18 Mart 2023

Stranded Overnight


Friday meetings were the worst. Travelling back from Cambridge on a very cold and dark November night was a pain. Luckily, Dave and Yitka were travelling together, just as normal, keeping each other company. But the normal joking and banter were missing. The weather was making them both uneasy about being on the road.

“This snow is getting worse,” Dave pointed out, much to the obvious, as the snow was almost horizontal. Visibility was becoming less and he felt more and more anxious about driving.

“We’ve only travelled 40 miles and we’ve been on the road for two and a half hours. This is dangerous. We’ll either freeze to death or get wiped out by a lorry!” Yitka said, a real worry in her voice. “What about stopping somewhere until we get a break in the weather?”

Dave thought for a moment. Stopping somewhere may not be a bad idea but he didn’t think that the snow was going to let up. The weather reports had said it was here for at least forty-eight hours.

“If we stop,” Dave said, “then we should think about stopping for the night, a Travelodge maybe. The weather reports didn’t suggest any breaks, just more snow. I tell you what, let’s get off the road the next chance we have.”

“OK,” agreed Yitka, “I’m sure that there will be a lodge or a motel of sorts up ahead. And we’d better let home know we are staying over.”

A couple of miles later the large, blue lodge sign could be seen through the white haze of the snow. Their relief was obvious. The car pulled off the motorway, very uneasily and came to a stop on the wet snow covering the car park.

“I’ll run in and see if they have any rooms,” said Dave. After a couple of minutes, he returned to the car with a heavy, white smattering of dandruff-like snow on his head.

“Good news, we can stay, bad news, they only have one double room. Are you OK with this?”

Yitka replied, “No problem dude, just don’t get fresh during the night.” She smiled and they both laughed, albeit nervously.

After checking in, they got to the room, switched on the TV and turned up the heating. The TV mumbled in the background as they got sorted.

“I’ve got a clean, spare t-shirt for you Yits, that’s if you want it?” Yitka nodded with a smile, “Cheers, I didn’t bring anything other than my panties,” she said and laughed cheekily. Then away she went to the bathroom to freshen up. “I’m going to shower,” she shouted, “no peeking.”

Their relationship over the years had been really close but platonic. They both respected each other and their personal, married circumstances, but there was always an unspoken, sexual thing between them. There had been a number of times when Dave had wanted to say something, to take her in his arms and kiss her lips, her neck and her breasts. He had, on many occasions, wondered how she would smell, what her body would look like, how it would react to touch when turned on and hot. There had been many times when he had masturbated and his thoughts had been of her body. He had imagined her on top of him, riding his cock like a majestic racehorse. Imagination was all it was though.

Dave could hear the water of the shower splashing on Yitka’s body, on the walls of the shower and on the loose curtain. He started to undress, putting on his shorts and Coca Cola t-shirt, readying himself for bed. The steam from the bathroom was gliding out of the door like a snake. It was then that Dave took the step he had always wanted to.

Getting off the bed, he walked towards the bathroom and looked in the slightly ajar door. In the mirror on the wall, Dave could see Yitka in the shower as the curtain was away from the wall. She was tall, about 5,9, and she was running her hands through her blond hair. Standing in the shower, he could see the water running down her breasts and dripping from her nipples. She looked so beautiful and sexy. Yitka turned towards the mirror and he caught his breath as he viewed her flat stomach and her closely trimmed pubic hair. It was then that he realised his cock was throbbing, fully engorged with blood and rock hard. As he watched, he slowly stroked himself feeling his sex rising.

Standing in the shower, letting then hot water stimulate her skin, Yitka thought of the situation she found herself in. Here she was staying overnight in a motel room with Dave, her work colleague and friend. She knew they both respected and admired each other, but did he feel that little bit more, the way she did. She thought he did. She had often seen the way he looked at her, especially if she was dressed sexily, or the way he had talked with her, often quite provocatively but in a joking and friendly way. Often she had wondered how he would react if she fronted up and told him her yearning to make love with him, to feel and taste him.

She ran her hands through her hair and down over her breasts to her pussy. She lingered on those places that sent that little tingle through her body. God, she thought, I wish he would do something tonight, it would yenibosna escort be the ideal time, but probably not. Her fingers moved inside her pussy, pushing the wetness of the water into her hole, feeling the blood fill her labia and clit. She turned off the shower and looked at the mirror. She saw Dave looking through the open door. Looking at her nakedness. He moved quickly.

