18 Mart 2023

Summer ’96: Summer’s Kiss


Note: This is part 4 of my “Summer ’96” five part series. In part one, Adam and Sammi had a chance encounter during a hike in the woods which leads to sex in a canefield. In part two, the couple had sex during a study session at the library, including their first anal experience together. In part three, they attend a rock concert and make a new friend. As always, comments are always welcome.


“Did you feel the breeze, my love? Summer’s kiss is over, baby. Over.”

Part One: Another Sense of Henry

“The burning sun, too hot for shade. Come lay down in the cool grass with me, baby. Let’s watch that summer fade.”

The summer of ’96 had flown past. Since I had encountered Sammi in the woods back in June, we had been almost inseparable. It had been a summer of sexual adventure, from losing my virginity to my first sex in public to even my first threesome. It had also been my first summer in love.

Now the summer was coming to an end, and the plans we had made led Sammi and I down different paths. A few weeks ago, we had our first argument when I proposed going to a different school than planned in order to be closer to where Sammi lived with her mom.

“It’s not going to happen,” Sammi said angrily. “You’re going to stick to your college plans. I’m not going to have you fucking up your life just to be near me and then later resenting me.”

“I wouldn’t…” I began.

Sammi cut me off. “I’m not even taking about that. If that’s something you do, then we’re done already. I’m not going to stay with you when you make a decision that is going to guarantee to doom us in the long run.”

“I guess that’s it then,” I said.

“It is,” Sammi said. She looked away from me, melancholy in her voice. “You’ll go to school as planned and I’ll go back home with my mom. I’ll work and save up for community college. We’ll just do our best trying to make it work long distance.”

“It don’t want to be apart from you. These have the best couple of months of my life,” I said.

“For me too, but life is about doing what you’ve got to do and living with the choices you’ve made. I made the choice to fuck around in high school so my grades aren’t good enough for college scholarships or barely even admission anywhere but community college. And my mom doesn’t have money to give me. It’s been tight since the divorce. So I’ve got to work and save.”

Sammi turned back toward me and kissed me lightly on the lips. “But it won’t be that bad. I’m only 7 hours away, and you’ll have e-mail at school. I can go to the library every day to check mine.”

“They may have a ban on you at libraries,” I joked, alluding to one of our fuck sessions from earlier this summer.

Sammi smiled. “Guess we’ll see.” She continued, “As soon as I’ve saved up enough for college, I’ll come join you in Cadway and go to the community college. With all of the college kids in town, I’m sure I can find someone who needs a roommate.”

“It sounds like it will work, but I’m just scared. The best laid plans of mice and men and all that,” I said.

“Whatever, English major,” Sammi said, pushing my shoulder and laughing. “I’m not going to give up my dreams due to some old Scotsman. If we want to be together, we’ll make it work.”

“There’s nothing I want more than to be with you,” I said wrapping my arms around her back and pulling her tight, locking my mouth onto hers.

So that was what we agreed upon: I’d go to college and Sammi would live with her mom and work. Sammi hoped by the spring semester, or at latest the fall, she would be ready for community college in the same town as me, and we could pick up where the summer left us.

Next week, I had to be at college for orientation and Sammi was heading back home with her mom. Today we were driving up to Cadway, so I could show Sammi the town and the campus. On the way, there was a short trail that led to a small pool and a waterfall, so we planned to hike, have a picnic, and then do some swimming. I thought it would be a good way to cap off the summer, sort of a reminder of our first experience together months ago.

When we got to the parking lot next to the trailhead, we put our food in my pack and set off into the trees. I noticed Sammi was wearing the same khaki shorts as our first adventure in the woods.

“I just realized you didn’t put anything in my bag. You brought your suit, didn’t you?” I asked.

“I’ve got it on under this,” Sammi replied.

“Guess it’s kind of late for a reminder now,” I said.

“No worries. It wasn’t something I was going to forget.” Sammi gave me a smile. Every time she did, I think I fell a little more deeply in love.

I took her hand and we continued on the trail. We soon passed a small creek and noticed a sign pointing in the direction of the waterfall. The sign was welcome as the trail was faint and not well maintained.

Eventually the trail led to the edge of a deep pond. The pool of water was about an acre in size. It was surrounded by woods on three üsküdar escort “sides,” but the fourth was edged by a small cliff, approximately 8 feet tall, of weathered gray sandstone. The cliffs were covered in cracks, crevices, and outcroppings formed by years of water and wind erosion, while two waterfalls located side by side cascaded down the cliff.

