26 Mart 2022

Subslut for Blacks Ch. 02


Subslut for Blacks Ch. 02I looked at the time, 10pm. He would be here soon. As I had that thought, the phone rang. Call display told me it was HIM.“Hi, Master,” I answered.“Hey, bitch, you ready?”“Yes, Master.”“Come out, I’m driving up your street,” and he hung up!I grabbed my purse and keys and locked the door behind me. I went down the stairs and came out the building just as his minivan drove up and stopped waiting for me. I walked towards him and saw that James was sitting in the front with him. I smiled as I remembered my first encounter with him just a few weeks ago. My pussy got an electric choc from the memory of that motel night. As I approached the vehicle, the side door opened from the inside to let me in. I jumped a bit as I saw a third man sitting in the back. I looked up at Master, slightly hesitant but got in and shut the door.“Hi slut,” Master greeted me as I buckled my seatbelt.“Hi Master,” I smiled back at him. He drove off.We drove a few minutes in silent when the new guy next to me turned to me and said:“Hey slut, heard a lot about you,” I gave him a shy smile and answered him.“All good I hope?”“Well, there is a rumor going around about you.”“Oh? Which rumor is that??” I asked, surprised!“That you’re good cock sucking slut!”Master looked at me thru the rear-view mirror.“Why don’t you show him it’s not a rumor, slut,” Master said.My neighbour had his cock out before I could even answer and I was shocked at the size of his dick. I licked my lips and bend down towards his crotch as Master readjusted his rear-view mirror so he could see us. James was half turned watching us too. I started to gently lick the tip of his cock, which was already wet from pre-cum.“Mmmmmm,” I moaned to the sweet taste. I simply love this wetness of them.“Like sucking big black cocks, bitch?” I heard him say.“Mmmmm,” I moan as my mouth opened up to let the tip of his cock inside my mouth, my tongue twirling around the tip.“Aaarrrggghh,” I hear him scream as I took more of his cock inside my throat. He grabbed my head and held it down.“Fuck that’s good, bitch”I started to move my head up and down with him holding my head following my rhythm. I was going a bit faster as I heard his breathing quicken.“Fuck, bitch, you’re gonna make me cum!!!That’s the idea, my brain thought but I slowed down a bit, not wanting him to cum just yet. I pulled away and put my hand on his shaft, stroking him gently at first. I smiled at him as he looked down at me.“You fucking tease.”I chuckled knowing he was fully enjoying my teasing. My attention went back to his hard throbbing cock as I bend down again to resume sucking his delicious meat!! My pussy was getting wet and impatient to feel this monster cock ripping me apart. My mouth filled with his cock inside all the way down in my throat, my right hand caressing his balls, I decided to lick the shaft down to his balls so I could lick them also and play with them. That sent new sensations up his body as I heard him gasp and moan louder. My tongue encircling one ball, pulling it inside my mouth and letting it go. I loved doing that. He seemed to enjoy it too!“Ah bitch, that feels fucking good.”I kept at it for a few more minutes and brought my attention back to his cock and licked my way back up the shaft, devouring his perfect black cock. I gobbled up his cock deep down my throat, quickening the pace. I felt him jolt back, groaning louder as I felt his climax approaching. He tightened his grip on my head afraid I would stop but I wasn’t planning on doing so. I wanted his hot cum down my throat. I wanted to feel his cock pulsate down my throat, as his liquid would burst in my hungry slut mouth. He came hard and kept moaning, groaning, whispering his pleasure“Drink my cum, slut. I want you to swallow all my cum, you little cum slut bitch.”I did just that. I licked all the cum off his cock making sure I did not leave a drop anywhere.Cleaning him good as he stroked my hair, I heard Master say,“So, Eric? Still think it’s a rumor?” he chuckled looking at both of us thru the mirror.“Hell no,” Eric answered! “A great cock sucking whore you got there, Mark.”Master smiled at both of us“I know.”“That was hot,” James said.I couldn’t see him well but suspected he was masturbating kocasinan escort in the front seat.“Can’t wait to feel that hot mouth of hers again.”“Why don’t you guys switch places?” Master said as he pulled over the side of the road.James didn’t have to be told twice as he jumped off and came in next to me where Eric had been sitting.“Still hungry?” he said to me as he pulled out his hard black cock!“Fuck yeah,” was my answer to him as I bend down to meet this beautiful hard cock offered to me.I saw Master smile at me as I was reaching down. He seemed very pleased with me tonight. That gave me the extra urge to please James even more. My mouth met his hard cock. I opened my mouth to let the tip of his cock inside my hungry mouth. I felt his cock harden growing bigger under my touch. I went down on his cock like a hungry cock-sucking whore. You’d think I haven’t had any in months. I was getting horny again from sucking another big black and hard cock! I couldn’t wait to have him buried deep in my pussy. I was aching for him to pound me but had to be patient. I was too hungry for his cock for now. I wanted to taste him good this time. Last time, I did not get him to cum in my mouth but this time, I was adamant about getting his hot cum down my throat. I wanted Master to be pleased with me and I knew keeping his friends happy would please him tremendously.I simply love a man’s reaction to my touch. I love the way he moans and groans when I use my tongue on him, them. I love the way he grabs my head and force fuck my hungry mouth. It simply turns me on so much and James was turning me on again and again. I could feel my pussy twitch and started to drip as I moaned.