Shit, he thought. Had she seen me. Had she seen me being a pervert, ogling her like a schoolboy looking for a quick thrill. What an idiot I am. He sat down on the bed and tried to rearrange his cock so as to hide his erection. Just then, she came out of the bathroom, a towel around her body and using another to dry her hair.

“Were you spying on me Dave?” she asked. “If you were I may have to spy on you when you shower,” she giggled.

“Yits mate, I’m really sorry but I was sorting my gear out and I caught a glimpse of you and, well ….. I’m sorry,” he stammered. Dave’s apology sounded like it was, a sorry excuse.

“But I’m not sorry for feeling the way I do about you. I have wanted to make love with you for so long now. But I never knew how to handle it, so I just kept quiet.” And with that Dave went into the bathroom and locked the door. He looked at himself in the mirror and thought that he had just completely fucked up his friendship with her. Asshole!

Back in the room she stood motionless at his outburst. He did feel the same. He wanted me just as much as I wanted him, but we are too scared to be honest. Her mind was a maelstrom, whirling with those secret thoughts often reserved for the dark when she was alone. She lay on the bed and her fingers went to her pussy, teasing her clitoris to its mini erection and wetting her fingers with her juices. Tonight, she hoped, tonight.

Dave showered quickly, chastising himself continually about what he had said. Oh well, he thought. Just get to sleep and head for home tomorrow. I’ve probably created a real atmosphere now.

He dried, redressed and came out of the bathroom. The room lights were off and Dave slid into his side of the bed, his back towards Yitka in embarrassment.

“Dave,” Yitka whispered. “Do you really feel like this about me?”

“Yes, I do,” he replied quietly. “But I know that we can’t do anything about it, so let me keep wondering.”

“Dave, we can do something if you want to. I don’t want us to be a hidden source of our fantasies. Let’s make it real. It can be our secret. I’ve thought about you many times, but I was under the impression that you didn’t want me, well you know, sexually. I thought that you didn’t think of me in this way. Do you really want me because I want you. Well?” The question was babbled out like a plea.

Dave lay there in the dark, his thoughts flying about his head. Yitka moved across the bed and he could immediately tell she was naked. She pressed against his back and circled him with her arms. His breath quickened as he thought about what was going to happen.

Dave turned over and faced her. He could smell her cleanliness, smell her toothpaste and smell her sex. It was a warm, musky smell and it turned him on immediately. Her hands moved to his face and pulled him forwards to kiss. The smell of her sex was even more powerful and he realised she must have been rubbing her pussy. He turned his head to lick her fingers, to taste her cunt. He began to imagine her lying in the bed, masturbating with the thoughts of his cock, his cum.

They kissed gently at first, tasting and probing each others mouths with their tongues. His cock was solid with expectation and dripping with precum already.

“Yits, what do you like, what do you want me to do?” Dave whispered. “Turn on the lamp and let’s do what we feel like,” she replied. He leant back to turn on the bedside lamp.

When he turned back to her, the soft glow of the bulb was shining on her body, glistening on the light covering of sweat that had appeared on her body and breasts as a result of the masturbating. She sat up and slowly peeled down his shorts allowing his cock to feel the cool air. He removed his shirt and they embraced once more, their skin touching, their nerve endings firing and sending exquisite messages to their brains.

Their kissing became more passionate and driven. Their hands moved over each other, searching but not yet daring to venture to those areas that would signal real sex. He kissed her neck, moving down to her breasts. He sucked and gently nibbled her nipples and she moaned with pleasure, sucking in her breath as his teeth and mouth expertly worked to take her to a place that was nearly pain, total. Her nipples grew in his mouth, each becoming hard, responding to his work. As he sucked and kissed, her aching grew and her pussy was almost crying out. She wanted their sex to last, to be savoured, but she knew that once they got going they would waste no time in fucking. It was then that she sensed zeytinburnu escort him gently reaching down.

