14 Mayıs 2023

Summer Holiday Education pt 2


The next morning I ran downstairs for breakfast still feeling on a high from the new sensations I had experience the night before.   I had a pair of shorts on and a loose T shirt, Grandpa was sitting at the Table in his Robe and Granma was making Toast in her nightie.   Let me briefly describe them both for you.   Grandpa: 57 yrs old, 6’.0” Tall, Medium firm Body around 147lbs, full head of dark Brown hair no grey at all, big biceps and what could be called footballers legs. His Cock is about 7” long and about 3” thick. Pubes neatly trimmed and his huge ball sack is smooth.   Granma: 54 yrs old she was a young mum, 5’2” Tall, Slim to medium build about 120lbs, Long Black hair, slimmish tummy, Tits about 34C and from my view last night still fairly firm, Nipples like football studs which her left one is pierced, her pussy has a small strip of short pubic hair, and a small tattoo of a red rose just to one side. Her ass though not solid still has a good shape, and her legs look amazing.   “Good morning Tim, how did you sleep last night?”   “Great thanks granma”   “I bet you had another little wank when you got in bed” Laughed grandpa   “Aww Gölbaşı escort Leave him alone Pa” said granma   I sat opposite grandpa and blushed a little.   “His Blushing, I am right Tim, am I not you did wank?” He laughed again   “Yeah alright I did, I could not get that film or you sucking my cock out of my head” I replied   “Not anything to feel ashamed about you know, Ma gave me a great blowjob when we went bed because we got her so hot, and I fingered her pussy till she cum” he went on   “I don’t think he really wants to know what two old buggers get up to Pa, you’ll put him off his breakfast” It was granma’s turn to laugh.   “No it’s……..It’s ok” I stuttered, “I really am interested in what you do and want to know more, and also would like to know more about when you played with my dad”   My cock was stirring again in my shorts, I was glad no-one could see.   “Well maybe later after we have been shopping, you head down to the beech for a few hours and relax Tim, ok?” said grandpa with a smile.   The beech was literally a 3 minute walk from the back garden of my grandparents house, it was a naturist beech as that’s how all the Keçiören escort bayan family like to be as often as possible so the house could not be better situated.   I found myself a nice sheltered area, lay my towel down and my bag, looked out to sea and stretched, then removed my T shirt and as I was pulled my shorts off I noticed a towel blow across the sand towards me. I grabbed the towel looked up and saw a girl running towards me to rescue it, she looked great, her boobs bouncing in all directions they was quite big, her pussy was hairy nothing like granma’s or the girls I had touched before.   “Thankyou” she said holding out her hand for her towel   I was mesmerised by her big tits   “Erm Thankyou” she said again   “Oh I’m sorry, here” I blushed, I know she saw me looking at her   “It’s ok, this your 1 st time here?” she asked   “No my grandparents live just up there” I pointed up the sand dunes   “Wow how lucky is that” she replied “I only get here twice a month if I’m lucky, I love it, being so free and all that, the feel of the warm sun kissed breeze over my body makes me feel good”   “You here alone?” I asked Escort Kızılay   “No my mom and dad are just over there” she pointed towards some rocks a little way down the beech.   As I looked I could see two figures with their backs to us.   “Would you like to join us?”   “Not just yet, if that’s ok, I’d like to just take a swim then lay here for a bit, but maybe later if you want me to?”   “Ok great, I’ll pop back later, my names Chloe” then she ran off looking back and shouted thanks again, her ass was almost as bouncy as her tits, she must have been about 16 or 17 years old I guess.   I ran into the water which was bloody cold to the naked skin at first but once I dived in and had swam a little it actually felt really nice. I swam around for about ten minutes then walked out onto the beech looked towards where chloe had gone and saw her laying on a towel her parents had gone somewhere maybe for a swim themselves.   As I got back to my towel I needed a pee, so I clambered up over the sand dune behind me and stood there with my cock in my hand beginning to pee, when I heard a noise close by, I finished peeing gave my cock a shake and decide to find out what the sound was as I could still hear it.   The sound got louder, it was just over the next dune so I climbed up and peeked over the top, I could not believe my eyes, and there was a woman on her knees sucking a cock while stroking another one, there was a guy kneeling behind her massaging her tits and pulling on her nipples.

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