who the mechanic was…well duh it was Lewis. “Well….well look who it is my little cock sucker,” I shushed him, and he stood up. Fuck he looked fit, wearing a sexy tight white shirt and grey sweatpants. Lewis walked over to the car, and I couldn’t help but check his ass out as he strode over, Lewis looked over his shoulder, “Checking out my arse again gay boy?” I smirked, “Guilty…but you gotta admit it is a fat arse….and tasty too,” that made Lewis chortle as he replied, “Well I don’t know about the taste, I don’t go eating my ass that’s your job.” He led on the trolly and wheeled himself under the car. His bulge looked so tasty, and I couldn’t resist it, I walked over and knelt before reaching out and groping his bulge, “Mphhhh fuck,” he grunted as I felt his soft cock throb and become firmer as he ground his bulge into my hand. Quickly his cock became hard, and I heard a mumble from under the car, “What was that?” I asked as Lewis shouted, “FUCKING TAKE IT OUT AND WANK ME OFF.” I reached in and pulled out his large 10 inch monster, pulling out his balls as he lifted his hips so I could pull them down his furry balls plopping out I gripped his thick cock and began to wank moderately fast pulling his foreskin back and forth over his wet head, “Fuck Lewis how are you this wet already”, I heard a chuckle and he replied, “I’m a Dad of 2 who never gets to cum my cock is always ready” his grunts echoed under my car as his balls bounced off my hands and my cock became wet with his Pre-Cum. I wanked hm for a few more minutes before he shouted, “STOP WANKING BEFORE I CUM….IM FUCKING CLOSE, I GOT AN IDEA.” I pulled off and licked my fingers tasting his manly juices. Lewis put his huge cock back inside his sweatpants which were tenting now. He pulled out and smiled, “So I have a free house tonight….well apart from the kids but they will be asleep…the Missus is at a hen do tonight so you’re gonna come and service me properly we are talking oral rimming anal and loads of cum….you got that,” I smirked, “Do I have a choice?” Lewis smiled a cheeky smile and put his hand behind his head, “You know you want this” and he shook his cock. I was transfixed…”So ill see you later then…oh yeah someone will drop yer car off later….I’ll leave a present inside it for you” he winked at me as I walked out the door. Now Lewis wasn’t lying when he said he would leave a present in the car for me as when I got inside it later there was a couple of little gifts for me in the glovebox, the first one was a picture of him completely naked sat in the back seat of my car with him stroking his fat cock looking all sexy and straight and the second present was his underwear that he had been wearing all day a pair of grey tight boxer briefs with a note, “Wiped my pre-cum all over these so enjoy P.S. I’m gonna ruin you tonight.” I smiled to myself and set off for his house. As I pulled up I sat in my car for a second psyching myself up, I had to do a good job tonight, it was going to be a filthy, rough night and I just needed a second. I stepped out of the car and walked up the driveway my ass clenched at the thought if the pounding it was going to get tonight. I knocked on the door and waited….and waited and waited, after ringing the doorbell for the second time the door opened and a flustered Lewis stood there looking all sexy in his black skinny jeans and beige hoodie, “Jesus Daddy what’s wrong” Lewis looked sternly at me, “The kids are still fucking awake….do they not fucking know this is the time where Daddy gets his cock wet….wait in the living room ill be a few minutes….or an hour who knows”. I made my way inside and his son and Daughter were in the living room, “Why is Mr Lawson here Daddy?” his daughter asked me. Lewis smiled, “Well Mr Lawson and me are going to play a game tonight so you need to get to bed so Daddy can play his game.” The kids nodded and Lewis smiled at me as he ran up the stairs. I sat on the sofa and waited for a while before deciding to explore the house a little. It looked like a typical family home. The main room I wanted to see was the bedroom. I walked inside and noticed Lewis’ underwear strewn across the room and in his bin were a few used tissues, “Dirty fucker,” I chuckled as I opened his bedside draw and noticed a fleshlight in there shaped like an asshole, “The man is all about the ass” I smiled as I went back downstairs and waited on the sofa. I waited for an hour until Lewis texted me, “They are asleep coming down now….get that throat ready I’m dripping.” I heard him come down the stairs and when he strode past me my jaw hit the floor. The man was completely butt naked, his fat cock swinging up and down with each step and his hairy balls bouncing. His lightly furred chest looking so freaking sexy