The view was spectacular. “This is beautiful,” Sammi said.

“Yeah, it is pretty awesome,” I replied.

We were alone today, as I had hoped, and I took off my backpack to unload our picnic. Sammi had already slipped off her shoes, and as I spread a blanket on the ground, she said, “Let’s just sit on the grass. It’s cool on my feet.”

I folded the blanket back up, knelt down, and began removing the food from my pack. While I was doing this, Sammi slipped off her shorts and t-shirt. Underneath her clothes, Sammi was wearing a jet black bikini comprised of hot shorts with a folded-down waistband that highlighted her hips and a strapless bandeau bikini top.

“God, you’re hot,” I said. Sammi bent down and gave me a peck on the lips. “I know,” she replied, giving me a wink.

Sammi sat down next to me, and I put my arm around her bare shoulders, pulling her into me. She laid her head on my shoulder and we stared at the waterfalls. I reached towards the food and handed Sammi a sandwich and bottle of water.

“Coming here was a great idea,” Sammi said.

“I came hiking here with my parents a couple of times. I don’t remember it being so exquisite, though,” I said. “Maybe it’s the company.”

“For me, the woods are completely different since I met you,” Sammi said.

We finished our food, and I packed up our stuff. I slipped my shirt off and stuck it in my pack. “You ready to go swimming?” I asked. “It’s not too far over to the waterfalls.”

“Just a moment,” Sammi said. She stood between me and the shore. Sammi hooked her fingers in the waistband of her bikini shorts, pulled them down over the width of her hips, and let them fall to the ground. Underneath what I thought were her swim bottoms was what I guess was a Brazilian thong. The only evidence of clothes covering Sammi’s butt was a thin spaghetti string emerging from the top of her asscrack which wrapped around her waist. Sammi bent forward, and as her ass cheeks spread, her rosebud came into view, though the center of her dark pink ring was hidden by the black strap.

Sammi bent all the way over and pulled her shorts off her ankles. With her fully bent over, I could see the crotch of her bottoms pulled tight. The triangle of the bikini was too small to fully cover Sammi’s mound and her labia peaked out the sides.

I stared intoxicated.

“My lord,” I breathed out, the only words I could form. Like the angel to Zacharias, Sammi’s ass had struck me dumb.

Sammi stood straight. The bottom of her cheeks tapered up to her waist, creating an upside down heart crowned by the thin black strap. The vision held me rapt.

Sammi turned her head to look behind her and saw my slack-jawed expression. “I bought this suit for today.”

Recovering from my shock, I replied, “I hope you didn’t pay a lot. No matter what it cost, you didn’t get much for your money.”

“From the look of things, I got what I wanted,” Sammi joked, staring at the tent in my swim trunks.

“I want to see the waterfall up close. C’mon on,” Sammi said, running towards the shore.

Even being beckoned, I had trouble moving forward as my eyes were locked on Sammi, her ass jiggling as she ran towards the pool.

Sammi didn’t wait for me. Once she hit the water, she was swimming towards the opposite shore. I finally broke out of my trance and ran into the water myself, swimming after her.

Sammi wasn’t swimming hard and I quickly caught up to her. Side by side, we swam forwards. Once we reached the opposite side of the pool from where we picnicked, we tread water near the falling cascade.

“What took you so long?” Sammi playfully prodded.

“Your fucking ass,” I responded. “You know what it does to me. I see it, and I just want to bury my face and feast on your butt for days. I don’t think it’s ever been so mesmerizing.” Kicking my feet to keep my head above water, I put my hands on Sammi’s hips and pulled her into me. “I take back what I said earlier. Whatever you paid for that suit was worth it.”

Sammi lifted her head up and our lips met. She put her hands on my shoulders and wrapped her legs around my waist. I wrapped my arms around her and continued to kick, keeping us both afloat. Our tongues wrestled, pushing against each other and then darting away. Sammi stuck her tongue deep in my mouth and I ran mine along hers, all the while sucking hard, trying to inhale us into one.

Sammi was grinding her crotch against my erection, which was straining for release. I slipped my hands down to cup Sammi’s asscheeks, squeezing them roughly. I slid the fingers of my right hand şerfali escort into her crack and grazed the strap covering her asshole. Pulling the strap to the side, I ground the tip of my middle finger onto her anus while my pinkie traced along the cleft of her cunt. I pressed my middle finger inward, wiggling against the soft center and pushing until it slid in.

