18 Mart 2023

String of Pearls Ch. 01


All characters are at least eighteen or older!


The tea tray rattled as my hands shook, the crystal bottle of whiskey threatening to tip. Normally, a servant would bring him his booze and maybe I would open it and get a sip if he was in a good mood, but it was my duty to be paraded around and shown off when he had company. Male voices came from the other side of the wall. His was distinctive, gruff. I took a breath to calm my nerves before pushing open the heavy door with my hips.

“There’s my baby,” Grant grinned, cigar pinched between his sausage fingers. He sat behind his desk, lounging back in the cracked leather of the chair with his feet propped up and crossed. His dark, curly chest hair struggled to break free of the button up and suit. I blushed and batted my lashes, used to the routine by now.

Three men sat in front of him, and they turned to look at me. Two, I knew. They glanced at me, admired my body and the scandalous cut of my tank top, the flashy gold necklace that hung heavy over my collarbones. Then they looked back at Grant, chuckling appreciatively between each other. “Ain’t she a doll?” He grunted, patting his leg and replacing the cigar between his lips. I teetered carefully over in my stilettos, biting my ruby red lips in concentration before setting the tray down on the table. I had leaned forward a little, my breasts threatening to spill out. The men could see the lace of my bra poking out from under my shirt at that angle. Grant sat back and pulled me into his lap. “Drink up, boys. Let’s get back to business.” His voice rumbled in his chest as I straddled him, hands on his shoulders. I glanced back at the others innocently, the fake lashes making my eyes feel heavy.

I didn’t recognize the third man, oh, but I wish I did. He was chiseled and strong, his dark hair peppered with age and his eyes were an intense shade of green. He was darker than the other men, Arab maybe, and seemed around forty or so. His eyes probed mine as he studied me silently. I looked away, planting a few pecks on Grant’s sweaty neck. aydınlı escort He would get angry if I stared. He could get really jealous when he paid attention.

“Baby, you know Mr. Risetti and Mr. Jones. Say hello.”

I looked demurely over my shoulder at the first two. “Hello again,” I said, voice soft, as if I was a shy thing.

“And this is Mr. Cham. He’s very interested in our little business, sweetheart. Say hello to him too.”

“Hello, Mr. Cham,” I said, meeting his eyes briefly before blushing and retreating back into Grant’s neck.

“Oh, you’ve scared her.” I liked hearing Grant’s laugh through his chest, his body warm against mine. Glasses clinked as the whiskey was poured. Risetti chuckled as well before downing his cup in one go. He was a well known drinker, having won many competitions against my Grant. I hoped they wouldn’t engage in one tonight – he was always so angry when he lost, and I didn’t have the energy to coo and calm him.

They got back into the numbers discussion. I stopped listening, tuning it all out. Business never changed; the drugs and the loans and the blackmail always wrote the same story of broken knee caps and bail money. I would be lying if I said it didn’t turn me on to some extent, but the logistics of it were so boring.

Cigar smoke clouded around my head and I breathed carefully as Grant puffed away. I had trained myself not to cough or crinkle my nose. His beefy hand groped my ass through the tight denim. I kissed his neck a few more times and slid one of my hands down his chest, hidden between us. He didn’t pause his discussion and I wished he would. Time for games.

My fingers found his groin, hot with our body heat. I began rubbing softly, listening to the men refill their glasses. Mr. Cham had a captivating, clear voice even as he spoke quietly. He chose his words carefully when he did decide to speak. I could feel his intelligence oozing all around him. Grant’s cock began to harden at my touch. I smiled a little, victorious smile bağdat caddesi escort and kissed the prickly stubble of his cheek.

“We’ll talk more tonight, perhaps. Drink, swim. The party starts in a few hours. If you’ll excuse me, gentlemen.” He was gruff and professional. He stabbed out his cigar in the diamond ashtray and I climbed off and smoothed the creases in my tight shirt, flicking my pony tail over my shoulder. My cheeks were flushed. I wordlessly left the room, but not before throwing another bat of my lashes as the three men. Grant followed behind, hands loose in his pockets. He shared a few short words with the men, who had stood up, all used to such sudden conclusions. All but Mr. Cham, of course. I could feel his eyes on me as I sashayed out.

My heels clicked against the marble floors, the tacky mansion easy to navigate with my practiced steps. I reached the master bedroom and carefully pulled the door open. My nails were fresh. I would never hear the end of it if I chipped them now.

A minute hadn’t gone by before the door swung open. Grant stood there, loosening his tight and sliding off his jacket. He was panting, ready to go, cock hard and straining against his pinstripe pants. I kicked off my heels and hastily helped him unzip, one more barrier before he was free. “Get naked,” he grunted. “I’ll show you to tease me in front of others.”

My heart raced and I did as commanded, contorting to unzip my shirt. I tossed it aside before peeling off my jeans. I was left standing there in front of him, dressed only in the lacy decorations that masqueraded as underwear and the necklace he had given to me a month prior.

He had his dick in his pudgy hand, slowly stroking. “Let your hair down.” I grabbed the ponytail and shook it out, auburn waves falling against my bare shoulders. He licked his lips appreciatively, pumping his five inches.

I licked my lips, awaiting his next instructions as I felt myself getting wet. But then he moved, grabbing me bostancı escort roughly by the hips and pushing me down on the bed. My ass was in the air, face pressed against the blankets with his hand on my throat. I purred, shaking a little to entice him. He slapped me, my ass cheek burning at his punishment. I noticed that the door was still slightly ajar. From the right angle, you could look right in and see us. It heightened the excitement, in a way, and I knew Grant was doing it on purpose. It was a power move – nothing to do with me. He wanted one of his colleagues to happen pass and see him taking control of me, using me for his own pleasure.

He pulled my panties down around my legs and growled. “I thought I told you to shave this morning. I want you groomed.” I had known this. And I had ignored it. He had gotten so complacent in the last few days. I wanted him to be angry. He spanked me again before guiding his cock to my slit, rubbing it up and down to spread the fat drops of precum that leaked from his thick head. I moaned and earned myself another slap, though I knew he enjoyed it. Moaning gave us a better chance of being discovered. I was only being a good little girl.

Grant pushed into me and started thrusting away, a few slow strokes before building speed. I moaned again and gripped the sheets. His fingers tightened on the sides of my throat and I was in my own sweaty, desperate heaven as he pounded into me. The bed quivered beneath us, shaking ever-so-slightly with his pace. A heat was building within me as I listened to his huffs and pants. He wasn’t going to last long, not long enough for my liking. I was just pleased to get this much. “Oh, Daddy,” I groaned desperately. “Oh, please.”

He grunted and stiffened. It wasn’t long before he unloaded inside of me, filling me with sticky spurts. Disappointment gripped me, the heat already starting to dull. I would have to take care of it myself as I cleaned up. “Don’t you dare cum without my permission,” he growled, pulling himself out of me. So much for that idea. “That’s your punishment, little girl. You have to wait until I say so.”

Grant let go of me and I rolled onto my side, breathing heavily, panties still around my ankles and my cunt still full. “And don’t get the comforter dirty.” He wiped himself off and zipped his pants back up, satisfied with his show of dominance.

“Yes, sir.” I managed to breath as I saw a shadow pass by the door.

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