and his lightly haired arse wobbling as he sat down on the armchair spread his legs and gripped his cock slapping it hard on his hand, the slapping sound of his beast was loud in the air as he stared at me and ordered while biting his lip, “Suck me” I crawled over perching myself between Lewis’s hairy legs, I opened my mouth and took a long lick up his never-ending shaft stopping at his wet drooling head. “Ughhh fuck yeah boy,” Lewis grunted as I lapped at the salty juices, his cock began to throb and he put his hands on the back of my head before pushing hard, my throat engulfing inch after inch of his throbbing shaft, his cock stretching my throat as I was quickly nose deep in his light brown pubes. I inhaled deeply and fucking hell he smelled of pure sex. Lewis began to thrush his hips upwards the sound of me choking filling the air as his cock blocked my windpipe. I began to choke and splutter on his cock, saliva pouring onto his cock as his eyes rolled back and he threw his head back moaning, “FUUUUUCK TAKE IT….JUST FUCKING CHOKE ON IT.” Lewis held me there as I chokes for a good 30 seconds as I slapped at his hairy legs, I wasn’t going to be free until he wanted me to be. After ramming in hard and fast he pulled me off and I fell backwards. I wasn’t on the floor for long as he ordered, “Did I say you could take a break….get back here and fucking throat me.” “Come here and please Daddy.” He chuckled before slapping it on my face, pre-cum shooting across me. Lewis rubbed his wet cock head across my face chuckling, “My pre-cum makes a good moisturizer.” Lewis pulled it away before ordering me to lick the head. I opened my mouth and flicked my tongue at his piss slit making it pour more than ever. Lewis began to pinch his left nipple as his other hand went around to the back of my head, he smirked that evil smile before slamming his hand down on my head, firing it down my throat once more, this time he didn’t hold me there he rapidly thrusted his cock back and forth into my mouth making his cock wet with my saliva. I felt his hairy balls began to slap against my chin as he mercilessly pounded my throat. Lewis grunted and groaned as my vocal cords vibrated around his sensitive cock head with each thrust sending pre-Cum shooting out of his cock and straight into my stomach. I gagged and choked but I freaking loved it I loved pleasuring this Daddy and he certainly needed it. Lewis looked down at me and chuckled, “My cock looks so good buried in that pretty throat”, he pushed hard and saw it bulge as it slid down my throat, “Fucking hell you know how to suck good” he muttered as he bobbed me up and down his cock becoming wetter and wetter before pulling me off, looking down at me and ordering, “Open wide”, I did as told and he pursed his lips before letting a long string of saliva fly from his lips and onto my face and mouth. He smirked as his spit ran down my face, “Now fucking lick my balls,” he ordered pulling me into his nuts. His balls smelled incredible, so musky, and manly like a man who had been working all day. He rubbed be back and forth in his hairy bollocks before I opened my mouth and sucked both of his large eggs into my mouth savouring the salty taste of his balls as he rubbed his fat cock above me, his other arm behind his head revealing the tastiest looking armpit that I had ever seen. Ultimately the ball licking didn’t last long as Lewis had other plans for me, He pulled me off his balls before pulling me up to his face, he gently kissed me on the lips before whispering, “Right my boy….im gonna raise my legs and you….haha….well you are going to shove that face right between my cheeks and suck my fucking asshole.” He winked at me and pushed me to the floor before he did as he said he would and pulled his legs into the air revealing his fat hairy cheeks and perfect pink asshole. He rubbed it with his finger before putting it into his mouth and sucking longingly, “Fuck I taste good.” I got between his legs and pulled his cheeks apart making Lewis grunt, I stuck out my tongue and tentatively began to lap around his hole circling it around and around teasing the fucker before taking him by surprise and ramming my face into his hole, “OH SHHHHHITTTTT,” Lewis sighed as his eyes widened and his hand pushed me hard into his hole. Shitting hell his arse tasted so freaking good, I loved having his cheeks smothering me My tongue lapped and sucked at the tight lightly sweaty hole. “You filthy cunt I fucking love it.” He moaned wrapping his hand around his dripping cock and beginning to pump it back and forth. I ate his ass hard and fast shoving my tongue around the hole making the hole and crack wet with my saliva the hairs glistening in the light making his arse look even more appealing. I