22 Ocak 2023

Suburbia Ch. 04 – Maid Service


This story contains characters from other stories but is intended as stand alone.

All comments and feedback are gratefully received as I’m hoping the feedback will encourage improvements in my work. This is a work of fiction from the deep dank recesses of my mind and any resemblance to real people is purely accidental.

This story contains lesbian sex, if this not to your liking, please visit some of my other submissions, otherwise I hope you enjoy.


The tapping on the door was a distraction that Jayne didn’t need right now, she was preparing to leave to go see Sheree who lived a couple of houses down the road. Jayne pulled the door open ready to fob the expected cold caller off but then stopped in her tracks and froze with only an “Oh”.

Stood on the doorstep was Ruth, Jayne’s cleaner who came around two mornings a week to clean around the house and iron the clothes. Strangely, instead of the normally casual clothing she wore, Ruth was wearing a long mac, stockings and heels. She was roughly the same height as Jayne but had short auburn hair and even in her baggy work cloths, Jayne could tell that she had a slim athletic figure and a nice rack.

“I was just about to pop around… “was all Jayne was able to say when her visitor interrupted.

“… Sheree’s, yes I guessed. That’s why I came to see you”, which struck Jayne as curious. As she stepped inside the house and closed the door, Ruth then went on to say, “I followed you round there last week and spied the two of you together through the kitchen window”.

The two blonde neighbours were locked in a 69 eating each other’s pussies on the kitchen work surface and although Ruth regarded herself as exclusively straight, the view before her had a very powerful effect and had spent most of the weekend with her hands inside her panties reliving what she had seen.

Jayne stood motionless in her hallway as her face reddened, she’d been caught sneaking about with her lesbian istanbul travesti lover and was scared that Ruth would say something to Jayne’s unsuspecting husband. Ruth slowly released the belt of her mac and shrugged her shoulders, so the mac fell to the floor revealing a very short black maids outfit trimmed with white lace — the sort you see in the glamour pictures — totally impractical for doing proper housework but good for a show.

What got Jayne’s attention though was the bust area. It had been lowered to put Ruth’s pert breasts and her puffy nipples on show. Ruth’s husband had bought the outfit for her a couple of years ago from a sex shop but she had only worn it the once before. She had spent the weekend altering it so that her breasts were on full display and was pleased that her hard work had generated the required reaction from Jayne.

Jayne quickly accepted this change in plans, taking a long slow walk around Ruth taking in all of the detail. Jayne made a second circuit around her visitor but on this occasion, traced her fingertips under the lace frill, slowly drawing the tips along the bare thigh between stocking top and lace while lingering along Ruth’s curvaceous bottom. Ruth then looked over her shoulder and said, “I was thinking of wearing this next time I come over to clean but wanted to get your thoughts first”.

By this time, Jayne had worked her way to stand in front of Ruth and lifted the front of the outfit to find that her visitor was indeed pantiless as she suspected. Jayne extracted her phone, pressed a button and said in as calm a voice as possible “Get over here right now. I have a treat for you” making Ruth smile having guessed that Jayne had just rang Sheree.

In next to no time, there was a knock on the door, Jayne reached the door quickly opening and pulled Sheree inside, it was now Sheree’s turn to stand there open mouthed while she took in the sight before her. Jayne turned to her lover and istanbul travestileri said “This little slut here has been spying on us and now she comes around here, dressed like this intending to come to work teasing me in this. What do you think?”

Sheree immediately took up the vein of the conversation “Well I think the slut needs to be taught a lesson” and with that she lifted up the skirt at the back and playfully tapped the fleshy bottom with her palm in a spanking motion, all be it with no force behind the strikes. Jayne moved to the other side of Ruth and repeated the play spanking on the other buttock, only she included the addition of a rub to relieve any pressure.

Soon enough the rubbing became more progressive down to the ‘Maids’ pussy. Sheree pushed Ruth at the shoulders so that she leant forward with the instruction, “Push that tushy out”, to which Ruth suitably complied placing her hands on her knees and looking over her shoulder at the neighbour.

The rubbing continued downwards until Sheree penetrated the visitor’s pussy with two enquiring fingers. After working her fingers in and out a couple of times she extracted the digits which were visibly moist. “Look at what this slut has done to my hand, she’s actually gagging for it, she’s all sticky at the thought of flashing her boobs”. At which point Sheree took the middle finger in her mouth and sucked loudly before offering her index finger to Jayne who repeated the gesture.

This time it was Jayne who penetrated Ruth’s pussy using three fingers this time which elicited a squelching sound and a deep groan from Ruth. Sheree worked her way around the front to finger Ruth’s clit which stood out proud from her sparse public hair. By now Jayne’s fucking motion was sending Ruth headfirst towards an orgasm accompanied by a series of groans. The housewife extracted her fingers licking the copious amount of pussy juice from her fingers and leaving the mushy pussy free for travesti istanbul Sheree who knelt down behind Ruth, placed her hands on the globes of her butt and started to dart her enquiring tongue inside Ruth’s pussy.

This latest change in dynamics sent Ruth over the edge as she proclaimed “Oh shit, I’m coming” to anyone who cared to listen. Sheree had to admit that the new member of the group had a very tasty pussy. She lay down on the floor and instructed the shaken Maid to sit her pussy on her face. Jayne immediately jumped at the opportunity, lifting her skirt to reveal that she was pantiless and, standing in front of her, pulled Ruth’s face into her pussy to eat.

This was the fateful step that demonstrated Ruth’s full compliance as she went to town lapping away at the tangy pussy before her. Sheree was something of a pussy eating expert and got Ruth off well before the new woman managed to get her boss off. Sheree slipped from under Ruth and knelt beside her so that she could shower her pert boobs with a series of licks and kisses. She whispered intio Ruth’s ear “I hope you are enjoying doing that”.

A series of quick nods were the answer. Ruth was desperate not to lose contact with Jayne’s pussy and so Sheree continued “Good because you are going to be doing it a lot more, and I mean a lot more, from now on for both of us”. As she was speaking Sheree was pullling hard on Ruth’s exposed nipples. Jayne was a very intense and sensual lover, but Sheree’s equal. Here was someone that Sheree could go to town playing with.

Naturally once she had made Jayne come, Sheree took her lovers place and Ruth demonstrated her subservience by making the neighbour come just as intensely as the home owner; not an easy task as Jayne was distracting her by plunging three fingeres repeatedly in and out of her juiced up pussy.

A further two orgasms for each of the participants followed. As they caught their breath the general consensus was that Ruth’s new outfit was a hit and brought her more work. Her time at Jayne’s was increased plus she went to ‘clean’ for Sheree a further two days a week — the cleaning took the form of Ruth using her tongue, mouth and fingers to work on Jayne and/or Sheree until they managed to come on numerous occasions.

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