Dave moved his left hand slowly down her flat, downy stomach, down towards her hot, wet pussy. He stopped at her soft and well-trimmed pubic hair and twirled some of it in his fingertips. She had once said that she kept her pubes neat and tidy and she certainly did. He lifted his head and they looked at each other for a short second. Dave wanted to see her face when he touched her pussy lips and clitoris.

She began to move her hips up, beckoning Dave’s fingers to search her out. Yitka wanted him so desperately, she could have screamed.

“Please touch me, please,” she whispered. So he did.

His finger traced further down. Her hip movements increased the closer he got. His finger reached her engorged bud and he softly rubbed it. She closed her eyes and groaned and her hand moved to nudge his erection. She used her thumb and forefinger to gently roll his prick – this sent waves of sensation through him. Dave took this as a definite go ahead and he slid his middle finger down feeling out her hot, wet hole. Her pussy juices were slippery and warm, but Dave didn’t want to go right inside just yet. He teased her labia and rubbed at her perineum, very close to her anus. This had the real effect of making Yitka open her eyes and say, “Lick me, fuck me with your tongue.”

“I’d love to. But if I do, I want you to come on my face. I want to see your pussy twitch as you come. And then we are going to start again. OK.” She nodded with an eager smile on her face. She knew that he was going to be good.

Dave moved down to tongue her cunt, but left his cock exposed so she could see him. He began by teasing her pussy lips, sucking and licking them. He licked at her clit, almost making it glow red in the half darkness. Suddenly, he felt her move and she was feeling for his cock and he knew what she wanted – to suck him. He moved to make it easier for her and she was very quick to take advantage. Her fingers encircled his shaft and her red painted fingernails looked so hot and sexy wrapped around his cock. He thought that it looked so much bigger than its normal seven inches.

Yitka was in heaven. Dave was licking at her, making her wetter and wetter, sucking at her pussy lips and clit. She couldn’t resist sucking him at the same time. It would be a real turn on if they could both come at the same time like this, she thought.

Her lips closed around the end of his cock and he bit his lip. Her hand moved gently, easing his foreskin back and her tongue lapped at the juices seeping from the slit in his cock-end. Dave really thought he was going to come right there and then. He could feel her tongue snaking around his cock and the feeling was fantastic.

While she was licking and sucking at his member, he teased her clit with his tongue and finger. He then thought, time to feel inside, and Dave slowly inserted his middle finger into Yitka’s pussy. This made her suck and move harder on his erection, lapping at the juices that were coming from the end. Then, with no warning, Yitka tensed slightly and Dave moved harder on her pussy, her orgasm fast approaching. With his own cum rising, Yitka’s pussy quivered and she came with a silent ferocity. Her stomach muscles tensed and looked like a washboard. Dave maintained his gentle licking, trying to make the orgasm last – she twitched with every touch, letting out a small moan each time.

He looked down and Yitka’s eyes were open, looking at him as she sucked and licked.

“Yits, if you keep doing this I’m going to come.”

She said, “That’s exactly what I want, I want to taste you.”

This sexy talk was the last thing Dave needed to keep back his ejaculation. He wanted to last at least a little longer. She returned to moving her lips up and down. Dave’s balls tensed and hardened and she knew what was about to happen. Her hand quickened and his cock twitched. As the first spurt of cum appeared, Yitka closed her lips over his hardness. There were about five or six hard spurts and she lapped and swallowed at each one. She licked her own lips, her tongue shining with cum, and she smiled.

He moved up the bed and they kissed. Their tongues explored and she passed his cum to him – he could taste his semen. This was the single sexiest thing he had ever done. He drew back and looked at her. He could see her smiling an almost evil smile in the light.

“Now, I want your cock inside me and I want you to fuck me. I want you to lick your spunk from my cunt. I can feel you hardening again, do you want to?” Dave’s cock didn’t need much more encouragement. It grew even more in her hand.

“Yits, the bedroom mirror is positioned really well. I want you to get on top of me and we will be able to see my cock going in and out of your pussy in the mirror. That will really get you going. It’ll get me going”

“You sexy acıbadem escort bastard. Have you done that before?” she asked. He nodded, his eyes wide with excitement. With that, she got on top of him, took his cock in her hand and straddled him. She positioned his prick at the entrance to her pussy and sat down. The heat was awesome and he immediately felt her muscles tense around him.