teased his hole with my tongue before pushing hard with my tongue making him scream into his hands, “AHHHHH FUUUUCK”, He grinded his ass against my face back and forth, up, and down forcing me to taste his ass juices. Lewis ground his arse hard round and round, his cock swaying back and forth and his legs shaking as he struggled with the pleasure that was engulfing his while body, his moans getting louder and louder and louder until……..” Daddy I heard a noise.” We heard from the landing. Lewis’ eyes flew open, and he sprung to his feet, his cock slapped me in the face. He looked around before getting on to all fours on the sofa his head over the back looking at the landing. His lower body covered by a blanket he put over me. “Daddy I heard a noise” She said as Lewis looked back and muttered, “Did I say to stop….lick my hole now.” His kid was on the top of the stairs, and he could see her beginning to come down the stairs, “Yeah baby Daddy was just playing a game and I won, and Daddy felt really….really good” Lewis replied trying not to moan as my tongue crashed against his ass and once again he began to grind it on my face. “What did you win Daddy?” she asked him. Lewis looked around at me under the blanket and smirked, “Daddy won something special something that makes Daddy feel all tingly.” She smiled, “Ok Daddy well be quiet I need to get to sleep.” Lewis moaned quietly, “Ahhhh……fuck…….ok Baby Daddy is sorry.” His Daughter turned and walked up the stairs but not before saying, “I’m telling mommy you said a bad word,” Lewis chuckled, “Daddy is sorry, but Daddy is just so happy look my bum is wiggling I’m that happy” he was grinding it on my face coating me in his Daddy juices, “That’s a funny Dance Daddy goodnight.” He waved her off before moaning, “Ohhh fuck that was naughty as fuck.” He pulled the blanket off and his asshole was so fucking wet. Lewis turned around and sat on the sofa. “Right, I think it’s time you licked me pits out they are well sweaty. I licked up his hairy chest as he put his arms behind his head and muttered, “Service me.” I inhaled his left armpit and he smelled so manly and sweaty that it made my cock freaking throb. I buried my face in his pits and inhaled a few more times. I stuck out m tongue and began to lap and suck at the brown pit hair. Lewis smirked as he watched me suck the sweat from his sweaty Daddy pits, his sweat tasted incredible as it dripped onto my tongue. I licked the left pit clean before moving to the other one but not before leaning in and sucking on his pink left nipple. “UUGGGGGHHH FUCK…..filthy fucker that’s it suck my nipple boy.” I pulled on his nip sending shivers up and down his cock. Swirled it around in my mouth before pulling away and smashing my face into his other armpit. I reached down and began to wank his fat monster rolling the foreskin back and forth over his wet head getting faster and faster feeling his balls bounce off my hand as he sighed and grunted above me. Suddenly Lewis moaned, “STOP WANKING,” I stopped and pulled out of his armpit. He sighed while smiling, “I was getting close to cumming, and I still need to rearrange your insides.” He stood up, his cock bobbing up and down as he ordered, “Right its time I destroy your hole and leave my deposit deep inside you….so legs in the air I wanna see your face as I stretch you wide open” I led there on the sofa with my legs in the air as Lewis rubbed his fat piece up and down my crack making it slick with his juices. “Fuck I’m gonna destroy you,” he chuckled as he lined his cock up with my hole and let gravity do its thing as he crashed on top of me. My eyes shot open as he clamped his hand around my mouth as I screamed like a banshee. He had shoved his whole 9-inch cock all the way inside me. My legs spasmed and legs slapped against his back as my hole was ripped open. As my hole contracted around his cock it made it extremely tight and gripped his head and shaft like a vice as he buried his head into the cushion and moaned, escort bursa “OHHHH FUCKKKKKK,” As I continued to scream into his hand he looked at me and spat, “Shut the fuck up….you wake the kids, and you are in trouble.” He held himself inside me for a couple of minutes letting me get used to his monster before beginning to grind his piece inside me coating my insides with his juices. He smirked and whispered, “If I remove my hand will you scream,” I shook my head, and he pulled his hand off. “Fuck Daddy that was so rough,” I moaned as Lewis began to pull back a little, “Yeah and….so what you love it rough,” he smirked pushing back in hard his big hairy bollocks slapping against me as he did so. Lewis began to build up a steady rhythm inside me, pulling back slightly before slamming in, He repeated this over