“Getting horny, you little fucking slut?” James asked.“I bet her pussy’s wet already,” he told the guys in the front.“I’m sure it is.” Master replied.“Can’t wait to fuck that dripping sweet pussy of hers for the first time,” I heard Eric tell Master.“Soon, Eric, soon.”“Yeah, I need to cum deep down her throat first,” James said between moans and groans as I fasten my pace up and down his cock, feeling him ready to burst inside my mouth.I felt his grip on my head tighten knowing he was approaching climax. I sucked a bit harder and faster, moaning as I was making slurping sounds with my saliva making his cock so wet from my drooling. He started to groan as I felt the first splash of cum hit the bottom of my throat as I nearly choked. He pressed my head closer to his groin holding me down as he exploded in my mouth. I swallowed loads of his cum, his hot tasty cum. He jolted back; his body became limp under me. Losing all strength, drained from the balls!“Fuck, that was awesome, bitch,” I smiled at him licking my lips and sat back into my sit.I looked at Master thru the rear-view mirror and his eyes told me he was extremely pleased with me.“Man, I want a piece of that ass now,” Eric said to Master.“I’ve set up some blankets in the back,” Master replied as he pulled over he side of the road again.I looked back surprised.“We’re gonna fuck there??”“Yes, bitch, now get out and go to the back.”Eric opened the door for me. I hesitate a bit.“Come on, slut, don’t have all day!!” James unbuckled my seat belt and Eric grabbed my arm and pulled me out almost dragging me. I was stunned. I thought we’d go to the motel like last time and spend the night there. Apparently, Master had other plans. James opened the back door and helped me inside as Eric got in last and shut the door.“Strip naked, slut, I wanna see your big tits.”Still stunned, I did not move right away and James slapped my ass.“Come on, bitch, or I’ll tear your clothes off.”I switched around and sat down as I began to take off my jacket. Master pulled out and started to drive again going who knows where. I got rid of all my clothes. By the time I was finished, the guys were already naked stroking their cocks waiting for me. Eric was hard already and James was still a bit soft since I had just finished sucking him off.“Come suck my cock again, slut,” Eric ordered me.I moved closer to him on my hands and knees and bend my head down on his cock. He was holding the base as my mouth started to lick up and down, saliva starting to drip down my chin as I got his cock wet and ready to fuck me cause I could just tell he wasn’t going to wait much longer to fuck my wet pussy. I could feel James’s hands on me, grabbing my tits, pinching them and slapping my ass.“Turn around now, I want that sweet pussy of yours fucking my cock,”I turned around positioning myself offering my pussy to his big hard cock. He rubbed his cock on my lips, which were already very wet and started to enter me. He was bigger than Master and I let out a little scream as I felt him tore my pussy lips apart.“You’re too big for me,” I cried.“Shut up, whore,” he answered.James came in front of me and shoved his soft cock in my mouth to shut me up.“Here slut, suck this, make me hard again!”I moaned in pain as I tried to catch my breath. I was trying to pull way from the monster cock tearing me apart but by doing so James’s cock got deeper in my throat, making him harder as it touched the base of my throat, making me gag. I felt him grow under my tongue, my lips tight around his shaft. I felt Eric grab me by the hips and pull me back to his groin burying his huge cock deep inside me hitting my cervix with each thrust. I cried with each thrust, my sound muffled by James’s cock in my mouth. He had reach full growth now and was face fucking me holding my head tight. All I could do now was moan and groan as I start feeling a strong climax wash thru my body. I couldn’t believe it. This huge cock was tearing me apart and making me climax thru the pain I was feeling. My body started to shake and I screamed:“I’m cumming, fuck I’m cumming,”I had pulled back from James’s cock bending down to enjoy my orgasm feeling Eric pound me faster and deeper!“I’m cumming too,” Eric shouted, thrusting deeper inside me. He stayed inside me for a minute while he catches his breath. He slapped my ass and pulled out.“Turn around now, my turn to feel your hot wet pussy, slut.”I switched sides shoving my ass up high towards James’s cock. His cock still hard from my sucking him, he pressed his cock to my horny lips and my pussy was so wet and full of cum that he just slide in easily. Pain had gone away and all I could feel was the pleasure of his in and out thrusts. He wasn’t as long as Eric but a bit thicker which was a pleasant change. Eric had lay down before me.“Clean me up, bitch.”I lifted my head and my upper body on my hands and he got closer to me. I started to lick around his cock, his balls, up his shaft, licking all the cum that was left mixed with my own sweet juices. It tasted sweet yet bitter at the same time. James grabbed my hips and pulled me closer to him. Slowly fucking in and out of my now sore pussy!“Enjoying my slut, guys?” Master asked his friends!Moans and groans was all the guys could answer. James had his hard cock buried deep in my pussy, thrusting as deep as he possibly could, not satisfied until he heard my cries of pleasure. The size of his cock doubled with the angle he was entering me sent shockwaves thru my body as I felt another climax building up inside my womb. Still licking Eric’s cock clean, I felt him grow under my tongue. He was holding my head is if he was afraid I’d pull away.