I glided my finger in and out twice, when suddenly, Sammi slid her hands to my chest and pushed backwards. She splashed water in my face, laughed, and swam underneath the waterfall. She put her hands on the edge of the bank, the fall pouring upon her, and pulled herself onto a small ledge that jutted off the cliff right above the edge of the pool. “C’mon,” Sammi beckoned from underneath the fall’s deluge.

I swam to the edge and pulled myself up behind her. As I slipped beneath the waterfall to the outcropping behind, the torrent of water took my breath away. When I emerged from the downpour, Sammi pulled me tight and once again locked her mouth upon mine. We kissed intensely, our hands roaming over each other’s bodies.

Sammi slipped her hand into the waistband of my swim trunks and pulled them down in one swift motion. My cock sprang forth, engorged and ready for release. Sammi grasped my cock and squeezed. Her fingers were instantly slippery from my precum, and she slid them up and down, up and down, up and down, and then pushed down hard into the base of my cock. With the skin of my cock pulled taught, the blood in my veins throbbed and my cockhead twitched, the meatus opening and closing from stimulation.

I put my hands on Sammi’s tits and pushed her back against the wall of the ledge. I grabbed her hand from my dick and moved it around back to squeeze my ass. I lined my cock up with her vagina, and, with my thumb, pulled the triangle of her bikini to the side. With a thrust upwards of my hips, I buried myself inside her in one smooth motion.

“Uggghhhh,” Sammi moaned. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and lifted herself onto me, wrapping her thighs around my hips. I grasped her ass to hold her up and lunged up into her, again and again. I slid my hands up her back and grabbed onto her shoulders, so I could pull her down into my thrusts.

“I need to be rooted in you. I want to split you in two,” I groaned. “Put all of your weight on me. Shove yourself down on my cock. Bury it inside your sweet, tight pussy.”

“Oh fuck,” Sammi returned. “Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck. Ifeelyouthrobbing. Ifeel…” I felt Sammi’s cunt contract around my cock, and needing release myself, I let myself go, cumming with her. My cock spasmed and let loose its seed. The orgasm was intense, and I pulled Sammi down tight onto my cock, pushing as far into her as I could. I felt as though my cock would never stop spurting. My cum flooded Sammi’s chamber and then ran down my shaft and over my balls as I continued to bury myself deep.

Sammi had met my upwards thrust by digging her heels into the backs of my calves and pulling herself down tight on my prick. She made mewing sounds, high pitched and crying, as we came together. I kept myself embedded in Sammi’s cunt until our orgasms fully dissipated.

When Sammi relaxed her grip on me, I pulled back, my cock still buried in her but deflating from its hardened state. I leaned Sammi’s upper body against the wall while our pelvises remained connected, and Sammi slid her feet back to the stone, removing her weight from me. I lightly ran my fingers over her skin, first tracing down her arms and then up her sides to her breasts, cupping them in my palms. I ran her hardened nipples between my thumb and forefinger and leaned in to kiss Sammi.

When we separated from the kiss, I put my hands on her hips and just looked at Sammi. My grip on her had been so intense I could see vestiges of my fingerprints on Sammi’s shoulders.

“I love you,” I said. “I wish I had the words to express how much.” I put my hand on the side of Sammi’s face, and again we kissed, tentatively at first and then hard.

I wrapped my arms around Sammi, holding her close, and slid around her. I moved one arm above Sammi’s breasts and wrapped the other around her waist, and I pulled her against me, my cock nestled in her crack. The warmth of Sammi’s cheeks enveloping my prick caused me to rise to attention once more.

The water poured down inches in front of us. With my arms around her torso, Sammi reached back and arranged the head of my once again erect prick against her asshole. We were both so coated in juices that without effort, my cockhead slipped inside her puckered entrance; the edge of my circumcision scar rested just inside Sammi’s sphincter. I wrapped Sammi tight to my body and leaned back, shifting her weight from her legs to my torso, and I stepped forward under the water, letting the deluge rush over us. With Sammi in front of me, the water attacked her body.

“Oh, god, Adam,” Sammi whimpered. “The water…it’s pelting…my tits, my cunt…oh, god, so good…do it, fuck me.” Unable to resist Sammi’s behest, I fully slid my cock into her ass. With my prick now completely buried, I was able to take more of Sammi’s weight on my body, and I rocked backward, resting Sammi on my torso and letting the brunt of her weight submerge my cock in her ass as deep as possible.