and over grunting and running his hand through his hairy chest before leaning into me pushing his cock as deep as it could go in my arse pulling me onto his cock as he pushed . “Fuuuuuuuck yeeeeees….oh….my….fucking…..god.” He grunted as the feeling of my ass on his rock-solid cock overcame him. His cock felt so thick in my hole, and I knew that he was feeling so much pleasure from this. Lewis leaned up smiled at me before quickly pulling out of me so only the head was in me before slamming inside me again, he repeated this a couple of times, his hairy nuts slamming hard against me before he put his hands out either side my shoulders onto the couch cushions and began to BANDG….BANG….BANG me hard and fast with almighty force, his thrusts were hard and brutal as his balls hammered against my ass. I saw his hairy bum wobbling up and down with each thrust and I swear I heard his cheeks clap as he thrusted , Lewis was grunting louder and louder with each thrust. “Fucking hell boy…. your…. hole….is so warm and tight,” he grunted above me. I noticed now that his hairy chest was covered in sweat making the hair begin to stick to his sexy chest. Lewis lifted himself up and began to jack hammer into me brutally hard and fast, he was like a pocket rocket just slamming himself into me as quick as he could. He slammed into me and put his head into the pillow screaming, “FUCK YES”…..It was then we heard footsteps coming down the stairs and Lewis pulled out of me and led on the couch, “Get next to me now,” he ordered, and we got into a sort of spooning position. I hid under the blanket as Lewis led there eyes wide open as his son walked down the stairs and said to Lewis, “I sleep here now,” He sat on the chair that was facing the TV and within seconds he was fast asleep. I Couldn’t see any of this, but I heard Lewis mutter, “FUCKKKKKK.” He removed the blanket and I muttered, “What do we do now?,” he looked around before smiling, “We carry on fucking right here right now” I looked and luckily the chair was facing away from us, so we were completely covered. Lewis smiled as I felt his cock rub up and down my crack once more before he wrapped his arm around my neck and thrust himself back inside me putting his hand over my mouth and spitting, “Shut up….if he wakes up then this is fucking over…just stay silent and take my fat cock.” Lewis put his hand over my mouth as he pushed his rock-solid cock inside me, I moaned into my hand as he immediately began to pick up speed grunting and groaning with each thrust. His fat cock stretching my hole to the max. Lewis’ balls slapped against me as he pulled me hard onto his cock as he thrust in hard. “Fuck……so…..tight,” he grunted with pleasure as he mercilessly slammed my hole. Lewis flung the blanket off and began to power fuck me, slapping sounds filling the air as he growled. Lewis rolled on top of me lying on top of me, this wasn’t the best position, but it gave Lewis the most pleasure. He rammed it inside me feeling the tightness grip his cock with each brutal thrust. Lewis moaned loudly as I felt his thrusts start to become more erratic, something was coming or should that be cumming because at that point he whispered in my ear, “Daddy’s getting close….me balls are churning.” He slammed in a few more times before groaning into my ear and fucking me hard and fast, his legs shaking as he pushed my head into the pillow, his cock throbbed inside me as he moaned loudly, “FUCK….FUCKKKK DADDY’S CUMMING….IM FUCKING CUMMING,” His cock jumped inside me as he slammed in hard and screamed loudly as the orgasm began to take over. His cock began to pour inside me as he struggled to speak. His eyes closed and his toes curled up. He continued to push hard even through cumming. An almighty 12 shots of cum filled my tight hole coating my insides with his fertile load. This was a long orgasm and as the last shot painted my guts he sighed loudly and collapsed on top of me, his hairy chest sticking to me as he breathed heavily. I felt his monster cock go soft and slide from my hole making me moan. Lewis got off me and smiled wiping his brow, “Fuck…..fuck….HOLY FUCK THAT WAS FUCKING GREAT,” He shouted as I stood on wobbly feet. I had to squeeze my cheeks shut to stop the cum leaking out. Lewis looked around and found a blanket to wipe his now soft cock on. “Mate my balls feel empty….that was the best sex I’ve ever fucking had.” I smiled and put my hand on his chest gently tweaking his nipple. “Well Daddy I aim to please”, I chuckled as Lewis looked over at the clock, “Shit….the kids will be up soon its nearly 6am we have fucked all night”, I grabbed my clothes and as I stood at the door Lewis whispered, “So I’m going out with the boys next weekend and I got my own hotel room….wanna come