Yitka had good, strong muscles in her vagina and she knew how to use them. With Dave’s cock inside her she could go to work on him.

Dave looked around her into the well-positioned bedroom wall mirror. He could see her pussy lips around his cock and then she started to move. Yitka looked over her shoulder and sighed as she saw the vision herself.

“That is so sexy, to see your prick stick me, to see my cunt lips stretching. I’m going to come very quickly if I keep watching this,” she said. “Me too,” he replied, “I think I’d better stop watching.”

She got up and faced the mirror, running her hands over her body, from her breasts to her pussy, watching herself. He got up behind her and with a small nudge, entered her from behind as they stood. They could now both look at each other as they fucked. Dave slid his cock into her slowly and his strokes were long and deep. He moved his hand round her and began to gently rub her clit as they screwed. His other hand was caressing her breasts, teasing at her tight, hard nipples. Yitka’s eyes closed and her head moved in time with his cock.

“Fucking hell, this is so hot, I don’t want to stop. Your cock is rubbing right on the spot in my pussy. I’m going to come again,” she moaned. He quickened his movements as he felt his orgasm approaching knowing that she was not far away either. The seconds felt like eternities of ecstasy and then she came. He watched her in the mirror as she twitched as his fingers rubbed at her pussy. He thought her legs were going to give way as the spasms moved through her.

As her orgasm subsided in her body, she reached behind her and his cock slid out of her wet hole. Still facing the mirror she began to slowly rub his cock.

“Will you wank for me, let me watch?” she asked. He nodded at the sexy question.

She turned round and Dave lay back on the bed. He grabbed his cock and began to masturbate slowly. Yitka knelt down at the end of the bed and stared at his cock. Dave’s hand quickened as his climax neared. All the while he was watching her.

He cried out as his semen was pumped from his cock. The first spurt reached up to his face and with three or four more he emptied himself on his chest and belly. As he lay there, his cock softening in his hand, Yitka began to softly lick his chest and face, savouring the cum. She then lay beside him and they embraced, enjoying each other’s body.

They lay and said nothing, listening to the hum of the heater on the wall.

“Dave, do you think you can get your cock hard again soon, as I really want you to fuck me again.” Dave lay beside her and replied, “Shouldn’t be too much of a problem. But I would love to see you masturbate – is that a deal?”

“That’s a deal and a half,” Yitka replied. “I love to wank anyway, and to have you watching would be a proper turn on. Anyway, I have thought about you quite a few times when I wank. I am not going to come though, coz I want you to fuck me again.”

Dave frowned a cheeky frown. “For fuck’s sake Yits, you’ve drained me twice already, I don’t think I’ll have much spunk left.”

“That’s not a problem, we’ll make do.” With this Yits lay back and began to slowly rub her clit and pussy lips. Dave’s cock quivered and twitched as he watched her long fingers move and rub.

The life in his cock was slowly restored and his erection grew as he watched her. Dave sat up and spread her beautiful, slender legs wide. Her pussy lips were red and he could see inside her hole, glistening and red.

“Now, let’s fuck,” she ordered. And they did. He moved between her legs, positioned his prick at her cunt and slid it in. Immediately he rubbed his pubic bone over her clit and she writhed under him.

He extended one arm and raised himself up so he could fondle her breasts and feel her hard nipples. Dave thought to himself that he had noticed Yitka’s nipples so many times over the years. They are very active in the winter cold and harden at the drop of a hat. Now he was rolling them between his fingers and making her twitch in pleasure. Moving his cock in and out, he bent his head down and flicked the brown nipple ends with his tongue. His thrusting became faster as did her moving and both of their climaxes were approaching again. She raised her head and began to suck on his nipples, reciprocating. Dave had never experienced this before and he was amazed at the intense feelings it produced. This made him slide his cock in with bigger, harder strokes.

Yitka threw her head back, drew her long, slender legs right up and opened her eyes. He looked down at her and she mouthed “harder” at him. So he did. He moved faster and more rhythmically

Yitka’s orgasm hit before his. It arrived with a shuddering jolt that shocked Dave. She could not remember the last time she had felt an orgasm as deep as this. It seemed to last for minutes. Her nails dug into the bed and she bared her teeth as the spasms surged through her cunt, up into her body.

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