I looked over her shoulder down at Sammi’s body. The water cascaded off her; the straight stream coming off the cliff breaking into individual rivulets as it hit Sammi’s breasts and stomach and legs.

“Watching the water pour off you is the new hottest thing I’ve ever seen. You’re such a fucking cocktreat,” I yelled into her ear, straining to be heard over the rushing water like we were back at the Whigs show. “Hold your breath.”

Sammi did so and I leaned forward, drenching her head under the fall. She threw her head back, letting the water pour directly on her face. It ran off the back of her hair, drenching my own. Sammi opened her mouth, drinking in the fresh water, and reached back, pulling my head to the side of hers. I locked my mouth onto her neck, sucking at first and then biting lightly, the way I knew Sammi liked. The two of us stood under the downpour, completely still, and let the water drench us. All the while my cock remained buried in my girlfriend’s exquisitely tight ass.

I stepped back, letting us catch a fresh breath, and I leaned back slightly more, tilting Sammi’s body at an obtuse angle. Then I stepped forward, aiming Sammi’s pussy towards the waterfall.

I began stroking into Sammi’s ass, slow but firm. I pulled out to the tip and thrust up, bottoming out against her asshole. Picking up the pace, I began to fuck her faster, my thighs slapping against Sammi’s butt. My barrage on her ass combined with the water’s assault on her cunt was enough for Sammi.

“Oh, god, my clit… my pussy… it’s hitting… fucking… sogoodsogoodso… cumming… fucking… ass… fuckfuck,” Sammi burbled.

Once again, Sammi’s orgasm spurred on my own. “Oh god, I’m cuming so hard,” I said into Sammi’s ear. “Do you feel it? I’m filling your ass. It feels so wet…your tunnel so tight.”

“I feel your cock shooting, your jizz flooding into me,” Sammi replied. “My ass feels squishy. Throw your prick up into me.”

Sammi screamed and her body contracted, the finale of her orgasm wrenching her body. I held her tight until her muscles relaxed. Sammi sunk back into my arms, and my cock slid out of her ass, limp and spent. Leaning against the cliff, I slid us down the wall into a sitting position. Sammi nestled back into my arms, her head resting on my chest. I stroked her hair and we lightly kissed, our lips merely grazing against each other.

“Fuck, that was good,” I said. “If we keep this up, I’m going to get rock hard every time I hike.”

“If don’t know that I’d have a problem with that,” Sammi said.

“Do you think your ass could take it?” I asked.

“If guess we’ll have to find out.” Sammi ran her fingers down my leg. “Let’s swim back. Time to get back on the road.”

Sammi pushed off me and stood. She ran her hand back between her asscheeks, scooping up my cum that was leaking from her. I stood and pulled my shorts back on, and Sammi rubbed the cum on my chest.

“Nice,” I mocked.

“I thought you’d like having that back. I’m not sure I could get used to this crack floss,” Sammi said, adjusting her bikini bottom.

“Oh, I definitely could,” I said and slapped her left cheek.

“Fuck you,” Sammi said, laughing, as she dove through the waterfall back into the pool. I followed after her and soon we were both emerging from the water on the other side.

Sammi turned back towards the falls. This was actually the first time I had seen Sammi in her suit from the front, having been so intent on her butt earlier. The triangle over her crotch was so small that it barely covered her slit. At my request, Sammi had begun growing her bush back after our concert adventure. I loved running my fingers through her mound and burying my nose in her hair while going down on her. The scent was pungent and intoxicating. Sammi’s bush still hadn’t fully grown back, but her short pubic hair spilled out above the black fabric.

“Did I ever tell you that you were the sexist woman I’ve ever seen?” I asked, stepping to Sammi and putting my right hand on her hip, my left pushing her wet bangs off her forehead.

“Seems like you might have,” Sammi said, smiling and tracing her finger over my chest. “But it never hurts to say it again.”

“You’re the sexist woman I’ve ever seen.”

We hugged and, arms wrapped around each other, took our last look at the falls.

“In a week, we’re going our separate ways,” Sammi said. “Do you think it’ll be like this again?”

“I don’t know,” I said. “But I promise to try, to make it as good and to make it better.”

“I know and I love you.” Sammi sighed. “Let’s head back to the car.”

We broke apart and I gathered up my pack. Sammi slipped on her shorts while I pulled on my shoes and shirt.

“Time to get our asses in gear,” Sammi said, tying her shoes and jumping to her feet.

I smiled. “I don’t think I can handle your ass with more gears. It already wears me out.”

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