over for some drunken shagging I always get a huge boner when drunk”, I smiled and nodded. As I left the house his cum began to leak from my hole, as I got into my car I yawned, “Fuck I’m so tired” I chuckled, as I pulled away I saw Lewis in the window, he caught my eye and began to slap his cock in his hand winking at me. Part 4- Introducing Jack This story isn’t if the other as its just to introduce a new character Now this chapter isn’t as dangerous as the other ones but it’s a good way to introduce Jack and there will be dangerous parts to the story. And this story does involve Liam a little but nothing sexual will happen with him…..this time Little info on Jack, he is 26 years old the same age as me and Liam, we went to school together and I saw him grow from a small skinny boy to a hunky real man and there’s nothing sexier than a sexy straight man. Jack has an oblong shaped face with a small nose and blue eyes his lips are thin but so kissable, his body is smooth and slightly muscled. He had blonde hair but that has been shaved off now as his hairline started to recede. Jack wears the typical straight man t-shirt and jeans most of the time and couldn’t be straighter if he tried, however after this encounter it would turn out that even spaghetti is straight until its wet. It was a Saturday morning, and I awoke to a text message from Liam, “Hey tight arse….so I got a big surprise for you….why don’t you come over and get it?”, my morning boner throbbed as I leapt out of bed and tripped over my own feet falling to the floor. I showered and cleaned myself so quickly and ran out of the door. I sped all the way to Liam’s house. As I pulled up my phone buzzed, “DON’T RING THE BELL I KNOW YOU ARE HERE JUST WAIT”, Liam texted me, I got out of the car and walked up the driveway. I waited for what seemed like forever until finally the door opened and there was Liam, “Get in here now”, he ordered as I stepped into the house. I smirked as I noticed Liam was wearing nothing but a pair of boxers that accented his bulge so nicely. “Shh be quiet we had a little party last night me and the boys and they are all asleep”. I nodded and Liam led me up the stairs his cheeks wobbling with each step. When we got to the landing he told me, “Right so when I was drunk I….ummmmm….I may have told someone about us”, my eyes widened and I saw red, “Liam what the FUCK”, I shouted as he put his finger to his lips, “Shhhhhh…..listen mate its all ok He’s fine with it”, then he smirked once more before putting his arm behind his head, “Actually he is more than ok with it, he sorta…..wants in on the action”, I looked confused… ha di heard Liam right? “What do you mean?” I asked him as he chuckled, “The lad in there is literally straight but he has a huge boner and needs draining……and you to play with his arse”, me cock throbbed as I asked the million-dollar question, “Who is it then?” Liam smirked, “Go and see….but don’t get ant of his cum on my freaking bed please….and when finished you can have this monster in yer arse”. I nodded and smiled as Liam flashed his pubes before walking down the stairs. I braced myself and knocked on the door, “Come in I’m hard a rock”, came the response. I opened the door and my mouth fell open, “No Fucking way….Jack……but you don’t like guys”, Jack was led there on the bed butt naked. He smirked, “Nah I don’t like guys, but a mouth is a mouth, and a blowie feels good done by anyone and as you can see I’m throbbing” I looked down as he spread his legs and waved his cock back and forth. It was freaking beautiful standing at 9 inches long and as thick as a red bull can. His cock has small veins running down the shaft which pointed straight into the air, his pubes were dirty blonde and trimmed, his foreskin peeled back to reveal a wet pink head and his balls were slightly sagging and freaking hairy. As I stared he coughed, “Ummm I know its fucking huge but are you planning on sucking me anytime soon”, I just smirked and walked in shutting the door behind me. As I walked towards Jack I asked him, “So what you want me to do, we thinking oral…anal…..rimming?” Jack smirked and slapped his cock on his stomach before looking at me, “Hmmm well….don’t really wanna do Anal yet I’ll leave that to Liam, but I’d love s nice wet blowie and then maybe a fiddle with me hole until I cum”. As he did this he raised his legs in the air showing me the prize. His cheeks and crack were smooth, and his cheeks were fat and wobbly, not as fat as Liam’s arse but still a good handful. His hole smooth and pink, Jack looked at me and bit his lip before adding, “Virgin hole is that….but first come here and fucking suck my cock”. I knelt on the bed and crawled between Jack’s strong muscled legs, the smell of his cock hit my