“Don’t stop, slut. Clean that cock good!”I was licking up and down his now fully erect cock, letting his hardness enter my hungry slut mouth.“A fucking good little slut you are, bitch!” I heard Eric grunt.James chose that moment to pull out of me and I let out a sigh of disappointment.“Don’t worry, bitch, we’re not thru with you,” he whispered in my ear.“I want you to ride me now!” as he moved over, positioning himself under me while I moved around, sliding over him.I grabbed his cock and pointed it towards my hot burning pussy. I moaned as I felt the tip of his cock near my wet hungry lips. I lowered myself a bit more, feeling all of him entering inside me slowly, enjoying the feeling that was running thru my body. He grabbed my tits, pinching my nipples, making them hard and sending shivers up my spine as I rode his cock slowly. I bend down to meet his lips and we kissed each other hungrily. Still moving my hips back and forth feeling my clit against his groin. He started to move his hips, synchronizing himself to my rhythm. I hadn’t notice Eric moving behind me until I felt his hands on my ass cheeks spreading open my ass, his wet tongue licking my asshole. I moaned under James’s breath. I felt Eric shift and positioned himself behind me, his hard cock pressing against my tight hole. James stopped moving as we both waited for me to adjust to Eric’s dick entering me slowly. James kept on kissing me, sliding his tongue deep inside my mouth, both hungry for each other. Eric’s cock was slowly getting in, closing in on the length left to enter me. He was tearing me apart with his huge cock. For a few moments, no one was moving, waiting for my body to adjust to having two cocks inside me, especially Eric’s big cock up my ass. As my ass got used to the size of his huge black cock, I started to moan under James’ kisses and they both started to move slowly at first and picking up the pace as my moaning got louder.New sensations were being spread thru my body and all I could do was scream in pleasure as they both kept fucking me harder and harder. I lost track of reality, track of time.I have no idea how long we had been gone and where we were heading and I didn’t care. All I cared for was that I was being pounded hard and good by Master’s friends.I slightly realize that we weren’t moving anymore. I wondered for a sec where we were as I heard car door open and shut. The back door opened and Master came in. I turned my head to look at him. He was smiling at me and I smiled back licking my lower lip knowing what he had in mind. He got closer to me and unzipped his pants letting out his hard cock.“It’s been hard all evening listening to you, slut, time to take care of it!”I shifted my body as close as I could still being pounded hard by Eric and James and lowered my head to his hard shaft. I started to lick up and down and felt saliva drip down my chin as I made slurping sounds with his hard cock inside my hungry mouth. He grabbed my head and started to face fuck me hard. I felt Eric move faster and heard him groan louder as he approach climax again. James started to move faster also and I could feel that both were going to explode inside me. Eric came first, holding my hips close to him as I felt his cock pulsate inside my ass as he unloaded his cum inside me.James followed by a few seconds and I had two loads of cum buried deep inside me. Eric pulled out and Master ordered me off James.“Get on your back, I wanna fuck your pussy!”I got off James and lay down on my back spreading my legs wide open, waiting for his hard cock to enter me for the first time tonight! He got on top of me and entered me easily. My pussy was stretched from all the pounding it got. I started to moan again as I felt him inside me. He started to fuck me slowly; I could feel his cock deep inside my pussy as he fastens the beat fucking me faster and faster. I could feel his hunger for me; he had been waiting all night to fuck me after his friends took turns fucking me. I heard him moan and groan louder.“Fuck, bitch, you feel good.”“She’s a good fuck, Mark,” I heard Eric tell Master.I turned my head to look at him and he was smiling at me, stroking his soft cock. I could tell it was starting to grow again!“Yeah, she’s a good little slut,” I heard James whisper, as he got closer to me.With both of them surrounding me. I reached out to their cocks and started to stroke them gently. They got closer to my face and I started to suck them both one after the other as Master kept pounding me. Their cocks were hard in a matter of seconds. These guys were fucking machines!! They now took turns fucking me while I was sucking one of them and stroking the other. At one point, I had no idea who was fucking me, who I was sucking. From the moans and groans I was hearing, I could tell they were all very close to cumming soon. I knew what was next. I knew what Master wanted. He had mentioned it so many times. They all gathered around my face and started to stroke their cocks over me. They were kneeling around me with their cocks aiming at my face. I felt the first few drops of cum hit my chin then my open mouth. I felt cum hit me all over my face, my cheeks, my nose, some got in my hair. I got to lick the remaining drops off their cocks as I cleaned them dry. I licked my lips and smiled at Master as he smiled back at me.*******************************************Feel free to send me your comments, I’d love to hear from you!Thanks for reading!

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