nose and drove me wild. I grabbed the hard pole noticing that it was as hard as a rock, I pumped it slowly a couple of times making Jack grunt. I watched the foreskin glide over the pink wet head and Pre-Cum drip on the sheets. Liam was such a good friend, letting his mate get sucked off in his bed.” Ughhhh Jack sighed under his breath. I leaned in and took a swipe at the wet spongy head tasting his salty straight juices. I kissed around the very sensitive head his pre-cum sticking to my lips making them glisten flicking my tongue over the piss slit as Jack sighed and purred above me. He smirked like a Cheshire cat and put one arm behind his head. “Fuck…what a way to start my morning” he chuckled as I licked all the way down his shaft before burying my face in his bush and inhaling the scent his pubes. He smelled like sex I licked his pubes making them wet with my saliva. I kissed up his shaft feeling the warm steel hard pole twitch with each kiss. “Ughhh enough teasing just fucking suck it” Jack groaned above me. Grabbing me by the back of my head and slamming his cock down my tight throat, His eyes rolled back as I inhaled all the 9 inches In one go, my nose bashing against his pubes as his cock was lodged deep into my throat. Jack immediately began to grind his cock around in my throat coating my windpipe in his pre-cum. His cock was stretching my throat and all I could smell was pre-cum and cock. I held it in my throat for a short while grinding and thrusting his hips up slowly before sliding it out of my throat and made me bob up and down on the pole as i sucked hard and fast. Jack had his head thrown back and was in complete control, he quickly began to build up momentum and before I knew it his big hairy balls were slapping against my chin as he grunted, “Fucking….take….my….fat….cock….taste….my…..fucking……cock……slut”. Jack began to pick up speed forcing me up and down his cock with quickening speed. His cock becoming wetter and wetter as his hips thrusted faster and faster, his eyes focused on me his lips pursed and his jaw clenched. I sucked harder and harder making each thrust so tight, Jack suddenly pushed me down hard holding me at the base of his cock before leaning up and bending over me shoving it as hard and as deep as it could go, I began to choke on it coughing and spluttering, this made Jack push harder as he whispered in my ear, “Fuckkkkkk…..oh this is sooo good”, he thrusted his hips so hard you could see his cock bulging in my throat. I slapped his hairy legs trying to get him to pull away, but this made him thrust harder his balls now squishing against my bottom lip. He held me there for another 30 seconds before pushing hard and falling back on the bed, his cock firing out of my mouth and slapping wetly on his stomach. His breathing heavy as his chest heaved up and down as he tried to regain composure. I coughed heavily tyring to breathe as much air as I could. He looked at me and smirked, “Fuck….Liam was right you can take it rough”, I smiled and wiped his pre-cum from my mouth, “I suck a lot of dick….you get used to throat fucking”. Jack raised an eyebrow, “So….how does my dick compare to Liam’s….who’s better”. I smiled and grabbed his cock pumping it back and forth making the stud purr, “Well…..Liam has got a nice big cock, but you are bigger than him….but I need to do more than suck dick to compare but you got him beat on roughness”. Jack’s cock squirted pre-cum onto his 4 pack, “My cock is bigger is it…..he is never gonna hear the end of this….so how big is he?”. I smiled what is it about straight guys and their cock size, “He is about 8.5 inches hard so not that much smaller”. Jack chuckled, “so I’m an inch bigger than him…well its that extra inch that makes it that much better” I leaned in and sucked the whole cock down my throat making Jack’s eyes roll back as I closed my lips and sucked the juices from his shaft and cock before swallowing his juices. I licked the head as I raised an eyebrow, “You have him beaten In the cock department however he does have the fattest arse and the nicest hole…so I think I need to compare holes”. Jack smiled and held his legs before raising them into the air before slapping his cheek, “Well then….you need to learn that this hole is so much better than his so come on then eat me out…..do a good job and I’ll let you suck the cum from me balls”. I already knew that Liam had Jack beaten in the arse department, Liam had the nicest arse and hole out of anyone that I had ever been with and after seeing Jack I was so gonna shove my tongue between Liam’s cheeks, but I do suppose I had to compare. So, I leaned in and pulled his cheeks apart making him wince as I slammed my face between the cheeks slamming my tongue against his tight hairless hole. A thought came to my head, “Maybe one day I can have a threesome with Liam and Jack….fuck that’d be a good fuck”, but I had to focus on Jack now and pleasuring the boy that had never had his arse sucked before. I had to show him the light. “HOLY FUCK…” Jack shouted as my tongue crashed against his smooth pink hole, he immediately began to wank his cock as he pushed down smothering me between his cheeks. I lapped and sucked at the tasty hole taking in all his juices. I crammed my tongue as far into the hole as I could, his ass smelled amazing and tasted damn good as well I slapped his ass making the cheek turn red. Jack looked down at me, a face of sheer pleasure as he threw his head back and whispered, “Ughhhh feels so good…fuck I can’t believe I’m getting my fucking ass licked….and fuck it feels so freaking good.” He grabbed my hand and wrapped it around his cock before pumping it back and forth to my licks and thrusts. His fat ass wobbling against my face as I pulled away and rubbed my finger against the hole before getting brave and sliding a finger inside, “AHHHHH FUCK WHAT YOU DOING,” He moaned very loudly, I slid my finger in all the way feeling the sheer tightness of his straight Virgin hole. He looked round and a look of sheer ecstasy exploded on his face. He squeezed his muscles making his ass grip into my finger as I fingered his hole very gently sliding it back and forth hitting all the right spots as he clumsily jerked his fat cock. I pulled my finger out and sucked on it taking in all the juices from his hole. He was panting and breathing heavily above me still jerking his fat cock. I pushed my face between the cheeks once more and squeezed his cheeks around my face before motorboating the hole making his eyes roll back in his head and his mouth fall open, no words able to come out just grunts and groans. I ate his hole hungrily for around 15 minutes plunging my tongue as far into his hole as I could feeling it open slightly and tasting his insides. Jack continued to wank hard, his pre-cum making his hand and shaft so wet and his balls were bouncing against his hand, Jack ground his hips against my tongue and panted loudly, a sheen of sweat covered his toned chest and he looked so fucking sexy. Jack’s legs shook as I made him feel pleasure that he hadn’t ever felt before. Jack’s wanking became faster and faster until…. Jack felt a tingling in his balls, a light churning sensation and then he felt a pulse in his cock, it was time. Time for something amazing to happen. Through bated breath as I licked up and down his hole he moaned, “I’m…gonna…cum…fuck”, I pulled out of his arse and clamped my mouth around his wet mushroom head taking it all into my throat once more, “Oh wow…fuck”, Jack moaned as his balls tightened up and his cock throbbed, his legs thrashed around as he pumped me up and down his shaft before ramming me down and moaning, “FUCK IM BLOWING….IM CUMMING”, His cock straightened and went steel hard as cum began to pour from his cock, his salty man juice firing its way down my throat. I pulled up a little as I wanted to taste the salty goodness and I wasn’t disappointed, it was incredible and there was so much cum, 9 shots of thick cum entered my mouth and it seemed like his cock wouldn’t stop but he moaned one last time and screwed up his face before breathing heavily and collapsing on the bed. His cock immediately beginning to go soft in my mouth as I swallowed his babies and let his cock flop onto his stomach. Jack had his arms behind his head revealing his bushy pits, “Fuck they look hot I’ll lick them out soon. Jack had his eyes closed and his hands on his chest, finally he looked down and smirked, “Fucking hell….Liam wasn’t wrong you are fucking amazing….that throating skill is like no other”, I smirked, “I have some skills” I chuckled as Jack laughed, “Yeah skills that I want to have shown to me again….maybe I’ll slam that arse next time”, as he said this the door burst open and in came Liam, “Well….well looks like you two had fun”, Jack grinned, “Mate my balls feel empty….he swallowed it all”, Liam groped his bulge, “He is a swallower…in mouth and arse…..right Jack mind if I borrow him for a while”. Jack looked down at his cock, “Yeah he made me soft, so he is all yours…..you gonna fuck his arse.” Liam winked at me, “Yeah we’re gonna fuck in the bathroom, it’s the only other free room” Jack smirked, “Mind if I watch…I wanna see how you compare to me….see who does the best job” Liam nodded, and we walked into the bathroom. As the door shut I thought, “Well my arse is gonna be sore after this” Thank you for reading this story it took ages to write so any feedback is appreciated send any emails to ook

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